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Evenflo Top-of-Stair Plus Gate
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

The safety of your baby is one of your top priorities. When it comes to protection from accidental tumbles, you can put your mind at ease with Evenflo's new Top-of-Stair Gate. The new Evenflo Top-of-Stair Plus Gate is made taller and wider for more protection! Its four-point hardware mount combined with swing control provides one of the most secure top-of-stair mountings. The gate will swing right, left, or 180-degrees depending on how you set it. Great for pets, too!

  • One-Hand Release
  • Removable Swing Control - Swings both ways or use One-Direction Swing setting for top of stairs
  • Kid-proof latch - press in and slide out
  • Expands from 30" to 48" wide
  • 32" Tall Gate can be Installed up to 3" from Ground for 35" of Protection

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to install
    This product was easy to install and I like the fact that the wood is unfinished, so it can match everything else in the house. This gate is taller, so I don't worry about my son being able to climb over it. We also like that it can swing either direction. Great product!...more info
  • Love that this gate is collapsible
    I have this gate at the top of two stairways, and I love it. It is collapsible, meaning the two panels slide on top of each other when it is open to make the gate narrower. (This is a feature I couldn't find in any other gate.) It makes it much easier to walk around it, or push it out of the way. We tried a different gate a first, but the wide swinging gate was such a nuisance. Other features I like about it: It is solid and strong, and it is unfinished wood so you can stain or paint it if you want. The latch is metal and solid, unlike some of the plastic flimsy ones we saw in stores. (The latch is a little difficult as first, but you quickly get used to it... and kids can't figure it out.) The hinge is simple and the gate can EASILY be removed when only adults are around. Gates in general are a hassle, but this one makes it as pain-free as possible....more info
  • Good Gate for the price!!
    I got this gate for my kids since their bedrooms are upstairs and ours is downstairs. I also got this for my daycare. This is a good gate for the price the only down side is you have to connect the gate to wood on both sides of the gate for security, which is great don't get me wrong. Well, at the top of my stairs I only had wood on one side (railing) and I have to go out and buy a 2X4 to screw into my wall. Other than that - it's a good gate that can be removed when not in use!!!...more info
  • great price, great gate
    I love this gate! This is not our first gate, but it's one of my favorite, especially for the price. We have it at the top of our stairs (third time we've installed it) and it is so easy to open and close. I like that if you need to mount it at an angle (slight) because of wall alignment, you can. It works great! It is also handy that it collapses when you open it - it gets out of the way of the handrail so we can use a gate at the top of the stairs without moving the railing. I love this gate, and will probably buy another one for the basement stairs!...more info
  • awesome gate
    works well i think its the best of its kind and would highly recomend getting this gate...more info
  • Decent Gate for the Price
    This gate was easy to install and will definitely be difficult for my two year old to open. It is a little difficult for me to open and close (it doesn't seem to slide real well) and I don't think our door jams are completely square, which throws it off a tad, but not enough to make it impossible to use. I am a little concerned with the sturdiness of the wood, but we'll see how it holds up....more info
  • Feel Secure
    I love this gate. It was easy for my husband to install. It is easy enough for my older children to use but too difficult for my younger kids. I feel secure knowing that if my kids get out of bed, they won't be falling down the stairs....more info
  • good gate
    works well, a little tricky to install around hand rail and tall baseboards. But it does the job and keeps the baby safe. I like the neutral look of it, no weird colors, plastic or logos...more info
  • Great!
    This is a great gate. I bought it to block our hallway, which has an angled entry. It was easy for hubby to install, and it's easy to open with one hand. It will be even more handy when baby starts to crawl!...more info
  • Works for us...
    This works great for our wide hallway to the basement. I appreciated not having to purchase (or make) something to fill in a wider space than normal. The gate is easy to use and keeps my little one from tumbling down the stairs. Can't ask for more than that!...more info
  • Great Product!
    This was a great deal and they work really well. Simple to set up, even though I had to use dry wall screws, and it holds really well even when my daughter pushes and pulls on them. Overall a really great product....more info
  • Works
    This baby gate reflects the price. It is unfinished wood, not bad not great, ok hardware, not bad not great. It is exactly what you pay for. BUT, it works and that's what matters. Opening and closing is doable and it keeps the baby safe and away from the staircase. I would recommend this. Why pay twice as much for another gate that will do the same job? Afterall it's only a couple year fix. You dont' need a $70 or more $$ gate. There are plenty of other necessary expenses for a baby....more info
  • My Son Made a Door!
    "Look mom, I made a door in the gate" says my son, holding a piece of wood proudly. Easy to tear apart, not durable, but I'm ordering a replacement nonetheless, because otherwise I was very satisfied. ...more info
  • Solves the problem
    I have owned these gates in the past for my other home and now that I have a two-story home I purchased them for the top of the stairs. They work great and look as good as you can expect. This gate is the best one I've found and at a resonable price. Definitely recommend....more info