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Razer Lycosa Programmable Backlit Gaming Keyboard
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $61.73

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Product Description

Annihilate your enemies and reign supreme in the gaming world with the Razer Lycosa Gaming Keyboard. With an awesome host of features, the Razer Lycosa is on an unstoppable mission to destroy and dominate. Execute complex combat maneuvers with swift dexterity. Launch your assaults timed to perfection. You now have the tactical advantage on every terrain, and your enemies' fates are in your hands. Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability Slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse technology TouchPanel easy access media keys Gaming mode option for deactivation of the Windows key 10 customizable software profiles with on-the-fly switching 1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time Earphone-out and microphone-in jacks Detachable wrist rest One integrated USB extension port Approximate size without wrist rest (L x W x H) - 18.5 x 6.6 x 0.6 inches (469 x 168 x 15 mm) Approximate size with wrist rest (L x W x H) - 18.5 x 8.7 x 0.6 inches (469mm x 221mm x 15mm)Minimum System Requirements Windows XP / x64 / Vista / Vista64 PC with built-in USB ports CD-ROM Drive (for drivers) At least 35MB of hard disk space (for drivers)

  • Keytop with non-slip rubber finish - optimum tactile comfort and makes slipping up in the heat of action a thing of the past
  • Backlight Illumination with WASD cluster lighting option - Make darkness your ally. While your enemies fiddle in the shadows, command precision.
  • Fully programmable keys with macro capability - enables instantaneous command executions.
  • Keytop with non-slip rubber finish
  • Backlight illumination with WASD cluster lighting option

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible
    I picked up a Lycosa at Best Buy when my Logitech G15 died.

    Big mistake.

    The Lycosa is 'stylish' and 'pretty' I guess, but there are a number of bugs.

    Like a few other reviewers, my Lycosa goes into 'disco mode', when the backlight continuously flashes and keys stop responding. This persists until I yank the USB and put it back in. An enormous problem considering this IS supposed to be a gaming keyboard. (Though I dunno WHY. All this gives to gamers is a WASD cluster light.. woopdeedoo. Chances are you'll want ALL the lights on anyway. What's the point?)

    Other bugs include the volume on my PC randomly getting cranked to full. Which is quite unpleasant when I have my headphones on.

    I've e-mailed and appealed to Razer about all these problems but they are completely mum on the subject and totally unwilling to help.

    This keyboard is a piece of garbage. Get a G15. ...more info
  • razer lycosa
    i bought it for my 19 year old son at his request, and he absolutely loves it!...more info
  • so so
    I have had this keyboard for 3 months

    Pros: 1. Keystroke feels great to me but this is a personal preference. Its kind of half way between a traditional keyboard stroke and a laptop keystroke.

    2. Lights up just the letters. All the other lighted keyboard lights up the space between the keys but this keyboard just lights up the individual letters.

    3. The non slip rubber coating on the keys feel nice.

    4. Any key on the keyboard can be used as a macro key using their software.

    5. Very stylish. Turn the lights off and the keyboard goes jet black, cant even make out letters on it. This is fine by me since I do not need to look down to type.

    Cons: 1. As many of the reviews mentioned individual keys can stopped responding at times. This is usually solved by reaching behind the PC and disconnecting and replugging in the USB cable. Only happened to me a few times so far.

    2. Touchpad volume/media keys. After using it for a few months now traditional push down keys and volume knob is much more ideal for media keys. Feels like a gimick and probably hacks the price of the keyboard up.

    3. Lack of driver updates. There has not been an update to fix the key or light issue since release. The manual included with it says to go to the website for the latest driver but no point in that when there is no updated driver.

    Conclusion: Probably better off with Logitech's G15 keyboard. I used this previously for a few years until the keys started sticking due to excessive use. Should of just gotten the new G15 instead....more info
  • dis keybord is da shiznet
    before i done went up and gone to the to buy dis legit keybored, i was nothin but a lil scrub. After dis arrived on my doorstep my skillz went up 100%. now all my homies are jealous of my keyboard kus its got keyz dat light up n shizz. so basicaaly wat dis gangsta(me) is trying to say is this keybored is da best keyboardz for gaming out rite noww....more info
  • i like this keyboard,but the price is a little high

    i like the appearance of this keyboard,it is totally cool,everybody wanna have a look
    but i wanna mention one point,the sound of typing is a liitle loud ,will influence others' sleep,and price is not worth...more info
  • Stylish and responsive
    I got this keyboard to replace a deteriorating Saitek Eclipse. It has great looks - the piano black finish and rubber keys are a nice combo. The blue backlighting is pleasant to look at as well - and is even across all keys. The back-lit media keys are my favorite aesthetic components.

    The keys are very responsive and comfortable to type with, although it does take a little while to adjust.

    Apparently adding LEDs obstructs anti-ghosting so the feature is only available on certain keys (WASD cluster and adjacent keys). Not a big deal, but occasionally will be a nuisance.

    There are USB, headphones, and mic ports on the board, which could make it more convenient for some peripherals. However, the USB is 1.1, and thus not intended for hard drive use.

    Overall, functionally this keyboard doesn't offer anything too innovative, but in terms of looks it is unmatched. If you can get it on sale (less than $80), I'd say it's worth it if you're looking for a sleek and comfortable keyboard....more info
  • Just flashy
    The only disappointment I have is that you can't disable the keys, the keys lights are really dim except in the mode WASD, and sometimes the whole keyboard won't work if you plug the USB into another USB slot - maybe thats just my problem....more info
  • Nice looking but not much else
    I read all the reviews about this keyboard before deciding on it. I got it because it would basically look nice with my other hardware and because it did have some other features i liked. One thing i dont see being mentioned on here is the really short pegs it stands on. As mentioned by someone else the keys are backlit but hard to see from certain angles. If it stood at a higher angle i think it would help a lot with that.
    It's not a bad keyboard but it's really nothing special. The keys are nice to type on and the touch pad media device is interesting. I'm sure their are better keyboards for the price , the Lycosa in my opinion was designed to just mainly sit there and look pretty....more info
  • Great Keyboard !!
    I have had this keyboard for a month now and it is great. I am not giving it 5 stars b/c my 1st one came broken. The USB connector didn't work so I couldn't use it. But Amazon was great and sent me another one w/ no shipping cost and before I sent them the bad one back. It was a great experience. A FIRST for me.They even sent it 2 day UPS. 5 stars to amazon for the way they took care of me!!! But once I got the 2nd, it was great. Razor has 64bit drivers for it so, that's another plus. I love how the keyboard feels on my fingers :D. This keyboard is a MUST. Great buy for a programmable gaming keyboard. ...more info
  • Excellent keyboard
    Some say the keyboard isn't too bright. I don't know what they want, but the brightness is excellent. the keys are excellent for typing and have a very fast response time. I can easily switch macros in game. ...more info
  • Not a Logi destroyer
    Good all around keyboard. Not necessarily the best "gaming" keyboard, but holds up well against the competition!

    Pros: Laptop style rubberized keys. Nice design and layout, very stylish. Quiet typing a plus! The USB and audio jacks on keyboard are convenient as well!

    Cons: Piano gloss black that shows A LOT of dust and fingerprints. Rubberized keys begin to shown signs of use after awhile. I can no longer see the A, S, D and W keys. Lighted keyboard function is a little dark, but not distracting.

    Like stated before, this Razer keyboard is a good all around keyboard for the average gamer. You won't win any CAL tourneys with this one, but it will make your PC look cool at home! ;-)

    Regards....more info
  • 1st Razer product, and most likely last
    I really wanted to like this keyboard. Shipping was, as normal, fast. Opened the box, it was a work of art, the keys were rubberized, very nice...Loaded the software, then installed the keyboard. Nice blue, I was looking forward to programing some macros. Instead, I found out to my horror that anti-ghosting (at least on this keyboard) meant that the keys did not work!! All of the keys that were labeled as "Anti-ghosting" were non-functional. Contacted razer, to their credit I spoke with a human, and they ran through the gambit of possibilities. (BTW I did try 2 other computers and got the same result) In the end the service guy said that it was a bad board and I should return it (which I did).

    What troubles me about this keyboard, is that in all my years of using computers, I have worn out keyboards but I have never had a keyboard that failed to function right out of the box. ...more info
  • Brooklyn Anthropologist
    Had my Lycosa for roughly 4 months, and I've seen a growing list of bugs accumulate over that time.

    First: The touch pad frequently crashes or never loads on boot. Buttons just don't respond until yanking USB or restarting.

    Second: A potentially related issue with the buggy touchpad leaves the kybd trying to launch Windows Media Player indefinitely.

    Third: Individual keys will stop working and, when I'm lucky, the back-lighting will go into disco-mode, strobing until, again, USB is pulled or computer is restarted.

    If you search the web, you'll find a number of tech threads with people reporting similar problems. A Singapore distributor handing out a lot of RMAs has commented that earlier batches were buggy. Apparently Razer is replacing these, but I'm still in a long tech support queue, so don't expect it to happen overnight if you get an old/bugged one. Also, my understanding is that the consumer pays shipping on the RMAs.

    Other than that (!) this is a fun keyboard. As many have said, the backlighting is a bit dim for most tastes, but the macro function and feel of the keys is what I bought this for. Some have complained of peeling keys, which would probably be the final straw for me, but I haven't seen that yet on mine. The feel of the keyboard is very laptop-like and fast. The rubber on the keys isn't really "grippy" nor are the bumps on "J" and "F" very perceptible, so expect to take some time learning to find center on the keyboard and stay there.

    Honestly, until Razer starts addressing the seemingly endemic issues with this keyboard on their website, I'd say steer clear. It seems like these were rushed to market and now Razer's scrambling to deal with the fallout....more info
  • unsure
    As I use this keyboard more and more I want my G15 logitech back. I'll start with the driver, as if you use the driver expect access violations. The keyboard itself is nice it looks good feels good. The buttons respond well most of the time. I have noticed some times that when I hold a key it won't repeat it just acts like I just hit the key. Other things are that it won't go beyond about 8 key presses a second. So if there are any K-stylers looking for a good fast keyboard to help you out a little, don't pick this keyboard. you will find yourself tumbling when you hss or hs. Getting past all of that, the keys are relatively nice and easy to push. The coating on the keys wears off very fast, or it could be that I just use it to much. ;)...more info
  • Simply the best
    This keyboard is a dream come true. It is everything and more that I wanted in a gaming keyboard. This keyboard is slick, stylish, and user friendly. The backlighting is awesome; bright enough that you can see it even in bright light, and not so bright that you are blinded when you look at the keys in the dark. The keys have very nice feel to them, very pleasant to the touch. This keyboard is everything that it says it is.

    There are a few downsides... First and foremost, dirt and fingerprints shows up VERY well on this keyboard. Though easy to clean, this can still be a pain as I found I spend a lot more time cleaning my keyboard then I used to. Second, the keys are kinda loud. Not that great for gaming in the middle of the night while you spouce is sleeping in the same room. Third, I like to leave my computer on at night, and even though you can turn off the backlighting, there are a few lights that always shine. For me, this is a huge problem as I have a glass desk, and the light from the keyboard shines through, brighting the room while I am trying to sleep. This are all very minor issues which are easy to solve/take care of, and are not something that should turn you away from such a wonderful device....more info
  • Fantastic
    Nothing even comes close.........Quite simply, "The Best." My kids even think they should have one.............more info
  • Not a Gaming Keyboard
    Nice to type on; the keys have a nice 'grip w/o the stick' feeling; flat, silent keys are close together to help increase typing speed; very good illumination under keys, grippy feet on the bottom keep the KB in place pretty well.

    This is definitely not a gaming kboard. Cannot use most key combinations simultaniously other than the ones in the gaming cluster, so beware. That means, if you want to press A, W, AND another key at the same time, most likely it wont work. Gaming cluster is only A, S, D, and W. Been through this with customer service, it's not a defect, it's a hardware issue. Normal keyboards do not have this issue, only this keyboard.

    Customer service was helpful in explaining to me that the kboard simply will not work with certain key combinations. I have a few friends that have the same issue as well. They acknowledged it is handicapped beyond the normal parameters of even a fundamental keyboard. Hopefully they will discontinue this model as it apparently does not even work right, by their own admission.

    Customer service was very friendly and fast, I really regret they could not do anything with this issue...more info