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Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
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Conquest is never final and the scope of your level of command is tested again and again. The Command & Conquer saga continues with this expansion pack for owners of Command & Conquer 3. RTS - Real Time Strategy pops up to new levels of reality where command is more sophisticated than ever. And the benefits or consequences of your actions become more intense. Expand the story and move forth as Kanes wrath burns hotter.
The single player campaign allows Command and Conquer 3 players to experience a new story that spans 20 years - from the rebirth of the Brotherhood of Nod after the Second Tiberium War through the dramatic events of the Third Tiberium War and beyond. The story is told through a new set of high-definition live action video sequences starring a celebrity cast. Joe Kucan, the original actor who portrayed the character Kane in Command and Conquer games over the last decade, will reprise his role as the megalomaniacal leader of the Brotherhood of Nod.
The expansion pack to the original Command and Conquer (Tiberian Wars) features a new strategic layer to gameplay that allows players to establish bases, build customized armies, and attack their enemies on a global scale - and then dive into the frenzied tactical combat where their skills as a commander will make the difference in battle. The game also introduces six new sub-factions and a wealth of new units, structures, and powers to the armies of the Global Defence Initiative, the Brotherhood of Nod, and the enigmatic alien Scrin.

  • Kane returns as the centerpiece of an epic new single-player campaign.
  • Experience a new story that spans 20 years -- from the rebirth of the Brotherhood of Nod after the Second Tiberium War through the dramatic events of the Third Tiberium War and beyond.
  • With the introduction of new units, structures, and abilities to each of the three factions, the Tiberium Wars will never be the same.
  • Fight the Third Tiberium War your way. Position your forces on a strategic level and then wage conflict in fast, fluid, furious, tactical gameplay. Map out your strategies on the planetary level and wage all-out war on the ground.
  • Play to your strengths with six unique sub-factions, each equipped with their own exclusive units, powers, and upgrades. Devastate the battlefield with the immense firepower of all-new customizable Epic-units.

Customer Reviews:

  • be prepared for the worst
    first off im a huge c&c fan, so of course i had to get this game. its fun and all that bla bla bla, I know you know whats in it by all the articles everywhere... I just have one simple warning. BE PREPARED FOR THE WORST!
    OK, get this crap, I just spent 2 hours on one level in the campaign, (hard mode) i cleared out every enemy unit, building, and everything else owned by the enemy. the objective was to capture a scientist. Well i captured him, and then a transport came to get him. and then i hear "gdi is attempting to destroy your transport, ensure its safety..." and im like yeah right, with what, hit me with your best shot LOL" well guess what they did anti air units and helicopters appeared outta nowhere! I already killed everything on the map! the transport was destroyed and I failed the mission! ANGRY!!!!!!!! Im not gonna play that crap again for a while, at least next time ill know whats commin. so anyways yeah watch your back and be prepared for ANYTHING! Good luck have fun.

    overall it is a cool game though!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE C&C...more info
  • Great Game for many reasons.
    The expansion brings a lot to an already good game:

    New Factions for three already-diverse sides, bringing a great amount of diversity. You can select a faction depending on the type of attack you prefer. Also you can select factions based on terrain, opponent or even your mood.

    Online play is great because each side has a lot to bring to the table. Different strategies for each faction. You dont have to depend on specific tactics, even if you use the same factions over and over.

    The more you use any faction, the more you discover strengths each side has. ...more info
  • Full of surprises, a must have
    This expansion of Command and Conquer 3 it a whole new game on it self. The new global domination game style reminds me of a variation of RISK; where all three factions (GDI, NOD, and Scrin) battle it out for world domination. The single player missions are also quite enjoyable, taking you back to the end of the 2nd Tiberium war and having change to play with some great units of the past. All in all a must have for the collection, and definitely not just an expansion....more info
  • Kane is back, but who cares?
    Further playing of C&C3 after my review of it, and continued playing of this can pretty much confirm my feelings.

    Kane has apparently returned; twice. Or three times. Maybe seventeen. The campaign is all Nod, and skips twice; once taking place before C&C3 campaign, once taking place during it, and once taking place 5 years later.

    As masterfully rapturing as Joseph Kucan is at portraying Kane to a degree where you stare him right in the eyes and never blink, the story he's given here reeks of staleness, as in concert with the C&C3 Nod campaign, you begin to think Kane is a two-trick pony whose plans always consist of preaching to his "children" and making them feel happy and loved, then making them do stupid things to completely eviscerate any advantage over GDI they may have had, or butcher thousands of their own soldiers pointlessly, as nothing more than "tests of faith". It's on display here a few more times from the C&C3 campaign.

    Kane seemingly has no real plan in this expansion pack; it changes as frequently and readily as the wind, and there's always someone new to betray him, because apparently all Kane likes to do is push his "children" until they say no, and he kills them for treachery. The plots for the expansion pack are rather like TNA Wrestling booking; neither one has much connection to the other, and seem to have been randomly hatched out of convenience.

    The first act of the story is obvious in Kane trying to reunite Nod and strengthen it secretly. The second act involves you, as the computer system LEGION, doing random things in the midst of the original C&C3 campaign, as well as some extraneous work for Alexa.

    Spoilers follow.

    Act 3 steers wildly off-course, and seems almost to retcon the entire events of the C&C3 campaign. Whereas C&C3 ended with Nod having secured an alien tower to go through and explore the universe, Act 3 here is 5 years after that, and Nod is still on Earth, and Kane is somehow HAPPY that virtually all his generals have been killed and GDI pretty much controls the planet once again.

    Also, they apparently lost the tower or something, because it's never even once mentioned. The entire story now revolves around a poorly explained "Tacitus" which I only know what it is because I watched some cutscenes from C&C Tiberian Storm, and a cyborg army Kane had apparently been hiding underground China and Russia for 50 years or so. There is a huge build-up to these cyborgs and how they will be Nod's vengeance and Nod's resurgence and how LEGION will be connected with them to form some kind of insane military force under your command.

    The next mission, it's discovered that these cyborgs are little more than infantry soldiers. Soldiers only slightly more powerful than regular militants. They replace the militants and the fanatics, but they're pretty much useless on their own, so as usual they're little more than a wasted novelty, and you'll be right back to your backbone of rocket troopers, stealth tanks, and avatars and the like.

    Gameplay is completely the same as in the original, and unlike expansion packs like "Yuri's Revenge", which completely revamped Soviet technology and added a whole new faction, this expansion pack isn't even at the level of "Starcraft: Brood War" in terms of gameplay change.

    The only differences thus far have been unit replacements with "beta" versions, or "super" versions (that somehow existed during C&C3 and were more powerful than their original bases, yet never ever deployed), such as a beta version of the Avatar, or a super Juggernaut which is immobile.

    Outside of the campaign, the only major difference I've noticed is the addition of infantry transport for Nod, and every faction getting a SUPER DUPER UUPER TRUUPER unit, in something of the same vein as the Titans in "Age of Mythology: The Titans".

    This leads to game balance: The game balance is terrible. Simply terrible, perhaps worse. Considering how little this expansion pack changes gameplay, gameplay balance issues also apply to the original game.

    GDI is the superpower faction in this game and expansion pack. Period. Nothing else can compete on their level.

    The Scrin, for all their doomsday presence and sudden shocking appearance and seeming invincibility, are in actuality the equivalent of the Zerg (from Starcraft) without Hydralisks or Ultralisks; they are a two legged dog with missing teeth. They don't have any heavy units except the Tripods and the Aircraft capital ships, which despite their immense firepower, are ridiculously low on HP, meaning that unless you research shielding for them, they will be picked off against a hefty GDI base defense.

    The Brotherhood of Nod has plenty of novelty and expertly wielded stealth technology, though in the end their army is essentially broken, as their only efficient anti-air ground unit is the Stealth Tank, and while the Avatar (and the SUPER DUPER UUPER Titan unit the Redeemer) are big and scary and can soup themselves up by scavanging from friendly units, they are ultimately cannon fodder in comparison to their GDI equivalents.

    Despite the massive size and massive cost and massive armor hull for the Redeemer, it is a weak lump of crap compared to its GDI equivalent, the MARV, most especially due to the fact that its fire rate is the slowest of any Nod unit in the game, and only about 3 or 4 times more powerful than a normal Avatar's base laser.

    And so in the base game and the expansion pack, GDI is the super-duper-superpower powerhouse, with all the best weapons and best armor and best units for utterly dominating and crushing the opponents....more info
  • Great Game
    Great Game, It is a great buy if you are a CnC fan, Besides, I now get to try RA3 beta when it comes out in September(look out for that offer).

    The game in itself is great, has a lot of new fun units.

    ** The game only has Missions for the NOD there are no GDI or Scrin Missions. Although I guess the Global Conquest mode kind of makes up.

    ...more info
    I generally do not like expansions. They used to be additions only very successful games got to have. Nowadays they are mostly the...other half of the game the publisher withheld when selling us half the original for $50! C&C:KANE's WRATH is a rare exception that brings new dimensions to an already great game!

    Story-wise, although an expansion, this is somewhat of a prequel to C&C3-TIBERIUM WARS, as it is set on the history of NOD, starting off just after the 2nd Tiberium War and continuing well past the 3rd.
    There is a big campaign comprising of 13 single player missions, new units and upgrades and a new (a la RISE OF NATIONS) Global Conquest mode, that can turn C&C3 into a Turn-Based game! What make this REALLY interesting are the six subfactions, each with its special units, strengths and weaknesses. Not to worry, all GDI, NOD and Scrin get their own off-shooting factions.
    On the opposite ends of the spectrum, there is Reaper-17 (a Scrin sub-faction): with hard-hitting and powerful offensive options; and then there is Traveler-59 (also a Scrin offshoot): a much more devious faction that relies on mind control of humans (remember how much fun Yuri's Revenge? was). In between, GDI's (retro) Steel Talons and (futuristic) ZoCom and NOD's (mind-benders) Black Hand and (cyborgs galore) Mark of Kane.

    Production of the new epic-units can tip the battlefield scales dramatically. Most are not only devastating but are pretty hard to take down too. GDI gets the MARV [Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle], a souped-up triple-barreled tank; NOD gets the Redeemer, an augmented killer avatar; whereas, Scrin get the Eradicator Hexapod, a impressive six-legged mech.
    Revamped units, such as the Shard Walker or the Reaper Tripod, or back-to-the-drawing-board units, such as the Prodigy or the Ravager all add to a renewed experience. Moreover, as a long-time C&C fan, I particularly enjoyed the reappearance of good-ol' units such as Titans and Wolverines on the side of GDI!

    The graphics are beautiful, the physics detailed and the explosions and beam-weapons spectacular! Don't forget to turn on the volume on those speakers, because this is a total immersion experience.

    As with the original: it misses the 5th star for fun because one cannot hold a battle formation while moving. As most units move at different paces (and although the AI has improved they keep bumping on each other), this results in the more agile, yet vulnerable, units having to face the enemy first - a short-lived sight... May be the next C&C (say, RED ALERT 3) could have some TOTAL WAR infused into it, with battle formations options.

    If you are boycotting SecuROM you should know that it is the copy-protection used (nevertheless, it is the usual version used in the original C&C3-TW as well, coming nowhere near the BIOSHOCK RootKit madness!). I usually withhold at least one rating star because of such security inconveniences. However, I enjoyed the game so much that I was willing to overlook it. On the other hand, since it is important for a great number of Amazon customers, I have to mention it for the sake of a well informed decision.

    Finally, be advised that this is an expansion and, yes, you do need the original C&C3: TIBERIUM WARS to play it. If you do not have it, take note that there is a pack available, including both original game and expansion (the prices fluctuate so make sure to get the best deal).

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!...more info
  • Good for an expansion pack
    I've thoroughly enjoyed the Command & Conquer Series and while this expansion pack is not much different from Tiberium Wars, they did make the effort to create a decent campaign mode. There are a few new units and enough new content to keep a fan happy for at least a few days.

    The global conflict mode can be completed in about 2 hours (as long as you let the computer play the battles for you). The mode is new and felt short and experimental, but it was an enjoyable variation on the game.

    Since there is only one campaign where you play Nod (Tiberium Wars had campaigns for all 3 races), the expansion pack is less value-for-money than Tiberium Wars. But as a fan I still thought it was worth the cost.

    ...more info
  • Needs some patches most likely
    I give this expansion pack 5 stars for story line, new technology units and overall fun. I give it 1 to 2 stars for technical quality. I have a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 video card in the system I play Kane's Wrath on. I can play the game from 5 to 20 minutes at a stretch. It then crashes with a debug that ALWAYS references to the video or some type of graphic rendering. I downloaded a new driver from Nvidia that did help space out the crashes. My DirectX version and settings match up to what EA is suggesting to resolve the issue. As I said, all of this helps, but I am still getting A LOT of video related game crashes.

    Your video card may not have a single problem with this game. I only wanted to post this review to offer my own experience. I am definitely NOT sorry that I bought this game despite the crashes. I hope to purchase a new computer (my system is a bit aged) someday which will run this game with no crashes. Until then, I will play it for what I can, hope for some patches from EA and just hold on to it in my library until that new computer graces my home desk.....
    ...more info
  • More of the same... Exactly the point!
    No need to go into detail. If you're considering this expansion you know what's coming. There's more poorly acted video clips, fast action, and fantastic game play. Kane's mask was so cheesy I laughed out loud. If you played and enjoyed C&C 3 this is required stuff. The "Add to Shopping Cart" button is right there at the top right ;-)...more info