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Top Secret!
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  • Top Secret
    Val Kilmer is really good at humiliating in the movie. And His way of being on top of a comedy of this movie. A great move to show your frends that havent laught in a wile. You nead to see it:)...more info
  • Discover new laughs with every viewing
    Top Secret! Combines all the best of comedy: parody (mostly of spy films and the Elvis genre), slapstick, sight gags, puns and plays on words, and just general laughs of both a juvenile and high-brow nature. Some of the funniest moments take place in the background, behind the main scene. This is a film you can watch twice in a row and pick up different laughs each time. I also just discovered that there are even laughs to be found in the closing credits, and I've been watching this movie for 2 decades now! Top Secret! is one of those magical movies that appeals to viewers of all ages, even those who didn't live in the time of the Berlin Wall, and there are jokes to appeal to all senses of humor.

    There is no obvious way to tell this is a 1980's movie--it stays perfectly in the time period the directors were trying to portray. This is a gem and I'm glad it wasn't tainted by any attempts at a sequel.
    ...more info
  • Well-Deserved Exclamation Point
    Top Secret! - the Jim Abrahams/Zucker Bros.' follow-up to Airplane! - does for (or is that *to*) Elvis movies and WWII espionage films what the earlier feature did for/to the airborne disaster genre. The gags are slightly more immature (not necessarily a bad thing, but in some cases may have been better had they been allowed to age a little before being put into production), but some, like the forced-perspective oversize phone or saying farewell to the Scarecrow, rival anything the ZAZ team has ever done.

    The music is a mixed bag. "Skeet Surfing" and the Macy's jingle are great. "Tutti-Fruitti" and "Straighten the Rug" are less so (not that every song in an Elvis movie was worthy of screen time, either). Kudos to Val Kilmer, though; even when he's camping it up, the musical numbers remain watch- and listenable.

    The only thing I don't care for on the disc is the audio commentary. The production team really rips the movie apart as if they had tried to make a "serious" film that fell apart. In that case, learning why/how it failed would be interesting and instructive. To shred a spoof film, especially a sophomore and sophomoric effort like Top Secret!, is entirely unwarranted. Sure there are plot holes. Sure it makes no sense that submarine would crash into a prison dungeon. Sure some things are only mildly amusing. Drawing undue attention to them is doubly pointless. Sheesh! If you're a big fan, skip the commentary.

    I really enjoyed this movie and really (mostly) enjoyed its presentation on the DVD. There aren't a lot of extras, but be sure to hunt for the Easter Egg - it's definitely worth finding....more info

  • How Silly Can You Get?
    I thought this was a great movie. There are so many funny scenes you can't possibly get them all the first time that you watch it. I watch it everytime I need a real good laugh....more info
  • Hilarious! My favorite comedy of all time!
    This movie is just absolutely hilarious. It is a sight gag lover's dream, loaded with extremely funny scenes that will have you rolling on the floor.

    The best thing about the film is that it retains the intricate humour of comedies from the 1980's with the kind of funniness that will make you think, instead of the too common "dumb-dumb" humour of today's comedies. It presents all of this, and also leaves out the gratuitous nudity that seems to be infamous of 1980's comedies as in Airplane! and Caddyshack.

    From the singing horse to the underwater bar fight, I gaurantee that you will love this film....more info

  • Souvineeeers, Novelties, Party Tricks....
    I was sitting in my Algebra II class in 1984 (backrow) when the guy next to me starts telling me about the funniest movie he's ever seen playing in the movie theater. We ended up disrupting the whole class as he described various scenes: Flaming Hog something-or-others, who Omar likes in the Virginia Slims Tournament, Nick adding the solder's name to the Montgomery Wards mailing list...oh, and the sight gags!! My favorite is Hillary measuring her long lost love. According to her measuring tape, Nigel is QUITE a man! And Chocolate Moose...oh, don't get me started!

    This is the best slapstick movie of all time. Too bad for the Zuckers, since it was all downhill from here. Val Kilmer is totally funny....more info

  • "You're alright now, I'm here. S'alright"
    YEAHHHH!!!!!!!! this movie is flat-out FUNNAY! It's about this "American Rock 'n Roll Star" (kilmer) who helps a German girl find her father along with some pretty kewl cats. This movie has awesome not-obvious jokes and quotes you'll seriously LOVE until your dying day....more info
  • After watching it 30 times, still new things to laugh at!
    During my military service I saw 'Top Secret' at least 30-40 times. Several people in our small unit were nicknamed after characters from it, and after watching it so many times it's still so funny, minute by minute. Every time you see it you discover new details that makes you laugh more. It's not just a laugh machine, it's a comedy masterpiece that was polished to perfection by genious codemy writers, no less....more info
  • Early Val Kilmer
    This is a hoot. An undiscovered Val Kilmer effort as a rock star, years before he made "The Doors". Look for Lucy Gutenberg's sweater glowing when she rejoins Kilmer near the end....more info
  • A dollar short and a day late
    There a a few okay gags, but just okay, and the pace was too slow. Certainly nowhere near as good as Airplane, and if that's a 5-star, this one, by comparison is lucky to get 2 stars. Well, even the Zuckers/Abrahams combo can have an off day. I kinda liked the cow though. One star was for the cow....more info
  • A surreal masterpiece
    Overshadowed by the success of Airplane! and The Naked Gun films, Top Secret! is in many ways the funniest and certainly the most inventive of the Zucker-Abrahms comedies. Unlike its more famous stablemates it doesn't have a single clearly defined genre to spoof, instead offering an inspired hybrid of World War Two movies, spy thrillers and Elvis and beach party movies (with potshots at The Blue Lagoon and Raiders of the Lost Ark en route) set in communist East Germany that provides a slew of targets, most of which it hits dead center. The jokes veer from crude and obvious to flights of amazing surrealism - the railway station scene has to be seen to be disbelieved while it even throws in an underwater barroom brawl in a Western saloon and a bookshop sequence played entirely in reverse - with plenty of remarkably clever visual gags along the way. There are perhaps fewer familiar faces this time round (Omar Sharif as an ill-fated spy, Peter Cushing as a bookseller, Jeremy Kemp as another German officer) but a lot of laughs, often in the worst possible taste, amounting to one of the most genuinely inspired movie spoofs ever made, and one well worth rediscovering.

    The DVD isn't as impressive as Paramount's 'Don't Call Me Shirley' edition of Airplane! but has a decent selection of extras: audio commentary by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Jon Davidson, Hunt Lowry and Fred Rubin, 4 alternate scenes, 3 storyboard sequences, and the theatrical trailer.

    ...more info
  • A super comedy classic!
    I think this is the best movie from the Zucker Brothers, it's a shame it had no sequels, like Airplane or Hot shots! I love this movie, I consider it's the funniest of the Whole Comedy series made it for the Zucker Brothers....more info
  • A Deft Skewering
    Top Secret is one of my guilty movie pleasures, for the non-stop way in which it throws every imaginable gag at the viewer - sight gags, puns, political humor, slapstick, musical parody, movie parody, classical ballet parody, Omar Sharif in a crunched-up car, an underwater saloon brawl to the tune of the theme for Bonanza, the surreal `backwards' scene in a Swedish bookstore (with subtitles, yet) and a member of the French Underground named Dj vu (`ave we not met before?") . These elements all come flying so thick and fast that at least some of them have a chance to stick to your funny bone. Top Secret cheerfully managed to skewer two apparently disparate genres; the `Cold War/WWII espionage flick, and Elvis Presley musicals, with some passing swipes at "Blue Lagoon" and various James Bond flicks. Frankly, it doesn't much matter of one gag falls a little flat, for there will be five or six more in the next few seconds, and the odds are that at least one of them will elicit uncontrollable giggles. "Top Secret" may have been Val Kilmer's very best movie performance, along with "Real Genius" - and it also proved without a doubt that if he couldn't have made it as an actor, he had a better than even chance as a pop-singer. Alas, within a couple of years he would start taking himself all too seriously. No movie role that he has had since has displayed quite as much of the manic sense of energy, the musical chops - or the gleeful sense of humor.

    This is definitely one of the most memorable and funniest films from the 1980s, amusingly repackaged with a bonus CD of pop songs from that period: INXS, A-ha, and the barely-recalled Echo and the Bunnymen. Extra features for the film itself include four alternate scenes, the original theatrical trailer and the obligatory commentary track by the directors, and producer.
    ...more info
  • Brilliant!
    "he won't talk." "Do you want me to bring out the Leroy Neiman paintings?" "No, we cannot risk violating the Geneva convention."
    ...more info
  • A very clever "silly movie"
    Besides being a little dated, this ecclectic comedy mixes spoofs, satire and every possible form of visual humour and adds up to a hilarious film that bases its strength in never letting the viewer rest.
    Some visual gags are place in the background and need repeated views to be found, and enjoyed (like a statue shaped as a pigeon where humans stand on).
    One example of the wacky sense of humour of this film is that the scene where Hillary and Nick go into the Swedish bookstore was staged, shot and then run backwards to make the dialog sound sweedish.
    If you like movies like Airplane and Naked guns series you will have a little feast with this less known movie.
    Watch for a young Val Kilmer in the leading role and a great cameo by Omar Shariff....more info
  • Top Secret Hum
    This movie is corny. I seen it with my dad when it first came out. I remember he said that it wasn't worth a wooden nickel. I still think it's funny and worth a watch. Award winner heck no. If you like movies like Airplane or any spoof movies you'll like this. ...more info
  • Top secret mission:funny!
    This movie is the greatest action spoof I have ever seen in my life!I recomand this movie to anyone who likes hot shots.Rated PG for sexual humor and brief humorous language....more info
  • Top Secret featuring Val Kilmer
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's hysterical from beginning to end. I'm just so happy that I was able to find it on DVD at

    Thanks...more info
  • Very Serious True Story of Life as a Spy..
    Kidding! Just thinking about this movie cracks me up. Did I say that the In-Laws was funny? Now, THIS movie is a riot! OK, now so it is a Zukerman film so be prepared for some potty humor and if your comedy is very high brow, well you may not appreciate the fine artistry of this comic genius. However, for those of you who are NORMAL (as opposed to "abby normal") you will laugh your ____ off! By the way, Val Kilmer plays a great "straight man" and you will actually be amazed at his performance as a rock star - not bad at all. So tempted to repeat my favorite spoilers - but won't. Hillaryeous!...more info
  • "Oingay ootay etgay iedfray in the airchay"
    Funny, funny film from the people who brought you "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun". Almost as funny as the film is the commentary track by the creators -- apparently they aren't very fond of this one, and spend a good deal of time during the commentary mocking their own film. But anyway, it's a very funny film. My favorite part: Nick activating the Polaris Mine in the prison lab (check out the submarine guy!). Also recommended (besides "Airplane!" and "The Naked Gun" of course): "The Kentucky Fried Movie", also by Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker....more info
  • Ridiculous Humor, Ridiculous Movie, and Often Ridiculously Funny - Three and a Half Stars
    Directed by Jim Abrahams and David Zucker, the directors of comedy classic "Airplane", "Top Secret!" follows in the same footsteps, with a similar brand of insane slap-stick comedy. If you've seen "Airplane," "Hot Shots" or "The Naked Gun", then you know what to expect. "Top Secret!" is the kind of film that is not afraid to poke fun at itself, or the movie industry in general, and much like the other films mentioned, "Top Secret!" is filled to the brim with hilarious jabs at pop-culture. From Pac Man to the Wizard of Oz, to a genius game of Tic-Tac-Toe (you'll see) "Top Secret!" is full of some truly classsic scenes. It doesn't come to close to standing up to "Airplane", and it certainly is not as memorable, but it is one heck of a funny film....more info
  • You gotta be in the right mood...
    Top Secret! is not a repeat of Airplane! The jokes and spoofs don't come as often, are not as funny, and have a cruder focus (should have been PG-13). This film certainly doesn't have as great a supporting cast. However, movies like this have their place, and this one's place is in a room full of friends and libations, where the expectations are not so high and the atmosphere in the room is a spark away from a laugh inferno.

    You gotta be in the right mood......more info