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Lowepro Fastpack 250 (Black)
List Price: $119.99

Our Price: $79.95

You Save: $40.04 (33%)


Product Description

Specially designed for today's on-the-go technology enthusiast, whether the task is photographing family travels, traversing campus, or taking a day trip around town, the Fastpack 250 has been designed to accommodate a digital SLR with attached mid-range zoom lens, 2-3 additional lenses or flash units and accessories and have a specially designed compartment for a 15.4" widescreen notebook computer, as well as extra space for additional memory cards, cables and accessories.

  • Side Entry Compartment provides easy access to D-SLR equipment and accessories, even when pack is being worn
  • Triple Compartment Design ensures superior camera protection, notebook protection (fits up to a 15.4" Widescreen), and organizes personal accessories
  • 180-Degree access panel with adjustable dividers provides excellent protection in a customized fit that's easy to load.
  • Storage for other accessories with fast access, including a harness pocket for an MP3 player or Mobile Phone, as well as a side pocket.
  • Tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects against moisture and abrasion

Customer Reviews:

  • great bag
    Good size neither too large or too small. Protects camera. Worth buying....more info
  • Very happy
    I am very happy with this backpack. It packs my D300 and all accessories with plenty of storage and carries very comfortably. The fast access really works, you can get to your camera in a few seconds . My laptop fits perfectly, which prevents the need for an additional bag in case I like to travel with it as well.
    The only two options I would like to see with this bag are the optional weather cover (by Lowepro) and some straps to carry my tripod. Other than that, perfect camera storage for travelling....more info
  • Great carrier
    Great backpack. Large, but no problem getting in extra lenses and even a lunch. Comfortable to wear. ...more info
  • Love this thing
    I love this damn bag, It has gone from the sands of iraq, woods of north carolina and streets of san anthonio and san diego. One thing i didn't like were the waste strap, as i wish there was a way to comepletly remove the waste straps, but i just grabbed my knife and cut them off while in iraq, this think used to fit my macbook, and camera gear perfect. But my macbook has since died, and i switched to a larger laptop with a true 1080p screen and 18.4 size, and i need a bigger bag, also i have quickly filled it with lens and my camera/grip/filters/teleconvertors/batteries/flash/etc and i need a bigger bag, with more camera dividers and space and support for a larger laptop...more info
  • Very solid bag
    This, like my previous lowepro, is very strong, durable bag. It's a hybrid that serves well if you have carry on camera equipments, a laptop and minor stuffs (like cloths, a book and small personal items), but like every other bag, depends on your own needs, it could be very useful, or totally useless.

    1. well built, I never had quality issue with lowepro and I wouldn't expect one with this bag either.
    2. laptop compartment protect your very well, I carry my laptop every day with it, and never worried
    3. good for one or two camera system, but limited lens. it's designed for large bodies, like D300, still got room in it, so any SLR should be fine.
    4. good extra upper compartment, for books, everything, I can even put a jean, and several t-shirt, and/or limited personal items in it. yet it is just a little shy of A4 size, so keep that in mind when you consider it.
    5. plenty of small pockets, ideal for all kinds of digital items.
    6. very good design to flip around for quick access to cameras (see below for more), and no, it's not easy for thieves to take advantages of that without let you notice.
    7. I once put around 25lbs in it, it you feels very good with very good weight support, you wont easily get tired

    1. the bag, is bulky, though after used it I get used to it, but it is much larger than I think, especially I use it as everyday backpack to work, so in a peak hour subway train, you need to take it off and put on floor.
    2. no all weather cover, I really dont understand why they take that feature off, maybe it prevent you from flip over with the cover on, but do u really want to use your camera in that condition? I still believe it's a better than none feature (given that said, the bag will shield off most moisture and light rains, I had it in ligh rain for 5 minutes walk one day and it protect my laptop and camera well, but still with out the cover, I'll always think twice if get heavier.
    3. when you get ur camera, 2-3 lens, a laptop, and maybe even a book or so in the bag to make it a 20-30lbs monster, don't expect you can flip it around that easily. check the video, you see they only use the smallest bag in line for that demonstration. but should expect that when you just want to ``carry'' more things with it.
    4. it really depends how you will utilize this bag, it might not be able to satisfy your need of capacity, but still, cameras, laptop and ``extra'' things? those are already a lot of things.

    I like this bag though it's a little bit big, check out lowepro website for their video about it, you can have a feeling about its size and internal dimensions:
    And if you dont put laptop in it, it's fairly easy to flip around.
    Further some people worried about the upper compartment, afraid some weight might push down and damage the cameras, yet I tried, the separate in the middle is very strong, so that's also very good point. It's a hybrid, so there are compromises in design, and definitely not perfect. But overall if you want not just a pure camera bag, and want to put more personal things with you when travel, especially as airplane carry-ons, this bag is very good, and compare to 350 to see the better balance between size and usability.
    ...more info
  • close to perfect!!!
    This bag is awesome!! It's not too big and not too small! I can fit my camera(canon 350D) with an attached 200mm lens, external flash, an 2 more smaller lens(or 1 big one). depends! the camera compartments are adjustable which is v. convenient. my mac book fits perfectly! i think it accommodates a 15.4 inch laptop. there are a couple extra pouches for ur other stuff. this bag feels excellent on ur back!! not too heavy, it almost kind of lightens it actually.. doesn't really weigh u down. shoulder pads n back are cushioned. the laptop area and camera area of course are solidly built.
    the only disadvantage is there's no tripod holder.. and if i wanted to carry a note book i couldn't..unless it was relatively small.. or unless i stuffed it in in the laptop compartment.
    I would dfinitely recommend getting this bag. quality & price wise it's pretty damn good!...more info
  • Almost just right...

    Almost just right..., April 10, 2008
    By Brett Despain (Draper, UT USA) - See all my reviews

    Still looking for the perfect bag...this one comes very close. I own a Lowepro Compurover AW and a Tamrac Adventure 9 bag. The Compurover is too heavy and you have to crack it open like an egg to get to the Camera compartment. The Tamrac is the perfect size, but you have to take the bag off and lay it on the ground or your lap to open the camera compartment, otherwise you risk spilling out all of your gear! Not good.

    This Fastpack 250 intrigued me because the side access pocket allows access to your camera quickly without taking the backpack off. Guess what? it works. You really can get your camera out quickly while still wearing the bag.

    I bought this as strictly a travel bag. I'm a pilot so I needed a medium sized bag that I could fit in the cockpit while carrying my 40D and 3 L lenses. I also need the top compartment of the bag to carry a few snacks, water and other supplies.

    Okay here's the breakdown.

    1. Slim design, fits in cockpit and on top of my roller suitcase with ease. Also fits very nicely in the space underneath your seat in an airliner.
    2. Side camera access in a serious advantage. I considered the sling packs, but I like the comfort and security of having a full backpack. The sling packs are uncomfortable after a while and hard to position to get your camera out without twisting up your clothes or coat.
    3. It's lightweight and comfortable to wear. Significantly lighter than my other two bags.
    4. Not as pricey as my two other backpacks. I paid less than $90.
    5. Side pocket fits a good sized Nalgene water bottle.
    6. Medium size and all black color doesn't shout "Camera Bag!" while wearing it.

    1. No all weather cover flap. A major oversight if you ask me. I took the one off of my Tamrac to use with the Fastpack.
    2. No chest strap. I think it needs one.
    3. It's almost a little small. I wouldn't go any smaller than this bag because you'll be leaving something home that you'll want later.
    4. It needs a side or bottom strap that you can attach a monopod to. I'm thinking of having one sewn on. For now I've attached a carabiner to the top handle and strap on my monopod there.
    5. Outside pockets are really worthless. They are sewn in flat and don't have room to expand. You can get a few filters and a flash card wallet in them but that's about it.

    Like I said it's not perfect, but I'm giving it four out of five mainly because I like the overall size and design of the bag as well as the convenience of the side access camera pocket....more info
  • Robust bag
    Like it a lot. Like the way it stands straight when placed down. And the quick access has been a life saver. With my Mac Air i sometimes forget I brought along my laptop and now I can edit on the road as opposed to saying do it when I get back....more info
  • Everything I need and more :)
    I love this bag! I had the Slingshot 100 first, which I outgrew within 3 months, then upgraded to the Slingshot 200, which I outgrew in a month, now I have the Fastpack 250. I travel a lot internationally and it is perfect. I love that it carries my 15" Sony Vaio laptop too, so this makes a very nice carry-on on a flight. There's enough froom for your camera and 2-3 extra lenses in the padded compartment area, then there's a huge storage area on top for accessories, as well as food and stuff. I loved my Slingshots, but they had no room for food or drink when I'd go on a hike. This extra space, along with the netted holder on the outside, makes this a great overall bag for holding your camera gear, as well as your lunch, on a day hike.

    Tripod Issue Solved! A lot of people complain that this bag doesn't have an easy way to secure a tripod. Well, with a little creative engineering, you can easily secure your tripod. I have a large Manfrotto tripod. See those 2 little straps connecting the lower pocket? You can secure your tripod there SIDEWAYS. Just run the strap through one leg, and the center column, and back out and secure it. Tighten it up and that thing ain't going nowhere.

    I love this bag! It's still brand new, but I can tell it's gonna suit me perfectly for a good long while, at least longer than my Slingshots did....more info
  • vs the slingshot 200
    I was considering the Lowepro slingshot 200 and the Fastpack 250, and boy am I glad I went with the fastpack. Here's a quick side by side comparison:

    1. Camera storage compartment: pretty much identical between the two models.
    2. Ease of Access: Much easier and more comfortable for the fastpack; just let go of the right strap and swing the bag around. The slingshot swings around and ends up on your chest, pretty awkward feeling/looking; the fastpack ends up near your left waist, allowing you to suavely draw your slr.
    3. Size: the fastpack is bulkier than the slingshot, though not by much.
    4. Price: the same for both models.

    Other random fastpack 250 notes:
    1. Laptop storage compartment: the zipper opens along the side, not around the whole backpack.
    2. Cellphone pocket: my samsung t-629 fits very snugly.
    3. I use this bag for school, storing a slim folder in the laptop pocket, and a couple of 8x6 books in the top compartment....more info
  • Lowepro Fastback 250
    Purchased a Canon Rebel XTi kit with multiple lenses prior to a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons in May. Wanted to take the laptop to download and review photos daily, so purchased the Lowepro based upon recommendations in on-line photography sites. Camera, lenses and laptop (15.4") all fit easily and appear to be well protected, although I did not test by dropping the pack during the trip. Many thoughtful storage spaces. It has a very nice, high quality feel about it, and by slipping off one of the shoulder straps, it can be pivoted and the camera (with 75-300MM telephoto) removed quickly. Found this technique on the Lowepro web site. I am also storing the camera in this backpack, so it available to go without any preparation other than installing the camera's battery....more info
  • Awesome bag!
    This bag is great! Plenty of room and just fits under the seat on the plane. I mean it just fits, if you overload it, I wouldn't count on it. It handles weight quite well! I went to Hawaii with my Macbook Pro, 2 external harddrives, Magazines, iPod, cables, etc. The weight wasn't bad. BUY THIS BAG!...more info
  • Favorite all-purpose camera bag to date
    I've tried a few bags over the last few months, and this beats everything else out there for me - I have the following:

    Nikon D80
    Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6
    Nikon 50mm 1:1.8D
    Nikon 85mm f/1.4D AF
    Nikon 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 G ED
    Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG

    I also have various other items in the bag, such as my Canon PowerShot SD1000 and Sony Handycam SR42 video camera.

    I can also fit my 15" MacBook in there, and everything fits perfectly. I still have more room for bits and bobs in the main zipped pouch on the top/front of the bag, and have room for cleaning products/cloths in the lower/front zipped pouch behind the flap/cover.

    It feels heavy, but MUCH more comfortable than my previous SlingShot 200 (which fit everything except for my laptop), as the double over the shoulder backpack strap design separates the weight evenly over my back - the SlingShot would slide back to my lower left area of my bag and really give my right shoulder some serious ache.

    Two thumbs up for this. It's a big bag, but my god is it comfy.

    Thanks LowePro....more info
  • Quality bag, perfect as a carry-on
    It's a really nice bag. Only wish it had more flexibility with adjusting the straps for comfort....more info