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LG GGW-H20L Super Multi Blue - Blu-ray Disc Burner / HD DVD-ROM Drive w/ Lightscribe - 6x2x6x/3x - Serial ATA - internal - 5.25"
List Price: $254.99

Our Price: $197.99

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Product Description

LG GGW H20L Super Multi Blue - BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM combo drive - Serial ATA Device Type: BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM combo drive Enclosure Type: Internal Interface: Serial ATA Dimensions (WxDxH): 5.7 in x 1.6 in x 7.3 in Weight: 1.9 lbs Optical Storage: BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM combo - 5.25" x 1/2H Read Speed: 40x (CD) / 12x (DVDí└R) / 8x (DVDí└R DL) / 6x (BD-R) / 4.8x (BD-R DL) / 3x (HD DVD) / 3x (HD DVD DL) Write Speed: 40x (CD) / 16x (DVDí└R) / 4x (DVDí└R DL) / 6x (BD-R) / 4x (BD-R DL) Rewrite Speed: 24x (CD) / 6x (DVD-RW) / 8x (DVD+RW) / 5x (DVD-RAM) / 2x (BD-RE) / 2x (BD-RE DL) Buffer Underrun Protection: Yes OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Customers also search for: Discount LG GGW H20L Super Multi Blue - BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM Combo Drive - Serial ATA, Buy LG GGW H20L Super Multi Blue - BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM Combo Drive - Serial ATA, Wholesale LG GGW H20L Super Multi Blue - BD-RE / HD DVD-ROM Combo Drive - Serial ATA, 0048231299213, GGW-H20L, Internal CD and DVD Combo Drives

  • Device Type - Blue Ray Disc Writer
  • Internal/External - Internal
  • LightScribe Support: Yes

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly Recommended
    This drive was a cinch to install in your computer like any other drive. It was immediately recognized by my computer and I could watch movies from the get go. One gripe I had from the start with the look is the open and close button is flush with a silver strip on the front of the drive. Compared to what the drive can do that is a very tiny gripe of course.

    My computer is about two years or so old with a AMD 5000+ processor and a GeForce 8800GTS graphics card and even though its not top of the line it still does a good job of playback. The seek time for movies is actually probably the best I have owned and for the price it should have quite a few great features. The one problem I had was blu ray playback though and I found myself for a few hours searching and finding a fix. After a few updates and problem solving on my end it now works flawlessly. The software it came with is kind of the problem so make sure you have the latest version if you want to watch blu ray or any movie using it which is what I do and its free though limited. The drivers on your graphics card need to be updated as well and make sure your monitor is good to go with it. I don't have my computer hooked to my t.v. or anything but I know I could and have it as my blu ray player. I never really planned on watching to many movies with it since I have a PS3 to do that and the biggest thing was burning home movies in a more uncompressed format . After I figured out what I was doing this thing was simple to use. When burning blu ray from home movies you have to find yourself a good program and I currently use Sony Vegas 8 which does not output to blu ray but the trial version of SV9 I am using does. The only program I could find to allow you make dvd menus for your blu ray movies cost about 2 or 3 hundred dollars. From the reviews I have read most people are using this drive as backup and hooking it to their t.v.'s so this may not be a problem for them or relevant at all. I know you can do back ups and stuff of your current blu rays but I really don't need it since I only own about 4 or 5 blu ray movies in the first place and no HD-DVD's.

    The main thing I needed it for was to burn blu ray movies since I have a Sony HD SR12 camcorder and the file sizes are huge. The blu ray it comes with would not work with it so I just trashed it after I found out the burning problem was the disk and not the drive. I think its 4x for dual layer blu ray and 2x for single layer -R or rewritable. Normal dvd burning and dual layer on the other hand is very fast to burn. The blu ray disc can be costly so I stick with rewritable first and -R after I see their are no problems. I have found a one pack of TDK rewritable for ten bucks which isn't too bad but for one disk it is costly after awhile which is why I say make sure it will burn first with a rewritable. I haven't tried dual layer burning yet but I don't see a reason why it would be a problem since so far no problems. Most Sony made disc are expensive for I guess b/c the name on the disc but cheaper ones usually work just as good as well. The reason I say this about the price of blu rays is as I look at reviews of discs made by certain companies some have burn errors or don't work half way into a burn. That almost sounds like smash something worthy if it was a constant problem with such an investment. Do yourself a favor and buy blu ray cheaper first and get rewritables too.

    If burning a movie blu ray or dvd it is actually not to bad to sit through. If you are like me I usually wait till overnight to do rendering and burning since my projects are kind of big. That is the other problem I have is rendering video to put it on the blu ray in HD so all together its all very time consuming and depending on your setup it can be very very time consuming but that is a problem on my end and not so much the drive. Seems like with blu ray you have to continue buying to get what you need and I shall explain. First I had a 1080p Sony Bravia than to get 1080p I needed something to display it so I got a PS3 than to watch blu rays. Then next when it came time to upgrade my camcorder to make home HD movies so I had to buy a sufficient camcorder then I had to find a program to work with it and then finally I hope this is the end with buying a burner well next to buying discs. I think I have reached a finish well at least I hope since the journey has been long and costly "O the pain of life". I guess its up to the individual to decide if blu ray is worth it than again that's a discussion all its own.

    Cyberlink has a download to see compatibility with blu ray on your computer so make sure your system is good to go before you invest. Even though my system is two years old I have never had jerky playback but it might be more beneficial not to have a lot of stuff running in the background on your computer.

    Overall I have a couple tiny gripes but this drive is the best I have ever owned despite the price. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    I'm not going to focus on the write/read technical specs and jargon - you can find a lot of those reviews from other buyers or from websites all over the net. My review is just on my personal reactions from using this drive.

    First, just the fact that HD-DVD/Blu-ray combo drives are now non-existent makes this item a rarity.
    Even if you were to find such a combo player, a consumer home version would cost you at least $600-700.
    You can get this baby for under $300 - all you need is a decently equipped computer.

    Which gets me to the second point - you'd need at least a dual-core processor with 4 gigs of ram and a decent video card (something with at least 512mb of video RAM) to have good/smooth full-screen HD playback.
    If you're just using it to burn CDs and DVDs then you can get away without having all 3, although to burn Blu-ray discs you would need a decent computer (but you wouldn't need a decent video card).

    If you take into consideration you would need an Xbox 360 + HD drive + PS3, or comparable HD players, to watch movies what you can do with just this drive and a decent computer, PLUS the ability to burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs, then this is an absolute steal.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • lg blu-ray burner
    Item works well. I can now finally view my hd video as it was intended, on blu-ray....more info
  • I got the Super-Multi Blues. Will not work tried everything
    This drive is very slow to read files. It will not allow me to read video files I burn on to it. This drive might be great but the software that comes with it stinks. I do not want power-2-go. I really just wanted to use it to store large video files and for back-up. And, the LG site says that this drive does not even exist. So how do I get the latest drives and firm ware for a drive that LG says they do not know anything about?...more info
  • Everything you want in a blu-ray burner drive and more
    I absolutely love this drive. I burned, played and erased backups of blu-ray movies on a Sony 25GB BD-RE disc a couple of times with this drive. No problems at all. I even bought a couple of HD-DVD movies and had no problems playing those too. This drive together with a nice HDMI LCD monitor will make movie watching on your computer very enjoyable. The price doesn't hit your wallet too hard either....more info
  • Blu Ray for Dummies
    Screw it into place, plug in the SATA and power plugs and burn baby, burn. The bundled disk has some useful utilities that install with no problems. Also rocks at all other CD/DVD functions. Quiet and pretty and a heck of a deal if you are looking for a way to distribute the HD video you are making in your new Christmas camcorder! A home run....more info
  • It's a nice addition to your PC
    If you need (want) Blu-ray, this is an inexpensive way to get there with excellent quality....more info