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Lowepro Fastpack 200 (Arctic Blue)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $74.95

You Save: $25.04 (25%)


Product Description

Specially designed for today's on-the-go technology enthusiast, whether the task is photographing family travels, traversing campus, or taking a day trip around town, the Fastpack 200 supports a digital SLR with attached zoom lens, plus 1-2 extra lenses or flash units and personal accessories. Outfitted for work, travel or play, the 180-degree access panel in the Fastpack makes loading and retrieving camera equipment quick and easy, while adjustable dividers enable its compartment to be fully customized to fit different combinations of gear. With its security flap snapped closed over the camera compartment, Fastpack offers an additional layer of security for valuable photography equipment while maintaining fast-access through the side entry compartment even while the pack is being worn. The top compartment provides ample capacity and puts personal accessories at the consumer's fingertips. With the compatible pouches, SlipLock accessory loops add even more external storage capacity and the mesh side pocket holds a water bottle, car keys or other essentials.

  • Side Entry Compartment provides easy access to D-SLR equipment and accessories, even when pack is being worn
  • Dual Compartment Design ensures camera protection whil supplying storage space for personal accessories
  • 180-Degree access panel with adjustable dividers provides excellent protection in a customized fit that's easy to load.
  • Outer accessory pockets provide external storage for other accessories with fast access, including a harness pocket for an MP3 player or Mobile Phone, as well as a Mesh side pocket for a water bottle or other personal items.
  • Tough, water-resistant outer fabric protects against moisture and abrasion

Customer Reviews:

  • Exactly what we needed
    We had an upcoming trip to Yosemite to hike Half-Dome and desperately wanted to take the good camera. This backpack was exactly what we needed. I think we thought we'd only use it during hiking, but we've continued to use it on other day trips and when we fly as well. It's great to be able to take our camera around and not worry about it getting damaged. The baackpack isn't big, so you can't carry a lot of additional items on the top compartment. But if you're hiking, you don't want a big backpack anyway. It's perfect for our needs!...more info
  • Perfect so far
    Got this for my D40 as a daypack. I don't have a lot, but I can fit my tripod (one of those tiny flexible ones, just in case) the D40 with 18-55mm VR, my 50mm f/1.8 AIS, a lenspen, and a canon sd770 (which I'll probably carry in my pocket, but I like having room for it). I was worried at first because the D40 is actually a little small for the space, but it doesn't move around. In the future, I'll be able to carry at least two more lenses, and just move the miscellaneous stuff to a different pocket. Also, more than enough room to keep putting other stuff I need--spare battery, the grip if I get it, hoods, etc.

    If your longest lens+hood+filters+camera is less than 11", it will fit without disassembling it. This will leave you two roughly 7.5x2" rectangular compartments on each side of the lens, which you can further divide into two more compartments with different combinations (from about 4x2" to about 6x2" for the larger compartment in each).

    The top compartment is roughly 12" high, 8" wide, and 6" deep at the base. It stays at about 6" maximum depth until 6" high. so if you can fit your other junk in a 12"x6"x6" space, you'll be good.

    I was worried that the top pocket wouldn't be big enough for my laptop (8.9"). I love being able to take it, since I can stop and type up a page if I'm feeling inspired. I used to carry a notebook but it literally takes me an hour to read my handwriting and retype it. I can also plug in a mic and take audio notes as I shoot if there's something particular I want done with a shot, or just to record my thoughts. Weird, but nice. Anyway, this bag is more than big enough for the laptop in its padded case, and I have a lot of space to spare.

    The pocket on the top front is roomy, and can ALMOST fit my 8.9" laptop. Not quite though. Actually, it would probably fit, but the zipper would tear it to pieces so I don't wanna :-)

    The bottom front pocket (which is covered by the security flap) is decent sized. You could fit a good paperback novel, user manuals, etc. I'll probably use it for my wallet/papers.

    Definitely no room for textbooks, which I might have liked, and the bigger "camera" bags are much more expensive. I also found mine a bit cheaper than the one listed here.

    Overall, a really great camera bag that fits my needs perfectly.

    OH wanted to add another concern I initially had. I thought the side compartment might be a security risk--well, if you're not interested in the "fast access," you can simply move the zippers of the side access under the security flap. This means that you can't open it easily, but neither can anyone else :-)...more info
  • Good storage space
    My husband and I had the Lowepro Photo Runner first for when we went to Hawaii a couple of years ago so that the camera would be easily accessible. The only problem was that he had to carry it most of the time because I was pregnant so it wasn't very comfortable. We also had to take a backpack to carry our personal items. We decided for our trip to NYC that we would get the Fastpack because I prefer two straps (as opposed to the one strap on the SlingShot). We also liked that it seemed to have more storage for personal items than the SlingShot. We went with the 200 instead of the 100 because in some of the reviews it said that the 100 was too small. We wanted to carry our Canon Rebel camera with its lens, an extra zoom lens, and our JVC Everio video camera. We first thought it would be too big because we ended up with extra room so we just moved the partitioners around to make it fit snugly. It ended up working out well. I was also able to carry it this time, even though I was further along in this next pregnancy. We also never really worried that anything would be stolen out of it so that was nice and we didn't feel like we looked as touristy as if we had taken the Photo Runner....more info
  • lowepro fastpack 200
    I really like Lowepro bags you can always count on functionality,good looks & quality construction with their products and this is no exception.Cleverly designed to remove camera without taking off the pack makes shooting on the fly much less of a hassle.Plenty of room for an slr with attached zoom plus an additional lens and accessories this pack is the perfect size not to big and not to small.Comfortable straps with mesh backing (no waist belt on this model)also side compartment for a water bottle there is really nothing to complain about. I think this is probably the best pack on the market in this price range....more info
  • Very comfortable & useful photo backpack
    Really like this backpack. I recently took it to Arches Nat. Park in Moab, Ut. Very comfortable to carry & all the space it offers was quite useful. One suggestion to improve it - - it needs some straps on it somewhere to attach a tripod....more info
  • camera bag
    I love this bag, I was looking at another bag before I decided on this one and I'm glad that I went with this one, it is the right size, I can get all my camera stuff in the bag with room to spare, I'm glad that I went with the 200 instead of the 100(that was too small). It is very easy to use and get in to, the padding is great for all your gear. I have some long trips planned so I'm looking forward to only having to take one bag. Love it! Amazon has it at a great price too....more info