Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster Car Seat - Monterey Pink
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Product Description

Sunshine Kids Monterey Booster Seat The first high back booster seat designed to truly fit a growing child, the Sunshine Kids Monterey is the last car seat you'll ever have to buy. Growing with your child For children up to 120 lbs, the Monterey is equipped with deep, reinforced sides. Energy-absorbing EPS foam provides the safety of total side-impact protection from hips to shoulders to head. A dial on the back adjusts the width of the expandable seatback to fit a child's shoulders from 14 to 20 in. wide. The 12-position headrest adjusts up to 7 inches in height with one hand for an easy, precise fit. The seat bottom has extra length for leg support and features thick padding, tapered sides, and an EPE foam cushion insert for total comfort. As a fixed position booster, the integrated LATCH connector and one-pull front adjuster allow for a safe and secure installation in seconds. Dual cup holders are extra-deep and angled to keep drinks upright. Monterey packs flat for convenience when moving from car to car. The seat and back separate for use as a backless booster!

  • Fits children 30 lbs to 100 lbs, 38"--60" height
  • Adjustable width
  • One-hand adjustable headrest
  • Deep side wings with EPS foam
  • Longer seat with EPE foam insert

Customer Reviews:

  • Love this booster!
    Wow where do I start? First, this seat is very sturdy and has EPS foam not only around the head, but the entire side. Being a mom of four children I've been through several boosters, including the popular Britax models. This booster is by far much better! It has soft cushions all over and my daughter loves sitting in this seat. She keeps telling me how comfy it is. It is also very easy to install. Just snap it into your latch system and pull the belt in the front of the seat to tighten. Plus, when your child grows it's just a turn to widen the shoulder area and a push to lengthen the head height. I will say though, make sure that your child mets the minimum height/weight requirements for this seat. It is a rather large seat and my daughter is on the lower end and just fits in this nicely. ...more info
  • GREAT!!!
    My son loves this seat, its very comfy and I feel good about him being so safe! It also much better than our older seat when he falls asleep his head doesnt fall forward. He rest it up against the top head "wings"
    I wish I would have bought it much sooner!...more info
  • Very comfortable - LATCH a bit tricky
    I bought 2 of these for my skinny daughters, originally ages 3 and 5. After using them for about a year, I have the following comments:

    (1) VERY comfortable. I love the fact that when they fall asleep, their heads are resting comfortably against one of the wings and they're not falling forward/out of the seat.

    (2) LATCH system provides added security. The only problem is that, as one reviewer commented, they're a royal pain to remove. One trick that helps is to push the latch deeper in and then turn either clockwise or counterclockwise. I've gotten better at it, but its still not a breeze. I have to dock it 1 star for that.

    (3) Great Value. Can't get the side-impact protection and LATCH combo without otherwise paying over $200, at least that I can currently find. Fabric is durable and washes out easily. Add in the cupholders and adjustible headrest etc...Am very happy.

    ...more info
  • Fabulous Carseat
    This carseat is perfect for my son. I love that is so adjustable. It's so easy to anchor down with the strap in the front. If he falls alseep it holds him snugly. It's worth the money....more info
  • Completely satisfied
    I studied safety issues obsessively before purchasing this car seat. Plus, since we're now on seat #6 (various kids), convenience and comfort have become more important issues for us. I have to say this seat was a breeze to install in our car, though we had to take of the headrest to get it to sit properly (Mazda5). My 6yo daughter likes it and says it's more comfortable than her other seat (Graco Turbo-something), and I can tell it fits her well. I like that the belt easily threads thru a shoulder clasp to keep it at the right level, and she can buckle herself without a problem. Compared to the Britax we got for the other seat, the Monterrey was FAR, FAR, FAR easier to install, and was about 2/3 of the price, but is a little less-well padded (though much better than the Graco-Turbo-something we also have). I like both the Britax and the Monterrey and would purchase a Monterrey again without hesitation....more info
  • Sunshine kids booster car seat
    great product, ease of installation appreciated. adjustability and ability to totally remove the back support makes this product a true "booster" seat!...more info
  • excellent booster
    I searched high and low for a booster seat because I don't play around with my daughter's safety. The Monterey Booster car seat's features met my expectations and then some. And she likes it too. The adjustable width and headrest and the latch system should be standard on all seats. I'm glad I shopped around. ...more info
  • Love this seat!
    Purchased two of these seats for our 3 yr old son about a month ago, and we absolutely love them. Easy to install, great quality, love the padding and comfort, and our son LOVES it. The head support is great for those kids who still nap. At first glance thought that the head rest was going to be a bit bulky, but it's not bad at all, and actually blocks the sun quite a bit, which is great. We haven't tried any other brands in our cars, but have looked at several at BabiesRUs, and nothing compares to this product. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Excellent booster seat
    The Monterey Booster seat is great. The side impact support for the body and head provide excellent safety. Some of the wings on seats intruded into my child's face to such an extent that he refused to sit in the seat. Not true with this seat. The seat is comfortable. The seatbelt guides are one of the tallest made for full back boosters, allowing for longer use. The cup holders are positioned nicely and support cups well. The adjustable width has not be used yet, but will no doubt come in handy as my son gets bigger. The seat is attractive. The best part is that it latches into your car. What a difference this makes. The seat stays put when your child isn't sitting in it preventing it from becoming a projectile during a sudden stop or crash. As you child moves around while sitting in the seat, it will stay secure and in place. The only thing I don't love is that arm rests are just a little low for really easy access for the seatbelt (but putting on the seat belt is not tough) and a little short for the best comfort. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this seat or my purchase. ...more info
  • great seat
    This seat is very soft and comfortable for my 5 year old. He likes the fact that he can lean against the sides of the head rest to sleep. He actually chose this seat himself after I narrowed it down to a few. The seat seems very sturdy and well made. I also like the "grippy" rubber bottom. Even if you don't use the latch (which I love) it doesn't slide around. It's a great seat and I highly recommend it....more info