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  • Good non horror sequel
    Final Destination 2 proved something that most horror film sequels can't. If a scary movie sequel is full of laughs it can be fun. The film is full of good acting in particular A.J. Cook who carrys her first starring role very well. Tony Todd makes another chilling cameo and Ali Larter also does another good job. I hope this isn't the last Destination for the series. I give it *** stars based soley on the death sequences. The film is lot of fun and I can't wait to see Final Destination 4 in 3-D next year....more info
  • Better Than The First
    I like this sequal compared to the first; it's more real-life, and the possibilities are endless, it seems! Awesome and terrifying....more info
  • See the signs
    The FINAL DESTINATION films offer an ingenious twist on a well-worn horror subgenre. The premise is that if you escape a situation in which you were "meant" to die, Death will continue stalking you until it succeeds in recouping its losses. Essentially, they are slasher films without a slasher; instead, there is an unseen force that insures that anything that can go wrong does.

    At the start of the second film, Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook - THE VIRGIN SUICIDES) is leaving for vacation with some friends when she witnesses a spectacular highway disaster which she narrowly escapes. But soon, other survivors begin dying and Kimberly remembers the case of Flight 180 a year earlier. Like Alex Browning, one of the plane's survivors, she becomes convinced that Death is picking them off one by one. She tracks down Clear Rivers (Ali Larter, reprising her role from the first film), the one Flight 180 passenger who is left alive, and the only one who might be able to help them escape their fates.

    It helps if you accept the premise (I've always thought the first film might have been better as a psychological thriller in which it was unclear whether Death was really after these folks or it was just Alex's paranoia - but I digress) but it's not a requisite. The fun is mainly in watching all the disparate elements come together and compound themselves until they result in a character's demise. In most cases they're highly improbable, but curious coincidences happen in real life all the time; undoubtedly many of them go unnoticed or undocumented. I didn't have any trouble suspending disbelief. The point is that the events may be unlikely, but they aren't impossible. There are even a few red herrings to keep you on your toes.

    Oh, and the deaths are quite nice. I only recall one particularly gory end in the first movie, but this one delivers the goods on all counts.

    FINAL DESTINATION 2 is presented as one of New Line Cinema's "Infinifilm" DVDs, which is a fancy way of saying "bonus features." If you watch the Infinifilm version of the movie (you should watch it uninterrupted first) options will appear periodically through which you can view extended and deleted scenes, screen tests, making-of segments, and more. After the feature ends, you'll be dropped back into the film where you left off. If you don't want to watch the entire movie again, your chapter buttons will take you to the next scene that contains an extra, or you can jump there from a menu. You can watch the movie with a pop-up "fact track," or listen to it with filmmaker commentary. Outside the film, there is featurette on near death experiences, and one in which three teenagers are hooked up to bio-monitors so that their reactions to certain key scenes can be examined. There is a thirty-minute documentary that begins with a retrospective of splatter films and goes into the making of this film's effects. There is considerable redundancy among the extras, but I suppose no one really watches them all. There are two music videos, and trailers for both movies. Finally, there is a stupid game called "Choose Your Fate" in which you pick a card and get either a pleasant fortune replete with bunny rabbits cavorting or a horrific death. Fun....more info
  • know death warned them
    another great and realistic FD movie wow this was great i like movies that are more relistic then any other movie this was shocking and thrilling and thats what i loved about FD. I saw all the FD movies and all three of them were great a very breat takeing suspence great movie. ...more info
  • Awesome plot
    To see a movie in which death is the real killer is very differnt. Final Destination 2 has a very different plot and action, deviating from the standard horror movie. This change was needed and that's why this movie is my favorite....more info
  • How the hell can you give this flick 5 stars?
    While the first movie was fairly exciting, this one's just dull and in a sense over the top (at least when it comes to how the characters are killed). In Final Destination 1, death is subtle, it toys with you, keeps you on your toes and then makes it look like you killed yourself. In the sequel, death is more like a raging nutjob who goes on a killing spree just for the heck of it (and this time around he's got a bigger list, hooray!). People are sliced up and killed by falling glass panels...about that glass panel. Wasn't the kid's death supposed to be "delayed" because someone intervened and safed his life while he was choking on that fish? Anyway, this is just one of the plot holes. The rest of the movie doesn't waste much time on things like character development either. Due to the bigger list, somebody's killed every 5 minutes, in rather disgusting ways.

    The premonitions of the lead actress are also rather dull and don't make much sense. In the end you actually have to ask yourself if this was supposed to be a thrilling movie or a comedy....more info
    This is one of the funniest movies ever. I'm actually not joking on this review, I mean its not a straight up, gag, pun, every second kind of movie but it tries to get these kids into these accidents and the kids are so dumb its so funny. Like the first killing when that guys house is on fire, he shimmies down that ladder and somehow he's stuck under it, ladder 2 inches in front of his face, he breathes a sigh of relief and then the pole goes through his skull at the speed of a car. Then theres this kid at the dentist and he gets a fish stuck in his mouth and he walks out of the building and a very tough piece of glass falls on his and he explodes!!! ITS SO F#$%*#& FUNNY!!! I could go on and on. Like the airbag stick part, it'll git CHA!!! WAIT then comes the FUNNIEST PART OF THE WHOLE MOVIE!! Theres this one part where this ladies head gets ripped up by an elevator and this black guy is mad and is half wookie half fat albert and makes the funniest noise i have ever heard in my whole life. "URRRRRRRRAGHGGHG!!!" I HAVE'T LAUGHED THAT HARD IN MY LIFE, SINCE SHINDLER"S LIST!!! AHHH YHES!!!! They should have sold this movie as a straight comedy it would have done better. Ahhh if you want to have a good time rent this and KAZAAM and let the physical pleasure begin.

    The ending is funny too...more info
  • Sequal? no
    With the success of Final Destination 1, this would have been a great sequal of sort, if they had put more time in writing the story line. The actors are good, but the storyline in FD2 can not be compare to FD1. The idea was good, but not as exciting or suspense as the first.

    A disappointment. Gave it an extra star b/c the idea was good....more info
  • Unremarkable sequel
    The first Final Destination movie was something of a low budget success story, with a host of mostly unknown actors, and contained some interesting and thrilling elements. This sequel however just reworks old ground, and the lack of surprises make it rather ordinary viewing. The premise for both movies is the same in that when it's your time to die, if you somehow "cheat" death, it stalks you in an unseen malevolent form until your number is up. The first 15 minutes of this picture portrays a horrific multiple car accident on the freeway in very graphic and gripping fashion, and promises much in the way of tension and intrigue, as our young heroin Kimberly (played by A J Cook)witnesses the events in a premonition, and prevents a handful of characters from a scheduled date with the Grim Reaper. Too many references to the previous film ensue, and the sole survivor we are told from the last story appears briefly in cameo, to help our troubled band in their quest for survival. After the opening eye candy the movie rapidly spirals into a formula driven sequence of mini subplots concerning each character, but doesn't hold the viewer enough to make you really care about what's going on. Doing a sequel is always difficult, but when one thinks about those that are succesful, they usually have a storyline independent to their predessessor, whereas this is virtually a carbon copy with just the names and locations changed. This is an OK flick, but not much more - there are a few scary moments, and the picture will probably appeal to the 18-25 demographic, who are represented in character throughout the movie. Not bad, but not as good as the first, and too few surprises to really make it work well....more info
  • Rather Forgetful
    Final Destination2 starts with one of the best action scenes involving cars,trucks,logs of wood you will ever see. The first few scenes are pretty much the only good thing about the film. There on, it's a film you can skip for 10 minutes and rejoin because it's rather predictable. Besides being overdramatic in a wrong way, it seems like the ultimate film for movie watchers in their teens to go and watch at the theaters. It's not to be taken seriously as the music of the film would allow you to believe once you've seen it. I liked the scenes in which the Lotto Winner was killed mainly because I am a huge Incubus fan(they play "Vitamin" full length during it) Besides the above mentioned, the film is rather boring. It seems like that a video game with six characters all of whom are trying to save themselves from the unavoidable disaster in the form of death.

    Watch this movie if you're a curious fan like me. Noone would ever watch this movie for a second time so there is absolutely no sense in purchasing the DVD.I still can't beleive some of my friends found this film scary.It's more yawn inducing.

    Overall Grade: 4/10...more info
  • move over FD 2, because FD 3 is on the way baby!
    This goes for all of the FD fans out there, 2/23/06!!!!! DEATH RETURNS WITH A VENGEANCE!...more info
  • Not bad, really not bad!
    Now, this is a really good modern horror movie/thriller. It brings up new unknown topics and creates a more interesting atmosphere. It's the best modern thriller there is. You should probably check it out!...more info
  • Good 2 Gore
    I came to this film with no expectations - I hadn't seen the original installment. The way the opening builds to a creshendo of horror is spectacular. From then on, - and, once I'd gotten over the shock of the gruesome death of the first "survivor", I found myself both thoroughly entertained and impressed. Intellegent, well-crafted horror? Yes, it is possible!

    Unlike other reviewers, I thought the acting was excellent by and large. The only truly irritating moments in the movie were provided by the black character who repeatedly refused to believe something spooky was going on in the face of increasingly overwhelming evidence - it's a stock device and it's so lame. But this had nothing to do with the guy's acting ability, which I thought was excellent given the limitations of his given character.

    Otherwise, I was just totally impressed by the artistry of the team behind this shocker. The build-up of tension, the tease, that led towards each death was masterful.

    I'm not big on horror as a genre but, if you're going to watch an odd horror or two, I can certainly recommend this....more info
  • A great sequel
    In a world where sequels come and go, and you don't really remember them, isn't it nice to see a sequel that actually ties into the original?

    I love this movie as much as I loved the first one. The deaths scenes are bloody, origianl, and usually not expected. I also loved how they tied this film into the original, when most sequels just forget the original.

    A good film, if your into bloody horror!...more info
  • Not the Final Destination, but a very cool detour...
    We have all read or heard the rule that sequels are supposed to be a little/lot worse than the movie that spawned it (and there have been PLENTY to back this up). But rarely is there a movie that actually breaks this rule and beats the predecessor at its own game, and you can add Final Destination 2 to that list.

    FD2 takes place virtually 1 year after the events of FD1, when a young woman sees a premonition of a hellacious pile-up on the highway that kills scores of people, including her (and some of the events that occur during this mega-crash are downright cringers, such as a man getting squashed by the motorcycle that he was riding). She decides to stop the events of the crash by blocking the road with her car. Only problem is that this little act of self-sacrifice leads to the pile-up actually occurring anyway and adding a slight new twist by her becoming one of the survivors.

    Unfortunately, this little act doesn't sit well with the old Grim Reaper and activates a rift that sends Death on the hunt for each of the survivors (including the lone survivor from FD1, and no, I didn't mistype that since the Infinifilm version explains how one character didn't make it to FD2) and finishing what didn't get started on the highway, while the characters try to find a way to end the cycle of death that was activated on the highway.

    FD2 takes the death scene of a horror film to an all-new level when you are seemingly given a real good hint as to how each character is going to bite the dust, then shown with such a stunning and innovative chain-reaction style that you sit and think "Man, Death is one cold calculating SOB!" while your friends nearby cower in terror and hide like wimps(Best kill: well...let's just say that I wouldn't think about messing around with pigeons, glass and heavy machinery)

    Since the ending of the film sets a possible FD3 in motion, and the tagline (you can't cheat death twice) does tell that someone who did survive FD1 won't be living to be in FD3, something tells me that the 3rd time might definitely be the charm....more info
  • "Not For The Faint Of Heart' - (Contains Very Descriptive Detail and some MAJOR SPOILERS)
    Final Destination 2 has to be one of the best horror movies in the past decade aside from Final Destination. Final Destination opened in theaters and turned out to be the surprised smash hit. It was original, it didn't have a guy in a mask chasing after some stupid girl or guy who fell on the ground every two seconds with some knife or machete. You won't see any of that stuff in the first or second movie - and thank goodness. Instead, you get a original plot with some great gorey deaths that will make you cringe your teeth. The second movie which basically follows the same formula - Teen has premonition of accident, saves everyone from it, they cheat death, death goes after them, sweet bloody deaths, the works, but surprisingly, Final Destination 2 manages to stay fresh in its own way with some excellent twists and turns along the way. Some (or many) may be dissapointed that there are no woman showing off there breasts in this film, you don't see any of that except for one scene in which a woman on a motorcycle with her boyfriend lifts up her shirt and isn't wearing a bra underneath, other than that, you don't see anything else. No sex scenes. Sorry for those that were hoping for that. And the woman are covered up.

    So, the movie starts out with of course the credits which foreshadow the deaths you'll be seeing later on in the movie, you see Kimberly Corman (A.J Cook who gave a fine performance by the way) lying asleep on her bed while the TV plays with a man talking about death as if he had knew what Alex knew, deaths design and all. You see this girl, she has her whole life ahead her...or so we thought. The next day, she and her friends quickly set off to a fun time down at Daytona Beach, they of course, have to cross a massive highway to reach there Destination. To spoil there future fun, a massive pileup occurs, logs fall from the log-truck, they cause massive destruction, one log flys through a car going out the other end decapitating the driver in the process, one crushes a woman after her car tips over on the log, one car flips and suddenly stops with the driver alive, only to be hit by a huge garbage truck, it's all grim and you'll love every second of it, expect your mouth to be hanging open in this scene and expect to be a nervous wreck while driving on the highway after seeing this film because the pileup is so realistic that you'll feel as if your actually a part of the accident, the scene has to be one of the most memorable scenes in the history of film, price for the DVD is definetly worth it for this scene alone.

    Anyways, its not over, Kimberly decides to block the intersection leading into the highway where the destruction will take place, the people who were meant to die in the accident cannot access the highway, thus cheating death. Soon enough during a heated argument with officer Thomas Burke (who was also meant to die in the accident, played by Michael Landes), the accident unfolds before there eyes, cars fly everywhere, crash, huge explosions, logs rolling, crazy mess. Her friends even die just after the accident occurs after a truck carrying a large amount of cars smash into there SUV. Afterwards, everyone thinks they have officially cheated death, except for one person, Kimberly, she feels that death may still be after her, her assumption is only pushed after Lottery winner, Evan, who she saw die in her vision, dies from a accident involving a fire escape and a sturdy ladder. Soon, she decides that she can't just sit back and find out first hand whats happening and that she must seek out the help of Flight 180 survivor, Clear Rivers (Ali Larter) who was the only survivor of the first film, Clear is now in a padded health institution, this is her way of escaping death. Whats more safer then being in a padded room with some paper clips and a TV moniter that can explode any second?

    As we go on, more deaths occur, soon Clear decides to help Kimberly and Officer Thomas Burke who now believes Kimberly about death stalking them. Together with the other survivors, they travel to beat death by heading out to make sure that Isabella, the pregnat woman who was supposed to die in the accident, has her baby before getting killed because if she has this baby, then they may possibly cheat death once and for all, "New life defeats death". Along the way, they have to deal with the Grim Reaper. The movie starts with an astonishing openening that will be remembered for ages, if not forever and ends with a quick, funny and blasterful ending that will have people talking.

    Bottom Line: Get this movie, you won't be dissapointed, and if your a fan of gore, then you'll LOVE this movie. Oh and another good element, unlike most horror movies, the charectors in this film are actually smart and TRY to survive instead of pulling off stupid stunts to get themeselves killed. I am definetly looking forward to Final Destination 3 (in theaters February 10th, 2006 starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman and Alexz Johnson with a Rollercoaster accident, yeah baby!) because i'm positive that it will definetly deliver, possibly even more than this magnificent sequel....more info
  • dumb characters, unlikely scenarios
    Characters in this movies all are dumb4ss who have no common sense. So disasters happen to them. That basically sum up it....more info
  • A nice experience if you don't expect too much different from the first.
    The first was somewhat original and some of the characters were better. It was fresh then, and then comes along part two.

    The initial crashes on the highway is intense and there is gore, gore, gore galore throughout.

    The coincidental deaths at time are too unbelievable to fathom, and may leave you wanting more realism.

    But if you haven't seen it in a while (6 months or so) then I'd give it a spin again. The first felt fresh after years of me not viewing it.

    3.8 stars....more info
  • Better Than The First!!
    Wow!This film is amazig.I think it is better than the first by a long shot.It starts out when a young girl,Kimberly Corman,(A.J Crook)is going on a trip with 3 of her friends.She is about to turn onto a highway when she has a terrible premonition of a disastorus pile up.She blocks off everybody on the onramp that they were waiting on.Ofcourse her preminition comes true.She had saved her life and 10 others on the freeway....her 3 friends,a policeman,a teen and his mom,a black dude,a single woman,a drug attic,and a very rich guy.Immediatly all of Kimberlys friends get blown up in their car when a big truck smashes into them.Luckily Kimberly got out of the car.Soon after the disaster,one of the survivors dies.As more and more bodies pile up Kimberly teams up with officer Tom Buerke(Michael Landes)and Clear Rivers(Ali Larter)from Final Destination,to try and stop Death.Overall this movie is outstanding.There are lots of gory creative deaths and the opening pile up scene is breathtaking.The first movie was great,but I think this one blows it out of the water.See this movie...I garuntee you wont be dissaponted!!...more info
    This sequel sucks big time so do not see it. What were the makers thinking? It only deserves one star for the excellent death scenes. Everything else was horrid. 100% crap. Here is hoping that the next sequel Final Destination III does not dissapoint....more info
  • A true classic
    Final Destination 2 delivers a stronger punch than it's first part, offering much better visual effects and creating a more intersting plot. All I can say is that it's much better than the original, and it explains more things about death....more info
  • Stay off the road!!!
    I loved the first movie, so it isn't a big surprise that I like this one too. The story really had less of a plot, and less likable characters, but the death and gore scenes were amazing and original! When you watch a movie like this, don't forget what genre it is in. If you can suspend your beliefs for 90 minutes, you should buckle up for a good ride....more info
  • Best movie ever!!
    This is an ingenous movie that shows a group of teenagers as they try to escape death. Death has a new plan for them an the entire movie is based on their efforts to escape death. It has a very interesting plot and it's not that scary....more info
  • Killed my brain cells!
    Final Destination 2 starring A.J. Cook and Ali Larter is so awful you have to see it to believe it. The beginning is the most interesting part but after that the death scenes are lame and completely vile. I just hated this sequel, the original is so much better, check that one out instead. And the acting is the worst I have ever seen as well....more info