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Lowepro Flipside 300 Backpack (Artic Blue)
List Price: $99.00

Our Price: $67.46

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Product Description

The Flipside series of camera backpacks provides a secure and comfortable carrying option for a digital SLR camera with a lens attached along with additional lenses and accessories. This compact backpack features a lightweight design providing back-panel access to camera gear, ensuring equipment will be safe and protected. Designed to provide peace of mind for photo enthusiasts are on the go, out on assignment, vacationing or just shooting with friends and family, This backpack also has a back entry that provides easy access to all areas of the main compartment as well as extra security when worn. This Flipside backpack has a removable accessory pouch enables users to carry cables, chargers, manuals and other peripherals when they need them, and leave accessories behind when they don't. The durable, water-resistant outer fabric protects equipment against moisture and scratches and a detachable waist belt plus an adjustable sternum strap provide a customizable fit for lightweight comfort. Additional features include SlipLock accessory loops that expand carrying capabilities via SlipLock compatible pouches and a mesh side pocket to keep a water bottle, cell phone or other items accessible. The detachable waist belt and adjustable sternum strap stabilize the pack and distribute weight evenly ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for photo enthusiasts keeping up with the most rigorous of schedules. The main compartment of the Flipside 300 accommodates one pro digital SLR with 80-200mm f/2.8 lens attached, plus 2-4 additional lenses or flash units.

  • Back entry compartment provides easy access to equipment as well as extra security when pack is being worn
  • Removable accessory pouch allows you to take cables, chargers, manuals and other key accessories with you when you need them or easily left behind when you don?t
  • Hideaway tripod holder carries a compact tripod or monopod when you need it and easily concealed when you don?t
  • Tough water resistant outer fabric protects against moisture and abrasion
  • Detachable waist belt and adjustable sternum strap helps to stabilize pack, distribute weight evenly and ensure carrying comfort when you need it

Customer Reviews:

  • Finally - a Functional yet Practical & Affordable Camera Bag!
    For years I've made do with an old camera bag that was "The" bag...25 years ago but despite the faded appearance, downright ragged look and relatively small size I couldn't bring myself to part from it simply because I was unable to find anything functional yet affordable that came closs. Recently I changed camera's and purchased a few new items which meant I had to break down and purhcase a new bag - the other was simply unable to fit the new camera with grap plus lens.

    I started out buying a Tamrac messenger 7 thinking it would work - I only have three lens, the camera plus grip and the typically assorted misc. Unfortunately, as soon as it arrived it became obvious the Tamrac was not meant for a camera with grip attached. I fiddled with the inserts every way possible to no avail - the fit was bulky at best and left me fearful of an inadvertent breakage.

    Trying to make it work I purchased a "fanny pack" to switch all the accessories to plus a couple of lens packs/case to provide extra cushion. While both were a good deal and provided the protection I needed the entire situation was gettting out of hand - too much to keep up with and difficult to access.

    Finally, I decided to try out this Lowepro...great choice! It provides much more protection than the Tamrac bag, is easy to access, actually fits my camera - with grip, 3 lens (1 zoom, 2 prime) plus assorted misc. Easy to organize, easy to carry, easy to access and easy on the budget.
    Wish I had bought this one first. Actually has a little room to grow if needed - or just enough space to put in a few extras without having to wrestle every time you access the camera or want to change a lens. All in all an excellent value!...more info
  • perfect for hiking
    Perfect for hiking with all my gear. My neck was getting sore using my old sling bag. This backpack is small enough to haul around the trails, but big enough to hold ALL my gear. It's very comfortable, and has a strap to carry my tripod. I currently carry a Nikon D70 with a 300mm, 50mm, and kit lens. It has plenty of room for more gear, including a fourth lens. I'm stoked with this bag. ...more info
  • Great backpack for your DSLR
    I bought this for my wife. She has a couple of Nikons and a bunch of lenses. They all fit into this backpack which surprised the heck out of me. (obviously not huge lenses) She is very happy with the backpack as it does provide a degree of security having the opening at the back. I've worn it too and it feels very comfortable on your back. It can be a pain not having easy access to the camera all the time but you can't have it both ways - easy access for you would mean easy access for others too. I checked out a bunch of backpacks before choosing this one and stand by that choice. Great product....more info
  • Lowepro Flipside 300 Backpack (Red)
    Back pack color and durability is great. However, it lacked mini pockets for little misc items like batteries, charger etc.

    It is roomy to fit my: Canon 40d with 16-35mm attached to it (without hood), support my 580exII, 70-300mm, 15mm fisheye, 50mm, st-e2....more info
  • A great idea!
    I like the design of this bag a lot. I have always been concerned about others getting into my pack when it is on my back and now they can't. Nice for someone who does not have a lot of equipment. Love the design and can't wait to go on my first outting with my new pack. ...more info
  • Very practical
    I find this to be very practical and easy to handle. I have an EOS 1D Mark III and it fits well with a nice telephoto lens. Tripod also fits well on the back. Great for travelling....more info
  • Great, dedicated camera bag + will fit a netbook!!
    As a college student, i purchased this bag to accomodate my canon 5d, 16-35 mk 1 lens, 85mm 1.8, 580 ex II, gary fong diffuser, batteries, cf cards, white balance cards, and also a mini aluminum tripod.

    The purpose of choosing this bag and choosing say a fastpack 350 or 250, was the fact of price and value. This bag offers great value with a very clean/non-bloated design that will also accomodate a tripod, useful for night-time urban street biking. I also bought this knowing that a netbook could be squeezed in between the zipper bag in which it did close without much effort at all! major plus. so now i can effectively use my camera bag to school without missing much (well maybe my textbooks). Probably the only downside of this bag is that it will slow your shooting down if you like to put your camera back into the bag after every shot. (sometimes)

    PROS: great value for the price.
    THE perfect camera bag for hiking/day use,
    clean design,
    tripod mount is a plus (can support a full blown tripod, however.... see cons below)

    CONS: when carrying a tripod, the tripod strap is placed too low and should have been designed into the handle on top. the effect is that the tripod "rocks" back and forth when hiking. this is especially noticable when walking long distances. one way to remedy this is to attach an additional velcro strap at the handle to add stability.
    Second major con: when using the bag in "flip" mode, the strap that goes around your waist effectively CUTS INTO your lowerback. lowepro dropped the ball by not adding padded straps. this is a HUGE deal, especially when carrying 10lbs of camera equipment in the bag. I remedied this by finding a laptop strap that had a removable padding piece. i slid this into the waist area and whala, i can literally hold the bag in flip mode for 30 minutes and not feel any lower back pain!

    so aside from the key minor issues, this is a great camera bag. Highly recommended for traveling on the go and more comfortable to carry than having a sidebag such as a crumpler to walk around with all day....more info
  • nikon d90 with kit lense and 50mm prime
    This product is pretty good and fits my needs. I currently have a nikon d90 with kit 18-105 lense and a 50mm prime lense. These two fits in there with no problems. I also got my handled camecorder and cords for both camera and camecorder, with charger and all will fit in the bag very easily. I liked this over the flipside mostly because it is more secure as I plan to do a lot of traveling. Secondly, I feel it has a bit more carry space than the flipside. My main things against it is that it is a bit pricy. But I think it is still a very good investment for 1k camera. Only time will tell how well it holds ups and how long it lasts. But for now, it is a pretty good bag for the price....more info
  • Why didn't I get this sooner
    I purchased this product for my Nikon D300. I have several lenses and other equipment in my photographic arsenal. These include:
    * D300 Body
    * 50mm
    * 70-200mm
    * 16-85mm
    * 35-70mm
    * Speedlight Flash
    * Remote cable
    * Extra battery and memory card
    All fit nicely within the main compartment. I chose this model because I like the added security of the opening being next to the body and not where some passerby can easily get to the contents. In addition I do a lot of nature photography and having the ability to get to my camera equipment by just spinning it around and without having to lay it on the ground is also an added plus. I have seen other photographers needing to remove their camera pack, place it on the ground to get into their pack. While this may not seem like a big deal, when you are shooting desert photography, laying your pack down and getting cactus needles embedded against their back makes for an uncomfortable rest of the day.
    I really love my Lowepro Flipside 300 pack and recommend it to others....more info
  • Lowepro Flipside 300
    Product came as advertised and is well constructed and great for those who want to haul along camera w/3 lenses & misc accessories. I have since decided that the Lowepro Nova 170 is a much better fit for my needs & will be selling Flipside 300 which is overkill for me....more info
  • Sleek Backpack
    I bought this for my husband's first Father's day, he loves photography and with a new baby he is forever reaching for his gear. This backpack looks great and holds a decent amount of gear. One realy great thing is that you can only access the goods inside from the back side of the bag which means no sticky fingers when you travel- your gear should be safe!!!! It even has a handy dandy tripod attachment to carry one....more info
  • Well made - not yet completely sold on the idea
    This is a very good camera bag - it does everything they claim it does, and it does it well. I'm just not sure it's what I want to stick with, though. The security aspect of it seemed like an important thing, but I always feel a bit funny when I move the pack around in front of me and open it up - some of my family laughed at it when they first saw it, and other people tend to kind of stare and wonder what in the world I'm doing. If you don't care about any of that, I suppose it's a great innovation, but I've been a little dissatisfied with the layout and how much I can carry. I suppose it makes a lot of sense as a secondary camera bag for certain kinds of outings, but I'm just not sure it's great as a primary bag, which is what I bought it for. Perhaps I'll learn to like it better with time. If I do, I'll come back and modify this review....more info
  • Good, reasonable sized pack
    Really 4.5 stars. Camera bags seem to come in two sizes for me: too small and too large. I own a Fastpack 350 which holds a fair amount of gear and still has space for additional goodies (wind breaker, lunch, computer, ect) - the downside is that it is huge. So I wanted a smaller backpack without a computer compartment, with a tripod/monopod mount, and could hold my largest lens attached to the camera (70-400mm). The Flipside works well.

    The Flipside 300 manages to hold my A700 w/battery grip and 70-400 lens attached with room to spare for another lens or two (17-50 and 100mm). The camera with the grip is a tight fit and keeping the tripod collar on the lens can lead to some interesting, but still doable arrangements.

    The side pocket has room for a couple compactflash cards, couple pens, and a battery (maybe two). The included pouch inside the bag can store a remote cable, more batteries, or what not.

    The tripod/monopod mount works well, although I'd prefer another strap in the middle of the bag to keep a tripod even more secure.

    Now to the downside of the bag. First, and least, the side zipper pouch is good, but the zipper is awful - a fight to open and close it every time.

    Second, the water bottle pocket on the opposite side of the bag, while sleek and blending nicely when not in use, is small. It can only hold something the size of a typical plastic water bottle. I'd prefer a pocket like the fastpacks have which permit various sized watter bottles (like the ubiquitous nalagene 32oz bottles). I'm hoping the smaller bottles will fit, but haven't had a chance to buy one yet....more info
  • Great Camera Bag
    After purchasing my first Dslr, I was stuck trying to figure out the best bag for me. With my point and shoots I always had a shoulder bag, but these frustrated me because of the difficulty I had keeping them on my shoulders and out of the way. I considered backpacks but these to had the problem of accessibility and security. This bag solves all these problems because it keeps your expensive camera supplies out of the hands of others, while making it fairly easy for you to access the supplies. The reason I say fairly is because sometimes it can be difficult to access the camera. I bought this bag mainly to shoot wildlife and at the zoo. Supposedly you are supposed to cinch down the waist strap, take off the backpack straps, and swivel the bag in front of you to access the back of the backpack where the zipper is. Sometimes this works, but in a crowded zoo I sometimes find myself taking the whole thing off and setting it on the ground because it is easier. There are great compartments in the bag and plenty of room for all my needed lenses. The only other issue I have is the tripod strap. I don't know if it is me, or my bag or what, but the strap that holds the tripod in will not tighten all the way. It constantly loosens itself and I find myself hunched over because of the weight hanging off my back. It is very uncomfortable and most of the time I end up carrying it. Overall I am very happy with the bag and even with the problems mentioned, I still think this is one of the most secure, usable bags on the market. ...more info
  • Perfect Fit
    This backpack is perfect for my outings! It holds my D-SLR and 2 lenses, a small point & shoot, and has an inside pouch that holds my wallet, keys, and other things I like to keep with me.
    The straps that can be worn around the waist do work well to hold the backpack while I flip it around my body to change a lens. I don't have to set the pack down to do this.
    It is lightweight, yet adds a lot of cushioning to keep my equipment safe.
    I also have a very nice new, thin design messenger bag, but I prefer this backpack....more info
  • Excellent Backpack
    This backpack is excellent. But ofcourse there are some minor flaws as well. The main one is, Camera will sit upside down. I am not comfortable with it. Otherwise, it is neat and secure. There are plenty of adjustable pockets and this makes a perfect go around backpack...more info
  • Nice Case!
    Highly recommend this camera case! Handles my Canon 40D camera with my Canon 70-200mm lens quite nicely. Also, holds two other small to medium size lenses. Access is through the you will have to take it off to access the interior. If you are looking for a pack for shooting sports or an event that requires a couple different lenses, this is a good, well-made, inexpensive pack....more info