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  • Come on all you Grinches out there - it was funny!
    I have young twins who absolutely howled over some of the incidents in this movie. My husband even laughed out loud over the Santa girls dancing scene. This movie is a treat for kids - no swearing, no sex, not even one bad thing. If you have children younger than 12, they will love some of the funnies in this movie. No, it's not a literary classic, but it does what it sets out to do - entertain me and put me in the Christmas spirit!...more info
  • A new holiday favorite!
    If I'm not mistaking,this Christmas comedy debuted on the big screen last fall and was only earlier this month released on DVD,at least priced-to-own. Danny DeVito("Taxi",THROW MOMMA FROM THE TRAIN,TWINS,RENAISSANCE MAN,JUNIOR,TIN MEN,RUTHLESS PEOPLE) and Matthew Broderick(BILOXI BLUES,PROJECT X,FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF) delight many audiences with this Christmas comedy. DeVito plays one of the title roles,his character being Buddy Hall. Supporting DeVito and Broderick is Kristin Davis(she was Broderick's wife Sarah Jessica Parker's co-star on HBO's SEX AND THE CITY. Those who saw this film even saw and loved JINGLE ALL THE WAY,SURVIVING CHRISTMAS,BAD SANTA,TOYS,THE SANTA CLAUSE and HOME ALONE trilogies....more info
  • clipped together from other movies
    Haven't I seen this movie before? The obnoxious new neighbor, the feud between neighbors, the neighbor with so many Christmas lights you can't sleep, the guy who ends up destroying his own house in his fight against someone else, etc., etc.

    Deck the Halls takes a tried-and-true plot (or rather, a combination of elements from tried-and-true plots) and adds absolutely nothing new. The performances were fine, and it had funny moments, but it was also absolutely predictable, which was a huge distraction from the comedy. It's hard to be amused when you know exactly what's coming next.

    There's a bit of an attempt to make the movie about both men trying to find meaning in their lives, but there's nothing really character-specific in it, and it gets lost among the cliches.

    I love holiday movies, but this one won't make it into my collection....more info
    This is one of the worst Christmas movies I've ever seen. A waste of talent and anyone's time who gets suckered into watching it. Most of the jokes fall flat and the story is so predictable you can see the jokes coming a mile ahead. Even the "sappy heartfelt" ending doesn't work! Extremely lame and depressing. ...more info
  • Quite Possibly The Worst Holiday Movie Made
    Quite possibly one of the worst Holiday movies ever made. The supporting actors looked bored to tears, and the leads were horrible. Usually, they're both very interesting in their character roles (at least in other movies). The writing and direction in this movie was just awful. I mean, "peee-ewwww!"

    There was nothing remotely funny, interesting or redeeming in quality about this movie, except that it was eventually over. Whomever decided to put the lame "rap" on the menu screen for the DVD obviously has no sense of style as it was just painful to endure. It didn't match even the tone of the movie, well...except that both sucked, so I guess it did match on that level. Who green lights junk like this? With such a horrible script and inept direction, it will never recoup the cost of making the movie, not even with DVD rentals and sales, let alone box office bucks.

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this piece of junk. It's 90+ minutes of your life you wish you had actually walked on rusty nails instead....more info
  • No One In Hollywood Has Seen Winter
    There is simply too much about this tragedy of a film to criticize, so I'm only going to throw out one pet peeve. The sprayed on snow in this movie set in central Massachusetts stays the same all the way through December. It never melts or gets deeper, nor is it ever cleared from the street that separates Matthew Broderick's house from Danny DeVito's, enabling DeVito to secrete an extension cable between their houses---in order to power his Christmas light display--- for the entire month of December without anyone noticing. That alone should give you a good idea about the level of talent of the writers. I felt sorry for Matthew Broderick thinking he needed to take a job like this. DeVito is slumming too. ...more info
  • Not warm and fuzzy
    We love Christmas movies and watch them many times. We were excited to get this since it had a "feel good" kind of review. Although the movie has it's Laugh out Loud moments, they were few and far between. It is an ever loved National Lampoon's Christmas vacation "wannabe". There is no chemistry between the characters and no warmth about this movie at all. Although it was watchable, it is not going to become a Christmas favorite. I doubt we will watch it again. If I had rented it first, I would not have bought it. ...more info
  • Christmas movies suck!
    Holiday movies like "Miracle On 34th Street", "It's A Wonderful Life", and "A Christmas Story are not classics because they cannot match the holiday spirit that is found in the movie of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". So ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    This movie is a very bad movie. it's about two guys who don't have a life, a girlfriend, and no hope. One day one decides to have the lights seen from outer space. The acting is bad, the set design is lame, and nothing can even save this movie from being a total disaster. Next time you want a Christmas movie, then get the movie of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". You have been warned!...more info
  • Awful Movie Attempts to Cash in on the Season
    Deck the Halls is a very bad movie, with poor acting and zero chemistry between the actors. One star is generous for this pathetic waste of time. If you still feel that you must watch this awful film, I suggest renting it rather than being stuck with a movie that you will surely not want to watch again. Horrible....more info
  • You Know
    I wouldn't have minded this dumb little movie so much if it were at least original. Every gag in the movie has already been done to death in other holiday movies. Matthew and Danny do what they can in their roles. They are exactly what you would expect. Matthew is the uptight orderly neighbor and Danny is the abrasive chaotic new guy next door. Fill in lots of pretty bad comedy in the middle and wasting the talents of the wives, and in the end both guys learn a lesson on getting along and learn to be more like the other guy to enjoy life. This one is okay to watch if you have kids, but it is a rental only. Not a good one for the collection....more info
  • This is the worst Christmas movie ever
    Do not waste your time to watch this movie. All "One Star" reviews said it all. ...more info
  • 3 Reasons Not To Watch..
    I will get straight to the point, this movie was very bad.

    1. Matthew Broderick was terrible, he forced his character so much, it was not believable. Very bad acting.

    2. The sexual innuendos and use of the female characters as basically props was totally inappropriate. What happened to "Home Alone" where the young boy gets his excitement from sneaking into his brothers room and instead of spying on teenage girls in a pillow fight?

    3. This movie's plot, if it even had one, was so incredibly underdeveloped/nonexistent that you felt nothing for the characters. The whole idea of the movie is that DeVito and Broderick are going head-to-head for Christmas guy in the town, but yet we fail to understand why DeVito even cares. It seems as if they caught this in editing and threw a short scene in the middle of DeVito saying he never finishes anything. The stories really don't even connect,.. I get lost even trying to connect them.

    And lastly a warning: This movie is overly sexual and very inappropriate for families looking for a warmhearted holiday movie for everyone to enjoy.

    ...more info
  • More of Kristin Chenoweth please...
    Deck the Halls brings to the screen the story of two neighbors feuding over the one's efforts at placing as many lights on his house as to make it visible from space during the Christmas holidays.
    Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick, Kristin Davis (!), and Jorge Garcia (from Lost) carry out their performances well while the lovely Kristin Chenoweth seems to have quite a bit of potential.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music are all good, but nothing extraordinary.
    In a nutshell, it's probably not a movie you would want to add to your collection, but it will provide for an evening's entertainment. 3.5 Stars
    ...more info
  • Dreck The Halls
    Holiday movies like "A Christmas Story", "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", "Miracle On 34th Street", and "It's A Wonderful Life", are all perennial holiday favorites and classics because they are good movies. They have warmth, humor, and a genuineness to them. But some filmmakers think all you need are a bunch of twinkling lights, some snow, and a guy in a Santa suit to be a great holiday film, no matter what. This film is one of those. There isn't anything even remotely funny about the film or it's situation. Everything looks too pristine and plastic. So do the characters. Sure it's digestible enough fluff, but you can only take so much before you are an overstuffed candy cane filled to the brim of lights and Christmas 'this' and Christmas 'that'. I love Christmas. It's my time of the year. But this movie just felt wrong. It had a fun enough premise. Matthew Broderick is the "Christmas guy" in his little town, until new neighbor Buddy Hall(Danny DeVito), moves in across the street. Buddy wants to do something special. He wants to be noticed. He wants his house to be seen from outer space, and he figures he can do that by filling every nook and cranny of his house with Christmas lights and assorted decorations. Obviously, this doesn't sit well with Broderick, being de-throned as Christmas king. The premise has all the potential in the comedy world for some fun humor and slapstick, but it all seems as flat as egg nog come January. For a film about a joyous season and heart, it feels devoid of anything joyous or heartfelt. When it tries to be warm and have heart, it just doesn't ring true. It seems as fake as the snow in the movie. The movie has a good cast, and that's what makes it's failures all the more noticeable and disappointing. Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick, Kristin Davis, and Kristin Chenoweth are all great people, but they fail to deliver anything in their respective roles. Each one seems to be going thru the motions. It's really an accomplishment to make the usually fun and bubbly, not. The movie is all window dressing with nothing underneath and nowhere to go. Did I laugh at all?. I did like Broderick's daughter(Arrested Development's Alia Shawkat)threatening to call the children's welfare bureau(or something like that)over him making her wear a Christmas sweater for the family photo. That's about it. Deck the halls?. Nah. Let's hope for some better trimmings next Christmas....more info
  • I thought it was a pretty good movie
    I got this movie previously viewed for $4 from a Hollywood Video that was going out of business. I thought it was pretty good and there were some funny moments. I'll most likely watch it every Christmas....more info
  • A New Christmas Favorite!!!
    This is a really good Christmas movie! Screw the critics, they don't know anything! It has a really good storyline about two dads who are competing throughout the entire movie. Steve is the 'Christmas Guy' in his town, but when Buddy puts up a billion lights on his house because he wants his house to be seen from space satellites, Steve gets mad. There is a lot of beautiful Christmas scenery, including Christmas lights. Soon, their wives and kids get tired of their behavior and go stay at a hotel. They are alone on Christmas and realize the error of their ways. They decide to work together to get their families back. If you love Christmas, and family, and comedy you'll love DECK THE HALLS!!!! ...more info
  • Any excuse to get Kristin Chenoweth to sing!
    I admit it...I only rented this one to hear Kristin Chenoweth sing. No one told me she would, but she sings in every movie she does. Had she sang three or four songs, I might have given this movie more than 3 stars.

    Let's face it, Matthew Broderick hasn't been funny since his days as Bueller. Danny Devito has never been funny...well, maybe in Throw Mama From the Train.

    This was just another sad script for a Xmas movie just like all the others recently. Two feuding neighbors racing to see who can out do each other. Matthew is Mr. Traditionalism. Danny is the new guy in town trying to leave a mark. His "mark" is an outstanding Xmas light display which also makes the movie worth seeing if you appreciate a good holiday yard show. It's so bright, it keep Matthew awake. Let the feuding begin!

    Not boring, but not really funny. And certainly nothing new you haven't seen before. Ah, it to just to hear her sing....oh, and the Christmas lights are pretty too....more info
  • Laugh-out-loud funny!
    Don't go looking for brilliant drama and witty Algonquin Roundtable insights into society here. This is a tremendously silly Christmas movie that families will adore. There's a cast of loveable characters behaving badly because of a neighborhood rivalry over Christmas lights. As you can expect, Danny DeVito plays an over-compensating Napoleonic nemesis to Matthew Broderick's mild mannered but pushed-over-the-edge rival.

    You can probably fill in the rest of the story yourself. However, those expected complications are played out so well by the excellent cast that you can't help but laugh out loud!

    If you can enjoy entertainment on those simple terms, then this is a Christmas DVD you'll enjoy for years to come....more info
  • Adding to my Christmas movie tradition
    I am very surprised at all the negative reviews this movie has received! But I guess everyone has their own opinion. When I saw this movie, I thought it was hilarious and the ending is very sweet. I thought this movie was great and want to purchase it to make it part of my Christmas movie tradition. Some of the other movies that are part of my Christmas tradtion are "Christmas Vacation" (Chevy Chase), "The Santa Clause" series (Tim Allen), "Elf" (Will Farrell), "Scrooged" (Bill Murray), "Trapped in Paradise" (Nicolas Cage), "Jingle All The Way" (Arnold Schwartzenegger), and "March of the Wooden Soldiers" (Laurel and Hardy). I only list them so you can get an idea of the kinds of movies I like, and if you like the same movies, well, then it's a good guess you will probably like this movie as well! Just seeing how they light up this house in the movie is worth the watch - it looks like he has a tv screen on his roof - it's very cool! ...more info
  • I love Christmas movies!
    A little slow in the beginning, but overall I enjoyed it. A good at home movie....more info
  • Another miss
    Again, I'm constantly searching for Christmas movies because I can watch them from November through December. I love them. However, this is one that I did not love. There is no real plot. It's just something about how one neighbor can get so jealous over another and Danny Devito is his usual hateful self. There was plenty of cleavage but not much movie. Who would believe that a man has his Christmas trees planted for the next five years and who didn't see that something awful was going to happen to them? Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Stab me in the eye
    Danny DeVito & Matthew Broderick must of lost a bet of some sort!!! Why else would they ever agree to do such an awful movie!! Glad I didn't pay to watch it, well, didn't even really make it through the whole movie. Most certainly won't be a Christmas tradition!!...more info
  • At least it was a Green X-ma$ for Broderick and DeVito!
    I really like watching Christmas movies. In part because I like Christmas, but also because I like to see how Christmas and our celebration of it is portrayed over time. It's gone from a reverential celebration of religion and family to a funny(or not) analysis of modern obsessive behavior and over-consumption. Then there are movies like these, which are just time killers. This is Christmas as Product.

    It has a few watchable moments. Kristin Chenowith is plenty hot as always and gets to sing a teeny little bit and Kristin Davis is the most adorable lil mannequin come-to-life since her SATC partner originated that act years ago. There is one bit in particular which made me laugh. It's horrible and if you're a father you should hope it never happens to you. I won't ruin it for you but I will say in the next scene DeVito and Broderick are in a church washing their eyes out with holy water, with good reason. It's one of the few scenes that show any signs of life, which is too bad because this thing could have used many more.

    Mostly though the movie is lackluster. It doesn't have the manic energy of a Christmas Vacation or the heart warming nostalgia of Christmas Story or the black, outrageous humor of Bad Santa or the child-like joy and goofiness of Elf. It has a few badly paced jokes and more than its share of sleep walking actors. The pace and performances were so slow and half hearted that I felt like I was watching the entire movie through a Valium induced haze.

    The movie has no real heart or message, or insight and it's not very funny. It's a place holder, the studio needed to put out something for the Christmas movie-going audience so they cranked up the Eszterhas 3000, set it for "HOLIDAY" and extruded this....."movie". Pretend it's a Christmas stocking folks, and STUFF IT!
    ...more info
  • My doll is in this movie!!
    The Marilyn Monroe doll that is on top of the town Christmas tree was my doll!! I sold her on ebay to a production company and they put her in the movie, "Deck the Halls". I was so excited to see her on top of the tree. Of course, they put wings on her, to make her look like a angel. In the end of the movie, she gets burned up, but that is okay. I will always know what happened to her. The movie is funny, too.

    ...more info
  • Deck the halls dvd
    Just received two days ago. Watched it last night. CD was in great shape and we enjoyed the movie, thanks....more info