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Samsung ML-1630 Monochrome Laser Printer
List Price: $237.99

Our Price: $79.00

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Product Description

Imagine the excitement and sense of pride that this sleek jewel of a printer will bring to your life. Banish unattractive technology and welcome a trendy laser that will sparkle on your desk and light up your printouts. With Samsung ML-1630 it?s not that hard to imagine.

The easy-to-use Samsung ML-1630 monochrome laser printer delivers high-quality professional print jobs in as little as 15 seconds. Compact, quiet, and portable, this sleek printer is perfect for handling business or personal projects. The ML-1630 features a fast page per minute print time, low noise emission, and an award-winning, energy-saving design.

The Samsung ML-1630 Monochrome Laser Printer offers:
  • Low noise emission (45 dB).
  • Slim, chic desktop footprint.
  • Simple, one-button functionality.
  • Award-winning, Energy Star-compliant design.

100-sheet, semi-automatic paper tray opens with the press of a button.

The ML-1630 gets the job done fast at 16-17 ppm. View larger.
View dimensions.
Get the Job Done--Fast
With the push of a button, the sophisticated ML-1630 monochrome laser printer goes from Sleep Mode to printing in less than 15 seconds. Printing at 16 to 17 pages per minute means you won't waste valuable time waiting for lengthy printing jobs again. The printer also prints at a crisp 1200 X 600 dpi resolution and has 8 MB of memory. And weighing in at a mere 14.1 pounds, the ML-1630 is not only sleek and functional, but highly portable as well.

Conserve Valuable Desktop Space
Easy on the eyes with its chic black finish and cool sapphire LED lights, the ML-1630 is a polished centerpiece for any desktop. It measures a compact 13.1-by-14.8-by-4.7-inches, so it frees up valuable desk space without sacrificing efficiency. The highly evolved design of this Samsung laser printer turns on to full functionality with the gentle touch of the printer's touch-sensor buttons, and the printer features a 100-sheet, semi-automatic paper tray and an easy-to-access toner compartment.

This monochrome laser printer operates at less than 45 decibels of sound while printing. To put this in perspective, an average library operates at 40 decibels. In other words, this people-friendly printer was designed to serve you with pleasure, not annoy you with noise. With the ML-1630, your work space just got a lot more productive and a lot quieter.

Award-Winning and Energy Star Compliant
For added peace of mind this machine is Energy Star compliant, which means it helps save the environment while saving you money. (Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency).

In addition, the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honored the Samsung ML-1630 in 2007 for its innovative and efficient design. Innovations Design and Engineering Awards recognize the most innovative consumer electronics products in the industry's hottest product categories, and has become a hallmark for the best designed products in consumer technology.

  • Portable laser printer prints up to 17 ppm
  • 1200 X 600 dpi resolution
  • 100-sheet semi-automatic paper tray
  • Ultra quiet; emits less than 45 decibels of sound when in operation
  • Device measures 13.1 x 14.8 x 4.7-inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Paper jams 60% of the time
    The printer looks good and is very quiet. The toner cartrdige low warning LED comes on before the first rim of paper runs out but there is no sign of toner running empty. It also jams ALL the time. I'm ready to throw it out and buy something else....more info
  • Sleek, Stylish, and it works!
    After a glitch in my Canon Pixma printer which caused me to break the thing with frustration, I found myself in the not-so-unique position of buying a new printer. I wanted something that could print speedily, looked nice, and didn't cost a lot per print. Yet at the same time I wanted to be able to scan. After due consideration, I think I came to best decision: buy a scanner and a simple monochrome laser printer. Before I tell you why I liked the Samsung ML-1630, let me say that I initially tried a Brother HL-2170w. That printer was easier to setup than others had me believe, but it consumed so much energy that my lights flickered with every print. Alas, I decided to buy this printer. What I like about it is that it is sleek, it doesn't consume a whole lot of desk space, it is quiet, and it works! No jams so far, and I'm 1000 pages in. The bundled cartridge is roughly half the capacity of a new cartridge, but I'm easily going to get more than the 1000 page estimate. In addition, the setup was so quick and easy that my 80 year old grandmother could do it, no problem. The directions were on a giant sheet of paper, basically plug it in, install driver disk, and go! If you're sick of all the software bundles from the likes of Canon and HP, you will be pleased with Samsung. In short, buy this printer if you need to print out a lot of basic monochrome sheets. Don't buy it if you want a feeder, print a lot of card stock, need to scan/duplex/copy, print photos, fax, etc. It does one job but it does it well. ...more info
  • Not all items included
    I just received the printer tonight (1/28/09) and the installation was pretty easy. But surprise, surprise, I found that the PC-Printer connector DOES NOT COME WITH THE PRINTER. I tried to report to Samsung, via web, but could not get anywhere. I called the support dept and was told that "you need to buy one". I am dissapointed that Amazon did not indicate customers to buy one, nor Samsung indicated in its description USB cable not included. It is not the cost but the lack of honesty.
    BTW, i have not tested the printer yet. lets hope there are no other extras that i need to buy to have a functional printer.
    ...more info
  • Great, affordable laser printer, looks great too
    I was looking for a laser printer for most of my documents, which don't need any color printing. I was also looking for something that looked halfway decent on my desk, and I found it with the Samsung ML-1630.

    It's a quick 5-minute setup, with the only thing you really have to do to the printer is slip in the printer cartridge. Then you turn it on, connect it to your computer, and install the software from the CD.

    I installed it on a Vista laptop, everything worked great, then shared that printer on my home network. I wirelessly connected to that shared printer from a remote Windows7 laptop, and it installed the printer drivers and printed easily. I was actually quite surprised it all worked, to be honest.

    The printer is quiet and prints documents perfectly. As other commenters mention, it doesn't hold a ream of paper, but for my home office, it's more than I print in a week. It looks fantastic, too.

    The only thing missing is built-in wireless, but I'll make do....more info
  • Good value
    Samsung ML-1630 Monochrome Laser Printer Set up was easy and performance is great for the price. Compact and attractive. Only minor negative is plastic paper catcher that is too easily knocked off its perch....more info
  • Unique look which does not compromise quality
    This is my second Samsung (my previous model was a 1200 series which lasted 8 years and was eventually donated to our local school)

    The ML-1630 is just stunning for a monochrome laser printer under $200. The look is unique, but as the title says, the quality is what you would expect from a home laser printer.

    The characters are crisp and the graphics are perfect (2 settings, standard and above). It is very quiet, plug-and-play, can be shared without any issue on a local windows network. You get one year warranty which can be extended by another 3 months once you register your product online.

    The only issue we got was with the paper. We were using recycled paper (which is quite thin) and sometimes the paper would be a little wrinkled. By switching to normal paper (Stapples), the problem went away....more info
  • well designed and trouble free
    I love this printer. I've had it about a year. Very well designed for looks and quality printing. I hardly notice it on the corner of my desk. It comfortably holds about 50 pages of paper so you need to take that into consideration if you are a heavy user. Cartridge easy to unload and reload....more info
  • Prints well, will not work with Airport on Macs
    I bought this printer as a replacement for a 5 year old Brother printer. Although I had read reviews saying it did not work well wirelessly, I decided to give it a try based on otherwise good reviews.

    At first all went well. As a printer it is excellent. Great print quality, and quiet.

    However, it does not work well with Airport ever since I upgraded my OS to 10.5. It will do one print job, then freeze. I have to reset Airport for each and every print job. This is a real pain when I am working wirelessly, which is most of the time.

    It still works fine if plugged directly into my MacBook Pro via USB.

    Wireless is a futile effort. I've read numerous blogs on the problem, and solutions are temporary at best.

    If you plan to use this printer plugged directly into your computer, then it is a good buy. If you plan to use wireless with a PC, I have heard that works but can't confirm. But don't buy if you plan to use wirelessly with a Mac.

    One other minor inconvenience: the paper tray is rather small, and holds about 50 sheets. If you print lots of large jobs, I'd consider another printer....more info
  • the finest printer I've owned
    It's small, it's sleek and fairly quiet. Of all the printers I have had in the past, this is certainly the best. It hasn't let me down yet, and based on the other Samsung products I own, I don't foresee it doing so anytime soon. The only gripes I could see anyone having is the fact that the paper tray is smaller than most other printers. It doesn't bother me, but it may bother those who would prefer a larger tray. But that is all I can think of, I love this printer!...more info
  • The Perfect Laser Printer
    This is actually my second one. Excellent Printer. Quiet, efficient, looks good and has a small footprint. Quick delivery and everything was fine....more info
  • Low Profile and Quiet
    I preface the following by noting that when we bought this printer we were finally moving on from an enormous HP LaserJet 4v - ancient in computing standards.

    That being said - we love this printer! It takes up hardly any room and is extremely quiet. I have not complaints...and compared to some of our other computer hardware and accessories, that is saying something....more info
  • Great little printer for a good price!
    I agree with other reviewers - this little printer is sleeker looking on your desk than in the photos. It's quiet and prints very quickly (especially compared to my old ink jet). I am a full-time PhD student and often print 30+ page articles or drafts of papers - what a time saver! I haven't been able to tell how long the ink cartridge lasts yet - but hopefully longer than ink jets. Overall, a great little printer - sleek design, love the blue LED lights, prints quickly and quietly. Don't hesitate!...more info
  • Great First Laser Printer I've ever had
    I've bought this printer of Circuit City for $30 on it's last day, I was surprised that they still had a printer in stock but I was glad they did because I've gotten a great deal on it. Was able to sneak the power and usb cord with the price, so I did not have to spend more money for the usb cord. I was amazed when I checked it out that it worked magnificent. Print fast, nice design and was able to connect it to my $5 Netgear Printer Server for wireless printing. Easy to set up and better than those inkjet printers for b&w printing. This has been the quietest and fastest printer I've ever had and will ever need.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a laser printer....more info
  • Great functionality, amazing looks!
    Owned one, then bought two more as gifts! That's how much I like this printer. It works seamlessly and quietly on my desk while sparing workspace, thanks to the intelligent designing. This printer is good enough for personal usage and does not meet the standards for high output work.

    I feel compelled to comment on the aesthetics. The looks of this printer definitely attracts comments from whoever steps into my office.

    Highly recommend the product if you care about the details and want your office workspace to look neat!...more info
  • Simple, elegant, functional
    This a simple, fast and effective mono-laser printer. It is sleek and attactive. There are no exterior buttons and functions.

    It warms up quickly and prints much faster than my old Bubble Jet.

    The design allows me to place it on my desk and place items on top of it (2nd monitor).

    Works great with Vista 64.

    Strongly Recommended...more info
  • samsung printer
    Printer arrived ahead of schedule and in great shape. Good transaction; would do business again....more info