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The Steeldrivers
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With one foot in the field and the other in the factory, The SteelDrivers are a beacon beaming their own version of rhythm'n'bluegrass far across the musical landscape. Highly regarded behind the scenes as songsmiths and session men - with innumerable hits, cuts, and licks to their credit - The SteelDrivers are stepping out at long last. In their ten capable hands, back-country high-lonesome collides with Delta soul, resulting in the freshest sound to emerge from Music City in recent memory. Via eleven original songs, their debut album offers revealing new takes on classic themes of redemption and loss, hope and home delivered with urgency and heart. The SteelDrivers are Richard Bailey, Mike Fleming, Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers, and Chris Stapleton. "Really soulful bluegrass, with great songs. An incredible combination." -Vince Gill

Customer Reviews:

  • love it
    AWESOME CD.Love the Steeldrivers! This group has a unique sound. you need too buy it!!!...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Love the Steeldrivers! This group has a unique sound, what I call bluesy bluegrass. I hope to hear a lot more from this group. And they are as great in person as on their CD!...more info
  • You Can't Go Wrong in Buying This CD
    I'm an on and off bluegrass listener. I love the genre, but spend a lot of time listening to 1950's and 1960's jazz these days.

    I heard about this album in a very fulsome review in the Wall Street Journal, of all places. The reviewer was unrestrained in his praise for the song writing, the strong voices, and their use of R&B to make a more modern bluegrass sound. So when I teed this up, I was expecting something really great.

    I was not disappointed. Every member of this band is an excellent musician. They play together so comfortably you'd think they've been doing it for a decade. The lead vocalist has a voice you could confuse with Warren Haynes if you just close your eyes. Raspy, confident, and very soulful.

    I'm listening as I write this review. I keep thinking the currently playing song is the ONE song to call out on the CD as its best, and then the next one starts out and I change my mind again! I have a few score 'Greatest Hits' albums from other musicians where the song to song quality is not as good as this debut disk. How often can you say that?

    Don't hesitate. Pick this one up as soon as you can!...more info
  • Blues to Excellent Bluegrass
    My main musical interest is Blues/Rock, But after listening to the Steeldrivers I'm ready to explore more bluegrass. The recording is excellent in sound & musicianship. This band plays very well together, Some bands you can just tell that they love what their playing & Enjoy every minute of it, and it shines through on this CD. Excellent variations of songs, Mellow - Bluesy - footstompin, not a bad one in the bunch. All in All, becoming one of my favorite CD's...more info
  • Great, Great Bluegrass CD!
    This is the best CD I've bought in quite some time. You don't need to be a bluegrass fan to enjoy it either. My buddies give me a hard time when I pop in a bluegrass CD normally, but this one they told me to turn up. I would recommend this to anyone. Picture it as mostly traditional bluegrass with Van Zant singing the lead vocals....more info
  • World of Shadows
    Steeldrivers' sound has the raw alt country flavor rolled in bluegrass. The songwriting on the disc is consistently strong as Mike Henderson's mandolin, Tammy Rogers' fiddle & Richard Bailey's banjo give the music a cohesive style. From the opener "Blue Side of the Mountain" to the closer, this is a strong set. "Blue Side of the Mountain" has a howl like a vintage recording by The Band with Chris Stapleton's vocals moody & desperate, "I'm going back to a world of shadows, Got to find peace before I lose my mind, on the blue side of the mountain where the sun don't ever shine." "Heaven Sent" has a lovely melody with Rogers' fiddle lifting the arrangement, "I move around a lot these days, honky tonks, the Broadway plays, the same that I've always done, but I'm older now, I get tired some." "Drinkin' Dark Whiskey" is a honky-tonk drinking song that was recorded by Gary Allan on his CD See If I Care. "Midnight Train to Memphis" has a stop-start chorus and growls relentlessly. "Midnight Tears" slows the pace with a sorrowful tale. The track had previously been recorded by David Peterson & 1946. Darrel Worley recorded "If It Hadn't Been for Love" on his self-titled CD Darryl Worley, which was my favorite song off that set. Steeldrivers' intense harmonies nail the track as a classic lament, "Never would've gone to that side of town if it hadn't been for love. Never would've took a mind to track her down if it hadn't been for love. Never would've loaded up a 44, put myself behind a jailhouse door, if it hadn't been for love." "Sticks That Made Thunder" floats on a lovely melody with a haunting tale, "When the light came again, there was death on the wind as the buzzards made way for the worms; And the little white trees bend in the breeze for the ones that will never return." "The Steeldrivers" is an excellent set for those who love that Americana sound and new bluegrass. Bravo! ...more info
  • Wow!
    I started listening to Bluegrass intensely about 2 years ago and everytime my daughter or wife gets into my truck, I am forced to change the XM off of Bluegrass to mainstream country because they complain. I popped this album in the CD player and they don't complain at all. Why? Is this less Bluegrass and more mainstream? I don't think so. I think it's Chris Stapleton's awesome voice that has won them over.

    What attracted me to the album in the first place was "Drinkin' Dark Whiskey" and the simple truth of the lyrics "It'll loosen your tongue but don't never tell the truth." But over time, my favorite song has become the mournfull "Sticks that Made Thunder". ...more info
  • fantastic music
    You don't have to be a bluegrass fan to enjoy this cd...Looking forward to their next cd & seing them at Merlefest Festival...more info
  • Simply great!
    I first heard this group on one of the late-night TV shows and immediately went in search of their album. Since I still have not made the switch to downloading music, I am usually happy to get one or two good songs on an album by an artist that I like. I got way more than expected on this album and eagerly await the Steeldrivers' next effort....more info
  • The Steeldrivers are amazing!
    I heard The Steeldrivers on the Opry on saturday night and immediatly came to amazon to order their cd. They were absolutely riveting.I was blown away by "drinking dark whiskey" from the opry show but they have other songs just as good or better. I was mesmerized by "sticks that made thunder" and played it back several times. Peoople will be hearing more and more about this inspired group. I'll let everyone else categorize their sound. I just know what I like - and I love them. It feels good to be this excited about music again....more info
  • Awesome
    Not exactly traditional bluegrass, but just plain great. If you are a mountain heart, cadillac sky, or o.c.m.s. fan you will enjoy....more info
  • Steeldrivers drive it on home
    After hearing the sound files for this CD on Amazon I ordered it immeadiately. Well it just couldn't come fast enough, but finally i got it yesterday. I've listened to it 5 times already and it just keeps getting better. This one will get lots of play on my radio show Prairie Pickin' on Edmonton's CJSR. Even if you only think you like Bluegrass in small doses, pick this one will knock you on your butt. The vocals are so intense your hair will stand on end. The Steeldrivers are fabulous....more info
  • Not just a great bluegrass album ...
    This is a phenomenal album. Melodies and lyrics have freshness and impact that cut through the same-old same-old country scene. Fantastic 2-part harmonies that go from the rich smoothness of a summer night to the soaring edge of a mountain storm. Feels like it comes straight from the heart of the true America we so rarely see or hear....more info
    Loved it....loved it.....loved it..... The harmony, new music and mandolin playing was such an unexpected treat. Buy it, I think you will not be disappointed....more info
  • Just Plain Good
    I had the opportunity to see these folks live at The Station Inn in Nashville. It was a great show and I immediately bought their album. I have to agree with another reviewer who noted the powerful songwriting, singing, and soul.
    If you can catch these guys live you're in for a treat. As good as the album is, it doesn't do them justice.
    Give these songs a listen: "If It Hadn't Been For Love", "Blue Side Of The Mountain", and "Midnight Train To Memphis"....more info
  • Lets go Drinking
    I'm new to Bluegrass. Just moved from the city to West Virginia, so the music is everywhere. Not much of a country music fan, but I have to say that the steeldrivers had me from the first song. Powerful soulful singing with a very tight music. The entire cd is right on the money. Since the Steeldrivers I have looking into and listened to over 50 bluegrass cd's and have been to 6-7 festivals with multiple bands at each. For my money this CD is one of the best on the market, and absolutely the best band to see live. It was an honor. ...more info
  • Greatest Sound in Bluegrass
    The Steeldrivers are the greatest happening in Bluegrass music since Allison Krause started, this is an incredible piece of music that has that wonderful voice of Chris Stapleton combined with some of the greatest artist of today. You won't be disappointed no matter what your age is. A touch of country, blues and grass, WONDERFUL....more info