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Fujitsu Scansnap S300 Color Mobile Scanner
List Price: $321.99

Our Price: $253.36

You Save: $68.63 (21%)


Product Description

Take document scanning to a whole new level with the ScanSnap S300 mobile scanning solution. Whether its digitizing those receipts, bank statements or term papers at home or capturing mission critical documents on a business trip, ScanSnap takes scanning beyond the office and into your world.It?s the world?s smallest duplex ADF scanner designed to provide best-in-class performance inside or outside of the home or office.

  • Color Mobile Scanner with ADF (Automatic Document Feeder)
  • Optical Resolution of 600 dpi x 600 dpi; Compatible with Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional
  • Instantly creates searchable PDF content from your scans
  • Thumbnail viewer and drag-and-drop functionality for easy file management
  • Operates on USB bus power; one-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Happy with product in every respect - one bit of advice for .jpg scanning though
    Upon the recommendation of REALTORs? in my e-Pro? group nationwide, I looked into buying the Fujitsu Scansnap. Based on all the positive recommendations on I bought it! I love it.

    It is already saving me so much money. I've spent at least $750 in the past 3-4 years going to Kinkos to use their slow, flatbed scanner and spending 45 cents/minute on scanning various items as I need.

    I am very happy that I finally bought a scanner.

    ***There is ONE piece of advice I would give all Fujitsu Scansnap S300 users, however.***

    It is not easy to figure out how to scan something into a .jpg file versus a .pdf file. I read the user's manual and even called Fujitsu. No one could help. So, I bought a new computer (my last one's processor 'konked' out after 7 good years of use) and I still couldn't figure out how to get it to scan to a .jpg.

    So, I sent an EMAIL to Fujitsu via their web site over the weekend. First thing on Monday morning, I received a simple, accurate response in how to make this work. I'm including it for everyone else's benefit.


    To scan as jpeg you need to do the following.

    Right click on your scansnap icon on the bottom right of your computer
    screen and uncheck use quick menu
    Right click on your scansnap icon on the bottom right of your computer
    screen and choose scan button settings
    Select the Application tab and choose "Scan to file"
    Select the Scanning tab and under Color mode choose "Color"
    Select the File option Tab and choose "JPEG"
    Click apply and ok

    Try scanning.

    Best Regards,

    Technical Assistance Center
    Fujitsu Computer Products of America
    800-626-4686, Opt 2

    Last note about .jpg/.jpeg scanning: I had to hunt to find where the .jpg scanned to on my hard drive, after I scanned it. It was/is not a big issue though. I just went to Windows Explorer and did a search of my C/Hard drive.

    ***It would be nice if .jpeg files would scan to the Scan Snap Organizer file system too. Are you reading this, Fujitsu?***

    I know this scanner is not primarly used for .jpg scanning, but it is very nice to have that option. I've already used it.

    In conclusion, I think this is a GREAT scanner. I hope I think so a year from now.

    Thanks to all of you who took the time to write a review on this product before I bought it. ...more info
  • scan really is a snap!
    I rarely if EVER write an evualution of a product since I am quite jaded
    about reviews since they are used to try to sell more of the same product to the public.
    BUT, I must confess that this scan snap is a PURE JOY to use. I do a lot of bankruptcy work and we are required to do PDF documents as required by
    the new bankruptcy law. I have have other scanners but without spending a
    ton of money or pledging your first born, I could not afford it so I went
    to the court house to scan some required docs. I needed a scanner in a
    bad way and I needed a reliable, fast and cheap scanner. I went via
    google and found scanner and saw this scan snap and it look just like what I needed. I sent for it (fast shipping) and the set up was easy and
    the method to scan was 1-2-3...even a GEICO caveman could do this...without the club! I am not computer literate and hate reading the
    technical literature they sent out (I could write better copy for these
    electronic gizmos) but the scan snap was easy to read and was a breeze to
    do. I had a minor problem and had to call their free technical support since my computer did not want to share its USB with snap. I simply plugged it in another usb port and bingo...not a problem. Tech support was great. I would without ANY RESERVATION buy another snap and recommend it to someone who is on the go or needs a reliable office scanner for daily use and that is fast and produces sharp clear PDF files. You can call me at 419-249-2703 for further discussions if you wish. great product...good price. It takes up almost no space on your desk....more info
  • perfect for archiving all those bank statements
    easy to set up.
    Great to archive bank statement or pay slips.
    Organize them in their correct order, feed them to the scanner in batches of 10 or so (i wish it would accept larger amount of paper at once) and it will scan it on both sides very quickly.
    You can choose to get one pdf per page or 2 pages or one pdf for all pages, including more that 10 pages.
    When the computer is idle it will ocr the pages so you can search the text.
    The data is archived in directories so it's easy to organize and backup on a mozy account for example.
    you can then thrash all the paper and get rid of the huge filing cabinets.
    Love it....more info
  • Great product
    I love it. It works better than I thought it would. It even lets you know if "it" thinks it didn't get a good scan like when the paper gets jammed or croocked. It does take a long time for the software to install even on a new PC with Vista. Not sure why that is but give yourself time. But this scanner really works....more info
  • This thing rocks!
    I am the first to admit that I am horrible when it comes to paper management and physical item organization. Electronic organization is anothor thing.

    This beautiful piece of technology is slowly but surely liberating me from the paralyzing piles of paper stacked here and there.

    This scanner is unbelievably quick. Think of it like sending a document through a fax machine memory. But it scans both sides. Got a two page document? Put the blank sides facing each other and voila! It's scanned!

    If something goes in crooked as it is scanning, no worries. The unit self corrects the scanned image to one that is perfectly straight.

    Our health care statements come in double sided: one side is portrait & one is landscape. Lo and behold it knows which orientation each page is and saves it that way in the pdf file.

    The filing software that comes with it is easy to use.

    If I had one design I would like to change on it is the side height on the paper tray feeder but who cares as it straightens out anything that goes in crooked!

    I demonstrated this to a couple of co-workers and they have already ordered ones for themselves! As I showed them the features I kept hearing, "No way. No way." :-)

    Way to go Fujitsu! Brilliant, brilliant little machine!...more info
  • Couldn't imagine anything better
    Papers were taking over my office, so I turned to the ScanSnap to digitize & eliminate them. Once I found a home for it, I configured a new profile for Evernote and scanned my first document - it sucked it in quick & within a few seconds, the file was in Evernote.

    Next, I attacked the stack of business cards sitting next to my monitor. I started one-by-one, but then dumped 6 in at a time. The card reader recognition worked well on traditional cards - the others I adjusted manually.

    If you're looking for a way to digitize your paperwork, don't hesitate on buying this product. I have absolutely no regrets, and highly recommend it....more info
  • consumables are a rip!
    I wanted to replace my aging scanner with this one. My current scanner does not have any supplies (AKA consumables) that I have to buy and this one does so I returned it. One reviewer wrote "the pad assembly (Part # PA03541-0002) needs replacement every 10,000 sheets or a year-- google the actual part # to see the $8 retailers); the pick roller (Part # PA03541-0001) lasts about 100,000 sheets-- about $12." This is wrong. Even at the lowest prices, when adding in shipping ( in one case $10 for a $7 part) the cost is likely to be $30 to $45 ANNUALLY. Why annually? Well if you go to the manufactures site and read all the fine print, it says you need to replace the consumables the earlier of annually or "x" number of sheets. Most of us will likely never achieve the sheet count so the will be an automatic annual cost for the consumer. The other reason I dislike consumables is the if the unit doesn't sell well, it will be discontinued and you won't be able to get the supplies. ...more info
  • Best scanner for the price; great for home-based business!
    The Fujitsu Scansnap S300 is literally the THIRD scanner that I had purchased for my home-based business in 2008, and I am very happy that I do not have to purchase a fourth one!

    Finally, a small scanner that is more powerful than ones that I've paid $150.00 more for and didn't even work well for me (such as the Visioneer and Ambir brands).

    This Fujitsu accomplishes what I need to do in a very efficient manner without bogging down my 7-year-old Gateway computer with gigabytes of software I don't need (which is the major problem for me with Visioneer scanners).

    After just 30 minutes of setting up my Fujitsu the way I wanted it (with a little help from customer support), I was off to the races and scanning dozens of documents for my business.

    I'll admit that it doesn't do a great job with grocery receipts, but if I cut them up into smaller sizes, they usually scan just fine.

    I've had very few jams (the cleaner and less crinkled the document, obviously, the better the scanner will function).

    Copying double-sided documents is a cinch. I just click on that feature via the software for my double-sided documents and they are copied front-and-back with just ONE PASS through the scanner; pretty amazing!

    I'm very happy with my scanner, even several months after purchase and highly recommend it to any small home-based business or for personal use where 8.5 x 11 documents will be the primary type of item scanned.
    ...more info
  • The Best Scanner ever
    I have owned a number of scanners in my lifetime and this scanner is by leaps and bounds the best one I ever used. This was surely a great investment....more info
    This is a very good scanner for home or home office. It does a very good job of scanning all sizes of paper. I would have rated it 5 stars if it were twain compatible....more info
  • Best document scanner I've ever had
    I had been looking for a while for a personal scanner that supports a basic paper-elimination workflow. What I was looking for was "put paper in the scanner and get a full-text OCR PDF". Bought the ScanSnap on a recommendation from a friend, and, folks, this is the one you want.

    Here's how I have it set up. It sits on top of the printer in my office. When I open the mail, any statements, etc, that I used to file go right in the scanner. I push the "Scan" button, and 7 seconds per double-sided scan later, the documents are in my PC. If it needs to be OCRed, I right click and schedule documents for that. The resulting documents show up in the Organizer, where I rename them to a meaningful name and drag them to the correct folder.

    There's a nice profile feature, so, for example, you can have one profile for black and white double sided documents with OCR, and a separate profile for color single sided documents with no OCR. You click on a tray icon to switch profiles prior to scanning.

    It's very portable -- I put it in my backpack and take it to my client's offices to handle scanning tasks there. The scanner operates at two speeds -- on wall power or dual USB, it gives the 7 seconds/sheet speed; running solely off of a single USB connection it's slower....more info
  • Very happy with my scanner
    This scanner was demonstrated for me by a client during our appointment. I was going to make a copy of something and mail it back to him and he said "No, watch this". I was so impressed with it that I bought my own. I've had it for about a month now and am very pleased. I take it in my computer bag almost everywhere I go. I've even taken it on vacation. Its easy to set up and connect and so far has given me no trouble. I wish all peripherals were this simple and intuitive (especially for me the original computer illiterate)....more info
  • great scanner for receipts and documents
    I purchased this to scan in my receipts and documents so I could get rid of some of the paper piled up around my house. It was easy to set and use. It has enabled me to get rid of boxes of old receipts while giving me the peace of mind that I still have their images if I need them. It will scan photos as well but a specialized photo scanner produces higher quality scans of photos....more info
  • Great product
    This is just one great product. Scans unbeliveably fast and clear. I was impressed that the software allows me to go into a scanned document consisting of multiple pages, and add, delete or re-arrange pages. I have been scanning a lot since I got the scanner and every once in a while you miss a page or get out of sequence. No problem to make it up later.

    Excellent. 10 out of 10...more info
  • Great little scanner
    Th ScanSnap 300 is aimed at the business crowd, and for that group of folks, this is a terrific little scanner. It is amazingly fast at double-sided scans, which is a huge time-saver. It scans directly to PDF, which is quite helpful, especially for those who don't have Acrobat or other similar software that allows them to do this. Of course, much of the beauty of this is its size -- small & light enough to throw into your computer bag along with your computer. This provides me the freedom to tackle some scanning jobs at venues outside of my office, or when I am on the road - a nice feature. I've been impressed with the quality of the scans, including color graphics, though admittedly I've not tried scanning photos. This is not designed to be a photo scanner. If that's your need, look for larger, cheaper, better flatbed photo scanners. My only gripe with this is that there is more plastic than I expected, and some parts seem a bit flimsy. That said, it has traveled to/from the office with me for a month, plus an overseas trip, and has stood up well for 6 weeks. Not cheap, but a worthwhile investment for those who need a fast, reliable, portable business scanner....more info
  • Fujitsu Scanner
    Fujitsu Scansnap S300 Color Mobile Scanner

    This is an outstanding scanner. I like how the Scansnap can scan both sides of a document or photo. The archiving systems also seems like it works quite well. The Fujitsu Scansnap is easy to setup and easy to use. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Fantastic scanner for the price
    This scanner is well priced and is very easy to operate. It is the perfect addition to a home office set up and is small enough to be portable. I especially like the 2 sided scan - all done with a single feed and the business card to outlook feature....more info