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Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor with 7" LCD Screen
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $149.99

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Product Description

Summer Infant Day and Night Color Flat Screen Monitor

Keep an eye on your  little one with this state-of-the-art flat screen monitor from Summer Infant. A 7" LCD flat screen Color picture display during the day with black and white night vision allows you to see baby no matter what time of day it is. The monitor's two-channel ability minimizes interference from cell phones. LED sound lights let you see and hear baby's call, while the 400 foot range allows you to monitor your child from anywhere in the house. This monitor will give you peace of mind by letting you keep Baby safe while going about your daily chores.

  • 7" LCD Flat screen with color picture display during the day and black/white night vision
  • 900 MHz technology, 2 channels to minimize interference, 400 feet extended range
  • LED sound lights let you see and hear baby?s call, one touch video on/off button for audio only option at night
  • Swivel stand and multiple tilt option
  • Wall and under cabinet mounting option for parents unit, wall anchor for camera

Customer Reviews:

  • We did not like this at all!
    It was only good for the first week although it went out and made a loud noise every time our phone rang or we walked near it. The issues got worse and worse until it completely went out. No noise or video. We loved it for the first week and concidered getting a newer phone. (ours is only 5.8 ghz) but now we are glad we did not because it would have been for no reason. Unfortunatly I can not return this because it was a gift for the birth of my second child and the giver did not keep the receipt. I will try to write the company as I have heard this has helped with others although it took a very long time for a replacement to arrive....more info
  • Extremely satisfied...
    I really wanted a video monitor, but was very hesitant to purchase due to the poor reviews on all the monitors I had looked at. I have to say that I am very happy with this purchase. I have owned this monitor for several weeks now and it works great. It was easy to set up and there really was no need to look at the directions. The video is great for daytime and night vision. Some reviews say that it's color is a little off during the day, and the truth is it is, but if you read the manual, it says that it needs to be really well lit to get the best color. Honestly, does it really matter if the color is a little off? Isn't the whole point to see your child? The sound however is extremely sensitive. While this would normally be a good thing, I wish that it was a little less so. I only ever turn the sound up by one notch. Unless you have an extremely loud house, there really isn't need for anything much higher than the very fist volume setting. Besides, if you do have that loud of a house, how do you expect your child to sleep anyway? As far as the interference goes, yes of course it has some at times. But you will find that true for any wireless device. No matter what monitor you get, you are bound to end up with some interference, especially if you have a cordless phone, wireless network, wireless controllers for any game console if they are operating on the same frequency. The power cords are much longer than expected and allows for you to place the devices almost anywhere. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who really needs some peace of mind while their child is sleeping in their crib, or whatever the use may be. I almost got a different monitor with a smaller screen, but after owning this monitor, I am most certainly happy that we went with the bigger screen. I can look at it from across the room and still see my child perfectly. The picture quality is so good, that I can actually see my child breathing....more info
  • Terrible picture, very poor range
    Even with the monitor right next to the camera, the picture was very bad. All but the most intense colors were completely washed out, making the image effectively black and white. The contrast was also very extreme: pretty much everything was shown as either black or white, without shades of gray. I couldn't find any way to adjust the picture to improve it. There was also a fair amount of noise even at a range of a couple of feet.

    Things got considerably worse when the monitor wasn't in the same room as the camera. While it's advertised as having a range of 400 feet, I found that at even 25 feet the image had so much noise that it was pretty much useless, and I couldn't get any reception at all after about 50 feet in real world conditions (ie: in a house with interior walls).

    The overall construction also seemed to be very flimsy and cheap, with the exception of the LCD panel itself. I got the impression that the manufacturer blew their budget on the LCD and then had to skimp on everything else.

    We ended up returning this item and getting an "Angelcare Deluxe" monitor. It doesn't have video, but it has much better range, and the things it does monitor (sound, movement and temperature) seem more useful....more info
  • So far so good!
    Just received this camera and monitor today, hooked it up in a couple minutes and am very pleased so far. Picture quality and color are good, not like cable TV but very acceptable. I'm not monitoring a baby I have it setup on an inside window sill and am watching for butterfly's in my butterfly garden. With the large 7" screen it's like having a small window into my back yard. I have the monitor about 70 feet away here beside me at my computer desk. I have a 2.4 ghz wireless router and get no interference from it but when the 5.8 ghz cordless phone is in use it interferes badly. I get a better quality picture using the B channel not sure why. Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Monitor review
    Works as advertised. Interfered with lots of other wireless in the house including an RF remote control for my home theater and also a wireless lamp control. ...more info
  • Great System
    We have a similar system to this one. The only difference is that ours includes a handheld unit without a screen (audio only). This is spectacular. The screen is right next to my wife's side of the bed, so she can rest with the peace of mind that she can just push the video button on the top and see our daughter in the crib. As first-time parents, my wife is very concerned and likes to check periodically to see that she is still breathing. No problem with this video screen! If she starts fussing, we can look to see if there is a reason and get an idea from her facial expressions as to how severe it will be. All of this is possible without going into her room and disturbing her! I never thought we'd need the video screen, but I am very glad now that we have it.

    The only problem with this unit is that there is some interference. For us, we only see interference when standing in certain spots in the room where the monitor is located. But move a few inches and it stops.

    I would definitely buy another if we needed it and would recommend this to others....more info
  • Good video, but did not last...
    I thought the video was good... I got a lot of interference though and we had it for about 7 months and the thing died on me. The on/off button didn't work anymore. Also want to mention that the volume levels could've been better. For instance, the lowest level turned the volume off. The second to lowest level (of about 7 or eight levels) was REALLY loud. Every little sound that my son made would wake me up......more info
  • Great 7 Month $200 Monitor
    I can't really give this monitor a bad review because it was an excellent monitor - for about 7mths - until the video screen part of the monitor stopped working, which is why anyone would pay $200 for this monitor. You could still use it for sound, but could no longer use the video screen to watch your baby. Basically trash at this point if you can't see your baby....more info
  • Alot of $$$$ for something that stopped working in 7 months.
    For what you pay if you buy this monitor you could buy two, TWO, others. I just ordered a older b/w "Summer" video/audio system and a "Bebe" colour video/audio system. Why do I say that? Because my 7 inch colour "Summer" video/audio system just broke. The on/off button broke. On other older "Summers" this switch is a dial. On this new model, and there are two offered here at Zon, the on/off switch is a spring loaded push button. It cannot be taken apart to be repaired, there is no warranty after this much time, and it is simply ridiculous that the on/off switch on an otherwise competent working system, was not designed to be more reliable. After all, being able to actually USE this system is why we buy it! Right? The screen of this model, however, is large but intrusive at night. You can actually read a book by it! The reception is good but can be interfered with by anything prompting a constant moving about of this model to maintain reception. The picture is crisp and good and so is the sound. But what good are these features if you can no longer turn the darn thing on! Talk about built in obsolescence. I recommend staying away from any model with a push button type on/off switch. Starting with this model. I intend to from now on. As I said, buy the two I revealed above that I bought as replacements for this big waste of my money. Not only do these other models NOT have push button switches, together they cost only a few dollars more than this model I'm reviewing. You'll have one for the bedroom and one for the living room or family room. It's really stupid and such bad business to make a good product with some faulty engineering details such as an unreliable on/off button. That is sooo stupid....more info
  • An excellent spare eyes for any mother.
    I got this video monitor when my daughter was 6 months old to see if I can brake her habit of falling asleep with me. I wanted to be able to put her in the crib when was her nap time and let her cry a little bit without me worrying to much. I had an audio monitor but it's not the same. With the video monitor I could stay more relax until she would fall asleep and then I could go in her room and cover her up. It only took two weeks for her to get use to it. I absolutely love this monitor. The video is very good and the night image is great as well. I could even take the monitor with me to my next door neighbor (and there is a yard between us) and plug it in her living room and still I could see and hear the baby sleeping in her bed. The neighbor was amazed as well. Of course the image was not very good and had some static, but I never taught I can drink my coffee with my neighbor (who is disable) and see my baby in my house. ...more info
  • GREAT baby monitor
    Purchased as a replacement for our now defective Safety 1st 900 MHz Sight and Sound Nursery Monitor System (after 4 years of service), we are absolutely amazed and impressed with the quality of the image during the day and the brilliant infrared-lit night vision of this camera / monitor combination. Once you have *color* video (only when not using night vision), you will never contemplate getting a black and white one.

    At 75 feet and three walls away, our kids' images and voices are perfectly clear when monitored from our bedroom.

    Despite what one reviewer mentioned, we have had absolutely NO interference with our 802.11g wireless setup at home. 802.11g operates at 2.4 GHz, and this monitor is at 900 MHz. There should not be interference. Our monitor is literally 3 feet away from the access point, and our computers at 50 feet away and even out to the backyard remain connected and working just fine.

    We highly recommend this product....more info
  • The monitor died!
    Had the monitor for 10 months and all of a sudden the on/off button didn't work! Wwe tried using a toothpick to hold it on, but that failed too. Great while it lasted....more info