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This Humane Mouse Trap is perfect for all animal lovers. The Smart Mouse Trap senses when the mouse enters to retrieve the bait and snaps the door shut. The little critter will stay in the trap enjoying his treat until you come and release him in a safe place. To use this easy "no kill" mousetrap simply place a "saltine" cracker in the bait holder, set the trap and check frequently (make sure you check daily or you may starve a trapped mouse). Take the live mouse still in the trap to a wooded or brushy area and open the door and set the little guy free. Escape is delayed until the mouse chews through the cracker. This delay avoids contact between the mouse and the trap user and gives the mouse a little snack to keep him nourished for a while. The Smart Mouse Trap can be cleaned and reused as many times as needed. You'll be thrilled with this quick and humane mouse control. The trap is made of green see-through Kodar plastic & two stainless steel springs work the trap door. Measures 3" x 7" x 2.5". Comes with 1 mouse trap with instructions and booklet about trapping smart mice and mouseproofing your home. Endorsed by humane societies and animal rights organizations in the U.S. and worldwide. Makes a great gift for animal lovers.

  • No Poison or Glue
  • Safe Around Children and Pets
  • Reusable Humane No Kill Mouse Trap
  • Endorsed by Humane Societies and Animal Rights Organizations in the U.S. and Worldwide.
  • An Effective, Patented Mouse Trap

Customer Reviews:

    I set this trap at 8:00 pm last night and the little guy is now running free in the fields a half a mile from my house at 6:30 this morning. If you have a mouse in the house, this WILL take care of your problem without harming an innocent critter. Please spend the few extra dollars for this humane alternative....more info
  • over hyped JUNK
    JUNK JUNK JUNK the paper directions say to "remove" door A.. door A says "lift and remove". The directions on the bottom say "lift".. ANYhoo.. if you remove door A you will NEVER get it back on. It is an extremely tight fit to begin with and the door edge does not even have a taper to get it started back in the proper place. Filing it with a nail file proved time consuming. After 30 minutes it went in the trash. JUNK JUNK JUNK>>> I will just replace my old Have A Heart trap. ...more info
  • Humane mouse Trap
    I bought this item as I was tired of dealing with the mess of conventional traps. I was a little skeptical as I had not used one of this type before.
    It does work. I caught one the first night that I received the trap in the mail. I had a little difficulty getting the mouse out of the trap when i transported it to the woods. It grabbed onto the trigger mechanism and I had to shake it out. Overall I am very satisfied with the product....more info
  • Wow it works (unfortunately!)!
    After having the "pet" mice in the kitchen for a few months, it came the time to say good bye to them. The first day I sent up this trap, it worked. As I was developing certain attachment to these mice, it was "kind of hard" to say goodbye so fast! Next day, I set another trap, there it is! It's way too easy... Can they smarten up a bit!?

    Anyway it works great for those who want to get rid of (or say good bye) to the uninvited friends that appear in your kitchen. ...more info
  • Prepare to make a lot of trips to open space...
    Great product! Highly recommended!

    I have caught a mouse in this trap every night for the past 4 nights since I set it up. I put it in a high traffic mouse area (next to the leaky piping under the kitchen sink) and I baited it with granola cluster cereal. I try to put one or two small clusters in the food bait area and then one cluster in the trap part to lure them in! I actually had to buy a small mouse cage to keep the mice in so that I didn't have to run to open space every time I caught a mouse. Also, when the trap is sprung, the mouse is so far away from the trap door that only the tip of its tail could potentially be injured. And that would have to be a pretty long mouse!...more info
  • I wish this worked
    Number of mice we've captured and released: 7
    How we've caught them:
    In a drawstring bag: 3
    With a Gladware bowl and a piece of cardstock: 1
    In a backpack: 1
    In a pack of diapers: 1
    In a toaster: 1
    In this mousetrap: 0
    Number of times an eyewitness saw a mouse enter the trap, pick up the food, and exit the trap without tripping it: 2

    Oh, and the included "tips for catching smart mice" consists of exactly one tip, which is...wait for it...use bait. Wow!...more info
  • Smarter than Trap
    Sorry, but this cute device does not work. Mouse did not enter and furthermore, broke the end piece that held the bait and proceeded to have a lovely lunch! Its a mystery how that little creature had the strength to break the plastic in two....more info
  • Worked great
    Worked great. Caught all the mice in less than a week.

    Obviously, take the mouse at least a mile away before releasing it. I chose a park on the way to work.

    Highly recommended. Easy and humane....more info
    This is a great trap, works very well. It's great to be able to see through it. Put it somewhere dark, in a corner, or along a wall.

    As far as bait, please DO NOT use peanut butter. Peanut butter is very sticky and can get caught in the mouse or rats throat. Rodents are not able to vomit or burp and when peanut butter is eaten it often sticks. This can cause them to choke and then die. If we are humane and catch to release, we don't wan't to kill them with our bait.

    Good bait choices include graham crackers, cinnamon or honey, peanuts, cookies (not chocolate), sunflower seeds and even bird seed.

    Its great to see so many people choose to be humane! This trap is a good choice....more info
  • Works well for the heavier mice
    I have caught several mice with this trap but I've had some escape. I have seen a small mouse scamper in and then out without tripping the mechanism.

    I later bought a couple of the victor tin cat traps - and they have been catching mice in the same area that the smart mouse trap isn't catching any. My belief is the size - the small ones just don't get caught.

    In any case, I think a variety of traps will work best - there isn't a single sure-fire solution....more info
  • green plastic mouse traps (live)
    The product seems to work very well. The only drawback is that I find I have to set the trap door by reaching into the trap and pressing down the trip flap and my fingers are just barely long enough. I baited it with dry dog food and it is really awkward to open that part up to set the trap, so I do it by putting my fingers inside. I have caught 5 mice in 3 days with 2 traps. I have caught no more since then, so I think Ihave them all. I did have some compuctions about letting them loose outside in 30 degree weather when they had been in a nice warm house....more info
  • We caught our mouse!
    We bought about 3 or 4 traps and it took forever for the mouse to go in. the cracker didn't work, but little nuts worked. However, we'd wake up in the morning and the nuts inside were gone ... but no mouse. We realized that our mouse may not weigh enough. So we finally put more peanut butter on the cracker and squeezed some pb through the hole. It worked, the mouse went all the way inside and we got him and set him free on a wonderful warm and sunny day. No guilt!...more info
  • It works!
    I just caught 2 mice last night. Very good! Placement counts. The first few days I had it set somewhere else and nothing. Last night they were in the kitchen so I moved the trap there. At first one mouse went in and didn't set it off. So I adjusted the door and added more food for weight & sensativity. Then it worked perfectly....more info
  • great idea, but design flaws
    As a 12-year vegetarian I was anxious to give this a stellar review after renovations in my building stirred mice into my apartment month after month. I dreaded telling the landlord about the situation as they would only send out the exterminator. After several exterminations, I still had mice in my very clean apartment so I decided to give this a go.

    I was excited when my two-pack of smart mice traps arrived in the mail. Immediately however I noticed serious design flaws. For one, the traps are almost entirely made of the most brittle, thin, hard-plastic you can imagine. It's the kind of plastic you don't see all too often because it chips so easily. Handled carefully this wouldn't be a big deal, but the device has moving parts made of plastic - the plank - as well as the freedom door. The freedom door especially has to be inserted just so, and the potential for snapping the plastic if not done very carefully is high. In fact, that's exactly what happened with one of my traps within the first 24 hours of use: upon first washing, the door snapped, and although I did try to fix it with superglue, it just snapped again the next time I washed it.

    I left the other trap out for a few days with a peanut-butter-covered Ritz cracker inside the freedom door. There was evidence that mice came near the trap but no mice inside the trap. Confused, I re-read the directions, and apparently, you can't just set the trap and go. You have to set the trap just so it's about to set off, a lot harder than it sounds, as you can easily set it off just placing it back on the floor. Anyway the bottom line is had this thing been built with better material and designed to be more sensitive I think it would be a much better product.

    A few more days and still no mice. Looking at the other reviews I'm wondering if I just had some really smart city mice? The landlord sent out an exterminator again, and I haven't seen mice since. I still have the trap out (no treat in the freedom door though) just in case....more info
  • OMG It Worked!
    We have tried other traps with no success. We live near the woods and have been bothered by a smart little kitchen mouse. My husband hates hurting animals so the idea of poisons or glue traps disgusted him. I was skeptical but this trap caught the mouse and kept him safe until he was transported to nice little park miles away from our house. I would definitely purchase more of these if needed for other areas of the house!...more info
  • Very Humane Mouse Trap
    The most humane mouse trap available. (Not big enough for rats.) Make sure you release mouse a few blocks away from your house, preferably in a park. Be careful when sliding the door up or down and don't apply excessive force,as the glued sections may come apart. Wish I knew how the field mice entered my house to begin with, but these traps seem to get rid of them. A mother will give birth to 6-8 babies, so if you catch one, there's a good chance you'll find more! : / ...more info
  • Caught our mouse within 6 hours!
    I purchased this trap because we had a mouse for a month or so scampering around on our kitchen counters, and I just didn't have the heart to use a trap that would kill it. My husband was dubious this product would work, but I set it up in the afternoon (sometimes the mouse would come out during the day) - by that evening, when it got dark, the mouse came out and I heard a "pop!" Sure enough, he was trapped. I released him to a nearby park and I am happy that we didn't kill him. I purchased from this seller (Greenfeet) because they had a much cheaper price than other sellers on Amazon. Item shipped quickly and worked like a charm. ...more info
  • Easy, Effective, Excellent!
    I received mine today and I was a little worried about using it - I knew logically that once captured the mouse would be totally encapsulated but a country girl I'm not so I am a bit squeamish!

    Two hours after loading it, I heard it snap. Sure enough, a very small mouse was in there. I felt bad for the little guy - you could hear him scurrying back and forth trying to figure out how to get out. Of course when he saw me, it got worse (maybe it was my hairdo?!). Anyway, I put the whole thing in a paper bag and the dark seemed to calm him right down.

    Took him to a field a couple of blocks away and let him go. I was worried that once I opened the door he would turn around and come for me (stupid but true!). Not a chance, he went straight out and didn't even look back. According to the directions they will eat the bait when you lift the door but I think I was a little too generous with the peanut butter as it stuck to the door.

    Speaking of the directions, I've never seen anything like these. Providing tips to extend the life of the product in case it is dropped or the door doesn't engage. Also, things to do to mouseproof your home. The product is Made is Mexico (not the US) but it is packaged in cardboard - no additional plastic!

    Loved It!
    Christy B ...more info
  • Doesn't work
    I've put enough peanut butter in this thing to practically set the trap off itself, yet over three separate occasions, a mouse has gone in, eaten everything, and not sprung the trap.

    I'm guessing the spring is the problem, but the design of the trap doesn't really allow for any sort of adjustment. I used to have a Mice Cube, which is also sold on amazon (but not through amazon prime...booo) and it worked much better so I'm gonna try that one again....more info
    This works like a charm and it's simple to use. Within a few hours I nabbed a portly little bugger with a small hunk of--you guessed it--cheese (parmasen, to be exact). The biggest down side is that it's small. The instructions recommend checking it often over a 24-hour period. I've left it out overnight and found a mouse in there the next day no worse for the wear though. However, I try to check it every few hours (it seems we have more than one getting into our house from the woods) because I'm sure they get a little freaked out when caught. One slight annoyance is that, when the mouse gets in there, it tends to relieve its bowels (who wouldn't, right?). So you have to wash it out and then dry it, which can be difficult given that it's small and hard to get a paper towel in there using your hand. But overall, this does the trick for not much money....more info
  • Smart Mouse Trap - It works!
    Not going to get too in depth here. I noticed I had a mouse in my kitchen and I didn't want to get a trap that would kill the poor little critter, so I ordered this off of amazon.

    First day I got it, I put a cracker with peanut butter in the small back compartment. The following morning, the trap had a mouse in it.

    No complaints here, can't really ask for anything else out of a mouse trap....more info
  • This is the perfect trap!
    Whether you are a pacifist or just want to get rid of those mice effectively -- this trap is for you. After trying traditional and no-see-no-touch traps for weeks without any serious results, I brought in this little wonder. I can't believe how effective it is! We catch mice within days, sometimes hours after they first make their presence known.

    It's also great for monitoring... just leave it out with a tiny piece of beacon and ham, and surely enough, should mice return they will be caught instantly. It's also very safe, and the mechanism is ingenious! I would definitely recommend this trap to anyone who wants to get rid of mice safely....more info
  • Great product
    I got rid of the pests within a week. 3 white footed mice captured and taken away. Easy to use and easy to remove the critters. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Easy to use; doesn't harm mouse
    Found lots of mice droppings (small brown rice shapes) and a wildly gnawed bar of laundry soap in my laundry sink.

    Caught the mouse the first night with this mouse trap. He was fat, happy and full of peanut butter. No contact with mouse required to release -- you put a cracker in one end as a barrier, then open a part of the trap that gives the mouse access to the cracker so that he can eat his way out as a form of timed release. A thin square cracker would work best; I used a Melba round and as far as I can tell, the mouse just squeezed out between the cracker and the opening, and left the cracker there (perhaps because he was too full of peanut butter.) Unlike many other traps, the this one is see-through which allows you to see the mouse in the trap to make sure there is one there without opening it. Washed it out, rebaited it, and set it out again.

    Studies show that house mice really need to live in a house and don't compete well when released in the wild. So there are no happy answers here -- slim chance of survival on release in the woods, release next to your neighbor's house (bad neighbor karma, mice might be killed with poison or traps), or a kill trap. Guess I'd want that chance of survival if I were a mouse, so to the woods they go.

    LATER: OK, well it was just wishful thinking that there was only one mouse. Caught the 2nd, 3rd and 4th mouse with this trap. Only once did someone steal the bait and get away -- I think he is too large for this trap, and his body weight wasn't completely off the door. (Maybe wood rat, rather than wood mouse.) Too bad there is not a larger version of this trap. The cracker release mechanism I have found to be useless, as I am usually standing in the woods trying to release the mouse and don't want to wait a half hour until mouse discovers cracker, gets hungry again after the peanut butter, and eats cracker....more info
  • The mice love it!
    Mice love this trap. It is not the sturdiest thing, however. The little removable door where you place the peanut butter broke off, but the trap is still usable by closing this with tape.

    I love this trap as much as the mice do.. it give me a chance to see them up close. They are adorable!...more info