Video to VGA Converter /Video Switcher - V2VPro
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Product Description

Geniatech V2VPRO is an interlace video to progressive video converter. Convert NTSC/PAL/SECAM or MPEG video signals into non-interlace for direct display on progressive TV, VGA monitor or projectors. Proprietary interfiled deinterlace provides high quality picture, automatic source mode detection, OSD (On Screen Display) adjustment menu.

  • Plug& Play installation, no software or driver required.
  • Support all video formats in the world (NTSC/PAL/SECAM...)
  • Support full function OSD (On Screen Display).
  • Versatile resolutions: 640กม480, 800กม600, 1024กม768 and 1280กม1024
  • Compatible for Multi Signal inputs: Video, S-Video, PC & Up-scaling conversion

Customer Reviews:

  • Beat Price, easy hookup!
    Best price I could find. Size is about 4x6" Fairly easy menu for set up.

    I use a S-video cable from my Directv standard box to the device and hook up VGA connector from my old 19" CRT monitor to the device. It comes with a power supply. You can set the video ratio from the menu.

    Be aware it does not process sound. You will need another system for sound. I use a 900 mhz wireless transmitter with red and white RCA feeds from the Directv box. The two wireless speakers and the subwoofer receive signals from the wireless transmitter. I have all of the power supplies pluged into one protected power stick (except the directv box, as it needs constant power). When I turn on the stick it all comes on....more info
  • Satisfactory product
    I bought this device to connect a DVD player to my Dell monitor (native resolution of 1440x990). This device works satisfactorily. Output in 1440x990 is supported by device but actually fills only 80% of my monitor's screen; I can see full movie from DVD but only at 80% of monitor screen. Resolution of 1024x768 uses full screen....more info
  • Nice little unit, and the price is right!
    I had purchased a DVD recorder/player/TV tuner that I mistakenly assumed would output to a VGA monitor that I wanted to connect to it. Anyhow I should have realized that would not be the case. So of course I started looking for a unit that would take the component output from the unit and convert it to VGA. I was pleasantly surprised to find the V2VPro at such a reasonable price. It was shipped to me way before I thought I would receive it, and it works great....more info
  • quite handy!
    purchasing this product was prompted by 1. my television set dying and 2. my mom upgrading her pc which included a new cinema display lcd and so had her old one to spare... since i don't use a tv for anything other than watch dvd's and play video games i used the opportunity to seek out an analogue video to vga converter. after checking out a variety of products online and off i ordered the v2vpro since it seemed to be the least fussy and the clear winner in terms of price (others were upwards of $150 or so)... considering the inner workings of analogue to digital video signal conversion (and how very wrong it can go) this little device does a rather good job! the default settings left a bit to be desired but after some tweaking using the on screen display menus, i adjusted the brightness, contrast, saturation, resolution until the output from my playstation 2 was quite satisfactory... so, about $40 and a few days of waiting (the seller automatically upgraded to priority first class at no additional cost, which was a nice surprise) my mission of replacing my tv and granting a second life to a secondhand lcd panel was accomplished....more info
  • Great Product
    I was concerned if this would have good picture I connected it to a 23" Dell Monitor and it works very well. Not only was I able to connect my PS2 to the monitor I also can connect my Direct TV satellite box to the monitor and use as a television. ...more info
  • Great for playing older games on your HDTV!
    I bought this device because I wanted to play my older games (such as Dreamcast, Playstation 1 and 2, Nintendo 64, Genesis and SNES) on my HDTV. The problem was that my HDTV, like many HDTVs, has bad "game lag". Game lag occurs because your HDTV is busy converting older signals (like from RF, composite cables and s-video cables) into HD quality 480, 720, and 1080p. You might not notice it while watching a DVD movie, but try playing a fighting game or a rhythm based game and it'll be a frustrating bad timed mess.

    This device does all the work, so your HDTV doesn't have to, and you don't have game lag. No more "you press the button on your controller and about half a second later your character reacts". Menu is easy to navigate, although a little slow. It works through a VGA cable, so make sure you 1) have a VGA port on your TV. 2)BUY a seperate 15 pin male to male VGA cable (this one doesn't come with it) and 3)make sure your TV can switch between normal and widescreen modes of display.

    Mine can, and setting this device to 640 x 480 with S-video makes my PS1 and 2 games look great. So those frustrated that they can't play older games on their HDTV because of game lag, GET THIS DEVICE, it fixes that so you can play your games on any HDTV with a VGA port!...more info
  • Did not work; left to right flickers
    I was attempting to hook up an ultrasound machine's composite video output to an LCD monitor. I could successfully hook up the ultrasound machine to a television, but on the monitor, using the converter, the picture would flicker and move from left to right continually no matter what video mode I chose.

    They were very good in refunding my purchase price....more info