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  • It's My Bag Baby
    The enthusiasm that Mike Myers imbues in the "Austin Powers" character here is infectious. It is quite apparent that Myers loved the spy movies of the sixties that he is sending up here. This initial entry in the series is the one where the Austin character's mojo is really working. To boot, he also created another memorable character in Austin's chief nemesis, Dr. Evil, kind of a Ed Sullivan-like Eastern European villain. Elizabeth Hurley is Babe-ilicious. And any film that revives the careers of Robert Wagner and Michael York can't be all bad. The only debit here is Myers reliance on toilet humor for laughs. ...more info
  • Groovy, Baby!
    Austin Powers is one of those movies that was created to make you laugh. Mike Myers is good at playing multiple roles- Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. The movie relies heavily on funny lines, like the sea bass line and the bathroom scene. Those of you who have seen the movie will know what I mean. And also, the people who say this movie is stupid don't know what they're talking about. They probably just don't appreciate movies like this and Airplane!. Of course, if they hate Airplane! to, their nuts! So this movie earns 5 stars just for making people laugh!...more info
  • Yeah, Baby
    Austin Powers is one of the funniest characters to ever grace the screen. The spy spoof movie series is fantastic and it all started with this hit movie.

    Austin Powers is pretty simple to follow. Dr.Evil(Myers)has escaped from his cyro-genetics and is now in the 1990's. He has plans for world domination and his evil empire is doing great since he was frozen 30 years ago. The world can't let Dr. Evil rule it, so Austin Powers(Myers) Englands greatest secret agent is unfrozen from his cryo state and sent to stop Dr.Evil. He is not alone as he has the beautiful Vannessa(Hurley) there to help him bring down Dr. Evil.

    Mike Myers is a comic genius. Very few people in the world can match his comic intelligence. This movie is fantastic. Myers wrote the perfect script with this movie and it's hilarious. You have to love how much this movie spoofs spy movies.

    When you think spy movies you think James Bond. The spoof of Bond in this movie is done to perfection. From the costumes, music, characters, it is all there. Other spy movies are spoofed in this as well like Our Man Flint. If you love spy movies you have to appreciate this movie and the way it pokes of fun of them.

    I liked Elizabeth Hurley in the movie. She is absolutely gorgeous in the movie and this role works for her. She is to often a miscast in her moives and her sex appeal is suppose to carry her. It's not much different in this, but she fits the characters personality and this is the best role she has ever played.

    I love all the cameos in this movie. Like all the great movies with former SNL cast members this movie is jammed full of cameos of Hollywood stars. You have Will Ferrell, Ceri Oteri, Rob Lowe, Carrie Fisher, and Tom Arnold to name a few. I get a kick out of it everytime I watch this, because I almost always see something new.

    The DVD extras are good. There are some alternate endings and deleted scenes. There is commentary from Myers. The special features are decent.

    This is a great movie. It's comedey at it's best and it has all the elements of the genre. It's one of the best ever made. If you love comedies you have to pick this one up and the same if you like spy movies. If you haven't seen this go get out from the rock you've been living under and prepare yourself for a good time....more info

  • Groovy Baby!!
    I have to laugh my head off when I read negative reviews from people who say the movie is stupid. Gee, you think?. It is supposed to be. Some people, like the one star review below, were completely lost on the joke. Over their heads. So many don't understand comedy like that. Mike Meyers created one of the funniest and most memorable comedic characters of the last decade with this hilarious and silly and over the top comedy spoofing the James Bond series. Auatin Powers is a British spy with horrible teeth and a raging libido. Austin's main arch nemesis is Dr. Evil(also played by Meyers), who, with his bald head and cat and manner of speech is an obvious spoof of recurring 007 villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Evil freezes himself and programs the cryogenic chamber to unthaw him in the late 1990's. Austin decides he will do the same thing so he can be there to stop Dr. Evil with his dastardly scheme for global domination. Did I mention that Austin was also a photographer by day?. The guy just never stops. There are rumors that Meyers also fashioned the Dr. Evil character after his old boss, "SNL" maestro Lorne Michaels. Seth Green(who seems to pop up all the time)is hilarious as Scott Evil, Dr. Evil's angst ridden teen son. There scenes together are priceless. Equally as good is Mindy Sterling as Evil's assistant. Robert Wagner(does this guy age?)plays Number 2, another henchman. "SNL"'s Will Ferrell pops up as well. The 'girl' is none other than the lovely and beautiful Elizabeth Hurley, as Vanessa Kensington. A most perfect choice in the casting department if you know what I mean and I think you do. This movie is written, designed, filmed, and acted with the intention of just having a good time. This isn't comedy that'll make you think days afterwards. This is pure popcorn cotton candy people. Meyers is a master at different characters. He really brings them to life with their very own characteristics and mannerisms. He is brilliantly talented. The movie has many laugh out loud moments that make this movie the best spoof in many a moon. Again, the humorless droids who ridicule it as stupid have obviously missed the point. Of course it is. You may think your bashing it, but your basically saying that it did what it was supposed to do and it succeeded. Totally lost on those people. "The Spy Who Shagged Me" was even better, and now "Goldmember" is coming up. Let's hope that Austin and Dr. Evil have more adventures down the road. Oh behave!!....more info
  • Who's Your Uncle
    This is one of the best movies of the 90's. Elizabeth Hurley is one of the hottest women alive! ...more info
  • Very funny movie
    Mike Myers is terrific in two roles, playing both the hero and his nemesis, Dr.Evil (remember it's Dr.Evil--he didn't go to years at evil medical school to be called Mr.Evil!) This movie was very enjoyable. Myers is great, and so are Elizabeth Hurley, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, the woman who plays Frau, and a few others. This is basically a spoof of James Bond, and it works. I can't too highly recommend this movie, and also its sequel, which is just as good....more info
  • *These ... are pretty funny!!!*

    This movie was a riot, but the sequel, in my opinion was much more funny. These movies are supposed to be silly, if you're looking for a serious movie with lots of symbolism maybe you should buy Citizen Kane. (That one was good too!) :)...more info
  • Good Features, but the Film is Cut...
    Austin Powers is undoubtedly one of the funniest films of the 90's. However the film on this DVD is cut. Offered as Deleted Scenes, the cuts were part of the film when screened and released in Australia. The Region 4 release of Austin Powers has all the features of this release and the film is uncut.

    I recommend the movie, but not this DVD....more info
  • Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
    first is that Austin Powers if very, very hilarious, the movie shows that Austin Powers had been frozen in 1969, and in the 2nd one they said he had been frozen since 1967, or at least thats what i think, cuz i havent watched this movie in a long time, but its very funny, and i think u should buy it...more info
  • Crude, lewd, yet outrageously entertaining!
    The brainchild of former Saturday Night Live cast member Mike Myers (Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2), Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery burst onto the Hollywood landscape in 1997 and made a beeline for the cult classic Hall of Fame. A parody/satire of the popular James Bond films of the past several decades, Austin Powers gave birth to a number of quirky and famous characters such as Austin himself, Dr. Evil, Scott Evil, and (later) "Mini-Me". Sporting some of the most outrageous antics and bathroom humor in the history of film, Austin Powers successfully utilizes its play on the James Bond series (because it so parallels the films) to create a memorable movie that will keep you laughing for two hours plus...

    Mike Myers plays the role of Austin Powers - international man of mystery. Frozen in a cryogenic chamber since the 1960s, Austin is thawed out in the 1990s in order to take on his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil (who has also been frozen during that time period). A free-love advocate, Austin makes an immediate play for his new partner Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), daughter of his former spy partner Mrs. Kensington (Mimi Rogers).

    Meanwhile, Dr. Evil collaborates with his entourage which consists of Number Two (Robert Wagner), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), and others. He develops a plan to steal a nuclear weapon and hold the world hostage for... one million dollars! No. Make that one trillion dollars!!! To carry out his task, Dr. Evil must not only face down Austin Powers and his beautiful partner, but he's forced to grapple with the common-sense, quasi-evil tendencies of his son Scott Evil (Seth Green) with whom he's constantly fighting. Can Austin Powers save the world? Or will Dr. Evil succeed in holding the world hostage?

    The success of Austin Powers is wholly attributable to the unique comic mind of Mike Myers who not only starred in the leading roles, but who also wrote the screenplay. Myers' portrayal of Dr. Evil steals the show with his evil laugh, diabolical grin, and propensity for all things evil (such as "evil petting zoos"). His soliloquy while receiving family counseling with Scott ranks as not only one of the best scenes in the film, but among the best scenes from any comedy film ever made. Elizabeth Hurley also turns in a good performance as Austin's partner Vanessa (doing a far better acting job than the verbally-challenged Heather Graham who always seemed to be reading from cue-cards in the Austin Powers sequel).

    Meanwhile, Will Ferrell (of SNL and Elf fame) makes a notable appearance as Dr. Evil's henchman, Mustafa. His is a recurring character in later films. Overall, Austin Powers is one of the funniest films you'll ever see. Unless outrageous comedy is simply not your cup of tea, I can't think of any reason not to recommend this film. Although the sequels are hilarious in their own right, the original is the best (as is often the case), and that's why Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery is a definite must-see film...

    The DVD Report...more info
  • The worst of SNL scattered across 2 hrs.
    I don't even know where to begin. Obviously, I didn't like the movie. Not for any plot point or story element. This was supposed to be a comedy, a goofball parody of James Bond spy-films. I understand that, and as I sat down to watch it I kept that firmly in mind. I wasn't looking for anything cerebral, I was just hoping to enjoy myself and have a good time.

    It was just unfunny.

    'Austin Powers' have about three different types of jokes; Jokes that are bad and fall flat, jokes that are bad, fall flat and are repeated, and finally jokes that are bad, fall flat and are repeated several times more. This film had all the worst of SNL, including the shows credo of 'Run that joke into the ground'. All the gags and jokes were so telegraphed, so obvious and lame. Not a single bit of thought or wit could be traced anywhere in the script. I just can't get why people found this funny. I thought the 60's theme was fun and some of the cameo's were cute, but Mike Myers has this look on this face everytime he tells a joke, like 'I know I'm so funny'. I remember the same look from kids in my high school drama class. How sad.

    Oh well. 'Austin Powers' has a fan following, and far be it from me to question why it's so popular. But please, don't try and tell me this is funny....more info

  • 70s, as seen from the 90s, as seen from the 00s
    This is good, goofy, sophomoric fun - and I mean 'sophomoric' in the high school sense.

    It combines broad double entendres, satire of the spy genre, a send-up of 70s fashion, and a little potty humor. Come to think of it, the 70s fashions were already exaggerated about as far as they could go. Just showing them as they were, or at least the most egregious examples, is satire enough.

    If you want something to think about, think twice about seeing this movie. Otherwise, kick back, put your brain in neutral, and accept it for its pure silliness.

    //wiredweird...more info
  • Shagadelick comedy.
    Austin Powers is a funny goof ball Mike Myers comedy about a stupid 70's agent that is frozen so he can stop his enemy Dr. Evil,both played by Mike Myers.It's funny because of all the 70's lines like shagadelick,ya baby,and just how stupid Mike Myers can act.It's not as funny as Waynes World and is better than WW2 it proves it's point.All these actors(mostly played by Mike Myers)are all really funny.

    The DVD isn't that good witch is why I am giving this review a 4,if I just had to rate the movie I would give it a 5.I hope if you see this movie and hope my review was helpful....more info

  • ONe of the most funny movies ever made
    I stayed away from this movie for a whilesince it looked like [bad], but i bought the VHS copy I never laughed so hard.
    I love the bond films so this of course this was extra funny for me but then if you don't like bond you will still laugh, it's just as funny....more info




  • hillarious
    i swear this movie was made for mike meyers. only he can do this film, austin powers is a really funny and a really good movie....more info
  • Hidden Movie Trailer
    In the Main Menu, select the 'Cast Bios' entry and pick Mimi Rogers' biography. Then select the 'Star Highlight' entry in her filmographie, you'll be able to watch the full theatrical trailer to New Line's movie 'Lost In Space' in 5.1 Dolby Digital. If you select Tom York and Mrs. Hurly in the 'Star Highlight', it will also bring up outtakes from some of their movies, including on scene of Mrs. Hurly in a very sexy outfit.

    Also, Scroll down to groovy scenes and then press right to highlight the new line logo and press enter....more info

  • International man of shagging
    Mike Myers is rapidly becoming, if he isn't already, the heir apparent to Mel Brooks in the sense that he is a master of jokes based on bodily functions. AUSTIN POWERS--INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY has all the elements of scatalogical humor: urination, fornication, masturbation, penis enlargement (almost anything to do with the penis really), allotta fagina, femmebots with gun barrel breasts... jeez, he even has a long scene in a toilet booth (with a fun cameo by Tom Arnold). And like Brooks, Myers is a master of movie genre satire. If Brooks had taken on a 007 spoof, it would pretty close to this. And Brooks would play multiple roles as well.

    Still, Myers is to be congratuated for his undoubted originality. His interpretation and reinterpretation of 60s and 70s pop culture, which he also demonstrated a mastery of in WAYNE'S WORLD, is his own. Part Bond movie, part Laugh-In, part sci-fi, all hilarious, AUSTIN POWERS is one of the best comedies to have emerged in the 90s....more info
  • A 90's comedy classic!

    In 1967, British hip swinger and spy Austin Danger Powers (Mike Meyers) battles his arch-nemesis Dr. Evil (Mike Meyers) as they both are frozen for a long time in cryo-genetic experiments. 30 years later, Dr. Evil has landed in Nevada and wakes up from his frozen slumber so he can be reunited with most of his henchmen like Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterlin), Mustafa (Will Ferrell) and Number Two (Robert Wagner) as they come up with a brilliant scheme to get one hundred billion dollars from the world embassy so he can take over the world. In the UK, Basil Exposition (Michael York) who works for the UK goverment unfreezes Austin as he joins up with sexy British intelligence agent Venessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley) to Las Vegas so he can foil Dr. Evil's plans.

    Co-starring Seth Green, Mimi Rogers and Carrie Fisher, this exciting and non-stop funny comedy is one of the best comedies of the 90's. Written by Mike Myers himself, this movie is a geninuely hilarious satire on the James Bond flicks with cameos by Christian Slater, Tom Arnold, Clint Howard, Charles Napier, Lois Chiles, and Rob Lowe. Liz Hurley is sexy as hell in this movie and Myers is hilarious as both the villain and hero, it's a hip and psychedelic comical journey of a movie that spawned two sequels with one new sequel coming out 2009 or 2010 as this a must see comedy experience.

    This DVD has some groovy extras like audio commentary, deleted scenes with alternate endings, special cameo menu, trailer, "Music to Shag to" original animated sequence, Cast and filmmaker bios and filmographies, Star Highlights which show the stars of the movie in several other movies, and Swedish Made Penis Enlarger Pump question test....more info
  • Mike Meyers Is Extremely Talented!
    Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery is a film that you can only enjoy if you are prepared to have a great time and accept everything you are going to see as a fun experience.

    Mike Meyers is a creative genius. He has comic timing, clever wit and a talents surplus of hidden personalities (with voices) inside him. They must have had a great time making this. The story is relatively simple - Dr. Evil (also played by Meyers) wants to take over the world and the only person/agent (of all the secret agency in the world) is Austin `Danger' Powers.

    Frozen in the 60's and revived in the 90's, Austin Powers needs to find and stop Dr. Evil from blowing up the world. Elizabeth Hurley plays the daughter of his original agent back in the 60' (Played by Mimi Rodgers) who teams up with Austin to find and stop Dr. Evil. Michael York gives a stellar performance as the headquarters assignment coordinator who gives Austin all his assignments.

    The DVD extra's are great. The missing sequences and the original trailers and more. The commentary is my favorite on this. Mike Meyers and director Jay Roach have some great comical and interesting comments on the making of this movie.

    Due out this Friday, (7-26-02), Goldmember is the Third Austin Powers film and if it half as good at this one and The Spy Who Shagged Me - it will be wonderful! Austin Powers is a great comedy to own!...more info

  • Satire of all 'swings' Sixties
    It would be worthless for me to repeat what other reviewers have said here before me, as regards the fun spoofy plot and the thoroughly enjoyable crass humor. I'll add that it's a bit of a classic, great fun especially if you already know Blow Up, early 007 movies, and A Hard Day's Night.

    I just want to mention that the VHS issue has on it several extras... alternate endings and deleted scenes (including one of the excised Rob Lowe scenes, although not the one in which Lowe is shown as a henchman inside Dr. Evil's lair... Asian audiences got to see that version).

    Good, silly fun, but too much sexual content for kids under 13....more info

  • Hilarious doesn't do this one justice
    Take aspirin, because you'll need it for the sore muscles you'll get laughing yourself silly! Austin Powers shags his way through time in this rollicking spy spoof. The puns and cameos alone are worth the price - how nice to see Burt Bacharach again. Don't miss this one!...more info
  • a classic of modern spoof humor
    Having just seen this on VH1 recently, I have to admit I had forgotten how hilarious this movie is. So many good parts: fighting the Irish hitman in the bathroom ("Show that terd who's boss!!"), the cop who just wouldn't move out of the way....("NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" ::crunchcrunch::), the INSANELY HOT Allota Fagina ("May I wash you?"), and the mishap of the freezing of Mr. Bigglesworth are just a few examples of classic moments in this movie. The movie parodies classic moments from the Bond series as well as other things such as post-mortem one-liners common in action movies like Commando and Die Hard (listen to Austin after he kills the guard near the sea bass tank near the end......hilarious). All in all this is a pure ninteies classic that is worth seeing again and again. HILARIOUS!...more info
  • The worst of SNL scattered across 2 hrs.
    I don't even know where to begin. Obviously, I didn't like the movie. Not for any plot point or story element. This was supposed to be a comedy, a goofball parody of James Bond spy-films. I understand that, and as I sat down to watch it I kept that firmly in mind. I wasn't looking for anything cerebral, I was just hoping to enjoy myself and have a good time.

    It was just unfunny.

    'Austin Powers' have about three different types of jokes; Jokes that are bad and fall flat, jokes that are bad, fall flat and are repeated, and finally jokes that are bad, fall flat and are repeated several times more. This film had all the worst of SNL, including the shows credo of 'Run that joke into the ground'. All the gags and jokes were so telegraphed, so obvious and lame. Not a single bit of thought or wit could be traced anywhere in the script. I just can't get why people found this funny. I thought the 60's theme was fun and some of the cameo's were cute, but Mike Myers has this look on this face everytime he tells a joke, like 'I know I'm so funny'. I remember the same look from kids in my high school drama class. How sad.

    Oh well. 'Austin Powers' has a fan following, and far be it from me to question why it's so popular. But please, don't try and tell me this is funny....more info

  • Mediocre
    I waited a long time to see this movie. It sounded stupid and wasn't worth my time. I finally saw it and I wasn't much off the mark. It is one of those movies that you see just because so many other people have. Has some moderatley funny parts, but none that really made me laugh. I like that they used Kurt Bacharach and music from earlier films (e.g., Casino Royale). It was neat to see some toned-down 60s flashbacks, if just to get it out of your system. Overall, I wouldn't see it on its own right, but it is a "societal" movie that needs to be waded through....more info
  • Austin Powers
    Austin Powers is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. The movie is a laugh out loud riot, and it'll have you begging for more. The story is about a secret agent that's cryogenically frozen for thirty years, so he can catch his old time adversary Dr. Evil. Although the story is a bit far fetched and predictable, it doesn't ruin the film. The movie does a great job making fun of one of America's outragious decades, and it pokes fun at a lot of spy movie cliches. With so many sexual jokes about the sixties, this film never stops being interesting. Overall, it's a great film to enjoy.

    Also, the DVD has an incorrect framed transfer.
    The DVD presents the film with a ratio of 1.93:1, when the film's ratio is actually 2.35:1. ...more info
  • Clever, but not very good ,60's Spy parody
    It's a real shame that this movie just isn't very funny. As a lifelong Bond/Avengers/Saint/60's Brit-espionage fan, I can attest that the genre is just dying for a great send-up. If only this were it. The movie is pretty clever, and picks its targets unerringly, constantly zeroing in on everything from GOLDFINGER, to Harry Palmer's "Herman's Hermits" glasses, to Emma Peel's unforgettable leather catsuit. The faux-fab look of the movie is excellent, and even Mike Myers' Brit accent holds up 90% of the time. So, what's the problem? Well, the movie just isn't very funny. The jokes are lame, repetitive,obvious, and generally just outright dreadful.I mean, make no mistake, the humor here is just flat-out pitiful.You groan a lot while watching this movie, and not in pleasure. In fact, Myers pretty much steals the film from his own main character, with his best-thing-in-the-movie turn as the Donald Pleasance-ish Blofeld takeoff, ingeniously named "Dr. Evil". Plonkingly obvious name aside, Dr. Evil (and his Generation X "son") are by far the best thing in the film. And yet this movie is a comic masterwork compared to the two indescribably repetitive sequels, the first of which (THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME) literally repeats every lousy gag from the first one,adding virtually nothing, then the second (GOLDMEMBER) does... exactly the same thing!(On the other hand, the first 8 minutes or so of GOLDMEMBER may be the funniest sequence in any of the three films, then, CRASH!) The worst thing about these movies is that their baffling mega-success pretty much pre-empts anyone else who might do a really good spy parody (One other has been made since Myers' film, the talented Rowan Atkinson's JOHNNY ENGLISH; It, unfortunately, is a stinker as well. Go figure). At any rate, I pray nightly that there won't be a fourth AUSTIN POWERS movie, which would likely be worse than being fed to sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads....more info
  • the first time is special
    Original films on which sequels are based normally loose some of their legacy, eclipsed as it were by the mediocrity of disapointing follow-ups. The first AUSTIN POWERS, if had remained the only AUSTIN POWERS movie, would be more appreciated and remembered now for the unique and surprising comedy that it is. Sorta came out of nowhere didn't it?

    Well, here's to the first AUSTIN POWERS, not that the sequels are terrible. He didn't hook up with Beyonc¨¦ Knowles in GOLDMEMBER and I hope that's not cause she's a chocolate honey like a friend suspected. (I myself was skeptical, but NEVER put it past a major film company.) Wonder what Heather Graham has been up to. She's a doll, but don't express personality like Elizabeth Hurley. Graham was a lot better as Roller Girl in BOOGIE NIGHTS. Maybe it was the skates. Anyway. And here's to Elizabeth Hurley. Ooo La La. ...more info
  • Oh behave!
    Heh heh. How could you hate this movie? It's a classic.

    The story goes like this, in 1967, secret agent Austin Powers [a ladies man] sees his nemesis, Dr. Evil freeze himself and escape in a Big Boy, Austin decides to freeze himself in case Dr. Evil ever returns. Thirty years later, the Big Boy returns to Earth and Dr. Evil is revived. So the agents revive Powers, but both have one helluva time getting to adjust. That's the plot without spoilers.

    This movie is HALARIOUS! Filled with over-the-top sixtie's sexual humor [I want to "shag" ya baby! Allotta Fagina], to the humor of Doctor Evil and his son, Scott, this movie will make you laugh your "meat and two veggies" off! You are gonna shag over this movie!...more info