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Evenflo ExerSaucer? SmartSteps - ABC
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $64.00

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Product Description


  • Portability! Folds significantly smaller than non-folding models in the marketplace
  • Age-appropriate toys help babies achieve 10 important developmental milestones
  • Variety of songs
  • Rock, spin and bounce!
  • Landscaped tray surrounds child
  • 3-position height adjustment
  • 3 flip-down feet for statioinary position
  • Seat locks in multiple positions
  • Removable, machine washable seat pad
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • For infants 4 months to walking age (30" maximum height)
  • Variety of Interchangeable Toys
  • Rocks, Spins, and Bounces
  • Removable, Machine-Washable Pad
  • 3 Height Adjustments
  • Folds Down for Easy Storage and Portability

Customer Reviews:

  • Daughter loves her saucer but....
    My little girl loves this toy but I had to cut the arch toy from the middle because it does hit her hard it the head when she jumps and moves around. Good idea but softer toys should be hanging....more info
  • We love it, but....
    My son is now 9 months old, and loves this exersaucer. He jumps around like a maniac. We did however have to take the mobile off. Everytime he jumped, the plastic pieces smacked him in the head.. hard enough to make him cry. =(...more info
  • Like It But Don't Love It
    My five month old daughter has been using her exersaucer for a month.

    Pros: Very colorful and stimulating. My daughter enjoys her exersaucer for about 15 minutes a day. There are many different activities for her to play with. Every day, she discovers something new to push, pull, or chew on. It is fun to watch her progress, and I am confident that the exersaucer has improved her gross and fine motor skills. The seat turns easily and she enjoys that it rocks when she moves around.

    Cons: It takes way too many batteries! The iPod-looking device has buttons that are difficult for an infant to push. The yellow paint of the stars on the clear domes that cover the springs flakes badly. Her hands will often be covered in the flecks. One of the buttons on the puppy piano has a white kitten on it, but the button will tell you that the cat is orange when pushed. I am sure that this won't confuse my child any time soon, but it seems to be a silly mistake.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    We bought this for our 4 month old and he loves it. There is so much for him to play with and learn from. As he gets older he notices new things and is entertained for longer periods of time. I will recommend this to all my friends as a must have item for their child. ...more info
  • You can remove the toys!
    These things have way too many toys on them. We chose this one because you can easily remove all but one o the toys. We've started our 4 month-old with just two toys, and she loves it. As she gets bigger we'll change/add toys. It takes a bit to get assembled, but it's really very nice. ...more info
  • Great Purchase!
    I bought this item for Christmas for my baby boy, and he loves it! Unlike the one I had for my daughter, this one actually has enough toys on it to keep him entertained for more than a few minutes. Be prepared, though... peace for you comes at a price. Be ready with 12 AAA batteries!! Assembly looked more daunting than it actually was. Great buy. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • Great megasaucer
    Our 8 month old loves this megasaucer. He loves the sounds, songs, and lights. The seat snaps out easily for washing. ...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    My husband and I bought this product for our son last month. Green paint chips from the stars on the clear bubble posts came off. The were all over his hands and it was hard to get off. Thankfully none of the chips went into his mouth. We called Evenflo and emailed them regarding this problem. They never got back to us. We were able to return this product with no problem. Do not buy this product unless you are okay with paint chips going into your baby's mouth and all over his hands....more info
  • Babies First Choice from 5 - 9 months and still lovin' it!
    I took my 5 month old daughter to a toy store to "test drive" various Activity Centers. There were pink cars and three-in-ones and walkers. She LOVED this one. In the store she just sat there for almost 15 minutes and when I finally took her out she fussed to go back! It has been four months of daily use. My house has never been so clean and my family is well fed for the first time since her birth. Her legs are stronger and standing on her own. She has figured out all the bells and whistles and knows how to get all the songs to play. She seems so proud of her self. We call it her "office" and she is happily "working" right now while I peacefully right this review. It is so great my parents got one for their house too! It folds easily and assembly is a snap. She has banged and torn at it and no problems at all!...more info
  • Beloved toy of ours
    I don't know what I'd do without this awesome toy. My son is 6 months old now, but has been enjoying it for almost 2 months. He loves all the toys, noise & lights. It's made his body really strong and gives me a hands free moment now and then. It folds up great (as we travel a lot) and seems very sturdy & well made. I am very very pleased with this product....more info
  • Paint chips
    Found green paint chips on my 5-month-old son's fingers. Looked and saw that paint was chipping off of the green stars (the parts that hold the whole thing together!), so I'm not happy at all. We just put this together on Christmas day. Saw the green paint chips on Jan 2nd. I don't even know if this paint contains lead or any other hazardous materials, but I'm not crazy about my son eating paint. No thank you EvenFlo!...more info
  • Baby Keeper
    I bought this for my great-grandchild as per request of the mom and dad so I can't really say how good it is as the baby is yet to be born. Picture wise it looks like fun and will keep the baby busy for a good bit. It folds up nicely which helps the parents to cart it along with them when they visit friends or family....more info
  • Great for Little Legs
    My little one loves this saucer. There are tons of toys to engage her! Be advised that this model takes 12 AA batteries (yes, I said 12!) so keeping all of the bells and whistles going can get a little pricey if you don't use rechargeable batteries.

    The legs are adjustable so that it can last a lot longer. This was a real concern for us because our 6 month old is as tall as some 12 month olds. This means that she was already too tall for some of the saucers with less adaptability....more info
  • Not all I expected
    I'll begin by saying that the two major appeals to this particular bouncer were the variety of toys and the bright colors. It's just as beautiful in person as it is in the picture. However, this bouncer requires way too many batteries. Almost every toy needs at least 3 batteries to operate. Some of the toys could have been made simpler to function and not required batteries. Additionally, this bouncer is shorter than a previous Evenflo bouncer I owned, meaning it won't be able to be used long. When I put my daughter in at four months, I had to raise the height to the second level. No. She's not tall. This means she won't get a lot of use out of it because she'll outgrow it quickly. Also, the overhead bar won't stay in securely on one side after owning it for just one month. I'd recommend purchasing the model just a step below this one and save some money. Your child will like it just as much....more info
  • Emily Claire enjoys this!
    My husband and I got this exersaucer for our daughter Emily for her first Christmas. When we put her into it, you should have seen her eyes bug out! She didn't know what to play with first, and after a few moments began to cry. Later that day, though, we put her back in and she enjoyed it a lot more. A week has passed, and you know what her favorite toy on the whole system is? Wait for it...the product label tag on the piece that has the hanging toys on it. We could've bought her tags for a buck! :-D...more info
  • An awesome product for my baby girl 4mos old
    My daughter loved this .. specially the apple and the leaf --also the doggy ears .. i would say her motor skills have tremendously improved after she started playing in this - highly suggest this product for you own baby or as a gift ! ...more info
  • Lots to do, LOTS of batteries.
    When I first cracked this item open I couldn't believe how much there was to do for my son. I spent maybe an hour putting it together, and while I'm not too handy, it wasn't terribly difficult, though there were times the instructions could have been clearer and the diagrams more helpful.

    As previously mentioned there are many activity stations for a child to play with and despite everything going on nothing ever hit my son in the face or presented a problem (and he was all over that thing). The unit also does fold down nicely to a smaller size for throwing in the trunk or just taking down a narrow hallway or up some stairs and is bright and colorful.

    One major issue with this unit is the initial investment of batteries. It requires 12 AAA batteries, which is not only a huge investment but is also a less common battery type (at least compared to the ubiquitous AA size, which I'm sure everyone has lots of lying around). My large bar component also did not function (and I had several family members start it from scratch with no luck), and some searches on the internet have found that I am not the first person to run into this. I also had trouble removing the small screws behind some of the battery plates; it was easier to strip them than remove them.

    I love stationary activity centers for my child and I wanted to like this one (though I did think it a bit overly busy), but the battery investment plus the issues I had just getting it to work made it a big waste of money and time. If yours works I imagine it's fun, but mine didn't, and I don't want to have have that many AAA batteries on hand at any given time and to have to take such extra special care to remove tiny screws to change them....more info