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Portable USA PU-5P 5.6-Inch Digital Picture Frame
List Price: $59.99

Our Price: $44.99

You Save: $15.00 (25%)


Product Description

An ideal modern frame that can show off your digital pictures and MPEG4 movies on a bright clear 5.6" screen by simply adding a memory card from your camera. It's the brightest way to display your digital photos. By simply adding a media card (or two) you can reduce that clutter in your house and show off more than you could dream of with this digital picture frame. By adding MP3 music files (played through built in speakers) to your cards you can add sound to create soothing or exciting slide shows - it's just so simple. You can even play MPEG4 movies on the screen or TV. Plus... Create your own perpetual slide shows! You can use two different media cards at once. So easy to use. Simply insert the media card from your camera and enjoy!

  • 5.6 Inch Digital Picture Frame
  • 320 x234 resolution
  • Accepts all major memory cards
  • For digital pictures, movies, and music
  • Can be positioned for landscape or portrait viewing

Customer Reviews:

  • Portable USA PU-5P digital picture frame review
    I purchased this product because I found it to have many positive reviews. I admit that the frame was easy to use regardless of the poor manual. My frame had one bright blue pixel showing all the time. It was not a big deal but after leaving the frame running a few hours lines started running through the pictures. I decided to return it to Amazon for a full refund....more info
  • Excellent Value and Performance
    Picture frame has many options and operates as advertised. It is much better programmed than two picture frames I have had in the past. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Not powered on
    Adorama shipped this frame to me. It wasn't even powered on. Returned back the same day. Could be a faulty adapter but disappointed....more info
  • almost perfect except for..
    A wonderful piece of electronics! Plays/shows all my videos, photos and music, though the volume could be louder.. some way to hook to external speakers? My only complaint is that it won't display Adobe .pdf files. Some of my patients are readers but have special seating needs or are confined to bed, making it difficult to use a computer (besides they often find the 60 cycle CRT flicker gives 'em a headache). The wealth of e-books available on line all seem to be in .pdf, and a download to this light-weight, remote controlled frame would be a glorious doorway to many pleasant hours that would otherwise pass slowly and uncomfortably....more info
  • 4 stars
    I bought this for my mother. It is easy to upload, customer service is excellent. The only real complaint I have is the "instructions" are very minimal. Once you learn though it's a breeze. And again, you can rely on the customer service. And, you actually speak to a real person! Mine came with one of the glass pieces broken which was easily resolved. All in all it's a beautiful frame....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    As noted by others, Amazon's packaging for shipping this product was poor. Not enough packing material in the box. Bought as gift for grandmother's 100th birthday. She was delighted, pictures are bright and brilliant. Menu system a little goofy, but easy enough once you figure it out. They could tale some lessons from Apple. ...more info
  • Good product from a reliable company
    There are quite a few competing digital picture displays, and this seems to be among the very best of its kind, and reasonably priced. With this particular model a Bluetooth dongle is included for wireless connection to Bluetooth-equipped computers and cell phones. The part is not actually packed in the box; if you want one you request it, as I did, and the company quickly mails one to you. The two interchangeable frames are handsome, and the display accepts several kinds of memory modules as well as USB memory sticks for input and to supplement its 256Mb internal memory....more info
  • Digital Picture Frame
    This is good product with many different types of memory stick access ports. It was very user friendly allowing me to plug the memory stick from my camera in and start using it almost immediately. The picture frame is clear and has excellent clarity.

    Everything came packaged in good working order....more info
  • resolution is not so great
    The resolution is not so great.
    Rest is fine.
    I dont have much problem as i didnt pay much....more info
  • Why won't they answer me?
    Portable USA customer service would not answer e-mails. I don't know if the problems I was perceiving were actually problems at all. I never had a chance to communicate with them....more info
  • One of the best frames
    I purchased this frame together with SP1200 from SmartParts and this PortableUSA 10inch frame really rocks (while the SP1200 doesnt rock at all). Its display quality is outstanding, its really bright and visible from wide angle and user interface is clean and usable as well. A great bonus it its replaceable wooden frame in black. Difference between 10inch and 12inch is substantial. If I was to purchase frames again, I would for sure prefer the 10inch over the 12inch. ...more info
  • Great Frame!
    Just got this frame and it's great! For a wedding present, I got a 17" Digital Spectrum frame that looked good but kept dying. After the fourth replacement in less than a year, I gave up on the brand and went for this one. What I want to point out is... this frame was $250 less expensive and it's worked wonderfully! I still have to figure out the wireless details, but besides that, it's a piece of cake!...more info
  • Three strikes, you're out!
    Well, I would like to give a review on this item, but after returning the 12.1" frame three times, I've yet to have one that works!

    The first one I received had broken glass.

    The second one wouldn't even load the menu on the LCD. No display.

    The third one also had broken glass, and the LCD had what looked like about a 3" diameter water stain on the lower left corner on the inside face.

    After three tries, I have given up on this product and returned it for a refund....more info
  • Great Product & Amazing Amazon Service!
    Love the Frame!! Quality Product.... Highly reccomended!!
    P.S. First frame arrived with broken glass.Amazon replaced it even before I returned the defective product.(Great Service!)
    ...more info
  • Digital photo frame is great
    The Portable 12" digital picture frame works beautifully. I decided to put on the decorative wooden panel and the frame works like a dream. I have no complaints, It is the best digital picture frame on the market. I really like the size of the frame. If the frame were even two inches smaller, the pictures would be hard to see at a distance. This frame is the best size available to see photos across the room. ...more info
  • digital picture frame
    I am very pleased with my picture frame. The only downside is when I turn it off the frame always restarts the slideshow at the beginning and doesn't resume where it left off. It takes a 4 g card and that holds a great deal of pictures.
    My frame is on the wall; hiding the cord was a challenge but it looks great there. I love the size and often wish I'd gotten the bigger one....more info
  • Love this frame!
    This frame is great! The large display is easy to see from lots of angles. It was easy to set up too! The only thing I would have liked was a lighter shade of stain, but even that is easy to overlook because the frame is fabulous!...more info