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  • Personal Fav
    I know theres alot of reviews on here saying this movies horrible and is a disgrace and such...I personally Love it. As a big fan of horror movies I was worried about seeing this one when the first wasnt amazing but I liked it alot better. yes there is blood and gore but hey, its a horror movie, dont like that stuff? dont watch it. This is one of those movies that makes you wonder who you can and cant trust when traveling. I loved it and recomend it 5 stars all the way!...more info
  • More of the same
    A disappointing rehash of the first movie, "Hostel." This sequel fails to recapture the originality of the first movie while desperately trying to out-gross it. ...more info
  • Thinking Person's Horror
    I enjoyed the first Hostel movie due to it's entertainment/shock value. It was actually pretty funny, but at the same time it had very ominous undertones. Hostel 2 however, is a much better movie in my opinion. Director/Writer Eli Roth really put a lot into this movie. This movie had smarter characters, smarter plot points, and it was executed better. Roth made the smartest decision of all when he decided to continue the storyline started in the first Hostel. Too many movies have attempted to do too much with sequals, instead of sticking to what the movie is supposed to be. Lets face it, everyone that watches Hostel 2 knows exactly what to expect. It wouldn't be Hostel if the characters don't end up being tortured by the Elite Hunting Club. Friday the 13th has to have Jason Voorhees chopping up horny camp counselors. The point is that Eli Roth was smart not to try to "one up" himself. He stuck to the story, and added to it. Yes we get torture in the movie. Yes that is no surprise. However we also get a few other aspects of the Hostel world. We get an Elite Hunting Club leader added to the story. We get an upgraded Elite Hunting Club security since the first protagonist took advantage of their weak security. We get a group of girls being lured this time. This means that promises of sex will not cut it. Eli Roth wrote these girls so well. I truly believed these characters, and what drove them to the ultimate goal. The best addition to Hostel 2 was the two American business men going on their maiden voyage to the factory of torture. These guys were so fun to watch. You could truly see what would drive guys like this to commit the ultimate sin. Also very believable characters. The acting was superb from the whole cast. The girls that do end up getting the nastiness in the factory make these scenes work. It was thier acting ability that made the scenes real. Eli Roth used so much symbolism throughout the movie to foreshadow what was coming. The thing I am most impressed with about Hostel 2 is the underlying themes of Capitalism. This movie shows that money makes the world go around and those who have the money have the power. Brilliant. ...more info
  • A Single Moms' Best Friend
    As the single mom to 5 children under 6, I really value any time I can have to myself to earn a living. I look for movies that I can sit my children in front of while `mommy does her thang', if you know what I'm sayin'.
    My kids just love this movie. They starts it up at 6am in the DVD player and it keeps going until theys all asleep at night. I don't know if it's all the Scooby Doo-type kids having adventures or if it's the way them kids are brutally tortured and murdered but my kids can't get enough! I'm giving this kid friendly classic 5 stars!
    Thanks, Eli Roth. Please make more of these classics so I can share them with my grandchildren....more info
  • Hostel 2
    ExCTLY THE GIFT THAT MY SON WANTED! Great Price! Speedy delivery! Thanks so much!...more info
  • as good as the first one
    You know how sequels usually suck as compared to the original movie. Well, with Hostel 2, you not sure if the sequel is as good or better than the first one. If you've seen Hostel, then you know you're in for more blood and gory scenes in this sequel.

    This time, we see 3 girls lured to Slovakia by a model to the same hostel that was the last stop for some traveling foreigners. During this time, there is a pagan festival. One by one, these girls are lured away from each other and to their respective torture chambers.

    At the same time, we see 2 American men who are excited about their first kill in this covert killing organization. Of course, one has second thoughts about it but the other is there to get them both pent up for their one-of-a-kind experience.

    All I can say is that this movie doesn't lack gore. The storyline isn't too bad....more info
  • Wonder What's Next
    Hostel Part 2 is clearly a love letter to European horror, admirably. If there was any doubt that writer/director Eli Roth was talented at all, this should make it clear. I didn't even consider that when you switch from 3 male protagonists to 3 female protagonists, you completely lose the weird sexual/sexist parallel of 'brothel' and 'hostel' (as depicted). The way the film deals with this is, that it isn't really about the tourists at all this time. Everything hinted at in part 1 is explored from a whole new perspective here, and it's a lot of fun to watch. Anyone screaming "CASH IN!" completely missed the point... of BOTH Hostel films.

    Unfortunately, gone is the disturbing 'raw' appearance of the footage. Things are more staged here, which is consistent with the style, and also was a nice surprise... but still. I suppose if I want to see Hostel again, I should just watch Hostel.

    Great for horror fans. Great for Eli Roth fans. Can't wait to see what's next!

    Favorite scenes: Bubblegum Gang appearances, 'Must Get Tattoo', Brothers Prep Montage, and Circular Saw Torture...more info
  • Thanks
    DVD was a great price and in great condition. Arrived very fast...thank you so much!!!...more info
    There's a new monster in horror! Forget the misunderstood variety, like Frankenstein's monster, forget the Atomic bomb causing bugs to grow to enormous size and forget the relentless slashing madmen, like Michael Myers! Today, new horror fans have a new terror, it's the rich self absorbed A-Hole who is bored with his life and wants to torture and kill innocent people....why?... because he can!

    Hostel II has been labeled one of the goriest films ever made, but it's really a self parody that is pretty entertaining. Oh there is some gore for sure, but nothing like I imagined there would be. I probably would hate both of these 'Hostel' films, but between all the nasty stuff there is a keen sense of wit that flows through both films.

    The subject matter alone in a shocking setting and there in always tension in the air because you don't know when something really messed up in about to happen. I don't think we need a part 3 in this franchise, but this one is worth a look......if you like this sort of thing! The unrated DVD has an excellent transfer and some interesting extras. It also sports one of the most shocking(and funny) endings I've ever seen!...more info
  • The other side of the torture industry...
    I liked this movie almost as much as the first one. The first Hostel left me wondering about this business, how it really works, what kinds of people would pay for this. The sequel shows us the behind the scenes working, from the moment the girls check in, until the newest member is branded. I personaly like all of the girls, except Axelle, obviously. I liked adventuros Whitney, sweet but depressed Lorna, and rich but not at all snobbish, Beth. The movie did make me wonder if Beth was a lesbian, but the fact that it wasn't answered was okay. I did think the kids playing ball at the end was a little too much, but it did make me laugh. If Hostel 3 is released, I'll see it!...more info
  • Hostel-Part II
    I havent had a chance to watch this yet, but have been
    told it"s as good as the first one. ...more info
  • So now we see the clients ...
    Hostel II is a decent horror flick, but can't quite hold up to its predecessor, the first Hostel movie. In Hostel we followed male college students, in Hostel II we follow some female students who are led astray by female model, promising them the vacation of their lives. After a strange run in on a train, they are invited to a big party where one of their numbers immediately goes missing. Searching for their missing companion, the rest fall into terrible peril at the hands of the men who have paid to kill them in any way they wish to do.

    I think what makes Hostel II weak is the fact that they chose to delve into the personalities and identities of the men (and women) who are the clients, the ones who pay to do the killing. It seemed more sinister when the clients were left as a mystery. Hostel II showed their weaknesses and not the nature of them that leads them to sign up for something so sinister as a trouble free murder. The plot is much thinner than in the first movie.

    The ending to Hostel II is its strong point, but I can't give away too much of that. Suffice to say it has a good feeling, though again it doesn't compare to the ending of the first Hostel movie. Overall, I would rate the first Hostel as a purchase and Hostel II as a rental, if you're interested. There is some gore and a few tense scenes, but it seemed more "forced" than the first movie. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • Sequel is not as good as the first
    I saw the first movie and it was very terrifying. I was hoping to get the same effect from the second one and I was very disappointed. The writer was tied too much up into the stories of both parties, the victim and the buyer. I did watch the deleted scenes and there the director stated that he cut them because "it made the pace slow". Sorry, it didn't slow the pace, it explained the "dragging on of the story" that he was trying to accomplish. I don't want to make this a whine fest, but I also have some other complaints about the sequel. I don't have a problem with nudity. In fact I enjoy seeing nudity because it makes the characters more real, but the nudity should be equal between both sexes. In the deleted scenes the director stated that his "female hostel fans" protested to so much female nudity in the orginal. Yes, I do agree with them with this one. What should have happened is the director would have put in more male nudity. In the opening scene there is a male nude model for the art students. This was shown for about 2 seconds then the teachers head was put over the pelvic area of the models when she is walking. Then the director cut the scene of what the artist had painted. How lame is that? It most certainly looked like the director failed at what he was trying to do and "equalized" nothing. At least in the first movie there was more shots of men without shirts than this one. What I did like about the movie is that there were some "imaginative" ways that the "victims" were killed. There were also some very good twists in the story. I do recommend this movie to the "avid Hostel fans" but hopefully in the next one the director doesn't get "tied up in quickening the pace", make some of the "story" victims both male and female and leave out the "stories of the buyers"....more info
    I saw the first Hostel a while ago and I told myself there cant be a horror movie worst than this, then I saw Hostel II; first of all there is no plot, only mindless torture, the cast is horrible led by Roger Bart and Richard Burgi, both from Desperate Housewives I cant believe they have Desperate Housewives actors in horror movies; maybe in Hostel III they will have Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher killing each other with tissue paper and the violence is stupid, too much violence, to much blood, and gore, and not enough plot, if you look for a horror movie stick with the classics and avoid this one...more info
    whoo, talk about taking gore to the next level. hostel II is right up there with the first hostel. this one was horribly good. i mean this one took you beyond the torture. it took you to meet the creator, you were introduced to the home of all this, and made you watch a live human auction take place. all that was missing in the first they gave it to you in the second. now instead of the boys, they brought in the girls. shows you that no one is safe. women being more vunerable, are placed in the same situation, but they too can kick azz as well as anybody else when the time arises. hostel II made you look even when you wanted to turn away. some of the killin scenes were very intense. you knew what was coming, but with every passing second the fear grew and grew. it makes you think which is worse...the torture of waiting for the unknown or the torture itself. we all know what's going to happen, but we don't know to who, or when. who will escape, will any of them, and will they bring down this whole horrific ring of torture. three american girls are targeted as the next victims for the infamous torture factory. unknown to them, they have already reserved a seat for death. all they want to do is explore, have fun, be girls. then they meet a model from around the area, she's the bait, and lures them in. one by one they disappear. what fate awaits them? you get a better look at how things work, a more in depth look at the torture, and you are left in awe at the way these people are treated like cattle. no feelings are involved on behalf of the people that are hustling these victims. very cold hearted. the end is a good one. unexpected really, but just shows when on the line of life and death you fight and you do what you have to. kind of makes you think and ask does money really make the world go round. the actors all did very well. the chics were pretty good. one shy, heather matarazzo, good actress. one party girl, bijou phillips, played it well, and the star lauren german, plays beth, the stable one, brings out her character and really tries to fight back. she should really be on the rise. this is why you don't go to places where you don't know what the deal is. nothing better than what you know. pure success in this film....more info
  • Jay Hernandez returns as a terrified "Paxton".
    Jay Hernandez returns as "Paxton". Derek Richardson returns as "Josh". Patrik Zigo as the Bumble Gum leader.

    When we last left "Paxton" (Jay Hernandez), in Hostel (Unrated Widescreen Edition), he had killed the Dutch Businessman. He was now on the train to go back home. He had the look of determination and being pissed off.
    Now in America, Paxton is having nightmares about his ordeal. He is under medication. He has gone crazy. He hides out with his girlfriend (Jordan Ladd) at her grandmother's house. He is paranoid. He feels they will come after him. By next morning, the girlfriend finds out he was right.
    College girls (Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, Heather Matarazzo) are on their way to Prague. The train has these horny gross Italian guys that bother the girls. They meet Axelle (Vera Jordanova) who tells them about a hot springs spa in Slovakia. They change plans and go with her to Slovakia. They attend the night party where businessmen have been called upon. They meet gentleman escorts, however this could be the end of their lives.
    Try to spot these others from the first Hostel (2005):
    Barbara Nedeljakova as "Natalya", Jana Kaderabkova as "Svetland", Rick Hoffman was the "American Client" now an "American Businessman", Milda Havlas as "Desk Clerk Jedi", Dan Frisch as "Fanny Pack Man", Ota Filip as
    Muttonchop guard", Mark Taylor was "Brucey" now as "Sir Bruce Bonus", Stephanie Bauman returns as Axelle's next victim, Martin Faltyn as "Senior Cozzi", Michaela Kaplanova as "Todd's Hooker, Iveta Rucka as "Stuart's hooker", Philip Waley was "Alfie" now is "Monitor Guard Czelsifan", David Baxa was a "museum tortury guard" now is a "Hammerman".

    George Takei (Star Trek's original "Sulu") appears in a cameo appearance at the golf course.

    Special Features: 3 Audio Commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, radio interview with Eli Roth, Gag Reel.

    Update: Hostel, Part 3 may go directly to DVD in 2010....more info
  • Slightly Superior Sequel
    Only the middle bit of the first Hostel worked for me. This time there is more of a story, and the switch to the bad guy's side was a very good idea. Sadly, the ladies become faceless power-tool fodder and the film doesn't live up to it's potential. It has its merits, but it's a cruel and conscience-free piece of work all the same. Worse, directors today don't know how to create suspense anymore. More scare, less pointless nasty, please....more info
  • Nasty
    Eli Roth released this gigantic turd for viewing and then got all feisty when he received a tremendous amount of backlash. He whined, the movie was pulled from the cinemas, but he's now released it on DVD.

    Oh, Eli; where do I begin. Your first Hostel was bad enough. I was given three characters to pull for because the mean old men were torturing them and other people, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So this time, just for sh**ts and giggles, you try to one-up yourself, and all the victims (except one) in part 2 are women. Not only do you invite us as an audience to watch the depravities done to these women, you want us to relish in their misery. And you make sure the audience is bombarded with just about everything: beheadings, genital chompings, slicing and dicing, the killing of a child, cannibalism--you name it; you put it in there. If you wanted to make us sick, consider your picture a success as the very-adult male who accompanied me to this movie had to leave because he threw up during the "hand saw" scene. I suppose because one of the women survive, that somehow makes everything else acceptable.

    You and Tarrantino should be proud of yourselves. You certainly are each your own number one fan, and you both have just about destroyed the horror genre, even though your movie wasn't horror, it was nothing more than torture/porn. Happy now? As for me, you won't have to worry about me reviewing more of your feeble attempts at movie-making because I don't plan to see any more of your trash....more info
  • disturbingly pathetic
    I don't know which is worse. Wanting to see this because I thought Hostel really touched on some ideas which had rich subplots to them, which could be carried on into other films of this genre perhaps, or wondering if Eli Roth, as self centered and ego driven as he is, was hoping that perhaps he would find a bit of charisma, chemistry, cohesion, character or hmmm, I don't know, perhaps something tangible in all of this, and we are left with nothing but a purposeless redundant look at a really horrific script with dry humor that bordered on revolting and cliched nuances that deeply moved me to actually think about turning it off, which I have never done since walking out of Spaced Invaders. I didn't care one iota about the girls in the movie, in fact I was hoping they would be killed.

    Eli Roth said this in an interview: "Yeah man, I'm f***ing psyched. I honestly think that no matter what other movie comes out this summer -- no matter what their budget is -- nothing will even come close to the kind of ending we have in Hostel 2. I think it's one of the most shocking endings people have ever seen in a mainstream horror film. I think this is the movie where people are going to come out of it going, 'I can't even believe someone just did that."

    I can't believe it was so bad. The ending was juvenile, pompous and actually funny. If you are into gore, lots of it, (well at least in one scene which personally I turned from the screen which was a first in my movie loving life), and like movies with no depth and equally no brain, then I can see why this would be right up your alley. Eli has talent and this was no shining example of what his potential is. ...more info
  • It sinks too far
    My problem with the first Hostel was the exact opposite. The beginning of that film was what I'd call pointless drivel, up until we were exposed to a dark world and a vicious, unnerving ending. Hostel: Part II opens just as we left the ending of the first film, and there's a really interesting opening, which actually builds up a half-decent tension and shows us a bit more about the mechanics of what's happening.

    However, once we get into the ending, the entire thing takes a twist and goes from being nearly subtle into being more sudden, dumb and even attempts some kind of humor. What bothers me is the inconsistency - Eli Roth can't seem to deliver an entire horror film or an entire comedy from start to finish. The "pay-off" does not live up to the first hour of the film, it's just absurd, and a lot more disappointing than funny.

    This edition of the film is pretty good, at the very least decent. There are features beyond the regular promotional segments, and it even goes beyond the film itself into the history of torture in general.

    Hostel is not a complete failure, it just needs to stay grounded somehow, because it always digresses in different directions....more info
  • Hostel 2 average
    I enjoyed Hostel and when I found out that there was a sequel I asked my local video hire store when it will be released but they didn't really know. Then my flatmate told me it was banned in New Zealand! So I bought it here on Amazon.

    Same premise as Hostel, but girls this time on their summer break in Europe who meet a European girl who befriends them and entices them to join her on a spa break in Slovakia. She finds them a place to stay, in the same hostel as the previous victims in the first movie.

    The gruesome special effects are great. The scene where the first of the three girlfriends is tortured to death is a bit S & M, where a woman comes into the killing room and takes off her robe and sits in a bath surrounded by candles and picks up a scythe or sickle and cuts her back as Lorna hands naked upside down from the roof. The woman literally bathes in Lorna's blood!

    I didn't like how the movie ended, as in the first movie Paxton escapes by killing some of the guards to escape, but Beth buys her way out and kills Stuart, the guy who was taken there by his friend to introduce him to this macabre event. The way she kills him is reminiscent of Lorena Bobbit.

    Overall the movie is ok for those that love blood and gore....more info
  • Retard, ultra conservative radio personality Michael Savage finally saw this movie...
    And wants Eli Roth jailed. It's hysterical!!! When he was ranting about the flick on the radio this past Monday he was calling it a Snuff Film. Some folks on this site seem to be doing the same. Are you people all scared little mouth-breathing morons who live at a repressive church? Okay, class, lets talk about Snuff films. Snuff films are films of REAL people REALLY being murdered or REALLY being tortured and sold underground to weirdos who get off on that kind of thing. Now most Snuff films have been sold as real, but then confirmed to be FAKES. So what? Rich weirdos who like to know their violence is real get duped. I can live with that, can you? Basically, a REAL Snuff Film with REAL DEATH and REAL VIOLENCE are as real as Alligators in the sewers of New York, and the outcome of drinking soda with pop-rocks. Deal with it Faces of Death was a fake too. Just watch it now with more mature eyes and you'll see just how cheesy and fake it all really is. Besides just click on the internet or the news channels if you want to get your jollies off on violence. There it's real and there's more of it in the news than in this film.

    Hostel films aren't Snuff films because no actual REAL violence is happening on screen. It's all PRETEND and very REALISTIC SPECIAL EFFECTS. A caller made the point to retard Savage that no one actually got hurt making these films to which his reply was something along the lines of, "Nobody got hurt? What about all the young or impressionable minds that viewed the garabage? They didn't get hurt? You know that they've proven that films like this give people ideads on how to murder and torture don't you? It's documented."
    Huh, I didn't know that was a fact. If that's a fact, haven't we just discovered the ultimate way to end all violent crime? Hell, we could even reform criminals now. Take a copy of Cinderalla(Disney version) to Rikers and make the prisoner's watch it. They were so impressionable to violence they should be impressionable towards the sweet values of a Disney cartoon. Can't you see all those hardened Riker's prisoners sporting shirts saying, "Be good kids. You don't want to end up like a Wicked Stepmother!" I hate you people...

    Also TORTURE PORN was orignally used as a term of ENDEARMENT towards a shift in tone and material the horror genre was displaying after many years of watered down, loaded with ghosts, Tiger Beat fair. The writer who coined the word was being funny. He was actually alluding to the fact that horror seems to get harder and more brutal due to what's going on in the real world. And these movies started becoming popular right around WAR TIME, TERRORIST TORTURE AND WATERBOARDING, OUR SOLDIERS GETTING BEHEADED ON THE INTERENT AND PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY ACTUALLY WATCHING IT, and LIVES, AMERICAN LIVES, AMERICAN SOLDIERS DYING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S GREED. This is what these films spit back in your face. DEAL WITH IT. CHANGE THE WORLD, DON'T WHINE ABOUT HORROR MOVIES.

    Sorry about that. The film itself is great. It's an improvement of the theme set in motion in the original. We get to know more about the people who pay for the torture which is scary because they don't seem like obvious candidates for sociopaths, they look like they could be your neighbors or co-workers. The ending has a nice twist that dots the eye on director's main point: lives have a dollar amount attached to them these days, and maybe they always have. Good, gross, thoughtful, relevant, blackly humorous, well acted and directed, and fast paced modern horror cinema. Haters need to move on.
    PS: SAW is lumped in as torture porn, but has less on screen gore and violence than all of it's sequels and the films of such respected main stream directors like Brian De Palma, Oliver Stone, Steven Spielberg, and even Alfred Hitchcock himself(check out his film FRENZY).
    LATER...more info
  • How this sequel came to be is beyond me.
    I love horror movies, but the Hostel series is just another case of wasted potential. Any potential the original movie had left, was immediately crushed by this sequel. What little plot is there, is terrible. The movie elaborates more on the reasoning and process behind the tortures, if you even cared. Overall, this is much more violent and gory than it's predecessor, which is great if that's your thing. There's a particularly disgusting scene at the end that is one of the very few that geniunely made me cringe. I might even say that if you're a male, you might feel a little sick to your stomach. Overall, it may be worth watching if you're bored and itching for a horror movie, but most people probably won't bother watching it more than once....more info
  • Smarter and more ominous than its predecessor
    Short and to the point, Hostel II is creepy. Those who have seen the first movie know the basic plot: Gullible kids, mostly Americans, allow themselves to be tricked into vulnerable situations where they are kidnapped. Soon thereafter a rich person pays to torture and kill the helpless kid.

    Hostel turned heads for its shock factor, with realistic gore, torture, and close ups of some really brazen death scenes. Eli Roth provides it all for the sake of pure horror. There are no ambiguities or false pretenses; people are going to be graphically tortured and murdered. If you don't like it, don't watch. Hostel II is no different in this respect; however, it is different in the build up.

    Picking up where the first one left off, a few bits of unfinished business take place. Whereas the first movie didn't really suck me in, or make me like the characters at all, a better job was done this time to create viewer empathy (except for Heather Matarazzo, who I hate as an actress). Apathy, or possibly ambivalence, ruled the initial movie, but genuine terror oozes out of this session of tensely persuasive torture porn, especially during a depraved bathroom scene with a scythe that provides enough blood to make Carrie jealous.

    With a subtle, contemporary tribute to the classic The Most Dangerous Game, it's a sickeningly sadistic look at morality, or the lack thereof in our culture. If not for the somewhat campy ending, there would have been a sustained uneasiness from beginning to end, and it would be a five-star horror flick....more info
  • What fun... but there's another angle...
    Showed up on Showtime. Wondering what I may have missed, watched it again. Maybe better the second time around... but HERE'S THE FUN PART.
    If you've ever heard uber-rightwing radio guy Michael Savage, the consumate hypocrite, on his talk show, you could have heard his rant about this terrible, awful flick, and how the writers, producers and director should be shoved in jail - - - all the while decrying Freedom Of Speech because people are trying to shut him up? Total jerk. Anyway, great fun in a surprisingly well produced/edited/acted movie......more info
  • Redundant
    I liked the first "Hostel" movie. It was gratuitous, to be sure, but it also had a political subtext to it, where the young men who go off to Europe in order to exploit the culture end up being the ones exploited.

    Although "Hostel part II" picks up right where the last one left off, any political subtext is gone from this film, and it really plays more like another sequel in the "Saw" franchise, where gory stunts take the place of real suspense. Even the characters seem to be borrowed from better films ... Heather Matarazzo basically plays a grown up version of the tragic outcast she played in the groundbreaking "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and Bijou Phillips plays the same cautionary party girl she played in Larry Clark's excellent "Bully". The whole thing just feels really redundant....more info
  • Not as Terrible as People Say But Fails to Live Up to its Potential
    "Hostel Part 2" picks up the thread where the original left off. After this effective opening chapter, director Eli Roth starts telling the horrifying tales again, about three American college students in Slovakia. For the sequel Roth changes the gender of the students to female (Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo and Bijou Phillips) and also includes the sub-plots of "buyers" or sadistic tormentors played by Roger Bart and Richard Burgi.

    Not much can be said about the thin plot originally inspired by urban legends. "Hostel Part 2" like its predecessor takes it granted that legends are true. As a consequence all we have to do is to wait for the tortures to begin, and end. The sequel provides the gruesome tortures and slow deaths and is full of blood and screams. The extremely graphic film, however, is hardly called scary because it has no nuance or subtlety suggesting the horrors that are to arrive.

    In fact the film does not attempt to hide the fact that terrible fates await the characters. There is no sense of suspense; what we don't know is the way how these unsuspecting students are tortured. But maybe two "Hostel" films are supposed to be like that. Roth is quite good at making the bloody torture scenes and the dark interior sets are impressive. The photography showing the countryside is also very good, beautiful and creepy at the same time.

    There is another thing Eli Roth is good at and that is the casting. The main cast is very good (and they are all talented), but here I'm talking about the cameos. Ruggero Deodato, director of "Cannibal Holocaust" briefly appears, doing something I shouldn't mention. Milan Knazko (who was really Minister for Culture of the Slovak Republic) appears as "Sacha." To watch cameos and references to other films would be pretty amusing to me because they are virtually the list of the people Roth idolizes. Was there Quentin Tarantino? Yes, watch the TV closely.

    However, I couldn't like the film very much despite (or because of) these "merits." From at certain point "Hostel Part 2" starts being too self-conscious. Should we take seriously the middle-aged lady taking a shower of blood, apparent reference to Elizabeth B®Ęthory? Should we laugh when Roger Bart's character refers to one Disney animation character he played? The third act of the film almost becomes slapstick with gores.

    "Hostel Part 2" with the structure that has been getting more and more repetitious since the original has surprisingly less scares than you expect, being emotionally detached from the viewers, almost cynical in its tone in describing the characters (good or bad, killing or killed) and their behaviors. The film is content with doing what it does, often disregarding the audiences who want to be scared or (if I may use the word) entertained.
    ...more info
  • brutal! possibly better than the original!
    It's so rare that I find a sequel to a great movie that even comes close to matching the original! Luckily, writer/director Eli Roth did a great job at accomplishing this rare feat! Roth adeptly avoided the pitfalls and traps that so many in his field fall into...such as trying too hard to outdo his earlier work with obvious ploys like Hollywood glitz, sparkle and fluff in the form of over-done special effects that are focused on more than paying attention to putting out a good flick. Yes, there is a little more torture in this second movie...not much, but a little. and frankly, BOTH movies would have benefitted from more torture! I do prefer to watch this second movie more than the first. Even though the original had more female nudity in it (always a good thing), I seem to like the second story better...although I'll admit it's purely a matter of personal opinion. I'll also admit that if someone were to say they like the first movie better, I would not be able to argue the point. I think I like the second movie better because I just prefer the victims to be female. and since the second movie focuses on how FEMALE victims came into this mess, the plot is more enjoyable for me. (although as I said, the first flick is better at having more female nudity...always a plus!) The point is, Roth did a great job with the second flick because he did not try to outdo the first flick! he just stuck to his guns and wrote and directed a second movie that had merit on its own, without depending on, leaning on or needing to outshine the original. the plot is impressive enough for this perverse genre...the script works well...the acting is more than adequate. the special effects are impressive and daunting...but he did not got bogged down in trying to "be better" than his first effort. so to sum up, the second flick could have had more violence and torture and more female does have a bit more torture than the first...and I think it's a more enjoyable watch than the first Hostel. Thank you, Eli for having that rare sequel...a sequel that stands up to the original great flick! and kudos to Quentin Tarantino for having the smarts to hitch his wagon to both of these wonderfully gruesome and grizzly, repulsive movies! Good, sick job on everyone's part! I loved it!...more info
  • Cabin Fever Was Brilliant ! Hostel Was Half Decent but...
    Ya know horror fans...for me, the sad thing about HOSTEL 2 is that it's not as good as part 1, yet part 1 wasn't great neither. So you have a horror film here that doesn't even live up to it's not so great predecessor. Don't get me wrong! These are fun horror films. Lot's of blood, good death sequences an such...but for me there's just something about the Hostel films that leave me unfulfilled. I know what I didn't like about the original. 3/4ths the way through part 1 I was loving it and then it hit a brick wall with a big sign hanging off of it that read "UNREALISTIC" so yes, to me it fell short. Part 2 on the other hand again was pretty good stuff up until the last quarter of the movie unraveled itself, but this time it went beyond unrealistic and began to spiral violently into the "all over the place" catagory. Hopefully I just need to give these 2 films a couple more viewings and maybe the'll grow on me, but... ...more info
  • Bottom line, Enjoyable flick, not as groundbreaking as the first entry.
    Definately not as good as the first film, but still good film making. Roth was in an awkward position with this movie, since everyone allready knew the big plot twist, there was nothing left to shock the audience(other than bringing the blood, which he did)

    Bottom line, Enjoyable flick, not as groundbreaking as the first entry.

    Video and audio quality on the blu disc are nothing short of amazing. If you liked the movie, this should be a definite buy....more info