Logitech S150 USB Speaker Oem
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Product Description

Performance and convenience in a compact, stylish notebook speaker set. Enjoy rich, digital USB sound, edgy design, and convenient volume controls. No batteries required. A single USB cable supplies both audio and power. The Logitech S-150 speaker system is the perfect audio companion to your notebook.

  • Box Contents - 2 Satellites with integrated cables, Installation Guide, Full product support, 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 2.0 USB digital speaker system
  • Advanced digital USB for premium sound clarity
  • Light, compact design for portability
  • No batteries or power supply required (single USB 4-foot cable for both audio and power)

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't get any better unless it is wireless!
    Very convenient to setup and use. The sound quality is what you get from any other $10 speakers but without the extra power supply clutter.

    ...more info
    I am amazed by the sound these speakers produce. they arent too big nor too small and is perfect. sound quality is great as well and the price..you just CAN NOT BEAT IT. !!...more info
  • good office speakers and possibly better
    These are great for the purpose I purchased these for. I use them in the office for webinars/training videos and it's perfect for that. It may be good for music but I havn't tried it out for that yet. I wasn't sure if just usb speakers without a power cord would work well but they do and you don't have a an extra cord. Would reccommend them. ...more info
  • Awful
    These speakers were abysmal. I bought them to complement my laptop speakers, but I'd rather listen to my quiet laptop than have to listen to the static these produce. Considering you can get *much* better speakers for $10-15 more, don't waste your time or money on these. ...more info
  • small powerful speakers
    I bought these to replace the speakers that came with my computer when they started getting static-y. They are small but powerful, with clear sound. The push button controls are easy to use. They hook into the computer with a USB cable. The only downside is that I can no longer use headphones. Other than that, they are a great buy. ...more info
  • GREAT for the PRICE!!!
    [...] bucks, you have got to be kidding!!! These are incredible little speakers for this kind of $$$. They plug right into the USB!!! These are great for a laptop with bad speakers. TIP: To get rid of any background noise, play music with the volume on maximum on your computer and minimum on the speakers, this will eliminate any ambient noise. These are great if you keep the volume low on them. Plenty of power to fill a bedroom. Great buy!!!...more info
  • Performance Reflects the Price (There's Fix)
    I generally place a lot of stock in the customer reviews, as for the most part I have found the majority of the ratings to be accurate indicators of product quality. Accordingly, I purchased the Logitech S150 USB powered speakers based on relatively strong reviews. The first pair that I received rattled terribly and I thought that I just got a bad pair and ordered a second set. The second set is slightly better than the first, but the right control speaker to both sets rattle, sometimes excessively. The speakers will play adequately at low volumes, but if turned up to even a moderate level to overcome normal background noise, the right speaker will rattle, at least two for two for me. My recommendation is to purchase a different speaker. However there are some positive aspects to these speakers - they are attractive, small and the sound quality is not too bad, if the right speakers did not rattle, the S150 USB speakers would certainly rate at least a 4 based on the price.

    Update, Fix: The source of the rattle is the three control buttons at the base of the speaker, to eliminate the rattle, place a piece of 3M magic tape over the buttons,cut slightly larger than the width and length of the buttons, just make sure there is enough tape to keep the buttons from vibrating in the speaker housing. The tape is elastic and permits the buttons to function, and if done carefully, doesn't detract from the speaker's appearance. The sound is now quite good,even at loud volumes.
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  • asset to the trickle-down theory
    Offers more output than laptop speakers---not bad for $10. Obvious drawbacks to this product: USB connection didn't reliably reconnect; volume buttons are limited; limited on bass range. On a personal note: I left these speakers in a donation box, along with clothing items, in the laundry room....more info
  • These Speakers Rock!
    I am very impressed by these speakers. At first I was concerned about their cheap price and small size. I was also worried that they would be underpowered because they are USB powered. The price was low. so what the heck. The box says they are Vista compatible. They work great on my Mac too. Had a problem using them with a new Linux Netbook though. Good bass and mids. In fact, I haven't ever heard good base from speakers this small before. I give them 2 thumbs up and 4 stars. I'd give them 5 stars if they worked with Ubuntu Linux....more info
  • Computer Speakers
    I purchased these speakers for work. They are fantastic. I am able to plug them directly into my monitor. They sound awesome and are a great value for the price. Easy to order and they shipped right away. I have recommended these to my co-workers....more info
  • Logitech Speakers
    These little speakers were just what I needed. Nothing fancy, just to get more volume out of my laptop so I can hear it across the room!...more info
  • Gets the job done, but beware of volume!
    What I like:
    1) Silent when not in use -- No extraneous hum/buzz.
    2) USB power -- Single cord product.
    3) Relatively attractive -- Small and stylish.
    4) Good sound -- Especially considering the price.

    What I don't like:
    1) Volume range -- On my Dell E520 desktop I get "mute", "loud" and "louder". That's it. This might be a deal killer for you.
    2) Occasional pop/click in the audio. I am using these for Skype video calls so it doesn't bother me much, but if you are listening to music it might annoy you.
    3) When plugged in, the word "Digital" lights up in orange on the left speaker. I find that quite silly.

    Overall: Great speakers for the price, given the above caveats....more info
  • You Get what you Pay For
    There is a reason these are so cheap. If you need small speakers that conveniently hook up to your USB and don't need to be plugged into an outlet, then these are ideal. However, keep in mind that the audio quality is not a huge upgrade over laptop speakers. They are NOT ideal for listening to music. Also one thing I hate is that it gives you very limited control over the volume. If you are looking for something very simple and cheap, that are more bearable than laptop speakers, than these are for you. If you are looking for any kind of quality, than don't buy these....more info
  • Absolutely Horrible
    These speakers are absolutely horrible. I installed them on a fresh installation of Windows XP, and the sound quality is atrocious -- clicking constantly on top of my audio. It can't even do system beeps without sounding like it's being clipped.

    This is regardless of what speaker volume I use, if I set the computer volume to very low setting to make sure it's not clipping on the output, it still sounds horrible coming out of the speakers. Ditto with changing the speaker hardware volume buttons.

    Do not buy these!...more info
  • good little USB speakers
    Great sound, nice design, good stability (not falling over all the time). I just wish they had an audio cable as well, not just USB, so it can be plugged directly into e.g. an iPod....more info