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Pocketful of Sunshine
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On Pocketful of Sunshine, Natasha Bedingfield sounds like Joss Stone only bouncier. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, the brightness and buoyancy of this record will keep it spinning long after CDs that shoot for hipster credibility--with funked-up bells and fancy production whistles--have been deposited back into their jewel cases for all eternity. Check it out: "Love Like This," with Sean Kingston, puts its hands in the air for puppy love--the kind that'll bring you back to your "middle school kiss"--and a couple of other songs follow the youth-themed suit. "Backyard" time-travels to an idyllic childhood, while "Freckles" fleshes out, for the benefit of the insecure, the beauty in imperfections. Elsewhere, Bedingfield is her indomitably upbeat self. Opener "Put Your Arms Around Me" reeks of reassurance and tenderness. "Happy" implores would-be gloom-and-doomers to snap out of it, and while the title track doesn't wander all that far lyrically, it benefits from a chanted verse brimmed in (positive) attitude. The vibe, overall, is beach-blanket warm and blue-sky ready. Sunshine earns a pocketful, if not more, of pop-music props. --Tammy La Gorce

Deluxe edition of her most recent US album. Includes 5 bonus dance remixes plus a DVD with live concert performances and video's.

Customer Reviews:

  • Natasha Bedingfield "A Pocketful of Sunshine"
    I have her first cd and although this second cd is good, I don't care for all of the songs on this cd. Usually after I've listened to a cd over and over again, I start to like more of the songs....more info
  • "To swim in shallow victory is empty, empty..."
    Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield is pretty flawless for a sophomore album. Bedingfield's vocals have only gotten stronger after her equally as good debut, Unwritten. I just love her voice, she sings her heart out on songs like Happy and the title track. The track I cannot get enough of is Backyard, "your lasso, my tiara/my wand, your plastic bazooka/why can't we be how we were in the backyard?/your cowboy hat, my tutu/you hide and seek, I catch you..." Other standout tracks include: Pirate Bones (great piano beat), Soulmate, Freckles (deals with accepting insecurities and imperfections), Angel, Who Knows, and Not Givin' Up on which she sounds a little bit like Kelly Clarkson. Natasha Bedingfield is an amazing artist, can't wait for her third album because she's that good! I highly recommend this sunny and refreshing cd, enjoy!...more info
  • Tootsie's Tunes
    I was happy to find all the songs on Natasha Bedingfield's CD were good. Most of the time, you buy CDs because of one good song and the rest are just so-so. I really love this CD....more info
  • Thank you mucho
    I love the cd! Some of the lyrics are iffy, but it's perfect for a girl trip!...more info
  • Happy CD
    This is the perfect cd to listen in your convertible as you're driving to the beach. It's happy music that you can sing along with....more info
  • Excellent!
    I received 3 CDs a week ago and put this one in first. I like it soooo much I haven't opened the other 2 yet! ...more info
  • Add some sunshine to your day...
    Natasha Bedingfield's sophomore album Pocketful of Sunshine builds on her strong debut Unwritten, blending R&B with pop ballads and slick production. Opening with the upbeat "Put Your Arms Around Me," the second track is the standout single (the music video is captivating as well) "Pocketful of Sunshine," followed by the Caribbean-kissed "Happy." Natasha slides firmly into R&B territory on "Love Like This" with Sean Kingston. "Angel" was another track that I fell in love with; the guitar intro reminded me of Portuguese fado. "Backyard" is a really interesting song that took me a couple of listens to warm up to; the unusual chorus waxes nostalgic along clear gender lines: "your lasso, my tiara, my wand, your plastic bazooka." Many of the tracks are heavily influenced by R&B and hip hop, and these are the strongest ones in my opinion. Pocketful of Sunshine is definitely worth a listen, and it's a real pleasure to see Natasha's songwriting mature. ...more info
  • Three stars
    Enjoy listening to this C.D. Pocket Full of Sunshine is my favorite- it an awesome song!...more info
  • Nice SOFTMORE effort!!!!
    Natasha is an interesting singer even though her song Unwritten was over played to death and is now even the theme song for certain shampoo commercials. That song was cute when it 1st came out but now i cant stand it. Then there was "These Words" which can get real annoying real fast. But overall she has an interesting voice & though everyone says she sounds R&B, i really dont hear it. Her R&B-ness really comes and goes. But this 2nd album is really enjoyable. I was shocked to see Ryan Tedder & Darkchild on her album. Even Danja who wrote & produced Britney Spears "Gimme More" song is on here as well producing song#13 on this album. Another shocker was lead singer of Maroon 5 Adam Levine making a guest appearance as singer/song writer. Overall i am very pleased. Stand out tracks are Pocket Full of Sunshine and Angel. With a voice like her's you really have to becareful of the songs you sing & the way you sing it. But i am a fan for life now and hope all her future releases are just as good. ...more info
  • Best Album she's put out yet!
    Wow, i love it when singers who aren't black can actually sing like they are. Pocket full of sunshine really should be considered r &b, but is simply considered pop. Angel has to be one of the best soulful pop songs to come out in a very long time.Size Matters is a really great song as well. She does an excellent job of trying to not over sing but still sound great at the same time. Love like this is avery good song, and I could def. hear the passion in her voice. Overall, this is an excellent CD! Don't let your musical tastes hinder you if your a fan of pop, hiphop, or r and b! You won't be disappointed....more info
  • good choice
    I don't have a great imagination for picking out gifts for my wife, usually just flowers, chocolates and jewelry, but I did right by getting this CD for her birthday....more info
  • Good- not great. But, a lot of fun
    I like singer/songwriters better than people who just sing others lyrics. In the case of Natasha Bedingfield, I really feel she can connect with her work because she writes it herself. And, being a guy who pays attention to lyrics, I appreciate the depth of some of her songs.

    Natasha's songs run the gamut from "Unwritten" (previous album) or "Say It Again" where you can really dig into the lyrics to something as silly as "Backyard" from this album. Sometimes the silliness works as in "These Words" Or "Pocketful of Sunshine" which is just fun. Sometimes the silliness is just well... silly.

    I love her husky voice and overall this album is worth it. But, if you're inclined to buy only certain tracks some on this album are definitely skippable....more info
  • Natasha is incredible!!
    I was quite surprised how much I liked this CD- in fact I purchased "Unwritten" at the same time and believe she is quite the talent!!!...more info
  • Pocketful of Sunshine
    I did not know who she is But my Daughter in law told me about her and I ended up really liking her music. And that Tital song is Great, puts you in a good mood :)...more info
  • Awesome cd
    This purchased arrived in a timely manner and has become one of my all time favorite cds. Love it, love it, love it!...more info
  • I wonder...
    why this CD is published along with N.B.. Hardly any difference.

    Can anyone explain this?

    The music is wonderful, of course....more info
  • natasha lovr
    Saw her performance on American Idol and ordered this CD right away. Well worth it....more info