Jabra BT3030 Bluetooth Stereo Headset
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Product Description

Plays Music Wirelessly / Talk Smart, Stay Cool / Multiple wearing styles / Comes with a removable clothing clip and metal chain

  • Bluetooth 2.0; requires phone with Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) and Remote Control (AVRCP) profiles for full operation
  • Supplied with Jabra earphones - 3 different ear bud sizes included in the pack
  • Up to 7 hours of music playing, 8 hours talk time and 230 hours standby time
  • Less than 30g in weight (including earphones)
  • L 1.65 x W 0.7 x H 1.06in

Customer Reviews:

  • recharging issues
    When the BT 3030 charges it works pretty well. However after only a few uses it refuses to charge. I am contacting Jabra for the fourth return. So far they have been pretty good about it....more info
  • Great for a quiet room
    I purchased this as I am an advid music listener and do a lot on the move. This does not have much volume and I am not sure why. I use a navigation system on my phone, and the instructions and phone commands are louda nd clear. When I use this for music, the max volume is only half as loud as voices when using the phone options??? Even wearing the ear buds, music is difficult to hear if there is any surrounding noise....more info
  • Very Good Product
    I like this product first of all because it looks alot cooler than any of it's competitor's similar products. The buttons are very easy to find, and respond reasonably well. The sound quality is very good in both streaming mp3s and talking on the phone. It's also good because you can use your own headphones. I purchased the Sennheiser MX760 headphones because it has a smaller cord than most headphones and found that the cord size was perfect for this product when using the necklace, and the difference in quality for the Sennheiser MX760 was very apparent. The only problems with the Jabra is that 1)it is difficult to connect to my phone at times, and 2) When listening to Pocket tunes on this device, the volume is much too low (although using the Sennheiser headphones made up for this lack of volume). I would definitely recommend buying this product, especially if you can get it cheaper than 50 bucks. ...more info
  • Impressive, but not perfect
    The Jabra BT-3030 is an impressive device. What some folks may look at as drawbacks I actually think are strengths.

    First of all, the complaints I occasionally read about the wired earphones you need to plug in are laughable. The primary reason why the 3030 is a good choice is for MUSIC. How are you going to get a good bluetooth wireless listening experience if the fidelity of the earphones/buds you use are poor, which the vast majority of them out there definitely are?

    Instead, the great thing about the 3030 is that you can plug in any 3.5" earphones you like (besides the included one, of course) and so it will sound pretty close to ideal depending on what you choose.

    I say pretty close, because there is some fall-off in the high-end range of the sound. But trading off for the convenience, it's more than acceptable. And this is wireless audio, so I can't really expect perfect fidelity.

    The dog-tag design may not be to others' tastes but I think it's "3C" - cool, clever and compact. It controls my phone's player functions well.

    Now for the drawbacks which eliminate 1 star:

    -it doesn't get along well with my Samsung WEP200 Bluetooth Wireless Headset (Black). Other folks report standalone headsets with better relations - my WEP200 must be turned on first to work at all with my phone, and then won't allow the player controls on the 3030 to work anymore. Luckily, this is only during car rides anyway (I just don't want to use my car stereo as a speakerphone through the 3030's feed) so not a deal-breaker.

    -I also found out that it cannot charge and operate simultaneously. A bummer for long car trips especially, but 6-7 hours on a charge mitigates that somewhat.

    But other than those complaints, a solid device rating 4 because of its unusual but good design and overall quality. If you know of bluetooth headsets which allow the Jabra to function fully while both are being used, please let me know in the review comments! Thanks....more info
  • Does not work with iPHone
    This item does not work with the iPhone... sure you can answer the phone with it but you can NOT stream music, Helloooo thats why most would want this item so save your money and look else where....more info
  • The Range is amazing
    I use these primarily at work with my palm phone. The range is amazing. I can get up from my desk and actually be out of the line of sight of my phone and still get crisp clear reception. They are also really easy to pair with my laptop at home. I can leave my laptop down stares start playing music and go upstairs and lay in bed and listen....more info
  • Great for Nokia E71
    RESEARCH! Research the product before you buy. Don't complain because of impulse buying. For my Nokia E71 it works perfectly. The sound is NOT low. Remember your phone needs to be AVRCP, A2DP compliant. I tried this set on a Nokia 6200 and it did sound horrible. I love this headset. Now I don't need to keep my phone out to control my tunes. I used to always get my headsets caught on something and rip the cord out of my ears or phone. I am totally happy with this product. I believe others will too. (Depending on the phone of course)....more info
  • great product
    Mines shipped with a faulty power cable, but I found quickly that any micro-USB cable can charge it. Works great as a headset for my PS3 and an A2DP receiver for my cell phone music. I bought 2 more for friends....more info
  • Poor compatibility; low audio quality
    I tried using this with a WiREVO A100 bluetooth transmitter for iPod. I'd previously used some Motorola headsets that worked fine, but wanted to use this with earbuds instead of headsets. Unfortunately, after connecting the BT3030 to the A100, I could not hear my music. I could use the pause/play/ff/rw buttons to control my iPod, however whenever I pressed the play button, I'd hear a second or two of garbled noise, then would only hear static. If I then paused it, then pressed play again, I'd hear another second of garbled noise, then static. I tested with the A100 connected to an iPhone, iPod Video, and an iPod Nano. On all three devices, the A100 could stream to my Motorola HT820s, but would not work with the BT3030.

    I then tried connecting the BT3030 to my Macbook Pro. It connected fine, however the audio quality of the audio being streamed sounded equivalent to listening to 64 Kbps-encoded MP3s. i.e. very low quality. Tweaking settings didn't make any improvement. Attaching my HT820s to my Macbook Pro, the audio quality was fine.

    I then went to the Jabra website to look up support. Their FAQs and other support documentation is not helpful at all. They have a software upgrade page, however they wrote it using Flex, and going to the page just gives a pop-up saying "This page requires AC_RunActiveContent.js." and nothing else. If their support would upload that one file to their web server, then perhaps I could try a software upgrade of the device. Until then, I'm waiting to hear back from their email support....more info
  • Great Stereo BT
    It is a little different in the style and design but I think thats a feature. I am not sure what the other reviewer was saying about its compatibility but I had no problems connecting with my Macbook Pro and my HTC Touch Pro. My favorite feature is that I can use any set of headphones with the tag for the best sound isolation. I am a bit of an Audiophile so I love my Etymotic ER-4 and ER-6 and they work perfectly with this BT. I will say that the Jabra included headphones are not bad and are actually built well. They are also very convenient with the shortened cable so perfect for wearing and putting the BT at the right height.

    The only reason I don't give it a full 5 stars is because between the ball chain and cables it gets a bit cumbersome putting it on and taking it off but I might work a system out that might be better. Right now I actually just loop the cable for the right earbud down and feed the cable through so all I have is the loop of cable to put over my head....more info
    I tried to use the BT3030 at the gym with my Sennheiser Sport Ear Bud Headphones and there wasn't enough volume to mask out the gym speaker system. Had no trouble linking to my phone but the volume just wasn't there. What a shame. An otherwise nice product....more info
  • Great for runners, Blackberry Storm
    Short and to the point:

    I use these for running (2 to 8 mile runs) and they are great!

    1. No slippage from my ears when running! (my biggest fear)
    2. Sound good (could use more bass)
    3. Pairing with phone is super simple (Blackberry Storm)
    4. No issues with moisture (I sweat a lot)
    5. Good for phone calls or music! (also those annoying mid-run calls)
    6. Charge lasts for several runs (also charges quickly)

    1. Dog tag hangs around your neck (may bother some, but not me)
    2. Volume buttons don't control Blackberry media player volume
    ...more info
  • Suprised How Good This Thing Is
    Even though I carefully read each review and noted the general positive tone of each, I still stepped into this purchase reluctantly. I mean, how could this goofy little thing provide a) the sound quality I was looking for b) the range and c) a price point that would not make me feel remorseful about the purchase?

    I received the BT-3030 5 days ago. It arrived nearly fully charged at my work. I use a RocketFish Bluetooth dongle there. Anyway, I really didn't have to read the instructions. I turned it on and waited for the solid blue light and I was nearly immediately asked for the pairing code from my workstation. Once paired, I plugged in the headphones (my own) and I was listening to music....just like that.

    I previously had the Moto S9s. Nice concept, but crappy range (really a pity, I would have loved to keep them). So, the acid test for me was how would the range hold up? With my headphones and BT-3030 I got up from my desk slowly. I stepped away inch by inch away from my workstation. I was expecting a signal drop anytime now. The S9s would have just shut off completely at about 5 feet and you'd have to power up and pair over and over again. Not so with the Jabra. I kept moving further and further away....10ft...20ft...30ft....around a corner and into the kitchen...now about 35 feet away! At the end of my final journey I was nearly 40 feet away, behind two walls! It only stared stuttering when I move to 45 feet. The nice thing is (unlike my experience with the S9s) it didn't shut down when the signal got weak. It just politely stopped receiving but kept the connection open. As I moved back into range, it picked up where it left off. No big deal. This is the kind of engineering I was looking for and I honestly I was surprised that Jabra pulled it off.

    As for the battery life, well, I haven't really done scientific tests on it yet. But let's just say that after the first charge, I was able to listen continuously for about 6 hours. It started to flash red after 6 hours of use, but I probably could have listened for another 1 hour or so until the charge was completely spent. It took about 2 hours to charge it up, just like they said it would.

    What about the sound quality? Well, that depends on your transmitter and headphones. As I stated, I used the RocketFish adapter (it's tiny!) and I honestly can't tell the difference between a wired and wireless connection. There is a super slight hiss that you can hear in quiet passages, but (this will sound odd) it's kind of soothing. I can accept this owing to the fact that it IS a wireless device. Stuff like this usually bothers me, but for some reason it doesn't bother me at all. The S9s had the slight hiss too and they sounded good, but this device is reliable (so far) and the S9 was not (again, I'm sorry they didn't work out, they were a cool concept). At home I have Zonet dongle (about 3 years old now). I can tell that the quality is not as good. But all of this tells me that the BT-3030 is capable of doing the job I expected it too. The headphones that come with the device are actually pretty nice. I'm not audiophile, but I do like nice sounding music. They had better bass-response than my regular phones. The BT-3030 would probably sound fantastic with a really good pair of phones, but for me, what I have works fine. I do like the ability to choose you own headphones as well. And having the microphone on the dog-tag is a great idea.
    And speaking of the dog-tag, what a cool idea this is! I like the fact that the controls are easily within my reach and that it, well, kind of looks cool. When I was walking around at work people were wondering what it was. One guy thought it was some kind of heart monitor! But I really don't care what people think of it. I like it, it's light, it works. The fact that the controls are off your head is a major plus for me and I really like not being tethered to my PC/Phone.

    By the way, I tried pairing this to a Scosche IPOD adapter (forget the model, but it's the one that has the battery), and it would NOT pair at all. I blame the adapter, not the BT-3030. So, I'm returning the adapter.

    I've just purchased the Sony Bluetooth adapter and I hope it works with the BT-3030. I will then be able to work out without my iPod strapped to me.

    Another note, I paired this device with my Moto K1 phone. It worked perfectly. Got about 30 feet range, but the sound quality was fine and it was awesome being able to control the tracks on my cell phone and take calls as well.

    Finally let's talk about the price and presentation. Some think this item is pricey. At nearly 50 clams, I'd say it's is worth the price. I probably would not pay more than that though. In other words, for me it seems like a good value. The item itself came in a good looking package which enhances the buying experience. Some people may wonder why people even comment about packaging. It does seem odd; after all you're not using the box it came in. But it communicates to me what the company thinks about their product and the pride they have in presenting it to the public. Inside, everything is right there and ready to be used right away. I even appreciate the fact that it came with nearly a full-charge (unless I got someone's return!). I'd like to think Jabra did this as a convenience for the customer.
    It's reliable, works well and fairly priced. You have the flexibility to use just the right headset for yourself too.
    So far, I am very pleased.

    UPDATE: I have since purchased the Sony Bluetooth transmitter for the Ipod. The transmitter works great and is tiny. I don't have to take the Ipod out of its case. The BT-3030 works flawlessly with it as well.

    ...more info
  • Great Bluetooth solution
    This gizmo offers a good solution for both headset and music. Whereas most Bluetooth products are one or the other (in/on ear single-channel, or dedicated over-the-head or behind-the-neck stereo headsets) this gives the flexibility to do both. I wanted to do the majority of my listening with my own headphones, after all, I spent a lot of time and money choosing them! But I wanted only one bluetooth gizmo, so wanted to be able to have some lightweight solution for more mobile use. BT3030 fits these requirements, without much compromise at all.

    When I'm doing heavy audio listening (podcasts on the E71 or internet radio on the PC), I can use my favorite comfortable stereo cans, since the BT3030 has standard 3.5mm stereo jack, and Bluetooth stereo profile. Sound quality is good (considering most of what I'm listening to is digitally compressed anyway). The mic is always available on the BT3030 should a call come in. (I haven't tried VoIP/Skype yet.)

    When I'm out and about, and want to leave the expensive cans safely at my desk, I switch to the included light-weight earbuds, which have a good cable length and configuration. Three sets of silicone tips let you choose a good fit. This more-discreet, more-portable configuration is a good in-car or walking solution.

    As for the form factor, I think it's great. I don't do the pure dog-tag thing with the included chain, rather I have a small 'biner on it which I use to hook it on my badge lanyard at work. When out, I use the included clip.

    Controls work just fine. Battery life is good enough for me; I'm not a super-mobile power-user, though. I've always got a mini-USB nearby to charge when needed (overnight or during lunch).

    I hold back one star b/c the switching between PC and phone is quirky. The literature hints you can connect to two devices simultaneously, but I haven't gotten this to work smoothly. (Admittedly, it may not be the BT3030's fault, but I just don't know yet.)

    The only other real competition I found was a Plantronics in-ear boom mic which offered an attachable second earbud for stereo. I found this too much of a compromise -- the boom mic wasn't that good, and neither was the stereo configuration. YMMV.
    ...more info
  • Novelty, but good
    Only fault I could find was sound was not on par with Motos S9. But with the noise cancellation, standard 3.5mm jack, and sweat resistant controls, I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Best Bluetooth earphones out there.
    I've tried five different bluetooth headphones from different companies and they all failed to meet what I was expecting. My brother got this ones for him and let me tried them 3 days after I order my owns and I cant be happier with my purchase. They are great to talk and to listen to Music. If you want good quality look no further. Thanks for making such good earphones and the tag dog is really cool also, they are not bulky and you can hide it under your shirt. 10/10...more info
    The Jabra dog-tag style Bluetooth transmitter has
    performed as promised, maybe even just a tad better.
    Sound quality solid from the high freqs to the low freqs,
    good timbre. Balanced resonance without being tinny & twangy.
    Bass has solid tone and strength without being overdone.
    Consistent transmitter range about 30 feet or so. Continuous
    stereo streaming pretty much as promised.
    Recharge time usually 1.5 hours (partially drained) to 2 hours
    (fully drained). Works fine and pairing with Verizon LG Dare
    Touch Screen cellphone. So far, no software or installation
    problem(s) with WinXP Desktop PC when streaming audio output.
    ...more info
  • nice and cool
    bought it for my significant other. easy to set up. signal's good and clear, though we used a sony earphone instead of the one came with it....more info
  • didn't work with 2 of my notebooks
    I tried to get this to work with both my notebooks. Trying multiple ways with each. the documentation is very poor. i went to their web site and got little help if any. typical of this company. I have another of their devices which is great(headset). BUT either their stuff works out of the box or send it back because there's no working through a problem....more info
  • clever, stylish, and sturdy...but not for use with iPhone
    The Jabra BT-3030 is a sturdy and compact little device. It was reasonably easy to pair with my phone. I think the design is first rate. As for sound quality, I was not able to test the device with music (More on that below). It seemed okay with calls, but I honestly didn't use it for very long. I think that the headphones that come with the device are not the best, but the great thing about the design is that you can use any standard headphones.

    Now for the bad news. I bought the BT-3030 to use with my Apple iPhone. Before I ordered it, I checked with Jabra's own website to see if it was compatible. The website claimed that it was, but didn't offer any specifics. When I got the device, I found out that the BT-3030 is only partly compatible with Apple's iPhone. The BT-3030 pairs with the iPhone and it does work for making calls. Unfortunately, this pairing does not work for listening to music. That was such a huge disappointment that I ended up returning the BT-3030. What is the point of using this if it doesn't work for listening to music.

    After a little more research, I learned that the problem is that the iPhone does not support the protocol (called A2DP) for streaming music. "Boo" on you, Apple! It turns out that the only way to make this work is to plug a bluetooth dongle that does support A2DP into the iPhone. That seems really silly to plug a BT dongle into a device that already has BT.

    So if you plan to use this with an iPhone, my advice is not to bother. If you have a different phone and you want to listen to music from it, make sure that your phone supports A2DP before you buy this device. ...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    Do not use this to watch movies. I use this with my laptop so I am 5 ft. away at the most and there are multiple long interruptions. When I watch video it will cut off for a moment then produce a very long delay in the audio track. I bought this for its small size and earbud style. I have a set of Sony DR-BT50 which are an ear muff style that can be uncomfortable with my glasses(although the DR-BT50 work extremely well). I suppose these could be ok with mobile music players if you don't mind pauses in the middle of your songs. ...more info
  • Died 1 year and 1 month later...
    Well, been using this for one full year and one month when it died this morning. Won't hold a charge at all. I do like it so, ordered another one. Had used it with the Sony bluetooth iPod adapter and with my SE k790a and N95 without problem. Never had a problem with people hearing me or hearing the call. Will say that I thought I would get more than one year (did really) but was hoping for at least two years. Did replace chain with a solid stainless steel one after 2 weeks too due to green neck. ...more info
  • Not Loud Enough
    Does what it says it will, but the volume is significantly lacking. Still have wires to contend with. Wish the Motorola S9 would have gotten better reviews as I would have liked it much better I think. ...more info
  • junk
    dont even waste your money on this the sound is terrible and has a verry low volume
    you can barely here anything coming threw its so poorly made youll never here music on a train or the streets with these and i plug the bose headphones in this this product has one word for it it sucks...more info
  • A Great Bluetooth Option
    I purchased this to use at work. I work all day on a PC and like to listen to the music loaded on my BlackBerry. The cord from my ears to my BlackBerry was always getting in my way. I didn't want to be connected by wires to it (I have pulled it off the desk a few times) but I still wanted to be able to skip through my music.
    The Jabra BT 3030 was exactly what I needed. I wear it around my neck and use retractable ear buds to limit the cord mess. I love being able to pause, play, skip forward or back without having to touch my phone. It even works great to attach my work badge too.
    The music sounds great. And I have used it for phone calls too, with no complaints.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great way to listen to their music without having to be attached to your music.
    ...more info
  • iPhone somewhat compatible
    This fills a need that is addessed by very few other products, a BlueTooth microphone that works simultaneously with both a music player and a phone over your choice of headphones, earbuds, etc. This is a boon for those of us with phones built into our sports helmets and custom made earbuds.

    That said, this works with the iPhone 3G only as a phone. I haven't been able to use it to play music from the iPhone. That is mostly fine with me since I have a bluetooth transmitter for my iPod and the BT-3030 works with it to play music and then with the phone when a call comes in.

    The volume is a bit too loud at its lowest setting so I'll need to find an in-line volume control. I use this while skiing and it is a bit difficult to have a conversation with someone on the lift. The volume level on the iPod doesn't have any effect over BT....more info
  • Was great
    This was great while it lasted. Unfortunately it will no longer charge. Really liked it and would buy another except based on other reviews this problem was not a fluke and would probably happen to the next one....more info
  • Great for running
    I've used this device for over a year now, mostly while running and loved it so much that I am ordering my second, after the first one broke. I use it with my Samsung Juke, and I mostly listen to lectures or podcasts - only sometimes music.

    1) The earphones! I've used this on runs as long as three hours and the earphones remain comfortable, and provide surprisingly good noise isolation. I have used them on the subway and on airplanes and had no problems understanding what I was hearing.
    2) I have had no problems with the volume, as a previous reviewer stated. In fact, it is louder than earphones plugged directly into my phone.
    3) As most other reviewers have said, this works great out of the box. No problems setting it up, or pairing.

    1) I'm not sure if this is a problem with the phone or with the dog tog, but when the phone is in my back pocket, I get no reception unless I also flip the dog tag to my back. This may also be because I am made of steel.
    2) I suspect this is a problem with the phone, but when a phone call ends, I usually have to reboot the phone to continue playback through the headphones, even though the devices remain paired.
    3) The clip on the dog tag does not work at all. I never got it to stay clipped on anything for more than a few minutes. It's really annoying, because the chain isn't really the ideal solution for running either, unless you enjoy something constantly banging you in the chest.
    4) I broke my first one by putting it in my sports bra while I ran (see 3). I guess it didn't like the moisture, and now the buttons don't work, and I can't shut it off. So, don't do that....more info
  • Perfect match for Blackberry Bold
    The Jabra BT3030 works perfectly with the Blackberry Bold.

    1. Paired without any hiccups
    2. Compatible with all headsets
    3. Very good sound quality
    4. Music fade and restart when a phone call comes in
    5. Works perfectly with cassette stereo adapter for car stereo
    6. Jabra quality
    7. Controls allow you to go to next track, increase volume, initiate and answer phone calls, pause and play.

    Amazon delivery was next day even though I expected 2-day.

    Only downside, and it's small, is that it cannot be used while it is being charged.
    ...more info
  • Very Handy Bluetooth Earphone
    I have tried many bluetooth Earphones to use while jogging or driving in autos without dedicated bluetooth A2DP connection capability, and found all of them lacking is something. The Jabra BT-3030 is the best of the lot that I have looked at. Initially I had a little bit of fading in/out while jogging, but that now seems to be solved by keeping the unit well charged and proper positioning of the cell phone and the BT-3030.

    My primary use has been listening to audio books. The controls are easy to understand and fully functional. It is easy to pause the book when outside (traffic) noise gets too loud and restart after the trucks pass. The volume controls are easy to use to compensate for background noise level changes.

    The one time that I have received a phone call while listening to the books functioned flawlessly. The book was automatically paused, the call was easy to pick up, caller reported reasonable audio level, and the book automatically restarted when the call was terminated.

    The included headphones are adequate and the design is perfect for use in a single ear while driving or jogging in a congested area and easily adapts to two ears when you want to immerse yourself in the book.

    Overall, I highly recommend this system, especially for those who do not like the look of a stick (or ???) stuck to their ear....more info