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Nike Triax C8 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Blue / Black)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $50.72

You Save: $49.27 (49%)


Product Description

Coach Roy Benson helped us design this heart rate monitor for runners based on a simple idea. When you're running, you should think about running, not your watch. So the Triax C8 requires less button pushing and has a more readable display.Continuous heart rate display. A runners chronograph (stopwatch). Shows lap and split (total) time. Introducing the Benson button. While running, you can stay in RUN mode, and press this button to see other views. Lap and split times, or heart rate. One heart rate zone. You select a high and a low heart rate. The watch beeps outside the zone, and at the end of a run, tells you how long you were able to stay in the zone. After a workout, you can review your lap times for up to 50 laps, average heart rate, and see how long you spent in your heart rate zone. Features a 2 segment interval timer. Great for a walk/run marathon, or for doing speed work with recovery sessions. Tells the time, date, and has one alarm. Safe in a swimming pool. The watch and the chest strap both have a battery hatch, so you can change the battery yourself.

  • ECG Accurate heart rate
  • S shape design curves around your wrist for better comfort
  • Ergonomic chest transmitter for a comfortable fit
  • Time of day, 50 Lap memory with lap time, split time and average heart rate for each lap
  • Built for Fitness or competitive runners who want to improve the efficiency of their workouts

Customer Reviews:

  • C8 is an "8"
    Great runners watch. I've had none of the problems with the chest band that everyone complans about. Just be careful when you take it off I suppose is all you need to be aware of. This until doesnt count calories burned which I wished it did. i know the C6 does, but it would be nice if this one did too. programming is a little tedious but once you figure it out, its not a big deal....more info
  • Didn't Last Two Weeks
    The heart rate monitor quit functioning after two weeks of almost daily use. I changed the batteries in the transmitter to see if that was the luck. These products too are made in China....more info
  • Good monitor but less features
    Great HR monitor, easy to use and program. However, it DOES NOT count accumulated calories as stated, which is strange for a higher end model to have less features than it's less expensive (c6) counterparts. Overall good purchase but if you are training to lose weight, a calorie counter estimate would be a good feature to use. ...more info
  • Does the job & you can change the battery
    Like many other reviewers, I think Polar has the best selection and functionality in HRMs, but I just got tired of being dependent on Polar for battery replacement. The Nike Triax C8 has the basic functionality I need, and I can just go to the drugstore for a CR2032 battery when either the monitor or the chest strap need one. I like the rotation of the monitor face. It's a small detail, but it makes viewing the monitor just a little easier when I'm running. The C8 also came with a little stand for the monitor that I put on my elliptical trainer. I put the monitor on the stand (like a watch display in a store showcase), and now I don't have to take my hand off the elliptical to check heart rate. Another nice little detail. The chest strap is a bit over-engineered, with a locking tab that isn't really necessary and is more likely to break. The big issue with the chest strap is size. I am not a big man (my chest measures about 40 inches where the strap goes), and I have the chest strap adjusted almost all the way out. I read other reviewers' complaints about the strap breaking, and I can understand that happening if you have to stretch it around a big chest. For me, the fallback (should I need one) is the chest strap and transmitter that came with my Vision Fitness treadmill. It works with the Nike (and with Polar and all other fitness equipment I've used), and it too takes a CR2032 battery. ...more info
  • Watch and monitor work well.
    The product has worked well for me. The only "hitch" if you want to call it that, is that you have to wet the back of the heart monitor before you put it on so it will read. Once you begin to exercise and therefore sweat, the monitor continues to work. It also works will all the equipment at my gym, so that means you can look at the much larger display on the exercise machine to see your heart rate. Overall, I do like it. Plus I've worn the watch as a normal watch when I've left mine at home and it looks fine for everyday wear....more info
  • I'm still waiting to get my refund
    I didn't receive the product. I reached the supplier who showed all her understastanding and promised to cooperate once the C8 Nike watch returns to her. However neither the heart rate monitor nor the money are back with me.
    Please DO something ! I have already placed my comments regarding this situation but no one took action on my behalf.

    Regards , Sylvia...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    The company shipped very promptly and the band is very comftable to wear. The watch is easy to read and work. Love the lap times....more info