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Product Description

Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker Cooking pasta the conventional way requires you to boil water, add your pasta, then frequently stirring and sampling to determine when it is done. Fasta Pasta eliminates this guesswork because it cooks perfect pasta every time! Fasta Pasta is a revolutionary new microwaveable cooker that replaces large pots, colanders and stirring utensils. Simply measure, add water, microwave and serve perfect pasta in 15 minutes or less. You'll use less water and energy, and cook pasta faster. The secret to micro waving perfect pasta is precise quantities of pasta, water, and cooking it for the exact amount of time. Fasta Pasta's lid has measuring holes on one end and a strainer on the opposite end. These measuring holes precisely measure serving sizes. Water level guides on the base help ensure the exact amount of water is added. Pasta noodles won't stick together or to the cooker because the continuous boiling action keeps the noodles in motion. Fasta Pasta's ledges and contours are designed to ensure even cooking and prevent microwave boil over. Fasta Pasta is made of FDA approved microwave-safe polypropylene and is dishwasher friendly - so no pot scrubbing afterward! Fasta Pasta perfectly cooks Al Dente textured spaghetti, fettuccini, linguini, macaroni, or lasagna noodles. A cooking chart, enclosed with every cooker, helps to quickly reference the cooking time for your favorite pasta. Fasta Pasta is an inexpensive gift for friends who think they have everything, people who like to cook, and people who don't like to cook. It's great for use in the home, office, dormitory, and RV. Cooks all types of pasta Strainer and measure built-in the lid Add water and cook in microwave Dishwasher safe Saves time and energy

  • Perfect al dente pasta everytime
  • Saves time, energy and water
  • No boil over
  • Cooks evenly without sticking
  • Made in USA

Customer Reviews:

  • Fasta Pasta is great little gadget
    This is a neat little cooker for small quantities of pasta. And, I often need just a little pasta for a salad or soup or a quick lunch with left overs. I like the easy clean-up, no colander to fool with and it really doesn't allow boil over. Ever tried to nuke a little pasta in a covered glass bowl? What a mess!

    This won't replace my stock pot and colander for large quantities of pasta but I'm glad I bought this.

    ADVICE: First time users need to pay attention during cooking process to notice whether your microwave will cook the pasta in less time than the instructions recommend. If you don't do this you can end up with a container of mush. My pasta is ready anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes before the minimum suggested cooking time.

    Perfect for a single person or college student.

    ...more info
  • I replace Pasta over Ramen Noodle !
    I used to eat a lot of ramen noodle, because it was cheap and easy to made. But i had higher blood pressure as result because ramen noodle are typical fly even added the powder it still easily has over 1000 sodium.. even since i got fasta pasta, i had replace ramen noodle to pasta, tasted better and healthy, pasta i eat is wheat has no soldium very little fat, high in protin, carb, calories was almost half less ramen noodle i eat, pasta sauce i mix with only has like 300 solidum with it, fasta pasta is easy to use, just follow the direction and you are fine, every pasta will come out perfect no sticky! sometime i cook the pasta with fasta pasta then put the pasta on freezer for next day lunch meal, heal it up in microwave, it tasted just as good as before. Can't complain ! ...more info
  • It works.
    You putta da pasta inna da Fasta Pasta and outta comma da cookeda pasta! Works as advertised. Not much else to say other than I've had excellent results with this piece of plastic and my 15yo 800W microwave....more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    No more waiting for the water to boil. Just follow directions and in 8 minutes, ready to serve. Great product!...more info
  • Great Product That Works! Delicious Pasta...
    I just received the Fasta Pasta and made whole wheat spaghetti that came out perfect. This is great for a single guy who doesn't want to watch a pot come to a boil then have to wash the pot and strainer. Simply measure your pasta, add the right amount of water and then let the microwave do its thing. No mess, no humidity. I love this product and will purchase more for gifts...Thanks for saving me time and simplifying my life....more info
  • great gifts
    An Italian friend of mine bought this product and was thrilled with the results. So I bought 3 as gifts for Christmas. Everyone was thrilled. An added incentive for me, the inventor of this product is from Flushing, MI, making it a local product!...more info
  • Comes out perfect
    This thing is great. No waiting for the water to boil first.. just put in the noodles, the water and microwave for like 12 minutes. It comes with a chart you need to use to know how long to cook it. It's very simple and easy to clean.
    You can only cook 4 servings, so not the same as a big pot of spaghetti, but great for lunches or smaller dinners....more info
  • Great Product
    I was a doubter but purchased this pasta cooker because of the good reviews. Well, I'm a believer now. This thing works great. Pasta was cooked just how I like it. Didn't boil over, no hot steamy kitchen, no stirring, no pot to wash. And it cleans up easy in the dishwasher. It's now on my list of things to buy for Christmas presents for my friends. ...more info
  • This is for real...
    My wife is always complaining about my pasta. She say I didn't cook it long enough or too long - whatever. Anyway so I buy the fasta pasta and that dried tortellini that comes in a box. I follow the instructions and my wife says it's the best pasta she ever had. Very easy. A watched pot never boils and now I don't have to. My only complaint is that it's a little small (they should make a bigger one) so if you plan on using fresh tortellini or fresh ravioli, you can make enough for two, but not four, at one time....more info
  • Don't believe the 3 star reviewer
    I have every kitchen gadget---from a VERY expensive breadmaker to a fajita machine---as well as your standard toaster, blender, magic bullet and so on. If I had to choose one (and I love my magic bullet) I would choose this one.

    I hate to cook and I love pasta, so I always bought it to go. No more.
    I haven't bought take-out pasta since I bought this gadget.

    The usual process is:
    put water on, wait, go back, check, wait---is it boiling yet?

    Then put in pasta and set timer.

    Go back, pull out pasta strand with tongs and burn mouth.

    Cook longer, repeat.

    Get out strainer, pour water into it, steam burn! (I told you I cannot cook.)

    Lose part of it trying to get it into the strainer, or turn the *&^% strainer over and get none of it.

    And then you have to clean the pot, the tongs, and the strainer (maybe the sink).

    All this nonsense took FOREVER.

    With this gadget there is no pain, no wasted time---at all. I have another kind that does not work, so I was skeptical. But Amazon takes things back without question, so I thought it was worth a try.


    Great decision!

    It works perfectly. You stand the pasta in one of several holes on the lid to measure it. The big hole is two servings. Then lay the pasta in the container and fill with water to the line indicated for two servings. Put in microwave for the time they tell you. (Mine is an old microwave, so I use 15 minutes---I knew I needed more time because I always do.) Take it out and put the lid on it and lift it over the sink to strain it. It is just awesome and always, always perfect.

    So it takes one minute (or less) to measure, fill, and stick in the microwave compared to the usual way, which I hated. I make pasta all the time now and NEVER buy it to go. NEVER EVER. This thing paid for itself with one use. I think I need more than one because it's always in the dishwasher.

    Try it---I promise you, it's just awesome!...more info
  • Great item, but you need to buy two!
    Great item! Well worth owning! Performs exactly as described when easy directions are followed. Recommend this to anyone with a microwave - definitely makes life easier and with less cleanup. Oh, I do put a little salt in the water, where the directions don't say anything about that.

    The only problem with it, is that it only cooks enough for two servings. I was warned on this by a prior review, so am passing it on...

    The directions on the Fasta Pasta say the amounts to be measured on the lid for cooking are for 2 or 4 people. The info on the particular spaghetti package I have does say one pound is enough for nine servings (I had never looked for this info on a package before, so it was a surprise to me!) With the amount to be cooked supposed to serve 4, be aware that would be 4 average five yr olds. It's on the level of the info on a can of coffee stating a cup is 6 oz. So very *not* realistic!!! This cooks a max of 1/4 pound dry for the 4 person serving.

    My husband loves 2nds and cold spaghetti leftovers the next day, so while we're eating from the 1st batch, I have a 2nd batch cooking. I works out very well for us.

    If you have a family of 4, with older kids, you will need to play with timing on getting enough cooked, unless you have 2 micros. My suggestion would be to cook a few batches ahead, put them in a baggie until ready for dinner then heat the whole amount in a micro bowl for the table.

    Tried it on egg noodles & it works great there, too. I haven't tried it on other things yet, but have a feeling it will perform just as advertised!!

    Just wish the company would get on the ball and make one family sized to cook a pound of spaghetti at a time!...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised
    Used this product for the first time last night. Was a little skeptical, but the thin spaghetti turned out beautifully with no boil over. I was nervously watching the microwave expecting a mess, but my fears were unjustified. Can't wait to use again.
    This is a way to cook pasta that I would feel comfortable letting my teenage son use. Always worry about a big pot of boiling water.
    My only problem, due to my skepticism, I overcooked by a minute or two. Next time I will trust the instructions and cook using the prescribed times.

    Several usages later: Now I just follow the instructions exactly and works perfectly. Did penne pasta two nights ago and was pleased again with the performance of this item.
    Can't wait to try other types of food in there....more info
  • Totally worthless.
    Maybe it's the altitude, but I've used this three times for pasta and twice for potatoes and I'm sick of wasting good food. I cooked the potatoes 4 minutes longer than recommended and they were still hard in spots and tasted raw. The spaghetti tasted like days old leftovers. Glad this was the fourth item on the 4 for 3 deal, but sure wish I'd picked something else....more info
  • Excellent Time Saver!
    This pasta cooker works just the way it's supposed to. I did find that I had to make adjustments on the cooking time (this is mentioned in the product instructions) since we like our pasta very al dent¨¦, but overall, I was very pleased. When you read the instructions it seems as if the cooking time is very long and you may wonder, how is this a time saver? However, if you factor in:

    1. The time it takes for the water to begin to boil
    2. The actual cooking time of the pasta
    3. The washing of the pasta cooking pot

    You'll see that in the long run it really does take less time to cook pasta in the FastaPasta. Not only that, but the FastaPasta is easier to clean and takes up much less storage room than a big pasta cooking pot, not to mention the water you save. Where I live, water is now averaging about $70 a month, so every little drop saved is good.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this product and we'll be eating a lot more pasta from now on.'s also good for cooking fresh pasta. :)...more info
  • Fasta Pasta
    Fasta Pasta is worse than worthless. It turned pasta to mush no matter how many adjustments I made to the timing....more info
  • Want Pasta the Easy Way BUY THIS!
    This is a great product! Just remember that you can only make up to four servings. No more waiting for the water to boil, no more messing with the colandar, no more mess, period! Doesn't take up much storage space, balanced and easy to handle too. This item can also be used to cook rice and vegetables; directions are included in the package. ...more info
  • Makes Perfect Pasta Every Time
    I've bought my fair share of gadgets that don't do what they're supposed to, but this sure isn't one of them. I can't rave enough about how well the Fasta Pasta works.

    I've used this about a dozen times or so and the pasta has been done perfectly every time. The times and quantities on the directions sheet are just right for Al Dente. I've tried spaghetti, rigatoni and penne, all came out excellent.

    It's so much easier to just wash this little box out than to deal with boiling a big pot of water and then washing it and a colander afterwards.

    My only suggestion would be to improve the handling of it once the pasta is cooked, as the water draining out is very hot so you need to be very careful. My first time using it I did get some hot water on my hands. (Same thing happened to my husband the first time he used it.) Maybe it would be better if the lid snapped on to drain instead of laying on top.
    For this reason I'd say kids shouldn't handle it.

    Aside from a little awkwardness in the handling, it's terrific!
    ...more info
  • Great product!
    I love my Fasta Pasta. You cook and drain in the same container so you have so much less mess in your kitchen. When you're done, you put it in the dishwasher. It is great for two or three people. ...more info
  • Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
    I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that this product would work as advertised, but the favorable Amazon reviews persuaded me to give it a shot. I'm glad I did. What a convenient item at a great price. I love the fact that I can cook, strain, and add sauce all in one container that is dishwasher safe. It cooks pasta, tortellini and other pasta items perfectly and it could not be easier. Just put it in the microwave and forget about it (you only have to stir it once, about halfway through). It frees up room on your stove for other items you may be cooking - and means less dishes to wash. Who can complain about that? I was afraid this would become just another kitchen "gadget" that would take up space and not get used -- but it's so convenient and works so well, you will use it again and again....more info
  • Great gadget at a great price!
    I ordered the Fasta Pasta after seeing it at a friend's home. I love this thing. Takes all the guesswork and hassle out of making pasta. Just a quick rinse cleans it up just fine. So far I've used it to make angel hair pasta, which came out perfect, and some fresh seafood ravioli....more info
  • Excellent item, should be in every home
    Have used this for almost a year now, and every single time it is perfect pasta.

    All you need to do is follow the directions, and a few minutes later your pasta is done to perfection.

    The product is high quality, and made in the USA, which makes it all the better!

    Have given several as gifts, and once people try it they are hooked as well.

    Easy to measure with the lid and markings on the side-- trust me if you have ever botched pasta ( like I have) you will REALLY love this one!...more info
  • Perfectly Done Pasta
    This product has performed as advertised. I have cooked spaghetti noodles, elbow macaroni, and rotini and each of them has come out perfect. Easy to use, clean, strain. ...more info
  • Perfect pasta, no mess to clean!
    It couldn't be easier than this...Fasta Pasta measures the servings, has a water-fill line, and acts as a colander. The pasta is better than stove-top pasta! My teen aged kids *adore*, easy and little to clean. This family will never be without one again....more info
  • It Works
    Hey this thing works. Don't know why it works so well, but it does. And comes with a handy measuring guide and card. I ordered some more for stocking stuffers....more info
  • Works great, but be careful if you have a small microwave!
    This product works great as others have said. The only thing I was almost concerned about when I first tried using it is whether it will fit in my microwave. The product length is just barely short of 12 inches. Luckily, it fits in my microwave but it's a little too large for the turntable inside my microwave. So it's not able to rotate around completely. Despite this, my pasta was still fully cooked!

    The best invention since the toaster. 5 stars!...more info
  • Worth every penny - and then some!
    I've never made pasta in the microwave before today. The Fasta Pasta is completely idiot-proof. I made boxed shells and cheese, followed the directions and it came out perfectly. The process was foolproof. I highly recommend this product to cut down on the cooking time and hassle usually associated with boiling the water, then occasionally stirring and then the draining thing. You end up with just one container as opposed to a huge pot and colander. I can hardly wait to use this for lasagna noodles - I'm sure they'll come out perfectly and won't get broken from stirring. Don't hesitate to purchase this. You won't be sorry....more info
  • The Best Quick Pasta Cooker!
    After seeing an infomercial for a microwave pasta cooker, I decided to check Amazon to see if there was any information or any reviews. I stumbled over the Fasta Pasta and read the reviews which were better than those for the other pasta cooker, so I thought I'd give it a try. I absolutely LOVE my Fasta Pasta and am ordering others for Christmas. It works perfectly for a lot or a little. Since my husband and I are on different schedules we can each make our own fresh-cooked pasta for the sauces that I make before going to work. I am totally happy with my purchase....more info
  • Yep, it does what it says.
    This product works exactly as described. This is great. I use less water and my kitchen isn't heated up from firing up the stove to cook the pasta. It's faster because I don't have to wait for water to boil on the stove. Don't hesitate to try this one. ...more info
  • So quick and convenient
    Not only is this faster than boiling water on the stove, that it then pops in the dishwasher means no clean up time. I use this for everything from one dish instant mac and cheese to specialty pastas. A great purchase....more info
  • Wow!
    All I can say is wow! It really works and it's made in the USA. I made 3 different types of pasta (fettucini, mini bowties and mini penne). I followed the directions and the pasta came out perfectly. No sticking, no under/over cooking....perfect. If you love pasta and hate to wait for water to boil, this is for you....more info
  • Fantastic Fasta Pasta
    I received my Fasta Pasta cooker in record time. I tried it immediately. The results were fantastic. I had perfectly cooked pasta and no mess. This will go with me in the RV this summer. Thanks for a great product....more info
  • Want Pasta the Easy Way BUY THIS!
    This is a great product! Just remember that you can only make up to four servings. No more waiting for the water to boil, no more messing with the colandar, no more mess, period! Doesn't take up much storage space, balanced and easy to handle too. This item can also be used to cook rice and vegetables; directions are included in the package. ...more info
  • Best thing ever!!!
    The Fasta Pasta has been a lifesaver for me! It cooks pasta quickly, with no mess and easy clean up. The pasta doesn't stick together and comes out cooked to perfection. Cooking pasta has been a safety issue for my family because my toddler seems to be drawn to the stove every time I use it, so keeping her safely away from it while still monitoring the pasta to prevent the boiling over of the pasta has been difficult. With the Fasta Pasta I have been able to safely cook pasta perfectly...every time. Thank goodness for this invention!!! ...more info
  • Great for the impatient!
    This product works perfectly. No more watching and waiting for a pot of water to boil on the stove. I have used this for multiple types of pasta so far and have had great results each time. Best ten dollar purchase I've made in a while! ...more info
  • A skeptic is convinced
    I bought the Fasta Pasta about three months ago because I hate heating up the kitchen with boiling water for spaghetti for one. I LOVE IT! I had planned on buying one I had seen advertised on TV, but after reading the reviews, chose the Fasta Pasta. Not only does it cook pasta perfectly, I can also cook rice and whole grains. I've done more cooking since I got my Fasta Pasta than I had done in a long time. Their customer service is great, too. I had a question about cooking quinoa, and got an answer in less than 24 hours...more info