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Kodak EasyShare C813 8.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
List Price: $89.95

Our Price: $74.99

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Product Description

The C813 is part of the Kodak EasyShare System so sharing your pictures is amazingly simple. Just press Share. Capture all the details in low light conditions and fast action situations with up to 1250 High ISO. View your pictures with brilliance and clarity on the 2.5 (6.1 cm) color display LCD, 480 240 (115k pixels) Shutter speed - 1/2-1/1400 seconds White Balance - Auto, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, and open shade Shooting Modes - Auto, SCN, video, digital IS, close-up, and Favorites Tripod mount - 1/4 standard Scene modes - Portrait, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, sports, snow, beach, text/document, backlight, museum/manner, fireworks, high ISO, children, flower, self-portrait, and sunset System Requirements - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or higher, Safari 1.1 or higher, 600 MHz processor or greater, 128MB RAM, 200MB free space, CD-ROM drive, Available USB port, Color monitor, 800 600 display resolution, and 16-bit minimum Dimensions - Width 3.6 Height 2.6 Depth 1.5 (91.0 65.7 37.3 mm) Weight - 4.8 ounces (137 grams)

  • 8.2-megapixel resolution for stunning prints up to 30 x 40 inches
  • 3x optical zoom lens, 5x digital zoom; HD still capture and VGA video
  • 2.4-inch indoor/outdoor color LCD
  • Digital image stabilization reduces blur
  • Compatible with SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • great Camera
    VERY high quality pictures were made with this camera. I love it. I got mine from Wal Mart in a blue color and it's very nice. But, like all digital cameras, it DRAINS the batteries, like, within an hour. So I recommend getting rechargable batteries. It's the cheapest way to go. Also, this camera doesn't make the best videos, but it's not a video camera and at least it works. But the picture quality is AMAZING and the camera itself is very easy to use and user friendly. It's worth getting. ...more info
  • Great little camera
    We got this camera for my daughter for her birthday. She loves it, and found it easy to use, with great picture quality. And a great price on Amazon!...more info
  • DOA - Just Like a Lot of Others
    Got this for my daughter for Christmas. Put the batteries in and it wouldn't turn on at all. Switched batteries and it turned on once, then quit. Got it to turn on once more, then done. Sent it back. Not impressed. I'm not trying another one since it seems like this is NOT an isolated problem....more info
  • Nice but not better than a nikon
    I think this is a nice camera for the price, however, I wish that I would have chose another camera. The features are great, but they DO NOT do what they are made to do. I took a vacation to Miami and a lot of the beautiful shots I took did not come out right. I think the best feature is the auto shot. As I said, its great for the price but I should have chosen something else. ...more info
  • Great little 8.2MP camera for the price
    Still getting compliments on this snazzy little camera a year after I bought it! Takes clear, crisp pictures, and it's easy to use. Love that it uses rechargeable AA's, and the 2GB memory card I use with it has more memory than I've ever needed, even on vacation. ...more info
  • Gift
    I purchased a C813 Kodak camera for my daughters birthday gift...She is very pleased with it.....more info
  • Ms
    Easy share as the name implies is easy to use, good point and shoot,and Kodak is always a brand you can count on. Reasonable pricing!...more info
  • I keep using it
    I love it. The price was perfect. this is my first Digital camera. I am still trying to figure out how to use all the features. When I get time I will read the manual.
    You would need a memory card. the camera comes with TEN picture only. ...more info
  • No more Kodak cameras for me!
    This is the second Kodak camera that I have owned. The first one didn't last long enough to take 200 pictures with. This one would not even power on with a memory disk installed. No more Kodak cameras for me!...more info
  • kodak c813 digital camera
    I bought this camera for my son and his wife to take pix of their new son. Pix are great, features are good. The only thing I'd change is the AA batteries need to be changed frequently and result in missed opportunities for "Kodak moments". Otherwise,it's a great camera for the price....more info
  • My first digital camera
    I am mosten likely the last person on Earth to buy a digital camera. Having no other d. camera to compare it to this may not be the most helpful review. Having said that- I love this camera. The camera tells you what to do right on the viewing screen. Takes beautiful pics. and easy to load into the computer. Once you get used to its' small size & buttons it's a breeze. Even records video, tho, needs a large memory card. Go get one. ...more info
  • A Piece of Unworthy Trash
    Stay away from this piece of garbage. I bought this little silver deceiver, loaded the battery, and ran through the functions, and they all seemed to work. A week later I tried to turn it on, and it didn't work. I tries several new batteries and nothing again. Now I'm told I have to send this new unit to a repair center. I'm told its still under warranted, but if I am told that any charges will be levied, I will just tell them to keep the inferior thing, or toss it, or place it where the sun won't shine. Kodak, like other American brands, is not what it used to be.
    Mattiene-Arienne Moustakas, Syracuse NY...more info
  • Super Digital Camera
    This Digital Camera make best photo and very good video with sound for this price is best Digital Camera !!!...more info
  • Great Point & Shoot
    I bought this camera for my mother and she just loves it. The camera is simple to use and downloads pictures quickly. Great buy for a beginner....more info
  • Nice but not better than a nikon
    I think this is a nice camera for the price, however, I wish that I would have chose another camera. The features are great, but they DO NOT do what they are made to do. I took a vacation to Miami and a lot of the beautiful shots I took did not come out right. I think the best feature is the auto shot. As I said, its great for the price but I should have chosen something else. ...more info
  • A Good Pocket-size Camera!
    This camera is lightweight and pocket sized, so it will be great for taking on a trip! Not quite point-and-shoot, except in AUTO mode; but it does have settings for more than quick snapshots. I did purchase the 2GB Memory Card as well. It takes batteries, so the user will need to factor in batteries when taking it along. I don't know if there are rechargeables for this camera, but that would be worth investigating.
    This camera will supplement my larger and more cumbersome Kodak. The price--under $90--makes it a good buy....more info
    Kodak EasyShare C813 8.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom
    DEE...more info
  • Excellent Camera
    After my old digital camera broke I needed to replace it fairly inexpensively and quickly. The Kodak EasyShare C813 is a great little camera for users who don't need all the features of a digital SLR or users who don't have the money to drop down for such a camera. My only complaint is Kodak compacted the mode dial on top and put a ton of modes in the menu which is kind of a pain to find the mode you want. Otherwise I highly recommend this camera....more info
  • Can't wait to get rid of this camera
    I bought this camera to replace a Canon Power Shot, which I loved, thinking the Kodak Easy Share c613 would be a better working camera for my business. I sell on ebay for a living and pictures are extremely important! This camera from the start has been nothing but trouble! It freezes up and I have to pull the batteries to get it working again. I can't tell you how many times the software has stopped working unexpectedly and I have to go to the kodak website to trouble shoot. I can't tell you how many times I have plugged in the usb cable and nothing happens and I am stuck with turning it on/off, turning my computer on/off, restarting the software and you name it to get it working again. I am so angry right now because I am in the middle of my work AGAIN and it is not working. We went to a wedding this weekend and all but 1 picture have to be tossed because it takes such crappy indoor pictures. I have had good experience with daytime indoor pictures as long as I am right next to a bright window. When it is too sunny, forget it. DON'T BOTHER WITH THIS CAMERA, IT IS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Easy to use.
    The instruction booklet is easy to follow. I am more a user than a reader
    and I took pictures immediately. Did myself a misfavor by not reading; I left the camera on and drained my batteries. Overall it is easy to use and I'm happy. Great shipping. Thanks to the seller....more info
  • Too Fragile!
    We bought this camera ($89) for my teenage daughter last Xmas. Within a couple of weeks, the lens became stuck. Target exchanged it for a new one. Eight months later, same problem.. now it's trash! My niece got the same cam, same time, and hers had the same problem. Sound like a weak design? You bet! No more Kodak cams for us.. I am looking at Canon A470. A friend of mine has an Olympus that is about 8 yrs old, and looks like it was dropped 100 times. It still works. Clean up you act Kodak!...more info
  • Kodak
    This C813 is not my first Kodak and I wanted another. It has met and maybe exceeded my expectations. While this camera can be a battery hog, draining often, this one hasn't yet done that. I would recommend buying rechargable batteries. In all, this was a great buy for the money and my needs....more info
  • great product with poor batteries
    The camera itself is great. It has great picture quality and it's easy to use. The only thing is the batteries it comes with suck. Once I changed to lithium batteries everything was good....more info
  • Great little camera
    This is a great little camera. I almost took it back after reading some of the reviews here. I am so glad I didn't! I'm not sure why some people have had the problems stated in other reviews. It is very simple to use. My first use was in a rare snow storm in our area, and the quality of the pictures is great! No red eye, excellent colors and no blurring at all. The only small issue, is that you cannot see the screen in the sun. BUT, just point and click and the pictures were perfect! And that only happened in a few of the pictures taken. There is a setting for bright snow and it worked great.
    I am not a seasoned photographer, just a person who loves to take pictures to capture memories. Easy to upload to facebook, kodak easyshare or your local store for online developing. I would definitely recommend it. At least, give it a try before you believe all of the negative comments.

    ...more info
  • #2 on My Top Camera List!
    Watch Video Here: This is a good camera! This has it's stunning price of less than $100!
    * Accepts SD AND SDHC like Dane-Elec 4GB High Capacity Secure Digital SDHC Memory Card
    * It has a stunning quality at 8.1 MP (it is somehow advertised at 8.2 MP)
    * Has easy to use software

    * Video is like 2.1 MP! I used my HQ Flip Camcorder for the video!...more info
  • Excellent kids camera - don't expect too much for the price
    I have 3 kids & for each ones 5th birthday, they wanted a camera. I ended up getting 3 versions of this Easyshare & all have past my expectations for such a thing. It's cheap, it has better quality than a "real" kids camera (Fisher Price), & they're holding up well! Our oldest one is 4 yrs. old & is still as good as new even though it's been played with by all three of my children. And, as they were bought for my kids, they've taken quite a bit of abuse as well & they all worked perfectly. I'd recommend this camera for anyone who wants to get a kid started in the world of photography.

    I gave it 4 stars because indoor pics can tend to be rather grainy, but what do you expect for $80? I also wouldn't recommend this camera for anyone who's over the age of 10 who wants perfect-quality shots. But as a fun camera that you don't want to spend a lot of money on, this is a great buy!...more info