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Madea's Family Reunion - Tyler Perry's
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  • Excellent
    I found this film brilliant, and funny also serious and an eye opener. The morales of the story are so true in every way. Loved it....more info
  • this gift was well received
    I bought this video as a gift for a friend. The feedback I received was positive. He loved the movie, and Tyler Perry is a favorite of his. thanks....more info
  • Not the Slap-Happy Comedy I Expected
    By the trailers, you'd think that this movie is more like "Big Mamma's House" than a drama about black families identities and love. There are some great actors (Cicily Tyson for one) but the dialog felt forced at some points. Although one character gets abused by another; Medea makes no bones about whoopin' peoples BEHINDS throughout the movie. It's about respect of women (as shown in one storyline) and then at the reunion, men sit around and make a girl grab a beer from the bottom of a barrel to show her butt better. Mixed messages, you bet.
    The movie is much more about love and is definately a "Chick Flick" in one way...but with a lot of fart jokes thrown in.
    Maybe this works much better as a stage play. I'm not sure. ...more info
  • classic tyler perry
    If you're a fan of Tyler Perry movies than this is no different. I'm personally not the biggest fan but my wife is. I watched this with her and thought it was one of the better ones....more info
  • a review.
    this is a wonderful movie i absolutely love tyler perry because he captures black families exactly how they act and doesnt spare any details. Every black family has a MADEA!...more info
  • Good seller.
    Shipping took a little longer than I expected, but I was pleased with the movie....more info
  • Madea's Family Reunion
    Tyler's Movie should be a wake up call to persons in abusive relationship. It is time women stand up and walk away from that kind of behaviour...more info
  • Great Movie
    This movie is great because it has a bit of everything...comedy, love story, drama, and a good moral lesson too. Defenitly one of my favorite movies....more info
  • madea's family reunion is one of my favorate movies
    tyler perry is so good he should win an award for best comedy well diary of a mad black women was pretty good to but I think that this one was a bit better the review's seem under rated I love uncle joe ...more info
  • One of....
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Tyler Perry is so talented. He doesn't bite his tongue and shows America the situations that people face everyday, he puts them in his movies. Can't wait to see his future releases!!!!...more info
  • Keep that pot of hot grits handy!!!
    I've never seen any of Tyler Perry's plays live, but enjoyed "Diary of a Mad Blackwoman the Movie" so much, I saw Madea's Family reunion in theaters twice, and I'm having regular Tyler Perry marathons with his movies and the plays on the regular. I've become a new Tyler Perry fan.

    Madea's Family Reunion tackles family unity, and domestic abuse. Lisa is engaged to Carlos, he is handsome, he is well off, and he is abusive. He tells her "He will love her to death", and he means that literally. Lisa tries to reveal her abuse to her mother who simply replies "well you have to stop doing what you are doing to make him angry." Mom is played by the beautiful, and talented Lynn Whitfield, and let me tell you, she played this part well!!! Evil, she was simply evil!!!

    One scene had Lisa out with her sister and a friend. She forgets her cell phone, and that had her nervous. When they return to her house, a male dancer arrives, and Lisa tries to get rid of him, but Carlos comes home first. He seemed okay with Lisa having fun, but you knew what would happen when she finally got her sister and friend to leave. It was obvious, but when it happens, you still react to what he does.

    Vanessa is a single mother who is trying to simply focus on raising her two adorable children, but bus driver Frankie Henderson really wants to get to know her, and finally wears her down enough to go on a date with him. Frankie is a single father to a son.

    Madea goes to court for removing her house arrest anklet, and ends up taking home a child to foster after bragging she will take in anyone who needs help. The car ride is hilarious, because Nikki keeps snapping her gum, and Madea can't stand gum snapping. When Nikki starts removing her earrings claiming she will fight an old woman, Madea turns around in her front seat and leaps at Niki to give her the spanking she deserves for being disrespectful.

    Vanessa who is Lisa's sister does not have a good relationship with their mother at all. During one argument Vanessa tells Mom "You will rot in hell", and Mom replies "I vacation there!!!" Evil, I said Mom was Evil!!!

    The scene that still grips me is when Vanessa remembers being sexually abused, and Mom trying to justify the action. I mean that was horrible, and Mom expects Lisa to take care of her, little does Lisa know that her Trust Fund is being depleted by Mom. Hey Mom, get a job!!!

    The family reunion scene was also a good one. I thought the speech that was done was one that is needed, and had to be said. `"Young black women more then thighs, and hips take your place!! What happened to pride and respect?" I thought the speech was powerful. Very powerful.

    This is an excellent movie. I just wonder why Henry Simmons scenes where cut out of the film. He was in the movie, and I wondered why because his part was so small, then you watch the extras and see he and his wife actually had more scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor.

    I'm looking forward to seeing his latest release Daddy's Little girls when it comes out in theaters. ...more info
  • Reesycup
    Great movie and, as with all the other Tyler Perry movies, it has a great message. He selected a superb cast to tell the story of the importance of family, pride, self respect and responsibility. Perry ties it all together with the perfect bow of hilarity from our favorite character, Madea. Madea stands up to her reputation in this movie as only she can. ...more info
  • This movie was awesome!!
    I really liked this movie. I thought that this film was very funny with a good moral....more info
  • confused trash
    A friend selected this movie to watch last night, and - I must say - I'm blown away. I have absolutely never seen a worse movie in my life. Glancing over some of the comments below, I see that a lot of Amazon reviewers apparently enjoyed this film. This truly baffles me. Could we really have watched the same movie?

    To begin with, MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION has a lipid, melodramatic script, and most of the cast can be faulted with serious over-acting. Unfortunately, these are the least of this film's problems.

    I would say that MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION's major fault is that it doesn't know what kind of movie it wants to be. Scenes with Madea (a violent, sharp-tongued old lady, played by actor Tyler Perry), seem to strive for comedy (although I would emphasize the word "strive"), while scenes involving a pair of sisters - one emotionally scarred from years of sexual abuse and the other dealing with a physically abusive fianc¨¦ - strike an infinitely more serious note. Is this movie another Black-man-in-a-dress comedy, or is it a Hallmark special?

    There are also instances of more specific internal confusion. For example, moments after the film asks us to have sympathy for the sister who is hit by her fianc¨¦, it asks us to laugh as Madea beats up on her new foster child. Since when is beating a young girl into submission funny? Another example: just after the other sister reveals that her stepfather repeatedly raped her as a child, we find ourselves at the big "family reunion," where a table full of lecherous old men drool over the rear-end of one of their teenage relatives. I guess I don't get it. Does this movie think that incest is tragic or hilarious?

    On top of these major failings, the movie was clearly very carelessly made. Here are just 2 examples: watch the scene between the sexually abused sister and her bus driver-boyfriend, just after he takes their children out for ice cream. It cuts back and forth between closeups of her face and his. When we are looking at his face, he's got his hand along the side of her face. When we look at her face, his hand is under her chin ... bad editing! Here's another example of the movie's lack of thought: just before the wedding at the end of the film, the physically abused sister has big curly hair. Moments later, when the ceremony actually begins, her hair has miraculously been straightened and styled. I'm not a beautician, but I do know that straightening curly hair is no easy process. Although these details are really insignificant, I think they're indicative of the lack of care or forethought that was put into this mess of a film.

    While I would love to see more movies that are dominated by an African American cast, I think there is something to be said for quality. I found MADEA'S FAMILY REUNION to be *offensively* bad. If you don't agree with me, I really have to wonder if you've ever actually seen a good movie or know how to recognize one. If you're looking for a film with a predominantly Black cast, watch a Spike Lee movie - I recommend DO THE RIGHT THING. Do you want a great comedy? Try LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Do you want to see men in dresses? Watch SOME LIKE IT HOT. You've got to trust me: it gets so much better than this. ...more info
  • Good Performances But......
    It would've been a way better movie if there was more Madea, her name is in the title of the movie and after the meat of the story was dropped, out of nowhere the family reunion comes up at the end. No where in the movie did you see her get it together and she only talked about it once or twice. And some of the actors were unutilized and had the wrong roles. Let me start with Jennifer Lewis; the character was too much for a role that small and if she had the role of the mother than the movie could've been more enjoyable. Not to say Ms. Lynn Whitfield didn't do it justice but it was a bit weak here and there. Some of Madea's jokes were below what I expected and the whole grit performance between the pretty girl and Blair Underwood didn't compare to what Kim Elise did to her husband in the last movie. It looked more like a parody and less entertaining than say the limousine scene in "What's love got to do with it".
    The movie was okay, could've been more heavier than the last movie and the performances were alright but the scenes were too brief to grasp. So the girl got beaten but it was very brief, Lisa Arrindell was pretty good but it was less than I expected. There was not enough fire in the movie or enough passion. The ending was whack, a recycled wedding? There wasn't enough drama. It was an okay movie...more info
  • more diarrhea of a mad black woman
    i just threw up in my mouth. the inexplicable popularity of movies like this is further proof that the masses are morons. american idol, mcdonalds, britney spears, mayonnaise, dan brown, tyler perry, blue collar comedy, keith urban, mild hot sauce, bon jovi, etc. take your pick. the vast majority of people seem to prefer their stimuli to be bland and unchallenging. i guess i will never understand why so many people prefer bad food, bad art, bad literature to the wealth of brilliant and rewarding alternatives that are readily available if one will only put forth the effort to find them. if your goal in life is to be a middling bore like everyone else then you would be well advised to look no further....more info
  • How Can You Improve on Comic Perfection?
    It's Tyler Perry, what more can be said.
    The man is a comic genius and Madea is a lovable as "she" is funny.
    This film is fantastic....more info