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D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Selectable Dual Band Draft 802.11n Gaming Router
List Price: $206.99

Our Price: $151.49

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Product Description

The D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router is one of those few devices built especially for gamers. Experience the power of Gigabit LAN and WAN ports to get your game on faster than ever before. Also added is an updated version of the award-winning GameFuel technology to get your game going smoother. To top it off, Xtreme N Duo wireless technology, a high-performance CPU, and a Network Activity Display give you a serious gaming router. GameFuel allows you to customize your network settings to prioritize game traffic so your roommate doesn't hog all the bandwidth while downloading tracks from his favorite 80's hair band. An included Network Activity Display shows you what's going on with your router. Check your Internet, LAN, WAN, and other various settings all from one screen. With Xtreme N Duo technology your router also has the power of dual band (2.4 or 5GHz) wireless signals to get your game on in the wireless band of your choice. WPA & WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Network Address Translation (NAT) Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) VPN Pass-through / Multi-sessions, PPTP / L2TP / IPSec System Requirements - Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2, or Mac OS X (v10.4), Internet Explorer v6 or Mozilla Firefox v1.5, CD-ROM Drive, Network Interface Card, Cable or DSL Modem, and Subscription with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) Dimensions - Width 4.6 x Depth 7.6 x Height 1.2 Weight - 0.7 pounds

  • Nothing ruins a frag-fest faster than lag. GameFuel allows you to customize your network settings to prioritize game traffic
  • You can never have too much information. That's why we've included a Network Activity Display to show you what's going on with your router.
  • Playing by yourself can be fun, but getting online and fragging others is way better.
  • With Xtreme N Duo technology your router also has the power of dualband (2.4 or 5GHz)
  • Push the limits of networking technology and experience the evolution of gigabit speed.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great hardware, horrible firmware
    When this router worked, it was blazing fast. With any firmware beyond what it came with (1.02), it wouldn't save settings beyond a few changes. Also, it would lock up under heaving gaming load (hosting a Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 PC coop server). It would also randomly reboot.

    The router LED seems cool at first, but then you long for standard router activity lights.

    Do some searching on DGL-4500 firmware before purchasing this, and check out This is a flakey router at best.

    Amazon was great with the return, though...very easy....more info
  • Does not work as advertised
    I purchased this router because I wanted one that will also act as a server for a USB hard drive and a USB printer. I was also in the market to replace my Linksys WRT54GL because my bandwidth was starting to exceed the capacity of the chip that powers that unit. Sadly, this router did not live up to any of my expectations.

    First, I actually got SLOWER speeds on than I did on my WRT54GL. For a more powerful router that's geared toward gamers, that just doesn't fly. Second, while I was able to use a USB hub to connect both a USB hard drive AND a USB Printer, only ONE computer on your network is able to connect to a device at a time. If you want a second computer to print, you have to disconnect from the device on the first computer, then connect it on the second computer. That simply makes no sense.

    So I can not recommend this router. If you don't need to share a drive with NTFS partitions, you're much better off spending another $13 and getting a Apple Airport Extreme. At least that one will let multiple computers connect to the devices at the same time....more info
  • Mac users stay away!
    This router sucks if you're using a Mac. I spend two days configuring this router and it never worked properly. For some reason, it won't allow Mail to get or send emails and it either severely slows down or just won't load most pages from any browser on my my Mac e.g. Safari or Firefox. Pages that do load, load at an extremely slow pace.

    I tried many configurations including completely turning off "Game Fuel" but the results were still the same. And speaking of "Game Fuel", it really didn't improve my gaming experience much. It feels about the same as configuring my Airport Extreme Base Station with the proper ports open for Xbox Live (88 and 3074) and then setting up the my 360 as a DMZ (Default Host as Apple calls it). The performance I get from the Airport Extreme configured this way was about the same, so I think "Game Fuel" is a bunch PR hyped BS!

    The only difference is that my Airport actually works. WiFi works, my Apple TV works, music being streamed to my home stereo through another Airport Express works, my email and internet surfing works, and my WiFi connected iPod Touch ALL work. And it took only a few minutes to set up an entire complex network using 2 Airport Extreme Base Stations and an Airport Express.

    Mac users don't waste your time or money with this D-Link piece of crap. You can get equal or better results with a properly set up Airport Extreme....more info
  • Great Router
    I recently upgraded my home network using this router. I was interested in having a display on the router which I found very helpful. The speed of all my pc's is fantastic and I get a good signal from one end of the house to the other. It was easy to setup and documentation was excellent (although electronic). I have a slingbox, Xbox, vonage physically attached and have 5 PC's running wireless. Additionally, I have a TIVO and WII running wireless. All devices are compatible and haven't had any issues. I haven't had to adjust the router's bandwidth for gaming since there haven't been any issues with throughput. One of the wirelss PC's is constantly on World of Warcrafts' latest update. I have diffent vendor wirless cards in each of the PC. 2 PC's run with a USB N from D-Link, one PC uses a Belkin pre-N, Toshiba Laptop uses the native card built in and I have a generic N card in the last PC. The Tivo uses a "G" Tivo network card. ...more info
  • Great Router
    I owned the 4300 gaming router before this one and loved it. The only reason I switched is because I had my modem on top of my old router and i guess it got too hot and friend on me. Then after getting the 4500 version I noticed that the interface is a lot easier to navigate and they are a lot of kewl new options. I get the same great range that I got before with the 4300 model. I dont have any wireless n items yet so I cant comment on that yet....more info
  • GREAT ROUTER SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    I have only had this 4500 router for a few days but very satisfied so far. I bought it so we could download NETFLIX type movies to a new Samsung BluRay player BD-P1600. The Samsung wireless USB adapter WIS09ABGN would not fully connect to my old D-link 624 router.

    Also since I have a 3300 square foot, two story house, I wanted a router with enough power to give good signal coverage.

    Pros: Set up was easy, just connect the cables, type in in your browser and the router management utility opens. I just set it up for basics manually from the router interface and had it going in less than 10 minutes. I have 2 Lenovo T61 laptops with Intel 811.a/g/n wireless and a desktop that I used with a new D-link DWA-140 USB adapter.

    Using WPA PSK and with the settings of n/g and channel width at 20/40 I am getting data rates of 130 to the laptop and 270 to 300 to the D-link DWA-140 adapter. My unit, which I bought from NEWEGG is version A1 and I started with the 1.02 software. I am running on 2.4 GHZ.

    There have been no drops at all and no problems so far. After two days I updated the firmware to 1.13 and installed the SharePort 1.14 application on my laptop so I could use the SharePort USB fuction of the router.

    The firmware upgrade and the USB operation with an older EPSON 1280 printer went without a hitch. The Shareport utility is not so obvious as it will show the printer as waiting to use but you have to press the little green symbol on the lower right of your desktop to connect to get things working.

    Streaming NETFLIX movies in HD works great with the Samsung adapter and there is no obvious lag, noise or jitter in the picture. The router says the adapter is running at a data rate of 108 most of the time and it is upstairs about 35 feet from the router

    Signal strength downstairs is 100% and 90% upstairs. I can go about 50 feet out from the rear of my home and still get over 90%!

    I did not upgrade the firmware to the latest 1.15 or 1.20 since there are many comments on the web about problems.

    The display on the unit is handy for a quick check of something if you are there and don't want to walk back to your computer. And I guess lots of people would say it has bling!

    The built in router wizard/setup software seems to work well and is straightforward. I have not done any advanced things. The thing comes up with GAMEFUEL turned on.

    One laptop is still only connecting at g 54 rate so I have to look into that. There is info on the D-Link site that says some of the INTEL built in wireless thingies will not "bond" at 40 channel width and so that will limit transfers to 130 Mbps. Even with that I can see a significant improvement when I back up to my NAS.

    The unit does not run hot as some seem to say on the web. The case temperature seems only slightly higher than the shelf it is on based on hand touch. A measurement with my little IR guns says the case is 84 degrees F. I have it mounted in the vertical position.

    Cons: CDs-I could not get the D-Link CDs to run on two of my three computers. This is not a showstopper as the router has a built in wizard. I downloaded the DWA-140 driver to get it going on one laptop since the CD was not working.

    D-Link is what it is. Got fast but not useful email responses. Regarding the CD problem, they told me to call tech support. On a question about firmware versions, they responding by asking me why I needed to go beyond 1.02!

    And a NEWEGG con: Why are they shipping version A1 when A2 is supposedly out there? But at least A1 seems to work fine.

    By the way, I am not a net expert and other than getting two other routers and half a dozen home computer/laptops running over the years I don't know anything special. My old D-link 624 router has worked for over 3 years without a hitch.

    Overall for performance and ease of use etc I would rate the DGL-4500 at a 5 so far! Considering the CD problem and the quality of tech support I would call it a 4.

    I will keep you posted if anything big comes up but so far I am very satisfied with this router and the DWA-140.

    PS: I did have a senior moment when I first set it up. After getting it going I found that I could connect to the net ok but had only 33% signal upstairs and 50% down stairs. This was not good after spending $139. After checking things I realized I had not installed the 3 antennas on the unit....more info
  • Top Wireless Router
    This product meet all of my expectations. It has become center in my network for all its features....more info
  • The best router I've ever owned! Works with everything! Great web-based interface.
    This router has solved all my home networking woes and I've had a lot of them. Granted, it's fairly complicated for a home network in that there are many devices connected both wired and wirelessly from various macs and PCs, home theater receiver, music server, network printers, network storage drives, game consoles (ps3, xbox, wii), etc. In the past I've used a combination of various routers to make things work properly. From different versions of Apple airport (express, extreme, extreme "N") to various Belkin and Linkysys models, even the supposedly foolproof WRT54G model.

    The problem with the Apple airport models has been their inability to allow open NAT for Xbox Live gaming, not to mention the playstation network. I love Airport networks and their integration with OS X and all its cool file/music/drive/printer sharing and networking features but I've always had to combine an extra router to handle the non-Apple side of things. The D-Link DGL-4500 is the first router I've had that plays nice with everything on the network. It just works. It works with Apple-based networks, it provides Open NAT for Xbox Live, it works with PS3 (with some minor tweaks), and it works with just about any challenge I throw at it. Music and video streaming, latency-sensitive online gaming, you name it.

    The Xtreme N gaming router is the jack of all trades. It does it all and looks great to boot. The OLED display looks sharp, has access to basic functions and status on the unit itself (a nice touch), and setup was a snap. It basically worked with everything right out of the box without much customization. The only change I made was to set the PS3 in DMZ in order to get from NAT type 3 to type 2. But Xbox 360 had open NAT out of the box. My favorite part about the DGL-4500 is the web-based interface. Although it's not exactly simplified, it is very flexible and well organized. If you have a basic understanding of designing networks, this user interface is everything you could ever ask for. The web-based interface on my previous Linksys and Belkin were all cryptic by comparison. The only thing better is Apple's own Airport utility application, but you can't win 'em all.

    A small nitpick I have with the router is the bright blue power LED that shines like a beacon in a dark room. While the OLED display is just as bright, at least it shuts off after a few seconds. The power LED stays on all the time and is quite annoying if you have it setup in the bedroom, bookshelf, or on your home theater cabinet. There is no way to turn it off or turn it down. Cutting a circular piece of duct tape and taping it over solves the problem quite easily.

    Although I purchased this router at an attractive price of $175, it still seems pricey for a router. I do think it's worth every penny considering that an Apple Airport Extreme "N" costs as much brand new but isn't nearly as capable or compatible. Highly recommend if you want a comprehensive, do-it-all, compatible-with-all, high-speed 802.11n router....more info
  • Customer Support .... F-
    I bought this and the D link Dap-1522 AP/Bridge to make a wireless bridge for my Playstation 3 to play it online without dropouts and disconnects that I was getting through the normal wireless G setup I have. Paid $159 for the router here and $89 for the DAP dual bridge, so was $250 into it trying to get the BEST wifi bridge $$$ could buy. I am only semi techinical, but did not expect to go through over 9 hours of nightmares with D-link tech support. I explained to 6 different techs waht I had and what I was trying to do. Alredy had a Motorola Gateway (cable modem, router, wireless G, all in 1 unit) and was now trying to make a seperate bridge for the PS3. After many 'Power cycles' and changing IP addresses, etc, 1 tech told me they couldn't continue until I get Comcast's login info from Comcast. Ridiculous I thought, as Comcast is always on, but what can you do? She hung up on me!!. I called Comcast, got the info, and also the Comcast rep said it was ridiculous, but nevertheless got the info. Called D-link support back, and was asked by the new tech rep, why did the other tech need that info? I laughed and said that was I said when she hungup! Anyway after some more power cycling and IP address changes, etc, I was then transformed from "level 1" tech support to "level 2 tech" support. Now I'm getting somewhere. This person was very knowlegeable and did walk me through setting up dual wifi routers. Great. Both routers online and everthing working so far, so we end support. Now I hookup the DAP bridge for the PS3 and try the WPS (one button easy connect), pair, or mate buttons that both units have where they are supposed to mate to wirelessly seek connect and mate to each other. Now on the 4500 game router the WPS mate or easy button won't even lite up or activate. I remember reading in another review somewhere that you had to use a certian type of security (I don't remember which) for the 'easy button' to work. OK, lets look through the manual... no info or help. Lets look up help topics... no info or help... lets lookup the web setup page...again no info or help. Darn, guess I have to call D-link again. Get level 1 tech, explain that I'm online, but cant get the WPS (their term) button to activate. She asks whats a WPS button. Ohh Nooo, tech support doesn't know what buttons or features that the items they are supporting have!!!!!!! Besides, one of the reasons I bought thes hi-end items was that they both had the WPS (easy) button.....SO, I read it to her straight from their manual, she says hold, 15 minutes later, comes back, trys power cycle, no help. Wants to change IP address's, I explain that it has taken approx 8 hours and a level 2 tech to get me this far, and I'm real hesitant about going backwardsand messing with the IP's again. She agree's and transfers me to level 2 again...yeah. However this time, I get a non knowlegeable level 2 tech, I even ask for the other tech, but am not allowed to switch. OK, this level 2 tech insists we start over from the begining, power cycle, change back all the IP's etc. NNNoOOOO!!!!, but was told by him "Do you want to get this working or not?" OK, gotta play the game. After 1 1/2 hours with this level 2 tech, we could not even get the thing back online again. Back to square one(I knew it). He decides my new router is 'Broken', closed my case and said send it back for refund. Darn. OK he hangs up. I give it a while and call D-link back again, get another level 1 tech, and ask for my original level 2 tech (who seems to be the only 1 there who knows what he's doing). She looks at my closed 'Case', 'defective router' and says that the case is closed and my only option is to send it back, D-link is not gonna talk to me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never purchase another D-link product again. ...more info
  • Happy with a few nitpicks
    I bought this router almost immediately after it came out and have had it running for about 90 days at the time of this writing. I have it hooked up wirelessly (G) to my Xbox 360 for Xbox live, wirelessly (N) with my MacBook Pro, use it over gigabit ethernet with two other PCs in my house, and have it hooked up to an HP all in one over ethernet. It has worked without problem with all of these devices.

    I set it up to use mixed G and N modes and I am seeing very good speeds with the Xbox (about 52 Mbps) and the Macbook Pro (about 117 Mbps). I can easily see about 8 neighbors networks and have multiple cordless phones in the house, so with this router running in mixed G / N mode I think that these speeds are perfectly acceptable.

    I have no longer noticed any slowdowns when my wife decides to surf the internet while I'm playing Xbox Live. It seems as though the router's automatic "Gamefuel" QoS technology is correctly prioritizing the Xbox traffic over my wife's internet surfing. I didn't have to set up anything special. I just let the router do automatic configuration of the Xbox via UPNP (no manual port forwarding, etc).

    Configuration-wise it is really pretty simple. I had it up and running pretty quickly. However, I would strongly recommend that the first thing you do with this router is go to the D-Link web site and get the latest firmware before doing any configuration (assuming the firmware is out of date).


    - If you upgrade the firmware, you have to manually export the router configuration to file, upload the new firmware, and then import the saved configuration after the firmware update. Otherwise, you'll lose your settings. It works fine, but is a little annoying since my Linksys used to save setting automatically for firmware upgrades.

    -The web based configuration interface is definitely functional, but it looks rather out of date.

    - A number of the settings changes require a total reboot of the router and the reboot is definitely slower than it has been on some other routers I've owned.

    - The router is dual band, but not simultaneously dual band. You have to choose which band you want to use.

    Bottom line:

    - I'm happy. I'd buy it again. It works fine with a Mac, a Windows box, a network All-In-One printer, and my Xbox....more info
  • Small and Mighty
    I purchased this router as my household outgrew our 7 year old Linksys router. Surfing the web had become as slow as cold molasses and we have a Broadband connection. Though I had no problem at all over the years with the Linksys router, after careful review on many sites, I decided to purchase this D-Link router. After reading some reviews of most 'N' routers, I was worried about dropped signals. Supposedly most N routers are indeed faster but are susceptable to dropping the signal often. I wound up reading many reviews of the D-Link router and was finally satisfied that I had found the one. This router is not only sleek but it has no problem handling my household's wireless, as well as wired, needs. Now, we may not have the most technical home out there but we have the following connected at all times: 3 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 wireless printer, 1 wireless XBox Live, 1 Wii Network, and a home phone connection. This is all besides the occasional DS and Palm Pilot connection. I barely get a hiccup now much less a total disconnection. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Works great
    Purchased for a friend with a big house.
    The coverage works pretty well except for some of the nooks on the far side of the house from the router. Still way better than the old Linksys he had.

    ...more info
  • Got what I paid for
    I expected a router that was above average and provided excellent wireless signal with little hassle or fuss. I got just that and am pleased with my purchase. There were some slight problems with my desktop not getting access to the internet, usually after extended amounts of game time... but a firmware update seemed to fix that....more info
  • Best router I've ever owned
    I've owned this router for a few months now, and it totally transformed my home network. My previous router was a Linksys WRT54G running on DD-WRT firmware (a third party linux based firmware).

    setup was really easy, I just turned on the router, logged onto it and replaced all the settings with my personal settings (like wireless SSID name and ip address and such). You can set it to automatically choose either WPA or WPA2 depending on the abilities of your wireless card which I thought was a really nice touch.

    I have my macbook pro with wireless N, 2 ibm thinkpads with wireless G, my xbox connected by eithernet, my fileserver connected via gigabit eithernet, my desktop connected via gigabit ethernet, and a wireless printer via wireless G, all connected to the router and all of which run flawlessly. I can even stream HD off of my fileserver to my macbook over wireless N while I have bittorrent running on my fileserver and something downloading on my xbox without any problems.

    My 16 Mbit internet connection feels twice as fast now that I have a router that can actually keep up with it.

    ...more info