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The Beyond Yoga Original Supplex Pant has luxurious fabric that forms this perfect yoga pant for the modern woman, carrying you through your practice and your day. The fit of this supplex/lycra pant flatters every body type while wicking away sweat. The flatlock seams provide a smooth interior to prevent irritation during your practice. The unique contour waistband can be worn high on the hip or folded for a lower waistline. The supportive stretch front panel is also perfect for expectant mothers. A "must have" for any exercise class! Fabric Content: 90% Supplex, 10% Lycra Made in the USA

  • Made in the USA with 90% supplex and 10% Lycra
  • Truly flatters every body type
  • Wicks away sweat and eliminates any embarrassing color change
  • The flatlock seams provide a smooth interior to prevent irritation during your practice
  • Great for yoga, pilates, hiking, and most other physical activities

Customer Reviews:

  • Love these pants!
    I love Beyond Yoga pants. I now have them in black, brown, green, and navy. I've never found a more stylish and comfortable garment. They're the best!

    ...more info
  • Favorite Yoga Pants
    These yoga pants are so great! They look amazing on any body type. You will be extremely happy with the quality and shape. The price is a bit high, but worth the extra buck... for sure! Take note that through stretching and bending the body during class... the pants tend to slide down slightly...but they look so great you will want to wear them around town for running errands or just wear biking shorts underneath them and no one will notice in class....more info
  • Finally found nice quality navy blue pants.
    I have been searching for navy blue workout pants and decided to try these. Excellent quality and fit. I wear a size 6 and have thighs and a butt. The mediums fit very well. Not too tight and not loose. Have a smaller waist but the fact that there is no elastic in waist band is not a problem. Very flattering fit for someone who worries about thighs and butt....more info
  • Good quality
    This is a good quality product. I ordered it to match a top and the top was a very poor quality so I also sent the pants back....more info
  • Funky Fit
    The fabric is lovely to feel, but does not drape properly. Beyond Yoga says the inseam is 32", so I knew I would have to hem as I am petite. But my pair measured 34", so I had to cut the fabric to hem. I would not have purchase a 34" inseam pant, especially in a knit fabric, for this reason. Knits roll when you cut the fabric, so hemming them is not for the inexperienced. The seams are well-done, but the cut is off. Backside coverage is good, but the front rise is far too short. As a result, no matter where I place the waistband, I get crotch cleavage. That's not flattering on anyone. These are cut slim in the thighs as well, which is nice for me, but will not work for women with thick thighs.

    These pants are quite comfortable, but the fabric has so much give, they slide off the waist. There is no elastic at all in the pants. A thin, flat elastic band would make a world of difference. Whether I'm doing sun salutations, twists, or forward bends, I find I have to tug them back up every few minutes.

    So many customers wrote glowing reviews, and I can understand that given the sumptuous fabric. But I am a practical yogi, and I will not buy this brand again....more info
  • Good fit, but logo upside down
    These feel great and fit well. They are very long, which I need in pants, and did not shrink up. I bought these because they cost less than other sites who sold more colors. I also bought a blue pair from another lower priced site. The logo on this pair is upside down inside the back of the pants. The blue pair is right side up but they did shrink up and are now too short. Don't know which pair is defective or if the quality is just not consistent.
    ...more info
  • Worst Yoga Pants Ever
    These are the worst yoga pants I have ever purchased. Will never buy this brand again. Hate them. Fabric is soft but that's all they have going for them....more info
  • Comfort, Quality, oh my!!
    These pants, feel like the most softest, brushed, cotton ever. The great news is that they are actually made of supplex so not only do they keep their shape and color they wick away the sweat from the body. They are constructed with flat seem construction and have a gusset crotch. They hold up in the wash (don't wash with terry towels though because they cause lint and pill balls). You will want to live in these pants. They also stay put when on.Beyond Yoga just holds up. I like to run, hike, do ballet, step aerobics, kickboxing, weight lifting, . . .and these clothes just have not let me down. has the best prices too.
    update 2/2009--I still love beyond yoga pants but I need to warn prospective buyers to buy the right size. I've lost about 20lbs in the past year and most of my yoga pants because they are stretchy still fit but I never really realized that there wasn't an actual waist band elastic in these pants. I can sew so I've just tailored mine and added one but for those of you who don't and if you want these pants to hold up during excersize you want to make ABSOLUTELY sure that you buy the right size. Oh and they still are the most comfortable pair of yoga pants I own....more info
  • my favorite yoga pants
    These are by far my favorite yoga pants. They are made of the most comfortable, form fitting fabric and so flattering also! They are long too! I LOVE how long they are, being tall (I'm 5'8" and my legs are long) - I can see how this wouldn't be desirable for someone who is petite. (If you're petite, you should check out Lululemon.)

    The BEST yoga pants for tall girls! I have several pairs of Beyond Yoga pants and capris as well as tanks and a zip-up jacket. I can't say enough about how much I love these pants!...more info
  • Awesome Yoga pants
    I have TONS of yoga clothes and these are my favorite by far. I actually have the Beyond Yoga capris, pants and racer backs. You sweat a lot in Yoga and these wick the sweat away and keep you dry and comfortable. They're amazing & i do not think they are expensive at all. All yoga clothes are expensive. Totally worth it....more info
  • Great, comfy pants
    These pants are great - very soft and stretchy and ultra-comfortable. The material is a sueded thick cotton spandex. The fit is excellent. They are a stylish boot cut with a slightly below the waist rise (waistband can be folded over for lower rise). I think the rise can also be adjusted just because the fabric is so stretchy - could pull up higher or scrunch down lower.

    I got the ocean color for my first pair. They washed and dried up great - color did not fade and they did not shrink. They are quite long and I should probably hem them up a couple of inches. Since I loved the pants so much, I bought a second pair in black and they are not quite as nice as the first pair. The black color is a more faded color (prior to even washing them), not a true black. The black pants shrunk when I machine washed and dried them - they still fit since they are so stretchy and I no longer need to hem them due to the shrinkage, but I am not as happy with the black as with the ocean color.

    I highly recommend these pants, even though they are expensive. I have ordered a third pair in a different color and also a pair of the capris. I have not even used them for yoga yet, but they are great for lounging after work and for exercising....more info
  • Beyond Yoga Supplex Oriinal Pant, Royal Purple
    I love the color the fabric.
    I am 5'2 petite, but it wasn't too long. Doesn't need to be cut.
    The color is Royl Purple like it says, brighter and darker than that of the picture. It fits well and feels good.
    And the price was cheaper ($ 28 with free shipping)when I purchased this! It was good deal!...more info
  • buy these
    WOW, whichever reviewer claimed this was the most comfortable garment she owned was not lying. the material is soo soft, a lot thicker than i expected but does not make you too hot at all. the material is also reeally stretchy. soft + stretchy = perfect.
    i am 5'4", 120lb and got the small in graphite grey (the color is accurate on my monitor) -- it fits perfectly and the length on the bottom extends about 1" from my heel which fits fine over sneakers.
    they are very flattering.. makes your legs look shapely. the waistband is also extremely comfortable.. i can barely tell it's there.
    did i mention i'm wearing them right now?? i'll order more as soon as i can. ...more info
  • Most comfortable yoga pants ever
    These are the best yoga pants (also hang-around-the-house pants) I've ever worn. Ultra comfortable. They wash and tumble dry and come out looking and wearing great. Only complaint is that the prices are different for different colors. Some colors are twice the price of others. Pretty lousy practice, IMO. I bought colors I don't like, because they were half the cost of colors I do like!...more info
  • The perfect workout (and after) pants!!
    These are hands down the most comfortable and flattering workout pants ever. The material is super soft, and they are cut with a rise that sits comfortably just over the top of the hip bones. I'm 5'8", and the medium size pant length doesn't quite hit the ground when I wear them over my sneakers, though it's close. If you're an inch or two shorter, you may need to hem the pants a little, but IT WOULD BE WORTH IT. I also have some "junk in the trunk" and well-muscled thighs, and these still fit comfortably and beautifully. I bought my previous pair over two years ago, and they are still going strong and my very favorite pants to wear for pilates, weight training, and even jogging on the treadmill. They are so cute fitting, too, that you'll want to go running errands in them after the gym! The only workout pants that compare are the Lululemon groove pants, and these are nearly half the price of those, and in my opinion, more comfortable and a more flattering fit. These are definitely worth the investment, particularly since you'll be looking for opportunities to wear them and may end up going to the gym more often!...more info
  • I have 3 pairs!
    Absolutely love the fit, material, love that they can fold to a low rise and i wear them for every type of work out! They really shape your body, no need to feel self conscious about wearing something form fitting. In fact I show off! :)...more info
  • Great Yoga Pant
    This is my fourth pair of these "Beyond Yoga" pants and I find myself reaching for these first in my work out drawer. I think that says it all. The body hugging, low rise fit, for me, is perfect and ultra comfortable, they last well and the color doesn't fade in the wash. ...more info
  • Comfortable and Versatile
    I bought these pants and absolutely LOVE them! In the gym I do a combination of weight lifting and running/cardio machines, and these pants remain supportive, do not ride up or down and are extremely comfortable. I also tend to sweat a lot when running, and these pants absorb the moisture away from my skin. I have bought other yoga pants for much less and can honestly say you really get what you pay for as the other pants lose their color and stretchiness and do not absorb moisture. ...more info
  • Yummy feel
    These pants look and feel great. Unlike many who do yoga I have a tummy and the waist on these (like many other fold down type waists) is not the best for me....more info