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The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition Elf on the Shelf Gift Set
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Product Description

The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition is an activity the entire family will enjoy. Based on the tradition Carol Aebersold began with her family in the 1970s, this cleverly rhymed children's book explains that Santa knows who is naughty and/or nice because he sends a scout elf to every home. The elf watches the children's behavior and reports it back to Santa each night. By morning the elf returns to its assigned home and hides in a different location, allowing the children to play a delightful hide-and-seek game. Each product comes with its very own elf doll enabling others to begin this fun-filled Christmas tradition themselves. The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition includes an exquisite 10" x 10" hardbound children's book--illustrated by award winning artist Coe Steinwart, a vintage-like pixie elf doll that sits approximately 8" tall, and a certificate commemorating the adoption of the elf by a family, teacher, or other group. Additionally, this unique gift includes a festive keepsake box for convenient storage. The purchase of The Elf on the Shelf allows you to give more than a gift. Instead, you are giving a priceless treasure...the creation of lasting memories.

  • The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition

Customer Reviews:

  • So fun for the little one...
    and the adults too. Especially helps encourage good behavior around the Holiday season. The Elf is always watching no matter what shelf he is on. Just remember to move the elf each night before you go to bed. I have gotten up in the middle of the night to move the Elf to make sure he was in a new place for the kiddos in the morning. My kids love searching for him every morning...Silly Elf!...more info
  • The Elf on a Shelf
    I have a 6 year old and she has so much fun every morning find out where he has moved to. Its a great new tradition to start with your family. ...more info
  • A great Christmas tradition at our house
    Elvis the elf (that's what our family named him) is back for his third year at our home. Two days ago, he reappeared on a shelf in our family room. It took our oldest until just before bedtime to notice that Elvis was back, and he got so excited. He immediately ran to get paper and pencil so he could write a letter to Elvis explaining what he wanted for Christmas. And our elf actually responds to any letters left for him. But prepare to be creative. Last year, for example, Elvis had to answer our son's letter asking "how do reindeer fly?" It's great fun for the entire family, and the kids enjoy trying to find Elvis each morning....more info
  • What a fun tradition!
    This is the neatest thing I've seen in a long time. I bought this for my 3 y.o. granddaughter and it was an instant hit. We registered "Flint" on the Elf on the Shelf website which also has a lot of fun North Pole scenes. We printed out his adoption certificate to tape in the book as well as a letter from Santa.

    I love that the creators thought about including rules, like he cannot be touched because the magic will leave, or he cannot talk but can be talked to.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Tradition
    A great new tradition, our daughter loves it, as does the elf's "friend" who gets to move him around every night!...more info
  • excellent for childrens imagination
    We have used the Elf on a Shelf since my son was born (he's 10 now) and have carried on the tradition with my daughter. We misplaced our first and this was a replacement. It truly helps your children "Believe" in this magical time of the year....more info
  • Very enjoyable for mother and child
    I remember as a child that my grandmother had an elf that looked just like this one that was always nestled into her Christmas tree every year. When I saw this last year I knew I wanted to purchase one for my son and I to have so he would always remember just as I still do. I didn't find it until this year but I also purchased the activity book for us to use. We have done several of the activities so far and hopefully daddy will be able to join us and finish them up this weekend. This book has turned out to be one of our favorite Christmas stories as a family. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Elf on a Shelf
    I bought this product for my grandchildren and their parents started it on December 1st. They have had so much fun teaching the kids about the elf. It has given them something to focus on as they wait for Christmas day....more info
  • Santa's little helper --MOMMA's little helper!!!
    I have had my eye on one of these for some time. Saw them at trade shows, but hoped to find it a little cheaper... This for some reason was the year to actually buy one. I found it a little lower in price (here online) and with free shipping you just can't beat it! The little elf and book came perfect, no nicks, dents, or scratches -straight to my door. I can't wait for the magic he will bring!...more info
  • Best Gift Ever
    I bought this for my niece, age 5. Her 2 best friends were over, and I read the book aloud to them--too late, we discovered you're not supposed to touch it!--and my niece cried because she thought she'd ruined the magic. But they called me every morning for the next three days to tell me where "Nelfie" was. They adored it. It's a great new tradition....more info
  • Great Christmas Tradition to start with young children
    I heard about this "elf on the shelf" from a co-worker. I have a 4 yo and thought he would really like this. After reading up about this elf I decided to buy it for him. He loved getting the package from "Santa" and having Santa send his elf. The book is a joy to read and your child gets to name the elf. My son loves the story, we read it every night. I only wish I would have bought this sooner! It comes in a great package for year round storage. My son eagerly wakes up each morning looking for the elf (just don't forget to move it). I also like in the book how you can write your family's name in it and the date you started this tradition. I would highly recommend this elf on a shelf to anyone who has small children it really gets them excited about Santa and it's a great Christmas tradition!! ...more info
  • Elf
    This is a great toy! I am excited to share it with my daughter at Christmas!...more info
  • Great Christmas tradition
    This kit has been such a joy to have and use this year. My grandchildren are 4 and 5 years old. They immediately understood what the elf was doing and they look for him every time they come over. (I babysit for them) Often I find them talking to the elf or reminding each other to behave. The elf will go back to the North Pole on Christmas and arrive at their house next year. It is a great tradition to start with your family. The book is well written and explains everything....more info
  • Elf on a Shelf
    This is a wonderful tradition to start with young children. It is so special and wonderful!...more info
  • Older kids love it too!
    I have 3 boys 10-14. They LOVE this little guy! It also helps to get them out of bed in the morning... My 14 yr old even thanked me. This should be part of every family's holiday tradition ......more info
  • GREAT gift for the little ones!
    SO cute. The kids grandma got this for them, they are 4 and almost 2. Such a wonderful tradition to start! You can go to the website [...] and do loads of great stuff like register your elf, check out Santa's village, go see the reindeer, make a cookie for Santa, decorate a tree- so much fun!!! Buy this- it is a tradition that I see our family doing for the next 50 years. You are never too old for it. The searching for the elf in the morning is the best for the kids, and the hiding the elf the night before as the parent is fun too! My only suggestion- the book talks about your kids being naughty and that it will be reported to Santa- I just told them that the elf would tell Santa how good you are doing, just trying to focus on the positive! :)...more info
  • Best for Ages 3-7
    My children love the Elf on the Shelf. They named him Bernard. Every morning they run from room to room looking for Bernard. I would recommend this product for children ages 3 to 7. I have a 7 and a 10 year old, and I wish I would have started this tradition earlier....more info
  • Very Cute New Tradition
    My husband ran across Elf on the Shelf on Amazon and decided to get it and start a new tradition for our son's first Christmas. Although my son is only 5 months old and doesn't understand the tradition yet, he still gets really excited when he sees the elf in a new location everyday. And he loves looking at the great illustrations in the book. I think this will be a wonderful tradition that we will continue for years to come....more info
  • The Elf on the Shelf is a great way for getting the Kids excited about Christmas!
    This is something I grew up with and I am 39 yrs old. It is so worth the price. Try it this year in your home.. See the kids light up and want to look for the Magic elf each morning. Enjoy Christmas.......more info
  • Elf on Shelf is SUPER!
    I had heard about this book and elf from a friend and within one day I was online ordering it. My children ADORED the elf and really got into "looking" for it to move every day, sometimes even several times a day. Even my 8 year old daughter was excited about the upcoming holiday and it renewed her belief in Santa for at least one more year. Lots of fun and we plan to bring the elf back out whenever we find our children's behavior is spiralling out of control during the year....more info
  • Awesome Christmas Tradition
    I learned of the Elf on the Shelf from a co-worker, thought it sounded cute so I ordered it for my grandchildren. They were amazed at the story and that the elf "chose them". First thing they did every morning was locate the elf's choice of location for the day, they shared their thoughts with the elf daily. The elf was gone Christmas morning, but they still talk of the elf's "magic" and they can't wait until next Holiday when the elf returns. This is a great Christmas tradition, I highly recommend it for anyone with toddlers....more info
  • Elf is a great idea
    Several friends have given these to grandchildren so I ordered one for my grandson. They are so great and I hope my son & daughter-in-law can keep the elf moving for many years to come. I have given it to them with instructions....more info
  • Magical
    I ordered this for my sister's family. It was shipped directly to the house so they had no idea who sent it, and I think that it even got the adults into the magical spirit of Christmas. The kids really loved it and every day I heard about the magical elf. What a gift to bring the wonderous spirit back into Christmas!...more info
  • Great holiday tradition
    This is a great holiday tradition for families with children. We received it as a gift last Thanksgiving and it was an instant hit with our kids. We named the elf "Ferrell,", a nob to Will Ferrell, star of the movie Elf. The kids love finding him each morning. We are excited to do this again for a second year. The kids are already asking when "Ferrell" is coming back....more info
  • Your very own Elf
    Our book and Elf arrived in our home on Thanksgiving and my daughter eagerly read the book and watched us put Elfin on our TV. She knew from the book that each night Elfin would fly to the North Pole and report to Santa. We never scared her with that if she disobeyed he'd cancel Christmas, but said that he was watching her. Every morning she'd come out of her room with a huge smile on her face searching for Elfin. She is looking forward to seeing him arrive at our home this next year!

    I got 2 extras for gifts for friends and family and it was a huge hit in their home too!...more info
  • Best idea EVER!
    I love our elf! I have an 8, 6 and 3 year old. They all love our elf! As a parent I have had fun (mostly) putting our elf in a new spot every night. The kids, especially my 8 year old, just can't wait to find him.That is the big thing in the morning -- everyone asks within 2 minutes of waking up "where's the elf?". This has been so much fun for our family and the kids really enjoy it. This is a GREAT gift idea for any family with kids. Love it! ...more info
  • please, no
    The whole Santa/God thing is traumatic enough without having his evil little little spy in the house as well. My brother and I were harassed by this thing as children, we would never have it in the house now. Think about this. It's fun for adults, it's not really that fun for kids. Leave the kids alone. ...more info
    This is one of the best purchases i've ever made at amazon. i am a nanny to a[...] little girl and a [...] boy. i've been with them since the little girl was [...] . we were having a little big sister being bossy with little brother problem. i had seen the elf in a catalog and without purchashing it i told the story of an invisible elf watching over children in their homes and reporting their behavior to santa myself and the response was "i don't believe you." well as someone with a teaching background i always remember one of my professors in college telling me sometimes realia is needed to get a point across. i ordered the elf and i could not believe the reaction when this gift was opened right before thanksgiving. the packaging itself is beautiful. on thanksgiving morning i got a phonecall with my little friend screaming into the phone that the elf had moved and asking if they should feed it cookies. every day i am either told or shown where the elf has moved to with such pure joy and excitement it's made an otherwise unbearable holiday season (i lost my mom in june) a season that has restored some happiness and hope in my life. it has reminded me that this season is truly about children and the love and joy that comes out of these 2 children concerning this elf makes my heart very full. i highly recommend this toy just for the pure joy of the reaction of the children you give it to. i could go on and on, i obviously can't say enough about it. enjoy enjoy enjoy the gleam in a child's will fill your heart, bring a tear of happiness to your eye and make you really appreciate the innocence of children!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great new tradition
    We trust that this little guy will be a member of our grandchildren's home for years to come. Great idea and great fun for the family!...more info
  • Love It!!!!!!
    This is wonderful. Everytime my daughter starts misbehaving, I just remind her "Ellie" is watching and she straigtens up. The elf is definitely worth the money....more info
  • Great Product!!!
    Gave it as a gift to a friend for her son! She has had a "blast" with creativity and fun for the whole month of December. She's already worried about hiding the Elf away 'til next year...and hoping nobody finds him throughout the year!...more info