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  • The Greatest John Wayne Movie Of All Time.
    This movie maybe more than any other JW movie shows how unappreciated the Big Man's acting truly was. How he had to wait until the 70's for an Academy Award, speaks volumes to exactly what is wrong with Hollywood and the Acadamy voting process. If you are are fan of JW or the WWII genre movies, you must buy this DVD. If I had to find anything wrong with the movie, it would be the directors use of model ships to simulate the battle scenes. With the cast in this movie, you would think that they could have pony'd up a little cash for some stock WWII Pacific naval footage. That being said, THIS MOVIE ROCKS! BUY IT NOW! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BUYBUYBUY...more info
  • In Harm's way...
    I also found this to be a good movie, well acted with a good multi-plot storyline. Otto Preminger had a lot of talent to work with, and made the most of it. I stumbled upon this movie late night on cable - and enjoyed it. The fact that it was in black-and-white did not even enter the picture - in fact, it added to the 'grittiness' of the story - and of the people in it. This was a depiction of war, ladies and gentlemen, people didn't have time for genteelness, for tomorrow, they could be dead! I recommend viewing of this picture. If you can get yourself a copy at a good price - then buy it! The only reason why I didn't give it five stars was the (lack of) special effects. Still, very worthy, Four Stars!!...more info
  • The Duke got a new set of some really big guns
    A great soap opera story about the US Navy in the Pacific Theatre of Operations during WWII, with a rich mixture of back stabbing, so so love affairs, a rape and some really great special effects for its time....more info
  • Wonderful movie!
    Not your typical John Wayne playing John Wayne in another John Wayne movie. This movie is around three hours long and well worth the watching. Everytime you think it is over, they throw another twist at you that brings an entirely new storyline into perspective. The only thing I will say is that you might feel a little overwhelmed the first time you watch this movie... there is a LOT of information! As a side note, I have played at the site where the movie starts. Every year, on December 6, they have a "In Harms Way" dinner and dance and get the Pacific Fleet Big Band to come out and play. It was very interesting to watch the movie having been right there playing at the same spot, though many years later....more info
  • A movie classic
    This movie is a gem. Ignore its few minor flaws like the ship-models-in-washtub special effects. And the slow pace would offend only those with the attention span of a two-year-old. On the contrary--the movie takes the time necessary for expansive character development. What makes this movie special is its realistic depiction of military command, life, and relationships. Viewers with no military experience will get a little taste of military life--its nobility, gentility, courage, stoicism, and occasional mendacity. It is a good study in command, like "Twelve O'Clock High." Twelve O'Clock High (Special Edition) One of the benefits of serving in the military is life experience--including meeting all kinds of people, good and bad. That's the case in this movie. And John Wayne gives another iconic portrayal of what it means to be an American and respond to great challenges....more info
  • Not As Good As MIDWAY
    IN HARM'S WAY is a film about World War II naval action in the Pacific beginning with the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. The movie contains a lot of battle scenes but it soon gets monotonous - especially when one realizes that model ships are used as props.

    John Wayne is the star and the supporting cast is strong. Patricia Neal and Kirk Douglas are standouts. In spite of the superior acting and the efforts of Otto Preminger as director, the film never quite achieves the same level of interest as MIDWAY which is definitely a better motion picture.

    IN HARM'S WAY received an Oscar nomination in 1965 for Best B & W Cinematography....more info

  • a five star john wayne movie,for non fans a three star war movie
    wayne is the whole show here so if you like him you'll love this 165 min. epic about the war in the pacific. starting with pearl harbor and going about 2 to 3 years into the war. most of the action happens off screen and the movie plays more like a soap opera than anything else,but like i said if you love wayne you will like this movie. give it a try....more info
  • John Wayne as a Soldier in WW2
    John Wayne within a narrow acting sphere was a superb actor. He is excellent as a man's man, a hero, a soldier, larger than life.
    If you accept this premise, than this movie is for you. Very entertaining, inspiring--MACHO....more info
  • Great Gift
    John Wayne is one of my Favorite Actors. This is a very good action packed WWII movie. I,m interested in PT Boats and WWII and this film really hit the spot. I,m proud of all of our Service Men and Women, there sacrifices continue to keep America Free and Strong. The movie was a Christmas gift from my wife. This is a movie I will watch over and over from time to time....more info
  • Take the Time
    This movie belongs on some peoples all time greatest movie lists. Not only did it have an amazing lineup led by John Wayne and Kirk Douglas but it actually had a great storyline as well. This classic movie from the World War II area is definitely worth the time spent to watch it(167 minutes). The footage and special effects were very well done especially given its 1965 creation. I would highly recommend this classic American movie even if you don't usually enjoy military and/or black and white films. ...more info
  • Anachronisms Galore
    I walked in while my significant other had this on; some blonde chick was go-go dancing around a swimming pool at a party (obviously drunk) and this morphed into pole dancing. With go-go 60's music. How can anyone take this seriously? It was set pre-Pearl Harbor. Anachronisms galore. Two stars for that alone.
    ...more info
  • not the greatest war epic but it is a whole lot of john wayne
    i love john wayne and thats why this movie gets 5 stars . it's the epic story of the war in the pacific from pearl harbor til your taking back of islands years later. wayne is a captain and douglas his second officer, when after the attack they are brought up on charges, wayne for getting almost sunk, douglas for turning to drink after his cheating wife dies during the attack. we follow them and many others thru the war and many personal stories that they have. it moves slowly and more action happens off screen than on,but i love john wayne and i love it. for non wayne fans this may be to slow and to much like a t.v. soap.
    ...more info
  • In Harms Way
    While in my opinion John Wayne gave is best in the western movies, This war picture with all the great many co-stars is one of the best he did. All the settings were done really well for the time in wich the movie was shot. I can only imagine what his movies would be like today with all the graffics of today. I feel so sadden that like John Wayne, most of the all star cast are now gone with no replacments to follow...more info
  • Gripping War Epic with the Duke
    I almost stumbled about this in the german Nightprogram and now have purchased an original DVD.
    This is a rather long, however never boring, WWII epic starting from the events of Pearl Harbor to a first victory in the Pacific in a definitely fictious "Skyhook" battle with amphibian landing and a final Sea Battle.
    Starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and the great Patricia Neal,
    i really love this movie, not because it offers so much action. If you look for this, you are better served with Midway, Tora, Tora, Tora or in the new generation Windtalkers and Thin Red Line. This is more about people at war, still trying to have lives of their own and not being fully consumated by the fury.
    Next to the three stars mentioned there are also Burgess Meredith, Henry Fonda, Dana Andrews, Brandon De Wilde (the Boy from Shane) and George Kennedy as big names.
    ...more info
  • Great cast!!! Excellent Movie!!
    This movie is far from being a typical jingoistic, flag-waving propoganda piece. It deals with several substantive issues (i.e. love, loss, rape, death, etc.) that are dveloping in people's lives at the same time as the war. Interestingly, I felt like a voyeur as I was watching the movie due to an intimate/personal filming perspective and excellent acting.

    Overall this movie for mature audiences that can accept steady character development with action being secondary.

    Big thumbs up!!...more info

  • In Harms Way
    I've watched this movie many times but always wanted to have it where I could show it to friends or family. For some unknown reason, the ID on the B-25 (PBJ) Has the number of the squadron I was a pilot in (VMB 611)
    We always showed this film at our reunions, the last one being in DC, 2005. Capt George Barnett USMCR...more info
  • Wayne's Ship Wasn't Fast Enough
    A very solid movie about the Navy in the first part of World War II. This movie isn't particularly realistic, but if you hunt hard enough you can find some similarities to some of the real people and places. Well, OK, Pearl Harbor is a real place - and it really looked like that - but you understand what I mean. Yet, rather than retell history, I think Preminger was simply trying to tell a good story.

    John Wayne plays a third generation Naval officer. The type of guy who might say, "If the Navy wanted me to have a personality, it would have issued me one and sent me to a school to use it." Thus, his main acting challenge is being stiff and ackward for most of the movie. At the very end of the movie, he does an excellent job communicating his sense of loss and frustration. For a second, I thought he was going to punch CINCPAC in the eye or cry like a girl. Instead, he decided to take a nap.

    Kirk Douglas plays one of the most unsavory characters you might imagine. A failed aviator, a not particularly successful Naval officer with a cheating wife; one is tempted to feel sorry for him until he turns into a criminal. An attempt at redemption is only sufficient to protect his name, not to earn glory.

    The ex movie writer turned intelligence officer is meant to represent the ex musicians, mathematicians, and missionaries that formed a major portion of the intelligence effort at the Combat Radio Intelligence Unit, later Fleet Radio-intelligence Unit Pacific, and still later Joint Intelligence Center Pacific. He does a good job showing that these were folks who were either really bad traditional Naval officers or folks from bizarre backgrounds. What he fails to show is the heroic effort that these folks exerted. While the staffs became quite large at the intelligence units, the very few folks who were either gifted at languages or cryptology often worked three or four days without sleep to achieve the great intelligence advantage that Nimitz later compared to an additional fleet. But I digress.

    I could go on and on about the other interesting characters and stories. John Wayne's son. John Wayne's love interest. The ensign who got a battleship underway on 7 Dec. The ensign's wife. John Wayne's son's love interest. There are a ton of sub-plots in this movie.

    This movie will mean more to you if you know a lot about World War II in the Pacific. You will keep trying to guess what "real" person each character might be modeled after or what battle actually had an event similar to the one you just witnessed. But this movie isn't just for WWII buffs, it is a solid, gritty story with enough sub-plots to keep most viewers interested.

    ...more info
  • How do Admirals feel about nurses?
    Since there are plenty of reviews, I will keep this short. There is a cavalcade of stars in this picture, all providing exceptional performances. John Wayne plays the lead and does not let us down. This is more than a war story for the alpha male. The story portrays the friendships, bonds, and romances of the characters. The story is woven very well and ties together the characters and sub-plots. The nearly 3 hours flies by.

    The special effects for the day are very good. No CGI in the day, but the battle scenes do not need it. I only detected minor use of stock footage - enemy planes flying overhead, but they made up for that with the 5.1 re-mix, so the planes sounded like they were in your media room. Apparently, there was some usage of model ships, but I did not find that bothersome.

    The transfer to DVD is very good. The widescreen picture is in black and white, but that is soon forgotten. The blips on the screen from age are negligible (I think I counted 2). There is a 5.1 re-mix sound track that is very good. The surround speakers are utilized as is the .1 low bass, but it is not exceptional. There is great surround sound within the first 15 minutes, when the viewer feels the presence of enemy planes in all corners of the room flying overhead. The bass is utilized throughout the picture, but the most resounding bass sound is near the end when the guns are in full force. Perhaps I am spoiled by the house shaking rumble of today standards, to call it exceptional.

    Overall, this is a definite purchase and stands next to Patton. This picture warrants another viewing.
    ...more info
  • Decisive Action Under Pressure
    "I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not go
    fast; for I intend to go in harm's way." - John Paul Jones

    Early in the film, Rock Torrey [John Wayne] and his exec, Commander Eddington [Kirk Douglas] observe a new heavy cruiser sail from Pearl Harbor to join the fleet, and Wayne's next line contains the movie's title: "A fast ship going in harm's way!"

    This film is about exactly that - fast ships and men going in harm's way!

    "In Harm's Way" is about decisiveness when under pressure, about thinking fast on one's feet, with no regrets.

    The scene in CINCPAC's private study right after CAPT Rock Torrey [Wayne] is promoted to Rear Admiral. CINCPAC [Henry Fonda] is rightfully impatient with Admiral Broderick [Dana Andrews], who is egotistical, but unwilling to decide to attack, much like Civil War Union General McClellan. CINCPAC recalls that Lincoln brought in a hard-nosed general named Grant who didn't care less about organization, he just pointed his battalions in the right direction, and he charged the enemy. The whole theme of the film is contained in CINCPAC's next line to Rock Torrey:

    "You're gonna be my Grant!"

    I also noticed that Director Otto Preminger briefly revisits his theme of an informant-plant as an in-house bad guy, a theme he covered more extensively with Peter Graves as the Nazi barracks spy in "Stalog 17".

    The characters all have flaws, but each one rises to the occasion when the war calls on them to give their best. Rock Torrey does not waste a second driving straight into battle, no matter how impossible the odds! This is the classic stuff of Hollywood Magic and also of inspiration!

    Buy this DVD! There is inspiration in this old film, and as with the good old Duke, the actors capture all the best things about taking brave risks and decisive action when in harm's way.

    On any level you want, "In Harm's Way" delivers!
    ...more info
  • Why this is not a 5 star movie.....
    This is a very fine John Wayne classic, with a host of well-known supporting stars. I was really looking forward to enjoying this superbly acted movie, but something kept disturbing me from time to time.....the multiple sexual references.

    I looked at the cover of the DVD and I realized that this movie was made just around the time when America was losing her innocence: open sexuality and "open sexual relationships" were beginning to flourish, and morals were becoming rather obsolete. It's sad to see this happen to an otherwise very distinguished movie. These detractors did not need to be there, but were obviously put in as a reflection of the decay of religious mores that had so firmly been a part of the American fabric only 10 years before.

    For this reason, I feel that this blockbuster movie did not deserve 5 stars....more info
  • The Best War Movie ever made!
    When I was in Viet nam, Navy in 1967, this is the only movie we had fro 38 days. We watched it every night for 38 days. I have since watched it over 100 times. If it were on TV tonight, I would watch every second....more info
  • Wayne triumphant
    The director stood on the burning deck whence all but he had fled... save for a couple of extras putting out an engine room fire in one case, manning a pair of chattering anti-aircraft guns in another. The director is Otto Preminger, and he's seen - omnipresent, really - in a trio of trailers included on the IN HARM'S WAY dvd. I'm a great fan of trailers. They help get a handle on the movie. They tell you what the movie's about - the story of the lives of survivors immediately following Pearl Harbor; introduce the big stars - John Wayne does the heavy lifting here, but this is an `epic' so there's a mess-and-a-half of co-stars; and introduce the newcomers - in this case the spotlight is on pretty young Barbara Bouchet, who Preminger appropriately enough describes as "a new face, (pregnant pause) and a new body." Ms. Bouchet has a line of dialogue in the trailers that seems to have been cut from the final picture. In any event, the new body doesn't do much but perform a slink dance with an umbrella pole, share a beach blanket and a good night's sleep with pickup Hugh O'Brien, and, most importantly, provide a reason for hubby Kirk Douglas to crawl into the bottle when he should be acting responsibly as Wayne's aide.

    Trailers are one thing, the movies they're hawking another. After bathing in the Preminger pitches I figured this was going to be yet another variation of From Here to Eternity, uncomfortably mixing melodrama with a war action drama (right,) that the special effects were going to be good (right,) and that we were going to get a healthy dose of new-body Barbara Bouchet (wrong.) Bouchet is just a slender, philandering plot device whose sole purpose is to cause hubby Kirk Douglas's chin dimple to furrow and to explain his dolorous alcoholism. After Wayne, the movie devotes most of its attention to the troubled and tragic character played by Douglas. It would have been better if they'd stopped there, but, this being an `epic' as defined in the mid-1960s, the plot is littered with annoying subplots concerning lesser stars - young naval officer Tom Tryon and fretful wife Paula Prentiss, resentful son Brandon De Wilde and his tease girlfriend Jill Haworth. These co-stars lead us to soapy diversions that are well done, but... well, heck, if you're watching a John Wayne movie you wanna see Wayne emerge triumphant after being cashiered for sailing straight when he should have zigged and zagged, and caught a torpedo in the hull for his troubles. Preminger must have liked the side stories, though. In a couple of the trailers he inserts the scene when a freshly showered and betoweled Prentiss drags hubby Tryon onto the bed and pleads with him to `Leave me with a child this time.' Preminger might get the warms and fuzzies over lines like that, but I found them slightly embarrassing and overripe.

    Still, if you're a Wayne fan it's worth the three-hour investment in time. Patricia Neal plays Maggie, a uniformed nurse who falls for the Rock (Wayne plays Capt. Rockwell Torrey.) Neal's an excellent actress with a commanding presence, and she has a couple of scenes with Wayne that are touching and a lot more honest than anything Preminger gave to Prentiss and Tryon. Douglas plays a complicated, flawed character who's given enough screen time to engage our attention and guarded affection. The action scenes are extremely well done, special effects state of the art for the time. IN HARM'S WAY would be improved if it trimmed off about an hour's worth of fatty soap, but as it stands it's worth a moderately strong recommendation.
    ...more info
  • God save the Mac(s)!
    (Hint:HE does!) I'm kind of on a John Wayne movie spree these days. When I saw that Otto Preminger directed this film, I just had to see it, easily understood if you've read any of my other reviews. I didn't know this film would be about Pearl Harbor and the beginnings of the Pacific naval campaigns. The cast is spectacular, although I don't know some of the main actors' names other than Fonda, Douglas or O'Connor. Jill Haworth, I knew of from Preminger's Exodus. Poor girl, bad things always happen to her in Preminger's films. The last half was most suspenseful for me. The sea battles looked real to me, but I'm not military. I was most moved by Paula Prentiss' character as Bev McConnell, especially when, in the middle of her military work, receives from "Rock" (John Wayne) the news that her husband, Mac, is MIA. The story was based on a book of the same name by James Bassett; the movie realistically depicts the losses and courage of the men and women, at all levels, of our armed forces....more info
  • Typical John Wayne Fluff
    I was turned off by this flic in the opening sequence, during which a young lady, dressed in typical '60s attire, danced in a typical '60s style to a '40s tune. So much for historical accuracy. John Wayne played John Wayne; Fonda played Fonda, and Meredith played Meredith. Preminger gave us all of the usual cliches, but seems to have been unaware of the importance, or even the existence, of the aircraft carrier. This is definitely a B movie, and I would recommend it only to die-hard John Wayne fans....more info
  • One of the best John Wayne Movies I've seen
    This is a great WWII action movie featuring the "Duke". Again he is paired with Patricia Neal as his 'romantic lead' (also in 'Operation Pacific' together). It begins on the December 6th, 1941 and goes on from there. This is NOT the 'shoot from the hip' type of John Wayne movie. John Wayne acts the part of the mature Captain/Admiral he portrays (much more convincingly than in The Green Berets'); down to the 'Survivor's Guilt'. It has ships, subs, airplanes, bombs, torpedoes, big guns, sailors, Marines, parachutes, spying behind enemy lines, suicide missions, romance, and everything that goes with them. Basically everything a WWII afficionado needs!

    Supposedly Premminger loved directing the Duke and it seems to show. While the coincidences are a bit contrived (his long, lost son and Kirk Douglas falling for the same girl, etc.) the powerful performances in the rest of the movie overshadow these minor glitches. It features an all-star cast - virtually a who's who of the time - with Henry Fonda (who played Nimitz again in 'Midway'), Kirk Douglas, Burgess Meridith, Paula Prentiss, Tom Tryon, Larry Hagman (no, 'Jeannie' isn't there), George Kennedy, Carrol O'Connor, Slim Pickens, et al.

    I only wish they had more Special Features on the DVD. It's a LONG movie (167 minutes) but it won't seem that way once you begin....more info