eBay for Dummies, Fourth Edition
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eBay is the world's #1 online shopping destination and can be a bit intimidating for first-time users. Thankfully, though, the latest edition of eBay For Dummies addresses all the issues a first-time or inexperienced eBay user will confront. Readers will be up to date in no time on the latest changes in the eBay interface,? fee structure, and methods for buying and selling. Readers will quickly be on the path that makes bidding, buying, and selling the fun it should be! A Reference for the Rest of Us! * Author Marsha Collier is a recognized eBay expert, thanks to her bestselling books, appearances as an instructor at eBay University events, and appearances on NBC's Today Show, ABC's The View, and numerous print and radio interviews * Topics include: getting a user name, making first bids, completing transactions, selling items, and what to do if anything goes wrong * An ideal resource for everyone from corporate customers to mom & pop retailers, as well as individuals who are cleaning out their closets and garages

Customer Reviews:

  • A classic that gets better and better!
    I originally read the first edition of ebay for Dummies, and it really helped me get going on ebay. When looking for a book on ebay to give to my friend, I checked the new 4th edition out at the bookstore.

    If it's possible, the book is even more thorough than the previous edition. It's updated and covers everything you need to get going on the site, either as a buyer or a seller.

    The book give you tips that will give the beginning seller the edge above the rest. Thanks for continuing to update this book. It remains my favorite reference on ebay....more info

  • Very Helpful But Could Have Been More Visual
    I will admit that anytime I have to learn anything new with computers, I just cringe, since my talents are not in that direction. But setting up auctions for the sale of items on ebay mandated that I plunge into yet another round of reference books allied to computer use. The "Dummies" books seemed well titled for me and this was the first of them I've tried. I did glean a lot of information from reading this book. I ended up improving my listings on ebay so that they look better, for one. I'm still not as far along as I'd like though because I do even better with computer and allied computer books which are very heavily illustrated. So I still want to buy an ebay book which has profuse illustrations on every page, many in color, to further my ability with the ebay auctions. For example, showing a sample of a gallery page, alongside a page that is items with gallery previews, would have told me instantly what ebay was trying to accomplish with that distinction. Without seeing that illustrated, however, I just had to stumble around ebay and figure it out for myself. Reading about something that visual in this book didn't bring the concept home to me. Now I want to learn FrontPage 2000 for computers. This time, however, I ordered one of those visual books instead to see if I can learn how-to-do FP 2000 in one go....more info
  • Provides all the details necessary to succeed
    Why grab up this newly updated and expanded fourth edition if you already have the last version? Because ebay is an ever-changing, dynamic, evolving, expanding website incorporating many new changes in recent years, and it's essential for any successful online auctioneer to have the latest update to techniques. From bidding successfully and winning to selling successfully, collecting money and shipping, Ebay For Dummies assumes no prior ebay experience and provides all the details necessary to succeed.
    ...more info
  • Great for beginners & as a handy reference!
    This book is great for beginners - there's nothing like flipping through a book to find answers quickly instead of wading through an online site. And even experienced eBayers will find the book handy to have on hand. (But if you have been doing eBay for 2 years, you probably don't need the book, so what are you doing here anyway??)

    I think this book will get more people involved in online auctions, and they will be better informed, which is a good thing for everyone with something to sell on eBay!...more info

  • Great resource!
    I was a complete novice at selling on eBay, but thanks to this book I have completed three transactions! I did not have a single question that was not answered in this book. I highly recommend this as a resource for new (and not so new) eBayers!...more info
  • Strictly for beginners
    A good starter for newbies, and hopefully one that will help fill the gap between the baffled new user and the huge, daunting and badly-indexed eBay Help section. Half the problems on eBay happen because of lack of understanding of the basic system, and this book will be a useful tool if you're learning. It also covers a few helpful areas such as simple HTML for auction listings in addition to being a primer for eBay's system. There is nothing much here for the more advanced eBayer; still, this book is "for Dummies" so that's to be expected. It will help you learn the basics and elevate you from "dummy" to at least "advanced beginner", though there is no substitute for experience - don't forget those message boards....more info
  • Tips I couldn't find anywhere else
    After reading this book, I learned a few tricks that, I'm sure, are not on the eBay approved list. The information on how to snipe is great, I've put that scenario into action and it works every time. The explanation of how to bid in the Dutch auctions helped me win several at a lower price than I would have paid in the past. There was also much information on ebay "ins and outs" that I never knew before. You can't go wrong with this book....more info
  • An excellent book for one who has never used ebay !!
    Within two days after purchasing this book, I went online to the ebay site and posted an ISDN modem for sale that was gathering dust in my closet for over a year. Two days later, I was richer by $ 100 after it sold. Now I am searching the house to see what else I can sell. The book is totally thorough with simple instructions on all phases of using ebay. A great addition to the long line of great dummies books...more info
  • Warning about ebay!!!!!
    Warning about ebay!!! I try to avoid credit cards so I can prevent massive debt, so I tried using ebay and paying everything with personal checks. The sellers grew very impatient or didn't report having received my payment and soon I had too many nonpayment strikes and my account was blocked within a month or two. To fix it, I had to mail my proof of payments into ebay, but that is way too much hassle and no guarantee that it wouldn't happen again next time! I wouldn't trust a company that can't tell the difference between a fake J.K. Rowling autograph and a real one!...more info
  • You need this book, dummie or not!
    A step by step look into the world of Ebay. Honest and easy-to-read chapters will send any future Ebayer on their way to successful auction bliss. Full of useful advice, which is written with humerous intent, guides the reader through the jungle of online auction landmines. An absolute necessity whether you are buying or selling via the internet highway!...more info
  • A good starter for newbies
    I bought this book for my grandpa who is 67 years old and he loves the darn thing. This book taught his how to sell and bid on eBay.com very quickly!

    I would ONLY recommened this book for newbies!!...more info

  • eBay book vs. the tutorial on eBay
    The book does exactly what I expected it to do. Had I reviewed the tutorial already on eBay having to do with selling, I might have tried to work with it rather than buying a book.
    Since some of the items I expect to offer on eBay are expensive (over $100) I wanted to be sure they were presented properly in order to draw a decent group of bidders. For me the book was a worthwhile investment....more info
  • Handy Guide for Ebayers
    Do you need this book to be successful on eBay? Obviously not, since it was just published. But, if you want answers for everything you could ever think to ask in one convenient location, tips for the neophyte and the seasoned pro alike, this book is for you. Keep this handy, refer to it often, and, as the authors preach, check the feedback....more info
  • A great place to start . . .
    My friend who uses eBay a lot recommended this book to get me started. It worked wonderfully. I made a few buys and sold a lot of junk that was cluttering my house. Now my feedback is over 100 with a 100% rating....more info
  • big disappointment
    I was very disappointed in this book. It was rambling, covered subjects of little interest (example: how to ship, post office, UPS, FedEx, etc..) but DIDN'T say anything about how to post a picture of your auction item, how to link to a personal web page, or how to start an eBay store.
    Less than one star in my book
    Jeff Campbell
    Houston, TX...more info
  • Buy Only if You Want Success selling and buying on eBay!
    I heard about this book and decided to give it a try. As a sixty eight year old woman just learning the ramifications of selling and buying on eBay, it has certainly proved itself. My knowlege and income have definitely increased since using this excellent teaching tool. My suggestion to one of the anonymous negative reviewers would be, perhaps you should consult a dictionary to learn the correct spelling of "tying", instead of wasting time insulting people who might need this research.

    My thank you to the authors for helping me to develop my skills....more info

  • e-Bay for Dummies
    Good refeerance for any level eBay user. Easy to find needed information....more info
  • Typical for this dummies series books
    I'm not a big fan of the dummies books but I thought I would give this book a try. Although I did find some useful tidbits I prefer the Greg Holden book on eBay. His book was more informative and the writing style is much better. If your a fan of the dummy books you will probably like this book but if you prefer a more professional writing style look elsewhere....more info
  • Ebay for Dummies
    I love the book it was so help full Chapter 12 helped me get my pictures on Ebay in a snap. I would recomend this book to any one just starting out on Ebay or any one that has used Ebay because you can always find out new and helpful things. Roland Woerner, Stephanie Becker, and Marsha Collier did a great job in putting it together with a since of hummor....more info
  • I loved it!
    I have been selling and buying on eBay for a little while now and wanted to expand myself. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I covers practically everything. From starting up, to buying, to selling, to shipping, to feedback and more. It is eBay made simple! Very informative. There is so much useful (and also very basic) information in here. If you are wanting to start using eBay (or are not very experienced with it), I definately recommend this book. ...more info
  • Good starter book
    I feel this was the best book to learn how to join the world of e-bay. This book made me feel comfortable w/ selling and buying....more info
  • Simply put: Great Information!
    I've been on ebay for a year or so and have sold and bought many items. I bought this book and learned superior ways around the ebay service. Actually, I haven't lost an auction since I read the chapter on bidding. The book also helped me save money on shipping my items. Read this book whether you're a beginner or really into ebay. It'll fill in the blanks that you can't find in other books....more info
  • Excellent Resource for Beginners and Pros Alike
    As an eBay beginner I found this book extremely useful. It's written by three eBay experts, and has something for everyone, whether you are a beginner like me, or a pro. It's full of tips that teach you how to spot the really good stuff, bid to win, and complete smooth sales transactions. You'll learn how to time an auction for maximum exposure, create persuasive sale pages, spot trends, and research buying and selling advice. I am a fan of all the Dummies books I have purchased and this is no exception....more info
  • Embarrassing...
    If you'd like a 15-minute summary of every single tip in this book, give me a call:

    (847) 475-0676

    I can't even believe a book this obvious exists!

    Thanks, Patrick...more info

  • Don't buy this!
    Do you have trouble tieing your shoes? Are you unable to butter toast? Have you ever hit your head on a steel bar and were unable to remember anything for two months after? If so, you may need Ebay for Dummies if you intend to carry out any online auctioning....more info
  • A little too generic...
    This book has great information for someone new to both Ebay and the internet in general. If you have a working knowledge of Ebay, this book is too basic...I received some good pointers but I was looking for something targeted for the space between novice user and expert. Still, some good basic information and I do not regret buying it....more info
  • I Was Afraid...I Was Very Afraid!....
    This review refers to "ebay For Dummies" (4th Edition) by Marsha Collier....

    I did alot of "window" shopping over at eBay, but never actually got up the nerve to bid, buy or sell over there. I felt real safe here at Amazon. I saw so many items over there that I was interested in(you name it..they got it!), but was just afraid of jumping in. Was it safe? Would I wind up with something I really didn't want? How do you know when and what to bid? If your selling, how do you go about that? etc. etc...

    This book answered ALL those questions and much, much more. Even this book itself was intimidating to me when it first arrived. There was sooo much 'stuff' in it. Did I have to know ALL that before i could hang out at eBay? So I just started glancing through it and realized what a treasure chest of info it was. Pretty soon I was reading it chapter by chapter just because I found it all so interesting.

    "eBay for Dummies" covers it all. From the very basics...getting a feel for eBay, how to sign up,getting the "lay of the land", getting info on the seller, and bidding, to putting items up for sale, completeing cyber paperwork, shipping and dealing with buyers and sellers.There are chapters on rules and a safety program, bidding stategies, and there's even one on how to present the best pictures of your items if you are selling.

    Yes..I was afraid..I was very afraid..but there's no better feeling than going into something armed with knowledge, even if you are a newbie! And you don't need to read it cover to cover to get started. It's easy to look up and find answers to questions you have to get started, and it'll always be there as a refrence as you go along and become more comfortable.You'll be a biddin' and a buyin'(and maybe even a sellin')in no time at all. Be careful though..you may get hooked!

    Thanks Marsha Collier for this great fountain of new age shopping information for beginners. I'm not afraid anymore!

    Go For It...Laurie...more info

  • Provides the Basics of What to Do on E-Bay for Newbie Sellers and Buyers
    It's important to note that this book is released in different countries as specific country editions. The triangle headed guy on the front cover is holding the flag from of the country each edition is from. Each country has its own laws and taxes, postal system you'll be using for domestic and international sales and so forth. Although most of the info (the general stuff) is the same if you're going to the effort of buying it I'd get one applicable to where you live. Even though Amazon is a global website, it is based in the US so you'll no doubt get the US version ordering it here.

    There's heaps of books out there on ebay. Let's be honest none of them are really needed at all as all the info you could even need is on ebay's FAQ, help pages and discussion boards. If however your online internet time is very expensive or you don't have much time or opportunity to access the internet and want to be completely prepared for buying or selling an item on ebay before the expense of going online, then I guess you are going to buy a book to help you. Although if this is the case odds are you're not online and not reading reviews on Amazon about books anyway. But if you are after a book containing the basic information you need to buy or sell eBay for Dummies is one of the better ones out there.

    This book is laid out in easy to follow chapters with headings on the various actions you'll be looking to do. It also has a pretty good index to search for particular things that way as well. There's not a great deal of pages devoted to buying, it's more for sellers (probably about 4 fifths of the book) but the basics are covered.

    A much better book I have subsequently come across since writing this review is The eBay Myth-Bu$ter: Turn 199 Misconceptions Into Money! by David Busch. It debunks a lot of myths sellers tell buyers (and other sellers on the discussion boards) such as buyers are responsible for lost items (nope sellers are), feedback is important (nope but how you respond to it is), you can't have multiple accounts (yes you can, in fact you're stupid not to), buyers or sellers must respond within 3 days of auction ending (no they don't have to). It's a much better book to learn stuff than this Dummies or any other e-bay book I've come across. ...more info
  • Not just for Dummies - a fun reference
    Ebay is great for buying things and I have been selling a few items. This book covers all the little details that are easy to forget. I find myself jumping around from chapter to chapter, looking up things I need to clarify. The answers are all there, and I keep the book next to my computer. I'm selling more on ebay now, and the tips I got from the book are helping me get higher prices for my items then I did before. Even though ebay is constantly changing - this edition is updated with all the new features....more info
  • Great book
    This is a good book if you want
    to know how to do Ebay.
    Good service. Thank you....more info