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Lowepro Fastpack 100 (Black)
List Price: $74.99

Our Price: $50.45

You Save: $24.54 (33%)


Product Description

Specially designed for today's on-the-go technology enthusiast, whether the task is photographing family travels, traversing campus, or taking a day trip around town, the compact Fastpack 100 can carry a digital SLR with zoom lens attached, plus an extra mid-range zoom lens or flash unit, MP3 player and provides plenty of space for personal gear. Outfitted for work, travel or play, the 180-degree access panel in the Fastpack makes loading and retrieving camera equipment quick and easy, while adjustable dividers enable its compartment to be fully customized to fit different combinations of gear. With its security flap snapped closed over the camera compartment, Fastpack offers an additional layer of security for valuable photography equipment while maintaining fast-access through the side entry compartment even while the pack is being worn. The top compartment provides ample capacity and puts personal accessories at the consumer's fingertips. With the compatible pouches, SlipLock accessory loops add even more external storage capacity and the mesh side pocket holds a water bottle, car keys or other essentials.

  • Side Entry Compartment provides easy access to D-SLR equipment and accessories, even when pack is being worn
  • Dual Compartment Design ensures camera protection whil supplying storage space for personal accessories
  • 180-Degree access panel with adjustable dividers provides excellent protection in a customized fit that's easy to load.
  • Outer accessory pockets provide external storage for other accessories with fast access, including a harness pocket for an MP3 player or Mobile Phone
  • Tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects against moisture and abrasion

Customer Reviews:

  • fits my Nikon D40 with 18-200 zoom lens
    The Fastpack 100 is the smallest of Lowepro's Fastpack series. I like the small size for long walks around town. The Fastpack 100 is significantly smaller than the Fastpack 200, so I do not have to worry about bumping in to people on the sidewalk or when standing in a bus. My Nikon D40 with 18-200 zoom lens fits fine in the camera compartment and there is an additional padded pocket for a flash or second lens. If you're carrying more lenses, you should get of the bigger Fastpack bags.

    The top compartment of this pack holds extra supplies (or lunch or a guidebook). My only complaint is that the water bottle pocket is too short and too snug for a 1 liter water bottle. The bigger Fastpacks have a bigger and more flexible water bottle pocket. A 1 pint water bottle will fit in the pocket pretty well. ...more info
  • Great day pack/camera travel bag
    Bought this to take a trip to CO. It served very well to carry/protect my camera equipment plus other odds and ends. Camera, zoom lens, charger, spare battery and manual all fit quite well. Upper room for wallet and other small items. Even comes with a water bottle pocket. Doesn't advertise that there's a camera within as well. Overall, a very nice pack for on the go....more info
  • Great small bag
    This is perfect for an slr, one extra lens, and there is extra space up top. Great day pack....more info
  • Compact bag, holds a lot
    This bag is more compact than the one I had previously, but it holds everything I need for a day photo shoot. Holds well on your shoulder and almost don't feel I am carrying extra gear on my back....more info
  • Great entry level camera bag
    This bag has all the necessary functions but it is very small. In the bottom compartment it can fit my Nikon D40 with an 18-55 or 55-200 attached and the other next to it. It can also fit my Digita Foci storage device. If you have any more equipment that this, this is not the bag for you. The top is very small and is a day pack at very best. Excellent quality....more info
  • Nice size but little uncomfortable to carry and awkward to handle
    The Fastpack 100 is just the right size for carrying one body with a mounted lens plus another lens. I use it with Canon 450 XSi, 17-40, 24-105. I also carry a water bottle on the side pocket and odds and ends on the top compartment. I have not been able to find a comfortable position to carry the pack that also allows easy access to the camera compartment or the water bottle. It feels more comfortable if I carry it high up on my back but then it is very difficult to slip one of the straps off your arm to access the camera. I ended up buying the new Inverse waistpack as well. We'll see how that works....more info
  • Very comfortable
    The bag is perfect for day trips with minimal gear. There is room for one camera with a lens and an additional lens or flash in the bottom compartment and room for a few items you may need through the day in the top section. The side pocket is large enough for a pint or so of water or a little snack if you like. A few small pockets throughout the bag provide space for memory cards, batteries, lens cleaning kits, or whatever. Filled to the brim this bag still doesn't weigh enough to slow down my 11 year old daughter. My only issue with the bag is that there is no place to attach a tri-pod... but with a minimalist bag like this you are probably better off with a nice monopod anyways....more info
  • Great Small Bag
    This is a great bag. I have a D40X with two lenses and everything fits in the bottom of this bag. Including the charger and other small accessories. The top of the bag is then available for other items for the day. I love that you don't have to take the bag off completely to access the camera. I also like that there are two straps to even the load of the bag. Great bag!...more info
  • Solid Bag
    Great bag for beginner/intermediate digital photographer. Lot's of storage, nice padded pockets. Will hold camera and up to two lenses. Plenty of storage for add on's (memory cards, filters, wipes, etc.). Even space for light jacket, snacks and water....more info
  • Great, Compact & Snug Fit Backpack...
    I bought this for my new SLR Camera Nikon D5000. My camera fits perfectly with the attached lens Nikon 18-55mm VR DX. You can even fit another lens in the generously padded compartment. Other than that, I also managed to fit in an additional SD Card, SD Card reader, 2 battery packs, battery charger, 2 cables, cleaning accessories, a bottled water on the side pocket and a lunch pack on top of the small compartment. Everything just fit snugly and compact, which I prefer. Definitely a must to have!

    Update: I have just bought another Nikon lens 55-200mm and and they fit perfectly with the other lens I have....more info
  • Lowepro Fastpack 100
    This is a good size pack for the beginner to intermediate level photographer. The build and design quality is excellent, the adjustable compartments are a nice feature to allow for your items to have a custom fit. The largest compartment is just barely big enough to fit my telephoto lense. I use mine for both day and weekend trips and like it a lot....more info
  • Excellent Case For Minimal Equipment
    The Backpack is solid, well built and is good protection for my equipment.

    My Nikon D50 with 18-200mm VR Zoom and my speedlight 600 fits comfortably in the camera compartment (with the speed light flipped down). It allows me easy access to get the camera in and out of the bag when the bag is on my left shoulder and slung around to my front. The upper compartment is large enough to hold what ever I might need during a day out....more info