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Clear and Present Danger
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  • Blu- Ray DVD
    The three Blu- Ray DVDs that I bought do not work on my one year old DVD player. Can't believe that I have to buy a new machine already....more info
  • Harrison Ford
    is the best Jack Ryan. This movie keeps you going and doesn't stop until you reach the credit lines....more info
    Many reviewers liken this film to Ronald Reagan's Iran Contra affair.I prefer to liken it to the mechanizations of the industrial military complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1960. In this movie, we have a none too bright president, declaring a revenge war on the Colombian drug cartel, with Harrison Ford carrying the ball for the ailing James Earl Jones. Ford assures Congress that no ground troops are to be introduced; yet that's exactly what happens when 2 CIA rivals secretly overtrump Ford, without his knowlege. After almost being killed on a fact finding mission, Ford returns first to Washington to get the story straight,then back to Colombia to help rescue as many covert soldiers as possible. Returning to the White House, the president insists that Ford"take the fall" for the administration. Ryan (Ford) refuses, and as the story ends, he's prepared to "blow the whistle" on the entire administration. A fair/good movie with suspense and plenty of action....more info
  • Good, but.....
    I did enjoy this movie. The sniper training and stalking were first rate. BUT, I just could not understand why Jack Ryan would not pick up a firearm to defend himself. It had been demonstrated in past stories that he did indeed know how to handle something that goes bang. I guess it is just now a bad thing to have the good guy touch something as evil as a sidearm or rifle....even to save a life....more info
  • Clear and present mistakes
    Harrison Ford (Jack P.Ryan), the Deputy Director Intelligence did not carry a gun even in hostages rescue operation in Colombia.

    Another mistake, Harrison Ford (Jack P.Ryan) used his business card as an ID card - he showed his business card to a drugs gang to prove his Identity-!...more info

  • Jack Ryan at his best!
    A really taught thriller with a detailed plot that twists all over. It was fun to watch this film again and marvel at how well-directed it is. A great script and Harrison Ford is awesome as Jack Ryan. The supporting cast, particularly Henry Czerny as the nasty CIA Operations Director, Robert Ritter, is also terrific.

    The High Def transfer looks great. I had read some complaints about it, but I saw no pixilation or artifacts. In fact, I was amazed at the detail, particularly noticeable in the stitching on clothes! I compared it to my DVD, which was grainy and couldn't compare at all.

    The True HD sound is really spectacular, highlighting the powerful and brassy James Horner score and a large array of explosions.

    If you're a fan of these films, it's definitely worth the buy. This film hasn't looked and sounded this good since it's original theatrical release!...more info
  • Clear and Present Danger
    It was an excellent movie with great acting. I would highly recomend it to any one who enjoys action/drama movies....more info
  • Action packed political thriller.
    I love Harrison Ford movies and this one has plenty of action in it, plus a political subplot that remains relevant even today....more info
  • Excellent
    Summer of 1994 produced some really good films, including this great action film with Harrison Ford. the acting was great and the story was great. it also had one of the best action sequences ever, the truck caravan scene on the streets in columbia. the director did a wonderful job to make you feel like you were in the trucks exploding around you....more info
  • A Tasty Brew
    This is one of two films based on Clancy's novels which really work, the other being The Hunt for Red October. It is certainly far superior to Patriot Games in terms of plausibility and cohesion of narrative, quality of acting, exploration of central issues, and ultimate resolution of various conflicts. I do think the escape by helicopter from one drug lord's compound was overdone but the film concludes appropriately with Ryan's final conversation with President Bennett (Donald Moffatt) and then his arrival at the subcommittee hearing chaired by Senator Mayo (Hope Lange). I still would have preferred that Alec Baldwin continue as Jack Ryan but concede that Harrison Ford is far more credible in this film than he was in Patriot Games, perhaps because he and his colleagues were working with a much better screenplay, one on which John Milius collaborated with Donald E. Stewart and Steve Zaillian. (It should be noted that Stewart and Zaillian also collaborated on the screenplay and must share at least some of the blame for Patriot Games' inadequacies. Both films were also directed by Phillip Noyce, another accomplice.) Having the President of the United States actively involved in Danger's narrative gives it a unique substance, to be sure, but also affords valuable opportunities to explore moral corruption and political expediency at the highest levels of government.

    There are several outstanding performances, including Moffatt's in a difficult role as is Henry Czerny's as Robert Ritter, deputy director of the C.I.A. and Ryan's principal adversary; also Willem Dafoe as Clark and Harris Yulin as Cutter. Anne Archer reprises her do-nothing-but-beam role as Cathy Ryan, adoring wife; James Earl Jones also reprises his role as Admiral James Greer whose health problems deny Ryan his mentor and friend's assistance when needed most. This is a "techno-thriller" in several respects but its special effects are almost never gratuitous. An important sub plot involves Moira Wolfson (Ann Magnuson) who is the F.B.I. director's administrative assistant and a key source of classified information which she provides to Felix Cortes (brilliantly played by Joaquim DeAlmeida) whom she believes to be a reputable businessman, not knowing that he is a key operative for one of the Colombian drug lords. Wolfson loves Cortes to death, literally.

    Lots of well-staged action, including an ambush of the F.B.I. director and his entourage, another ambush of American troops in the jungle (a callous and bloody betrayal by their government), a missile attack on the drug lords and their families, and the final helicopter escape by Ryan and Clark. As in The Hunt for Red October, the story line sustains the film's momentum, aided by generally solid performances. I do not consider this film an indictment of any specific administration or foreign policy. Clancy is primarily a storyteller, not a polemicist. The United States will continue to have clear and present dangers no matter who is in the White House. When this film was first released (in 1994), one reviewer suggested that it was inspired in part by some of former C.I.A. director William Casey's elaborate schemes for secret operations against the drug lords. (I have no idea whether or not that is true.) In any event, I find this a thoroughly entertaining, well-made film and look forward to seeing it again....more info

    There's just no polite way of saying this, so here goes. When Paramount DVD first issued "Clear and Present Danger" the transfer quality was...well...gosh darn awful. In fact it had to rank up there with the worst transfers I had ever seen. Now we get the new and improved, second "special" edition of this cloak and dagger thriller.
    Based on the novel by Tom Clancy, Harrison Ford is Jack Ryan, a professor and retired CIA agent who gets thrown back into the hopper when he accidentally becomes involved in a terrorist plot to assassinate one of England's Royals. The plot has heavily dated. It centers around a drug cartel and CIA agent, Jack Ryan's mission to infiltrate and stop the spread of massive drug trading into the U.S. Yeah - right!
    This latest transfer from Paramount Home Entertainment really isn't as much of an improvement as one would have hoped for. Almost gone are the excessive aliasing, shimmering and edge enhancement, abundantly present on the original DVD - but not entirely. Pixelization still plagues many of the outdoor scenes and long shots. But of more concern is the color balancing. At times flesh tones appear too pink or orange. Fine details are completely lost in the dark scenes while they occasionally appear digitally harsh during some of the day scenes. Overall the color scheme is muted, dull and muddy with a bland characteristic. Several scenes are also plagued by an opaque haze that weakens black and contrast levels. Film grain, nicks, chips and scratches are blatantly apparent throughout and, while they don't distract, they really don't add anything to the viewing experience either. The audio is presented in both 5.1 and DTS. Both versions are almost identical with the DTS bumping up the bass levels a notch. Still, at times voices seem to be centered too directly into the center speaker with little to no ambiance spread across the other channels. Some effects and screams crackle the sound field and are strident and grating on the ear.
    EXTRAS: We get a comprehensive documentary that covers all the bases and a theatrical trailer. This is Paramount doing its bare bones best and it's disappointing.
    BOTTOM LINE: Yes, this is the preferred DVD of this movie. But it's still not the way I'd prefer to watch it....more info
  • Clear and Present Danger
    Let me start off by saying simply: Clear and Present Danger is a really engrossing film. Starring Harrison Ford as CIA agent Jack Ryan and featuring well-known actors such as James Earl Jones and Willem Dafoe, CaPD is basically about a secret and illegal military campaign against the Cali cartel in Colombia, and the political strife that surrounds it.

    The film opens with a Coast Guard vessel boarding a yacht in the Gulf of Mexico, which they've discovered to have been commandeered by Panamanian drug runners and its original crew of Americans murdered. As it turns out, one of the victims on the boat was a good, no, a LIFELONG friend of the President of the US. CIA agent Ryan (Ford) comes up with a theory that the vessel was the target of retribution by Ernesto Escobedo, a Colombian drug kingpin. It seems the president's friend had been laundering money in partnership with the drug cartel, and when the money stopped rolling in, the cartel got pissed, to put it blunty. So, CIA chief Ritter (Henry Czerny) obtains secret authorization to insert a team of Special Forces to take revenge on the cartel. The team is lead by Clark (Dafoe), who promptly get down to Colombia and start kicking cartel butt. However, after Ryan discovers the disturbing truth regarding the whole issue, the troops are left stranded, and Ryan is in danger of losing his entire career. Fortunately, with some incriminating evidence and help from Clark, he is able to rescue the American commandos, take down the leadership of the cartel and a Cuban intelligence agent who helped create the whole mess, and ends up keeping his honor and integrity by testifying to the Senate about the President's and CIA's illegal actions.

    The film is well-acted and features believable characters, not to mention a complex and intriguing plot and great action scenes and effects. Definitely worth the watch, even if you're not a fan of Clancy. Having seen the film but not read the book, it's definitely on my library list now. Two thumbs up....more info
  • Good entertainment!
    I enjoyed this move quite a bit, it was pretty hard to follow in some parts, but overall it was great! Harrison Ford is great in this movie and the action scenes are awesome!
    Reccomended!...more info
  • clear and present danger
    Quality is very good and the time that it took to receive this movie was perfect. This is a very good movie...more info
  • Needs Software Update
    When I received this Blue-ray disc, I was disappointed to see that I cannot play it on my 2-year old, top of the line, Sony DVD player until I go to Sony's website and install a firm-ware update on my DVD. I haven't had time to do it yet, so I don't even know if it's possible, but something to think about before you buy....more info
  • BS
    It's bad to wage war on drug dealers in south America?!?!? I wish Tom Clancy would keep his libertarian beliefs to himself and do us all a big favor....more info
    The best of the John Ryan movies. Thrills chills and James Earl Jones. Oh, and Harrison Ford wasn't too bad....more info
  • Great Military Action Movie with Upscale Civilian Adventure!
    This Tom Clancy novel-based movie blends great military action with normal civilian life as Harrison Ford comes under attack in his suit-clad convoy of diplomats with rocket propelled grenades in the streets ruled by the drug cartels. Dramatically, he and a few others survive the attack and later fight back with vengeful patriotism. This movie also features one of the greatest footage of a carrier-based F/A-18 Hornet dropping a laser-guided bomb from over 10000 feet which glides precisely on target on the drug cartel's safe house. The special operations on the jungle below also packs action that will blow you away!...more info
  • Ryan, The Drug Cartels, And CIA Abuse
    The third installment in the cinematic series based on Tom Clancy's CIA analyst Jack Ryan, CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is a long but engrossing political action thriller that once again puts Harrison Ford, the thinking man's action film actor, in the role of Ryan.

    This time around, Ford investigates the murder of a close friend of the President (Donald Moffatt) by Colombian drug cartel hitmen. When his mentor (James Earl Jones) falls ill due to pancreatic cancer, Ford is suddenly put in charge as deputy director of the CIA. He continues his investigation of the murders and ties them in with one particular drug cartel leader (Miguel Sandoval) with whom the murdered man had a little issue with ill-gotten money,....

    But what Ford doesn't know is that, on orders from the revenge-minded Moffatt, his second deputy (Henry Czerny) and the president's national security advisor (Harris Yulin) have ordered a rogue officer named Clark (Willem Dafoe) in with a covert military team to put a huge dent in the cartel's activities. Dafoe and his team are successful at what they do, but the cartels retaliate with deadly results on Ford's friends in the FBI during a visit to Bogota. And when Ford finds out about the operation, he finds himself going down to Colombia a second time to help spirit Dafoe and the covert team out of harm's way.

    Ably directed, once more, by Phillip Noyce (DEAD CALM; PATRIOT GAMES), CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER gives Ford another chance to prove his mettle in the action genre. The suspense and CIA intrigue are all laid out exceptionally well by Noyce and his first-rate cadre of screenwriters, Donald Stewart, Steven Zaillian, and John Milius. Jones is at his usual best as the now-dying Admiral Greer, and Anne Archer returns as Ford's wife.

    But a performance really worth noting here is Czerny's as the unconsciously corrupt CIA deputy director Robert Ritter. About as uncouth and conniving a heavy as there has ever been in the movies, his performance is absolutely chilling and believable. It makes the whole notion of our government going beyong reasonable bounds even more credible than it already is.

    Some will object to the film not pandering to Clancy's right-wing political points of view or his gung-ho pro-military stance, but that isn't necessarily what this movie is about. It does not condemn covert military action, but it does question the wisdom of sending men into a war zone where the risks are extreme, the reasons for such actions are vague at best, and there is no clear exit strategy. Such points are made extremely well in this film's action format; and for those reasons, it gets the highest marks....more info

  • A bold end to a great trilogy
    Philip Noyce's vision of Tom Clancy's CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is a grand one. The viewer is swept into two different worlds, each equally sinister and secretive. Each world is displayed beautifully, but with an edge of roughness about it. Harrison Ford is great in this picture that is a great end to an "intelligent" action trilogy. Buy CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER today!

    After an American businessman and friend of the president is murdered in the Carribean, it is up to the intelligence forces to solve the heinous crime. This investigation takes new deputy director Jack Ryan on a journey through the vast world of drug cartels and the deadly game of Washington and Bogota politics. Director Noyce brings to this film a grit that Clancy's novel has, quite commendable. All in all, this is a wonderful picture that needs to be viewed.

    This film has a few flaws. Firstly, bad Latin accents and a slippery American one from Donald Moffat (the President) take away from scenes at times. Secondly, at times, the "menacing" drug lords come off as somewhat bufoonish. However, that said, this is still a great film that a fan of action, politics, and drama should own. This age 15+ picture is a must have, buy it today!...more info

  • Excellent Plot, So-So Acting...
    Harrison's acting was a little transparent this time around. The main cartel guy with the mustache, his acting was that of an amatuer. It almost ruined the whole movie. Also, the President's character seemed to be an "over the top" cliche of what we think a President should be.

    Outside of the acting and casting flaws, it was compelling......more info
  • `Patriot Games, Part II'
    Harrison Ford returns as "Jack Ryan," star of the very well-done "Patriot Games," the film adaption off the best-selling Tom Clancy novels. Also returning are Anne Archer and James Earl Jones.

    THE BAD - This isn't as intense, especially in the first half hour, as "Patriot Games" and the ending was a little disappointing with a action-scene credibility problem. Once again - it's getting to be a tired Hollywood theme - top U.S. government officials, going all the way to the President, are corrupt people, liars not to be trusted.

    THE GOOD - It's nice to see Willem Dafoe finally play a good guy. The villains in here are deceptively interesting, actors such as Joaquim De Almeida, Harris Yulin and Henry Czerny and Miguel Sandoval - not big names but recognizable and good actors. The violence is not overdone in here and when the action does occur, the sound is terrific. The best action scene was shootout in the streets with snipers firing at cars below.

    OVERALL - The positives are far more than the negatives, making this a solid thriller....more info
  • Clear and Present Danger
    The Third Jack Ryan film is marginally less exciting than PATRIOT GAMES, but still has enough impressive action set-pieces and patriotic intrigue to keep the story moving. Philip Noyce returns to helm this one, and it shows, with some exciting action scenes and the upping of the explosion ante. Especially impressive is a scene with an ambush on Ryan's car in an alley. The supporting cast is great, including Willem Dafoe as the soldiers' leader. Still, it lacks the adrenalin action that was great with PATRIOT. Nontheless, it is still an impressive action film with Harrison proving once again that when it comes to action, he's the man for the job....more info
  • Great film, great DVD
    I preface all of my DVD reviews with the following note: There are more than enough film reviews on and, quite frankly, it's a bit ridiculous. A person can scroll through scores/pages of reviews without reading a single sentence about the quality of the DVD. If you want to review or discuss a film, go to IMDB. If you're reviewing the DVD, speak to the qualities (or lack thereof) of the audio and video; mention your opinions of the plot, acting, etc. but please don't write an essay!

    Now, on to my review of the Clear and Present Danger DVD.

    VIDEO (A+): I watch my DVDs on a 34" CRT (tube) HDTV, which makes a big difference in terms of image quality. There is no technology currently on the market which surpasses CRT in terms of color, contrast, detail, and especially true black levels. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either uninformed or straight-out lying. Of course, the trade off is that CRTs are limited to a smaller screen size, but it's a compromise I'm more than willing to make. I say that to say this: people who complain about the Clear and Present Danger DVD having less-than-stellar colors, detail, or black levels must not be watching on a widescreen CRT. This DVD looks absolutely beautiful throughout; unless it is remastered years from now for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, this is as good as the film is going to look. I've seen this movie on cable numerous times over the years, but seeing it in all its anamorphic glory was like a revelation.

    AUDIO (A): A DTS track is available, but I stick with DD 5.1. It sounds almost as good as it looks. Dialogue and music are clear and well-mixed, neither intruding on or interfering with the other. Effects are nicely done, but this mix lacks a slight bit of punch compared to other action movies.

    FILM (A+): This movie is highly regarded, and rightly so. The actors and their characters create one of the greatest action-thirllers of all time. Its messages were, are, and will be real and relevant for years to come. Though more than 2 hours long, the movie is well-paced and never drags or bores the viewer. Easily one of the best and most memorable films of the 1990s....more info
  • Visually Disappointing But Audibly Exciting on Blu ray
    In typical studio fashion, Paramount has transfered this exact same master that was temporarily released on HD DVD early this year which was a mixed bag and not what these films, the fans of the films, or high def owners deserve.

    I really enjoy the first 3 Jack Ryan films, the 4th not so much because of Ben Affleck and because it's just too out of sync with the previous trilogy. The first 3 are classic political thrillers that do a great job of bringing Tom Clancy's books to the big screen. His vision and Jack Ryan character are for the most part, executed very well on these films. Many have their preferences as the stronger and better of the bunch but I like Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger individually for their own qualities and suspenseful action.

    I've seen all of the Jack Ryan's on HD DVD, and sure enough, the Blu Ray's are exactly the same. Which is too bad because Paramount didn't do a very good job remastering them and they just don't look nearly as good as they should in hi def. I suspect that many Blu Ray owners will be pretty disappointed with the lack of visual pop that they're hoping for. Each of the Jack Ryan's looks better than the one before it which is typical as newer films upgrade easier to high def. And at least they all look better than their standard def counterparts. The problem is, is that most hi def owners have seen older films than these look better than these. Which brings us to wonder, what went wrong here? Granted, these films are a difficult upgrade as most of the scenes take place inside a submarine, house, office, or outside on overcast days, making it more difficult to provide that 3D pop we're looking for. But there are specks and dirt in the transfers and while I didn't find them in abundance or distracting, I do feel it's inexcusable at this point in the Hi Def's life cycle, especially for these movies. There's no reason for them not to be squeaky clean by now, even if they're going to look a little flat. But they are the best transfers available and the best we'll see until they provide us a proper remastering. But one is due.

    The audio, well this is finally where these discs pop. And I mean POP!!! We're given some truly thunderous transfers here in Dolby TrueHD. These films sounded good to begin with on standard dvd (especially October) but these new transfers are just incredible. They easily trounce the old ones. The scores, sound effects, gun shots and explosions are absolutely thrilling. This is all moot if you don't have a proper surround system to decode and dish out the TrueHD tracks though. If thats the case, then you may want to consider keeping your standard discs if you have them because the audio is the clear selling point for the upgrade.

    Despite my dissatisfaction with the flimsy visual upgrades, I'm still satisfied with these discs. I'd recommend them for any Blu Ray (and home theater) owner looking for a worthy upgrade for their favorite Tom Clancy films. Again, I stress you'll be much more impressed by the HD audio here rather than the passable but not demo worthy HD video. I give this set a 4 out of five because even though difficult, I believe if they really wanted to, Paramount could've and should've given these films a better makeover than they got. The powerful audio will help ease the disappointment with the video. Overall, I still recommend them.
    ...more info
  • Revenge is a dangerous motive......
    (I wrote this for the original, out of stock version)

    Clear and Present Danger (1994 film)

    The third film in the Jack Ryan series (and the last one to star Harrison Ford) deals with America's war on drugs and also the abuse of power in high places. As in Clancy's original novel, the plot hinges on one crucial question: how far can a President go to achieve a laudable goal, even if the means cross moral, legal and international boundaries?

    As in the novel of the same name, the interception of an American-flagged yacht in the Caribbean results in the arrest of two Colombian "sicarios" (hit men) who have murdered the American owner (along with his entire family). The resulting FBI-CIA investigation reveals that Peter Hardin, the late yacht owner and personal friend of the U.S. President (Donald Moffat), had extensive ties to the Cali drug cartel. Hardin, as Jack Ryan (Ford) explains, had been skimming millions from his "partners," thus sealing his fate.

    Although Ryan is aware that the President is understandably upset that his late friend was a money launderer for the drug lords, he is not aware that the National Security Advisor, Admiral James Cutter (Harris Yulin) and his CIA colleague Bob Ritter (Henry Czerny) have been given off-the-record orders to do "something about the drugs pouring into the country." When the President declares to Cutter that the drug cartels pose a "clear and present danger" to the United States, the somewhat slimy admiral and Ritter unleash several covert operations within the sovereign nation of Colombia.

    While Ryan does get orders to go to Bogotš¢ and find out about Hardin's financial dealings with the Cali Cartel, he is totally unaware that Cutter and Ritter have launched Operation Reciprocity, a clandestine invasion of Colombia by Spanish-speaking special-ops troops. These forces, supervised by ex-CIA field officer John Clark (Willem Dafoe), wreak havoc as they blow up drug labs and smuggling aircraft. Nevertheless, Cutter and Ritter keep Ryan in the dark, and the upright analyst and now acting Deputy Director (Intelligence) unknowingly tells a Senate subcommittee that there are no troop deployments planned for Colombia.

    Further complicating Ryan's life is the sudden discovery that his boss and mentor, Admiral James Greer (James Earl Jones), is dying of cancer. Little does he know that his ascent to Greer's job will propel Ryan into the middle of a life and death situation in Colombia...and a constitutional crisis at home.

    What makes the Jack Ryan books and movies work is not just the slam-bam action sequences or the glimpses at the mysterious workings of the CIA, but the very notion that a CIA employee can be portrayed as an honorable and decent fellow. Tom Clancy clearly desired to show that the agents and analysts who work for the CIA are not the "dark forces" depicted in films such as "Three Days of the Condor" or "Firefox." Nor are they martini-swilling, trigger happy, bed-hopping super-spies like James Bond. Ford (like Alec Baldwin before him, and like Ben Affleck after) shows Ryan has intelligence, courage, and, above all, integrity.

    As in Patriot Games, Ford also shares a few short yet important scenes with his wife and two children. Ann Archer and Thora Birch returned to play Ryan's wife Cathy and daughter Sally, giving Ryan that most un-Bond-like sense of family and a tie to the audience.

    Although the screenplay by Donald Stewart, Steven Zaillan, and John (Red Dawn) Millius strip the huge and complex Clancy novel to its bare essentials and changes many scenes and situations, Ford's acting and Philip Noyce's able directing makes Clear and Present Danger a top-notch action thriller. Even though as in Patriot Games the ending is rendered in a good-guy vs. bad-guy shootout (whereas in the novel the ending for the villains was more subtle and thereby more chilling), this movie is still worth watching.

    The DVD I own is Paramount's first barebones release. Of course, even that is an improvement over the pan-and-scan "full screen" VHS tape I had previously owned. The movie has been restored to its original Widescreen presentation, given Dolby digital audio in both English and French, Spanish subtitles, English captions, interactive menus, and the theatrical trailer. The newer version has commentary tracks, making-of featurettes, and other extras....more info

  • Apparently directors and screenwriters cant read.
    This is a BAD film version of a GREAT book. nuf said....more info
  • The world needs more heroes
    Whether or not you're a fan of Tom Clancy novels, the plots can sure make for some great entertainment. While some of the Jack Ryan stories have had very mixed results as movies (I really did not like Alex Baldwin or Ben Affleck as the protagonist), Harrison Ford has been uniformly awesome in the role. It's just someone he was born to play if you ask me. In fact, I wish he was in every film in the series (that would have been fantastic). At any rate, Harrison Ford is fantastic in this movie, and he's surrounded by a great cast, in what has got to be my absolutely favorite modern political film (wouldn't quite call it a thriller).

    The story (as I have been told, because I've never read a Clancy novel) was greatly truncated from the book, yet still manages to tell a great story. And the story is simple. The President of the United States faces a possible scandal involving someone he knew turning up dead after crossing some dirty business partners, and as this person was a friend of his, decides to carry out his own little secret war against the drug cartel in Columbia since they've become such a thorn in his side. Harrison Ford as Ryan is a honest and straight-shooting yet lovable guy who finds himself advising the President and investigating the cartels.

    The whole story is really shown from four different perspectives. The hero protagonist is of course Ryan, and we follow him as he carries out his investigation. There is also the other government agents who are involved in the secret war and advise the president and conspire against Ryan.Then we have one of the drug lords who finds himself being attacked by the US government, and largely just gets angry and tries to figure out why everyone seems to be getting more and more ticked at him. Lastly we have the mysterious invisible man who manipulates everyone behind the scenes and spies on everyone, the REAL villain of the story in many ways.

    The drama is fantastic as several stories unfold at once, Ryan's boss (played by James Earl Jones) slowly dies of cancer, a mercenary (Willem Dafoe) commands the secret operations team including one particularly sharp shooter, and Ryan gets closer and closer to finding out the truth about everything.

    If action is your thing this movie has enough of that, with one sequence in particular being a standout. The invisible man sends assassins to take out Ryan and the people with him, and it's a supremely thrilling few minutes while rocket launchers take one one vehicle after another and Ryan tries to escape with his life and protect his friend. If you have a good sound system that sequence is a showcase. A very nice sound mix throughout this film, and the musical score by James Horner is also beautiful. The visuals are quite good also and the entire movie is very well shot, much like The Fugitive (none of that shaky hand-held garbage here!)

    The dialog in this movie is great, and the end of the film has a very satisfying climax as Ryan finds out the truth, faces down the beaurocrats who lied to him, and leads a mission to save the troops who have been abandoned by the leaders of the country.

    This film can be taken different ways, but to me it is a bold statement about integrity and nobility. In the entire movie Ryan never uses a gun even once, and he's the hero. His crusade is all about doing the right thing and believing in that, even when he discovers that he's the own one left who clings to such ideals. I'm not sure many actors could pull off such a performance and have such conviction, but Ford does a wonderful job portraying Ryan as the last good man in a country gone corrupt. It's really great stuff, and when you combine it with all the political intrigue and detective work of figuring out who is who and what is what in the investigation Ryan conducts, and the action between the troops and the Cartels, this is one great piece of entertainment with a strong message about doing what you know is right and honoring those who make sacrifices to do the same. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Fantastic Sequel To Patriot Games
    In "Clear and Present Danger," Harrison Ford once again plays Jack Ryan, the intrepid hero of Tom Clancy's novels, who was first played in films by Alec Baldwin in "The Hunt For Red October," and then by Ford in "Patriot Games."

    In this film, Ford ends up caught up in a web of danger and intrigue involving the President, the death of one of the President's closest friends, Colombian drug cartels, and CIA black-ops agents. As usual, Ryan finds himself battling against all sides to get to the truth and trying to stay alive while doing it. Ford is superb as usual as Ryan, Willem Dafoe is excellent as the leader of the black ops group, and Joaquin de Almeida plays a properly sinister and nasty villain.

    This is one of the best thrillers made by Hollywood in a long time, and should please Clancy and non-Clancy fans alike....more info
    I kept reading that the picture quality for this movie was sorry. I was blown away by how good it looked on my new Sony 350 player. Some shots had a little grain but for the most part I thought it looked great. The movie was pretty damned entertaining too!...more info
  • An excellent political thriller. Ford does Jack Ryan!
    This is a very well done film version of Tom Clancy's novel of the same name, which features his trademarked hero, Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford really has the Jack Ryan character down pat, and turns in his customary excellent performance. As always, James Earl Jones plays his part, as the CIA director, to perfection.

    The storyline here is far more complex than the two earlier Jack Ryan films, which caused me to worry that the film would either sacrifice important elements of the novel, or become so convoluted that most viewers would have difficulty following the story. Neither occurs--the movie tells a complicated political/adventure story in a crisp and coherent fashion that retains the viewer's interest. This is a very fine film.

    The basic premise is simple enough--the President decides to insert US forces into Columbia to take out certain elements of the drug cartels operating there. This is done without any permission/authorization from Congress and is therefore illegal. As might be expected, not everything goes according to plan. And of course Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) has to straighten things out. Therein lies a fast-paced and interesting story that parallels in some ways the conflict between Congress and President Reagan in the 1980s as regards the Nicaraguan Sandinistas and the Contras.

    The DVD is excellent, with very good color and sound. Fans of Ford, Tom Clancy, or simply those who like fast-paced political action thrillers will want to include this DVD in their collections....more info

  • Political Intrigue, Anyone?
    Is there anything that Harrison Ford can't do?

    Ford stars as Jack Ryan in a follow-up to the successful PATRIOT GAMES. This time out, he finds himself tightly wound into a plot involving the US's highest elected officer -- that's right, the President -- in a failed campaign of the secret drug war. The script is actually penned by Clancy (along with John Milius), and it has an air of authenticity lacking in the other Ryan thrillers: it's a real story set in real place with real villains and real consequences, which makes for a more layered thriller than GAMES or THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

    Excellent supporting performances are turned in by Anne Archer (Mrs. Jack Ryan), Willem Dafoe, and Henry Czerny....more info