GE SECURITY - GBC-TH-950-P3 - COVERT HIDDEN SURVEILLENCE CAMERA - NANNY Cam - Thermostat design (nonfunctional thermo.), color 1/3" CCD, 380 TVL, 3 lux
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Product Description

Our Premier Line discreet cameras offer full-featured performance for a wide range of security surveillance applications.

The Premier Line offers a wide variety of camera styles, so there's a choice that will blend into any environment and provide you the view you need. Premier Line cameras also give you a choice of lenses and electronics, so you can customize each discreet camera to fit your application. Choose from 2.5, 4, 6, 8, or 12 mm standard lenses and 3.6 or 5 mm pinhole lenses. All GBC by Kalatel Premier Line black-and-white cameras deliver a resolution of 425 TV lines and light sensitivity of 0.1 lux. The color cameras deliver a resolution of 380 TV lines and light sensitivity of 1 lux. GBC by Kalatel Premier Line cameras feature a high-speed electronic shutter that compensates for changing lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dim outdoor lighting. They also feature a backlight compensation circuit that prevents foreground objects from becoming silhouetted against bright backgrounds. Each camera includes a plug-in power supply and easyconnect leads for simple installation. Please consult the part number guide to configure the camera that best meets your needs.

  • Blends into any environment
  • Color or black-and-white camera
  • 3.6 or 5 mm pinhole lens
  • Non-working thermostat