RF Anti-Spy & Camera Signal Detector
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Product Description

Detect any spy camera or wire-tapping device at home, office, or almost everywhere with this RF signal Detector! It detects a 100-2600 MHz frequency signal within a 1 to 10 m (32 ft) area. Just press and hold the switch button, move left to right, and if the red LED flashes, you are closer to the device. Protect your privacy or information and avoid being the target of unwanted wireless tapping!

  • RF Anti-Spy and Camera Signal Detector General Features: RF technology
  • Within 1-10 m area, it detects 100-2600 MHz frequency signals Red Signal LED Green Power LED
  • Detector runs on one (1) 23A 12V battery (included) Retail Box Includes: RF Signal Detector
  • Operating Instructions