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Moultrie Game Spy I-40 Infrared Flash Game Camera
List Price: $219.99

Our Price: $159.99

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Product Description

Moultrie GameSpy 4.0 Infrared Flash Digital Camera Leave nothing to chance when you scout with a Moultrie infrared trail camera. Equipped with a quick one-second trigger time 150-day battery life and no visible white flash you wont miss a shot. The Game Spy I-40 scouting camera features: Infrared cameras with no visible white flash 4.0 Mega pixels One-second trigger time 150-day battery life 50-ft flash Easy-read photo strip Temperature moon phase time date and camera ID on every photo and video Color day pictures Day and Night video clips Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up Time lapse mode Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots) Upgradeable software Weather-resistant airtight camera housing and seal Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (sold separately) Mfg No: MFH-I-40 Manufacturer: Moultrie Feeders

  • ?Infrared cameras with no visible white flash
  • 4.0 Mega pixels
  • Rapid response time captures moving game
  • 150-day battery life w/ 50' flash
  • ?Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo and video

Customer Reviews:

  • sadman
    i used this camera for about 3 weeks and the thin plastic webstrap bracket on the unit broke. the camera does not mount to a tree properly without that webstrap bracket. i got a return authorization from moultrie to repair the poor design. later, they changed their mind and said the damage was not covered under warranty. because of the poor webstrap bracket design and not being able to mount the unit to a tree with the webstrap they provide, i threw the camera in the trash can. i learned a $200+ lesson. ...more info
  • wildlife camera
    These two items were delivered promptly at a great price. I am already using three others on the ranch and have found them to be quite satisfactory for the price....more info
  • Not ready for market
    The first thing I had to do was download and update the camera software. Most IR photos came out as "white outs", the upgrade fixed that but the camera switches to IR mode in anything but bright day light. The IR filter actuator makes enough noise that deer can hear it and look at the camera.
    I think I would have been with a normal white flash trail camera that takes good color photos day or night. I hope Moultrie can fix the problems with software updates. With six days to deer opener I don't have time to do anything but try to get some useful photos.
    ...more info
  • moultrie I40 game camera
    daytime pictures are great- night pictures good. vrey good value for the money. Just ordered my second camera. ...more info
  • Great addition
    While this is the only trail camera I've purchased, it works great in the 3 months that I've owned mine. There are minor issues such as the difficulty in removing the SD card, but overall the quality of the photos is very good. There is one other issue I've heard people complain about, and that is the occasional "white" photo that you get. I still can't figure out why this happens, but it only occurs about once every 25 photos. Finally, the infra-red flash is worth the extra money in my opinion and the time/date stamp feature works great and keeps time just fine. But again, this is the first trail camera I'm owned and thus, I don't have anything to compare the Moultrie I-40 to....more info
  • Outstanding
    I bougt one of these cameras recently and it works very well. The pictures look great even in dark conditions....more info
  • I40
    Great pictures. Batteries last a long time. The only reason I don't give this camera a 5 star rating is because of the cheap strap that you use to mount it with. Just be sure not to tighten it too much....more info
  • Awsom Pictures.
    The advertised Battery life appears to be realistic. My dad and I put the Camera out where it ran taking 1200 to 1500 pictures for about 5 weeks and the battery life was still showing around 80%.

    The picture clarity is very good, with deer often visible at distance beyond 150 ft. in the day light with color pictures.

    This camera has outperfomred my expectations and I have already recommended it to others. I really really like this camera. ...more info
  • Moultrie does not stand behind their product
    I bought the camera October 2007....ants somehow found their way inside,this camera was supposed to be built to keep out the weather and such. I sent it in for repair and they said it was not working, duh, and that they could not replace it. I will not buy another and I think you should cosider some other product. It did take good day time photos but the night time photos were not good....more info
  • Moultrie I40 Game Spy Review
    Let me say that I like my product just fine. I think it is a product that offers a good value. Like other game cameras, it has its own set of issues. It takes good daylight images and the night images are okay. I currently own 3 game cameras, two of which are I40s and if I need more, I won't hesitate to get another I40.

    There are some shortcomings to the camera, however. Some of these shortcomings are things common to game cameras and something I didn't realize when I first started using game cameras (this information for those buying their first game cam).

    You can shoot video, but the color on my I40 cameras is poor in video mode.

    Night video segments are apparently limited to just 5 seconds at a time.

    As an adult male, changing out SD cards (how I get my images, putting in a blank and taking the card with images home to download) is tough because the slot in which you need to reach with your fingers is narrow. This is impossible with gloves.

    Be careful in closing the camera. The O rings that keep moisture out are a bit delicate. It isn't a problem if you are careful, but you need to be careful.

    There is a delay between motion sensing and when the camera takes a picture or starts a video (not just an I40 issue). This isn't a problem if the camera is set up to watch a feeder. It is a problem if you are using the camera to watch for animals passing by down a trail. Animals can trip the sensor and walk past the camera before the image is taken. So the camera needs to be pointed down the trail and not across it in order to be more successful.

    At night, the images tend to be blurry. This is a product of the IR illumination and slower shutter speed (not just an I40 issue). You don't have the same problem with white light flash cameras, but they can scare animals.

    You can end up with a LOT of blank images simply due to the impact of wind (not just an I40 issue). If you put your camera on a tree that sways in the wind, the relative movement of the ground or other foliage relative to the swating camera will cause it to sense motion and take a picture. There is motion, but no animals.

    Some good points...
    Not expensive given the features you received, picture quality, etc.

    The multi-shot mode makes for some interesting 'catches'

    With a 1 or 2 gig SD card, you can get hundreds and hundreds of images on the highest resolution setting without filling the card.

    The batteries do quite well unless you are shoot dozens of video clips a day (mine were set at 30 seconds) during a highly windy day or put the camera on a swaying tree and taking hundreds of pics a day.

    The controls are pretty easy to use.

    The aiming laser is nice.

    As noted, if I need another one, I will be happy to buy an I40 again. ...more info