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Frisky Men & Women Aqua Water Shoes - Beach Shoes with Velcro Lock (Note: Order One Size Smaller) (Free Shipping When You Buy 2 or More)
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Product Description

It is difficult to find aqua shoes that not only give you the comfort but style too. Our selection of aqua shoes are just the right kind of shoes that you are looking for. These are comfortable and at the same time they look fashionable and stylish. These shoes are a perfect combination of style, quality and price. So get these for your beach/water activities and make others envy. A removable insole dries quickly to keep excess water out of your way.

  • Important: Sizes run a bit large. For best fit consider ordering a size down than what you normally wear or refer to the sizing chart. (Link to the sizing chart can be found in the product selection box)
  • If in between sizes consider ordering a size and half down. For e.g if you normally wear size 8.5, consider ordering size 7.
  • Comfortable and Good Traction
  • Breathable and dries quickly. Removable insole for quick drying
  • Velcro on the side

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Little Shoes!!
    Ordered 1-1/2 sizes smaller. Fit like a glove! Very comfortable. Enjoy wearing them and will probably order more!...more info
  • Quality is OK.. Price is way too much !
    These are OK shoes. Just overpriced in my opinion. If I lived in the United States, I would get a Wal Mart pair for $4 or less. Then when they fall apart; buy another. No reason to pay $20 + shipping.

    Also, my shoes did not have the extra protection in the toe area as shown in the picture; just thin fabric looking for a sharp toenail. I fear failure is imminent. All of my previous water shoes failed here first; the picture totally deceived me into buying these shoes.

    As for being stylish; they are water shoes, they are not "cool", just functional. Keeps your feet off the rocks.

    I ordered a size smaller and they are still too big. Suggest 2 sizes less for snug fit.

    My original rating was 4 stars, but I would reduce that if I could. If I need a new pair, I'll have a friend in the States do a Wal-Mart run and mail them to me....more info
  • Great anti-urchin shoe
    Unlike other water shoes, this one is easy to get on and off because of the strap. I bought a pair for me and one for my teenage daughter prior to leaving for a beach that was rocky and had sea urchins, and these shoes provided comfortable protection against the elements while not looking too dorky. I would recommend actually measuring your foot and using the sizing chart provided instead of "ordering one size smaller" - we did that and ended up with different sizes than we would have otherwise, and the shoes fit perfectly. ...more info
  • good water shoe
    Really good in the water. Just wish the inside soul wouldn't move around.Otherwise an excellent shoe...more info
  • Worked out as a great gift
    I bought a pair of these as a gift and the receiver really seemed to enjoy them. I must warn - they do run large. She's a 7-7 1/2 so I was worried about buying her a 6 (and she was worried when she saw that when she opened them), but in the end, she felt that the 6 was a good fit, and if anything more large than small. She uses them for water aerobics classes and trips to the beach. Ultimately, looked nice, she said they are comfy, and a good price. Would recommend....more info
  • Great and comfortable water shoes
    This is a great product. The shoes are light, comfortable, and really quite nice. As recommended get one size smaller then the normal shoes you wear. The great thing about the shoes is their Velcro strap. While pull on water shoes can irritate the foot, the strap make the shoe fit snugly without irritation.

    Overall great product...more info
  • Very comfortable
    My wife and I were headed to Aruba, and I wanted light, all-purpose footwear for the beach and water activities. These were just the ticket. The fit was good (although, as noted in other posts, you're better off ordering a size small), and they looked sharp. They've held up well so far, no problems with the insole. ...more info
  • Great water shoe
    Better then all of the water shoe's in my local malls. Great colors that offer some style compared to alot of water shoes, and most of all the grip on these are excellent....more info
  • Awesome reef shoes
    Great shoes. I bought them for canoeing (Hawaii), they are excellent for protecting me from the coral reef. ...more info
  • womans aqua water shoes
    I bought these to do water aerobics at the YMCA. They are comfortable and I really like them. Thanks for a great product. ...more info
  • Frisky aqua shoes.
    I am pleased with the product and the timely manner in which the seller delivered.
    I bought these shoes before and was pleased. So when they wore out I reordered....more info
  • Great water shoe
    The shoe was just what I needed, but does run about one size large....more info
  • Comfortable water shoes that you need on your vacay
    Once I received this shoes I thought that they going to be heavy to swim in. They fit like a glove, very comfortable....more info
  • Great shoes!
    I purchased two pairs of these shoes (one for me and one for a friend) for an aqua aerobics class. They are not only super comfy, but held up well. Everyone wanted to know where we got them and couldn't believe the price. Another great feature is the velcro closure. Others had to struggle to get their wet shoes off after class. These were a snap to slip out of. I look forward to taking mine to Maui this spring....more info
  • Promised refund has not arrived
    I contacted the seller because the shoes were TWO sizes too small. He assured me that when he rec'd the shoes if i returned them, he would pay a full refund (excl. S & H). I did return them, then ordered another larger pair, they have arrived and I've used them. But no refund yet on the smaller pair!! what's going on??? Kathleen crow

    BTW, I am in MInneapolis, NOT Asheville....more info
  • nice shoe
    nice shoe. the only problem that i have is that, when you are walking for any distance the sore comes out the back of the shoe. It is a little annoying. ...more info
  • great bargain!
    I purchases these shoes for the whole family for our recent cruise. They were a perfect choice. The other reviews are correct - they run large EXCEPT for the men's. Seems like they all run in men's sizes. If you are a women's size 8 1/2, you should order a size 7. If you wear a women's 9, you should order a 7 or 8. If you wear a men's 9, order a 9. The shoes were extremely comfortable and were great for our hikes and kayaking. I would recommend them to anyone!...more info
  • Just what I wanted
    I needed shoes to wear at the pool where I exercise every week. Some pool shoes fall apart quickly and have a floppy fit. I researched, found these, ordered smaller than usual size - and they are perfect! They have a nice comfortable fit, thanks to velcro closing, and are even CUTE - imagine that!...more info
  • Comfortable and sturdy
    I bought these water shoes as a gift for someone in Australia. Definitely buy one size smaller than usual--I did so, and they fit her perfectly. She liked the color and style, but most important, they protect her feet as she walks on rocks, coral, and pebbly sand on the beaches. She is very happy with them. They are also comfortable enough that she wears them as shoes, which means they do wear out more quickly than if saved for the beach. But that's ok--we can always get her a replacement pair. I'd like to add that the 3rd party seller is trustworthy. These were shipped promptly at Christmas time and arrived quickly. ...more info
  • Pretty good for so little!
    I bought these shoes for an aqua aerobics class and they basically held up. The Velcro however, is not the best, so sometimes they come undone during the class and you have to stop to redo the closure. However, if you are not using them this vigorously the Velcro should hold fine. As for the fit, they do come one size bigger than you would expect, however, if you have a wide foot you will need to buy your regular size so they fit the width of your foot (the little bit of extra material at the toe isn't too noticeable). The bottom of the shoe has good grips so there is little danger of slippage on slippery surfaces. The only other gripe I had with them was that the liner of the shoe bed sometimes came out when you didn't want it to and then you had trouble getting it back in. Other than that they are good. (And they do dry quickly, within a day at most.)...more info
  • Mens Water Shoes
    We don't like the shoes we ordered. We belong to LA Fitness and use water shoes for water arobics. After using the shoes for three weeks, three days a week they are worn out. The tread is completly worn and the rubber sole has worn through. I wish I could get my money back. I did order and other pair of different tpye and a different company, using We need our water shoes for our classes.
    Help if you can,
    Russ and Alice Silver 412-429-8348...more info
  • Great Water Shoes
    I wear these shoes in my aquarobics class. So far, they are holding up great, and I would definitely buy these shoes again. Although I ordered a size smaller as suggested in the description, they still seem a little large. I think I would try buying 1 1/2 sizes smaller than my regular size next time....more info