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Safety 1st Secure Top Bed Rail
List Price: $39.99

Our Price: $28.52

You Save: $11.47 (29%)


Product Description

The Safety 1st Secure Top Bed Rail secures to the top of the mattress for 15" of total protection. Constructed to eliminate possible entrapment issues between the mattress and the bedrail. The panel folds down which allows for easy bed making and a visual indicator lets you know that the bed rail is secured properly. SofTech foam on bottom rails provides added comfort for the child and the 15 height provides extra security.

  • Top of mattress attachment to eliminate possible entrapment issue between mattress and bedrail
  • Secure Tech logo is a visual indicator that lets you know bed rail is secured properly
  • Panel folds down to allow for easy bed making
  • SofTech foam on bottom rails provides added comfort for the child
  • 15? height provides extra security

Customer Reviews:

  • Not pleased with this particular version of Safety 1st
    We had another Safety 1st bedrail that we really like b/c it securely fits on top of the mattress & is very sturdy. However,although this one looks very similar, it tends to "slip" off the top of the mattress even when tightened. It doesn't fall all the way down but if the kiddos pull on it from the ground, they could get it off the bed. I still can't figure out the exact difference. ...more info
  • Just what I needed!
    I bought this rail for use while bedsharing with my baby. I know this is not the intended use...but it works great. Unlike many of the more expensive rails out there, this one will work with any size bed. We have a king size pillowtop mattress and it works great for us. The thing that makes this rail so awesome for us is that there is no gap between the rail and our mattress. My baby can't get trapped between the mattress and rail because there is a lip on the rail that extends onto our mattress.

    This rail is sturdy and has a great price. I've already been recommending it to people!

    ...more info
  • Just what we needed
    I love this bed rail because it clamps on to the mattress and can be adjusted based on mattress thickness. Also, it is very stable. The bed rail also folds out to 180 degrees so you don't need to remove the whole thing when it's time for your child to climb in or out of bed. The part that clamps on top of the mattress is lined with a bit of cushioning so it doesn't hurt your child. But I just put small pillows over it for additional comfort.

    The only problem is if you have a platform bed that has raised sides, the bed rail legs that go under the mattress will be sitting at an angle therefore raising the bed on one side. One way to remedy this is to get a boxspring.
    ...more info
  • Great Bed Rail
    We've used this bed rail on our master bed (we co-sleep) for nearly five years and it is fantastic. I love that it fits snug on top of the mattress (instead of other rails that go flush against the side of the mattress)....more info
  • Finally a Guardrail for a bunk bed!
    I found myself in the position of needing to find a second bedrail. We had one from safety first which we purchased five years ago. When searching for another guardrail, we needed one which we knew would work with a bunkbed.

    This guardrail works with a bunkbed even with the set in area for the mattress. If you work it correctly, it folds down flat against the side of the bed. It is secure. Unlike the other reviewer, I will state that it was not at all hard to put together. It certainly took a lot less time than the one (which didn't work) which we purchased the day before....more info
  • One of the best out there.
    I bought this safety first bed rail quite a few months ago.
    The rail is very easy to operate and works on latex mattress.
    The height from the mattress is also quite high which is another plus.
    When I lost the manual for the bed rail, I emailed Safety 1st and they promptly send me the manual in pdf document.
    The only minus it has is the lack of color variation for the product to complement the interior design of the room.
    Overall, this is a product you would not want to miss when buying a bed rail....more info