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Linksys Media Center Extender with DVD
List Price: $420.81

Our Price: Too low to display

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  • Bring your digital music, movies, and photos to your TV or Home Theater
  • Allows you to share your photos, music and movies on your computer with friends and family
  • Uses existing high-speed Wireless-N home network
  • Comes built-in with an upscaling DVD player

Customer Reviews:

  • DMA 2200
    Set up was easy enough. Pictures and some videos work fine. The DMA 2200 only works with Windows Media Center, so watching internet tv is very limited. If your apps. don't integrate with WMC, (Hulu is one exammple.) Then the app. won't work with the DMA 2200. I wish I would have known this. I didn't find that fact in any of the product descriptions. If I could return it for a full refund, I would. No wonder there are so many of these on eBay!...more info
  • Works great as an extender and DVD drive.
    I bought this through the Amazon marketplace used. It worked great when I got it and the kids love it.

    The menu systems aren't as fluid as my XBOX 360 but it is tolerable. I was glad this still has composite out so I could connect it to an old CRT TV and still be able to use it when I upgrade the TV to a flat screen.

    The wireless works great, I tested but don't use it because I have a physical cable run to this box. ...more info
  • Great Extender for the money but needs Firmware update to get 5 stars
    Awesome Extender. DVD works well and will enhance your movies and does seem to look almost HD. It is a better value than its little brother, the DVD-less 2100. The LED display is a big bonus. I actually stream HiDef XVID files using wireless N with no problems. I upgraded my router because Wireless G is susceptible to microwave interference and would drop out when ours was used. The only drawback that I see is that Linksys has only updated the firmware once and has not stated that it will do so again and this extender will not stream AC3 6 ch. surround sound without problems unless it is in win media format. That is a big disapointment for true video/audiophiles and one I hopr they correct....more info
  • Great Product
    First off, I write this review as a person with quite a bit of experience in the software and hardware fields. I am currently an software engineer developing launch systems for the rocket industry.

    I connected my Media Extender wirelessly (DLink gigabit wireless-N router - nothing special). If you don't have a capable wireless-N router, you will probably not have enough bandwidth to achieve stable HD video. It is imperative that you utilize a gigabit router and use a gigabit network card on the Media Center computer to assure that any other network activity won't cause degradation of the video stream or streams. Ideally, the router should be a Linksys just to ensure that the wireless-N standards match up (the standard is still in development and different companies interpret the standard in different ways).

    Connecting to the TV and network took well less than half an hour (my TV is on a different floor in a different corner of the house from the wireless router). I had no problems with viewing any content from my Media Center computer. However, many reviews have complained of jumpy video, which Linksys has updated the firmware to address. So I decided to download the firmware update for the Media Extender (in the setup menu) and found that it would not connect to the update site. I searched online and found that the Linksys Media Extender will NOT update if your wireless network has encryption enabled (WEP, WPA, etc). So I simply disabled the encryption on the router, resetup the Media Extender with the network since it no longer needed encryption and tried it again and it updated with no problem. I then resetup the encryption on the router and the Media Extender and it played all video from my Media Center computer with no issues.

    I have seen NO interruption of service and no jumpy video. The startup of the unit seems like it could be faster, but that is really the only downside of this device beyond the weird encryption update issue.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking to add an extender to a TV remotely. If you are looking for the performance of a commercial quality unit, this is not the device for you. If you want that performance, you are going to need to pay for it. This device will provide you with a cheap way to extend your media from your computer to any display in or around your home....more info
  • Coul have more functions
    I like this product, bur I actually was looking for some device capable to navigate trough the Internet on my TV. I thought that I could see on my TV what was going on my PC.
    Another problem is that you need to buy a very expensive router to make it work properly. For the moment I have a Router G, and when somebody turns on a microwave, I loose the connection with my PC, and then need to restart everything.
    I'd like it to have a keyboard, a web browser, and to be more customizable. ...more info
  • A great device, but you must be pretty techie
    The Linksys media center extender pretty much works as advertised. However, I don't recommend using Vista's media center capabilities unless you are fairly techie (maybe try the Apple version) because it still occasionally hiccups and requires attention.

    It's not that the Linksys is hard to set up or use, it's just that it's functionality depends on so many other parts of your system to work well. The two main keys to success are: 1)your PC acting as the media server; it needs to be sufficiently powerful and, preferably, contain TV tuner cards with "hardware decoding" and 2)your wireless network; don't try streaming HD content unless you have a dual-band wireless N setup.

    I'm running a Dell Inspiron 530 with a Celeron 2.0ghz processor and 2GB ram, and AVR media tuner card, and a Linksys WR610N router, and am happy with the results....more info
  • Works Great!!!!
    This extender was very inexpensive, easy to setup and easy to use.

    Highly recommended.

    The only negative is that there are some video formats that it will not play but ANY type of converter you could possibly need is available online....more info