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Sony BDUX10S SATA Blu-ray Disc-ROM Drive (Internal)
List Price: $149.99

Our Price: $69.00

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Product Description

Add an impressive element to your PC: Blu-ray Disc capability. This internal drives makes it possible to easily enjoy HD entertainment on your desktop.

  • Plays/reads Blu-ray, DVD, and CD's
  • No writing capabilities

Customer Reviews:

  • Gotta have the muscle
    The Sony BDUX10S is the state of the art in do-it-yourself BluRay. Both the drive and the inluded software (Cyberlink's PowerDVD) installed flawlessly. I've been working on a Home Theater PC for about three weeks and was only waiting for this drive to ship to complete the build. In about thirty minutes after I got home from work, I was up and running.
    Please Note: My PC was built specifically to play BluRay, download and view video from Amazon's Unbox,view high quality didgital photos (Pentax K10D), and to download and burn music files. I've purposely kept all extra software off the PC and carefully matched all of my hardware to the recommmended BluRay specifications. As stated in another review, the Cyberlink website is one good place to check out the readiness of your system before you buy the drive.
    Building a dedicated HTPC isn't the cheapest way to go, but, hopefully, it will provide me with the most upgrade options as the still developing BluRay technology improves.
    The Sony BDUX10S will be the heartbeat of any HTPC. Just make sure you surround it with the hardware muscle that is required to meet the high demands of the BluRay video technology. ...more info
  • Sony BDU
    Alothough its a good product i had an issue with my hard disk. Whenever i connect this drive i was not able to see one of my harddisk in BIOS. Thats the only issue i faced. I updated bios of MB and updated firmware of the drive its fine....more info
  • Great Product-poor software
    The player is VERY easy to install and works beautifully. The software however is not very good and took a few days to troubleshoot but now works without a problem...more info
  • Excellent Blu-ray Drive
    This is an excellent Blu-ray drive - it installs easily, and the video is spectacular. Obviously your system needs to meet the minimum requirements, which you can view by zooming into the image of the box provided by Amazon (right side of image). When you're using the included CyberLink PowerDVD BD software, make sure that you have "Use SPDIF" selected (in the audio tab in the configuration window) to get full digital audio through an SPDIF connection. If you select the number of speakers you have (e.g. 6 speakers for a 5.1 setup), you'll get 2-channel audio output to your speakers....more info
  • Solid brand-name Blu-Ray (BD-ROM) drive, painful setup
    Installing the drive was a snap, SONY includes all needed cables and even an replacement faceplate which I had to use in order to get this player in my Gateway desktop case.

    The bundled software is Cyberlink PowerDVD BR Edition. This was a bit disappointing. I was expecting SONY branded software to supply the Blu-Ray playback (their menu system found on the PS3 on their stand alone Blu-Ray disc players is very intuitive). The PowerDVD software cost me about 3 hours troubleshooting. On launch the software detected and downloaded the latest patch, but even after it was installed I would try to play a Blu-Ray movie and I would get an error message "Fail to enable HDPC" right after the FBI warning.

    This problem turned out to be Blu-Ray copy protection preventing the disc from playing with my hardware. Blu-Ray copy protection is picky about the output source (i.e. video card) and if you have a dual display card or if you're connecting your monitor over DVI (even DVI-I & DVI-D) instead of HDMI the drivers may trigger the Blu-Ray copy protection to block the playback. The solution is to download the latest video drivers for your card, firmware and make sure the PowerDVD application is updated. If you're connecting to your monitor through DVI, make sure your DVI cable is DVI-D or DVI-I and not analog only DVI.

    After updating to the latest ATI Catalysis drivers everything began working great. Make sure your video card and CPU meet/exceed the minimum requirements before buying.
    ...more info
  • Works great, solid quality
    When it comes to internal drives and expansion cards, each user's experience can vary widely depending on the system they are working with. I received this item as a gift and installed it on a quad-core desktop with 3gb RAM and an Nvidia 9800GTX video card running Vista ultimate.

    Initial installation was easy, plug the device in (sata and power cables), boot up, windows installed the drivers in a few minutes. Once you install the included Power DVD software, you are set to go.

    One beef - a firmware update is available for the drive (has been since spring of 2008, why isnt it pre-installed??). Its probably not critical as the drive worked fine without it, but once I installed the firmware update the drive was not recognized by the computer. Had to switch the SATA cables to get it to work again.

    Image quality is great, and its also fast at reading the discs - but that depends on a bunch of factors including your processor and video card. If you want TRUE 1080p you need to be sure that you are using a HDCP/1080p compatible video card, cable (HDMI, VGA, or DVI) and screen. If you want Dolby or DTS surround sound, your audio card needs to support it, or at least have a digital pass-through to your receiver (toslink optical output or coax digital output).

    In summary if you have a high power system that meets all of the blu-ray specs (processing power, high end video card that supports 1080p, high quality 1080p tv/monitor, surround-capable sound card and receiver), this is a great and inexpensive way to get into the Blu-ray game....more info
  • Compensation
    This review is just compensating for the 1 star review earlier. If the item was RMA'd, then obviously there was a defect. when you write a review, you wait until you receive the RAM'd item and write your opinion on an item that works as was intended. Then state that you had RMA'd the original and leave it at that, not leave a 1 star review to harm the item's rating....more info
  • a BR drive you can trust to always work
    Given the fact that BR has won, and Sony is the largest supporter this drive will inevitably end up being your system. If you're stingy about the price consider the fact that waiting a year would only drop the price maybe 30 bucks at most. So like a lot of things, waiting a full year in the namesake of 30 bucks isn't worth it.

    Performance -- Flawless as far as I see. I've been playing Casino royale and NIN Beside you in time today without a hitch. Installation worked on a Vista 64 bit OEM without any problems. Software isn't annoying with pop up ads or anything. A small issue, but apparently you can't take a "print screen" of the movie while it's playing......bummer for me.

    Loading times don't exist as far as I see. Perhaps 5 seconds when it boots up, but other than that you really won't notice it. This does run surround sound in 2, 4, 6, etc. speaker systems. However I found it odd that it didn't have an option for 5.1. So I just chose 6 speaker and it comes out of all of them.

    Getting next...Planet Earth

    Waiting for....Bourne Trilogy, LOTR, Matrix Trilogy, More classic bonds

    4200 x2, 2gb, 8600gt...more info
  • Excellent drive!
    I recently bought this drive along with Casino Royale, Terminator 2 and No Country for Old Men and I gotta say, this is an awesome drive! Installation was easy, and the software (Cyberlink PowerDVD BD Edition) is FLAWLESS. As long as you have an optical SPDIF cable hooked up to your receiver (mine is a Logitech Z-5500), you can have full on 5.1, just be sure to set it in the Configuration menu and under audio, select SPDIF in the Listening Environment drop down.

    The video quality is just amazing as everything is so clear and vivid; a definite improvement over DVD. The sound is jaw dropping as well. The DTS track in T2 is spell binding! You're missing out if you haven't experienced Blu-ray yet :) Just be sure to meet the requirements and you're good. All in all, GREAT drive!...more info
  • 2 THUMBS UP!
    I did some research before going with the Sony. Almost went with LG dual rom. I'm glad I went with the Sony. Easy install. My system: dual core AMD athlon, Foxconn 8800 GTS, Foxconn C51XEM2AA mobo, 24" Gateway monitor, 2 gigs of ram. Live Free or Die Hard, first blu ray looked good. Load times about 40/45 seconds...a little longer than some stand alone 2nd generation blu ray players. DVD loads much faster. I highly recommended it! I forgot, on some blues you need to use the keyboard shortcuts to play, FF, or skip chapters . Somehow clicking doesn't work on some movies...weird. ...more info
  • it's OK
    Seems to not pick up allforms of disks didn't want to burn a CD apart from that plays movies very well, have not used the blueray feacher yey...more info