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Altec Lansing inMotion iM414 Portable Audio System for Zune
List Price: $99.95

Our Price: $48.99

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Product Description

When it comes to your Zune listening experience, there's only one thing missing. Actually two: Speakers. Thankfully, Altec Lansing has solved the problem. The inMotion iM414 is a powerful new portable stereo system with surround effect technology. It's sleek - your Zune will cradle beautifully in it. And it delivers such full-range, full-bodied sound, you'll want to carry it around from room to room. The iM414's twin bass-enhanced neodymium speakers really do the trick. It features a built-in FM radio and a wireless remote. And you can plug the system in or use batteries. So let your music out! The iM414 will show you how.

Specifically designed to unleash the robust playback abilities of any Zune portable MP3 player (Zune 4 GB, 8 GB, 30 GB, and 80 GB), the Altec Lansing inMotion iM414 is a powerful portable stereo system with surround effect technology. Designed for rich, crystal clear playback with enhanced, powerful bass technology, the iM414 delivers an immersive, surround effect with its custom, full-range twin bass-enhanced neodymium speakers. Powerful bass enhancement technology also is included to deliver high-quality bass without a subwoofer.

The iM414 comes with a wireless remote View larger.

Enjoy your music in any room of the house. View larger.
With its sleek and modern design, the iM414 is designed to complement your contemporary lifestyle. Backed with enough power to deliver full-range, full-bodied sound in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the iM414 runs on three AAA batteries (not included) that can power the unit for up to 24 hours. For those times when you don't want to worry about battery life, the iM414 includes an AC adapter for nonstop playback functionality.

The iM414 also features a built-in FM radio with station memory presets, an easy-to-read LCD, and a telescopic antenna. A fully functional wireless remote is included for added convenience.

An auxiliary input jack is included so you can use the iM414's powerful speakers with various CD, DVD, and MP3 players. The iM414 comes backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
iM414 inMotion digital speaker system, wireless remote, AC power supply, user's guide, and quick connect instructions.

  • Robust and sleek speaker system and dock designed for use with Zune MP3 players
  • Delivers crystal clear playback via custom, full-range, twin bass-enhanced neodymium speakers
  • Built-in radio with programmable presets; easy-to-read LED display
  • Charges your Zune player while docked
  • 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • good but not great
    windows just collapsed on me after wrting loads!...SO!....good and bad points:


    battery use
    charges zune whilst on mains
    easy to carry round
    fm radio
    will take any sound source via mini jack
    sound good on low to medium


    sound cr*p on loud or sometimes when spacial sound and/or bass boost is ON
    battery life average
    some zunes fit badly like my 80GB one!...

    getting the correct adaptor (from altec lansing in the US) is a NO NO as they ignore ALL e mails from outside the US..

    it seems after some research this company are US and UK based and the customer service in the US is TERRIBLE!!!...very different over here in the UK but they cannot supply the zune adaptor...its a joke so beware.

    the product i thought was only available here on amazon but zunethings supply it in the UK though it is more expensive.

    hope this helps even if it is a bit**dy computers!


    ...more info
  • Still Waiting
    I was very excited when I received to be able to play my 80g Zune. But when I docked it the connection was loose and the songs would repeat or not play wouldn't charge. I called the company, Altec Lansing, and they indicated they were aware of the problem of the 80g Zune not connecting correctly and that an adapter would be available in about 3 weeks, this was in August. Well it's three months later and everytime I call they tell me it will be in mail next week, so I have yet to be able to listen to my Zune on this. I am very very disappointed as all I can listen to is the radio function. And I have yet to receive this so called adapter from the company....more info
  • Altec Lansing speakers for Zune
    Really knocked out by the sound! This product is great. Called the company to get the converter (plastic piece) so the zune fits in more snugly, otherwise it is a loose connection! Really like the speakers - I ordered two! One for my daughter!...more info
  • Great product - Lousy customer support
    The 30gb Zune does not fit in this device properly. They have supposedly made an attachment to make it fit properly. I will believe such an attachment exists when I see it. I have contacted Altec Lansing 5 times, 2 of which I was told the attachment would be received by me within 7-10 days. Here is a them. They don't respond to emails.

    When you get the Zune placed just right and the speakers do work, the sound is awesome....more info
    I purchased this for my wife as a christmas gift. I played around with it a lot to review it properly. I have 2 major issues with the unit. First if you leave the zune in the unit and turn everything off when you return and turn it on later it will not play sound unless you remove the zune from the dock and re-dock the zune. I not only find this an inconvience but also am concerned with wear/connection issues in the future at the small pins on the bottom of the zune or the dock. Once theres a connection problem there due to wear, the zune or the dock or both are pretty much useless.
    The second issue is with the controls. The only way to go thru the tracks is thru the zune itself. Theres no button on the dock to go foward or back thru the songs on the zune. There may be one on the remote that i dont know of. I have the 80g zune and when its docked its loose and pivots a good ammount when you press on the zune to change tracks. I usually end up holding the zune with one had and use the other to scroll thru.
    the unit does sound pretty good at normal volumes.
    All in all its a decent buy, but there was not many choices to date for the zune in this price range....more info
  • Worst purchase ever!
    Wow, what a mistake this purchase every way. I read the reviews so I knew it wasn't built for the 120, but I heard they would send an adapter. Their tech support said there wasn't one.

    Now, I could live with that. The main purpose was to take this camping so I could just hook it into the AUX port. That worked fine. The sound was good, not great. But then 5 hours later it stopped playing. The batteries died. Luckily I brought a lot of batteries because every 5 hours they needed to be replaced....5 HOURS?!?

    I had brought along a back up speaker system. It was a much smaller Creative Labs portable system I bought a few years ago for $25. I plugged them in and the sound was just as good if not better. Then I proceeded to use them for the next 2 days (maybe 20 hours of play time) on 1 set of batteries. 1/3 the price, 1/4 the size, better sound, and 5x better battery life.

    I've bought a lot of stuff on Amazon over the years, this was my first major disappointment. I should have listened to the reviews. Do not purchase this product....more info
  • VERY convenient
    When I purchased this, it was $99, and so was its bigger brother which my mother has had in iPod form (and for the record sounds great). I chose this one because it was smaller (I use it mainly in my bathroom) and can run on battery.

    I'll start with the sound quality first.. This device has two full-range drivers which that right there can tell you that this isn't an audiophile's system. The larger AL Zune dock has 4 drivers: the two large ones in this device and two tweeters. Because this one has only the two drivers, the highs do not come in as clear. Nor does the bass (because it's trying to do it all!). But for what it's worth, it sounds very decent for its size. It has no adjustable EQ, but you can turn on virtual surround sound and/or bass gain. I was a tad disappointed with the volume, as it isn't very loud (especially when your Z30's EQ is enabled). It is sufficient, but it definitely could be louder. I wouldn't count on it filling a living room.

    The device has an FM tuner and an AUX input (jack located in the back). Truthfully, the Zune function is the only one I ever use. The remote has come in handy many times.

    Now the reason I bought this device over the bigger one, and also why I gave it 5 stars is its convenience factor. I am simply amazed that it can get up to 24 hours of battery on just 3 AA batteries. I've used it while camping and working in the garage and it is just incredibly convenient. I could not be happier with it in this aspect.

    It isn't perfect obviously. There is no clock display (contrary to what I was hoping for). There are no tweeters. There is no adjustable EQ. But the convenience factor makes all of this totally worth it. After all, you can't expect audiophile quality sound out of a dock so small.. or even out of an MP3 player all together! I definitely recommend this though.

    Oh yeah and for a tip to make it sound a bit better: there are two bass ports on the back of the unit... plug one of those up with a piece of tissue paper.. the speakers from the factory have too little air resistance and doing this will increase the bass quality pretty well noticeably....more info
  • sound quality is great
    The sound quality is great for a small unit. It would be nice if the remote had a backround light for night time use, otherwise I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it. I gave it one less star only because of the remote....more info
  • My 30gb Zune doesn't like this player
    I received this on Christmas 08. I have had no problems getting it to "connect", it fits right in, the charge light comes on, and it will start to play. That's where the machine goes haywire. It "skips" like an old record. It will start to play a song, then start the song over again. And over again. And over again. If it actually makes it through the song, then the next song will "skip," and "skip," and skip." If I hold the Zune exactly upright and press down really hard, it won't skip. Kind of defeats the purpose of the dang thing. I will say that the sound bytes I get to hear sound terrific.

    I have contacted Altec via their customer support site and received an answer about a player I do not have, so I will wait until tomorrow (1/2/09)to call the 800 number.

    I haven't found any links regarding this particular issue about the iM414, most all of the problems seem to pertain to not getting the Zune to dock at all, so maybe this is just a faulty player I have, but maybe not....more info
  • Zune dock review
    The product works wonderfully, once you get used to seating the Zune 30g - it takes a little juggling. Sounds great, and I really like the fact that it has a radio also....more info
  • Nice little system
    The only reason I bought this was only because I could not find the M604 system for the Zune at a reasonable price. I bought the M604 for $80 about 1 year ago. So to me this system was too expensive, but I needed a speaker dock for my new Zune. It sounds nice and fits well with my furniture, but it is too expensive compared to other docks you can find. Too bad speaker docks selection is very limited for the Zune....more info
  • Great Sound - Poor function
    I purchased this unit in the hopes of having a simple good sounding dock for my Zune. At first I was impressed with the sound. Later and still after 1 week of owning it I am considering returning it. It simply is too difficult to work. Sloppy connector/adaptors etc. Takes about 2 - 3 min. to turn on a song I'd like to hear. Too much trial and error. Has a remote that doesn't use all the functions of the Zune. It is priced right though. At least for the sound. ...more info
  • Good little unit for my Zune 80
    Bought this for my Zune 80 and I like it a lot. Good sound for the price and easy to setup and use. I emailed Altech Lansing for the adapter and it showed up 3 days later. No charge. No fuss. Kudos to Altech Lansing. That is the way to do business....more info
  • Great sound
    I ordered this product for my mother, and she loved it. She wanted a good set of speakers and docking station for her zune, so this was perfect. It has great speakers....more info
  • iM414
    great sound and bass boost nice... use it in my office, it fills the room and recharges my Zune for the drive home....more info
  • Unleashing my Zune
    This is the first mp3 player audio system that I can actually recommend. Easy to use; full-featured; great sound; and reasonably priced. I love mine....more info
  • Quality misses the mark yet again.........
    This speaker system (while it has interchangeable docs for various sized iPods and MP3's) doesn't dock well with any system. The connections are shotty at best and while the sound is great from the speakers - it is a nightmare to use this dock and get your system seated properly (used it with a Nano, standard iPOD, and Zune and had issues with all three). Do yourself a favor and look at Bose or similar for better functionality. (and no, this isn't user inability rather a design issue with the product)....too bad because its a good concept. ...more info
  • Great Quality
    The portable stereo puts out great sound, definately worth the price. great if you need to use it on battery too, doesn't sacrafice sound quality....more info
  • very expensive,but very good
    The sound quality of these speakers is awsome.Low volume or high there is no distortion.Controls and remote are easy to use.Battery charging is super fast and very convenient for me as I use this at work.The only reason for four stars is that the connection between zune and speakers is a bit touchy and sometimes several tries and much wiggling is called for.Once it connects it's good as gold,it's only the initial connect that needs improvement.Even at 4 stars it,s worth every penny....more info
  • Poorly designed
    I have the Zune 120GB, I decided to try these speakers and had high expectations, but that soon turn into a huge disappointment. Just like the previous review. I had to wiggle it repeatedly to get it working, and the adapter was useless. I could not turn on the speaker with the remote control, it was a total hassle just to get it working, I decided that it wasn't worth my $100.00+ bucks. I returned a week later, and stayed away from it since. ...more info
  • Altec Lansing Portable Sound System for 30GBZune
    The overall sound for this product is not bad, however it is not nearly loud enough. With both the system and the device's volume at full it was still not loud enough for a backyard get together. Also, the device has to be wiggled around in the dock connector before it will play. The remote is useful, it was one of my selling points. I would generally recommend this to a buyer interested in a fairly quiet environment to begin with, or save your money for the $350 Altec that's coming soon....more info
  • Sent right back
    Got this for Christmas for my 30g Zune. It worked well the first 2 times I used it, though I did think the connection was wobbly. However, two days later I tried to use it again, and couldn't get any sound out of the speakers, played with the connection and pushed a lot of buttons a lot of times, and finally got some sound. Now, I can't even get the thing to turn on and stay on! It will charge the Zune, but the unit itself is completely inoperable. The power will flash on, then turn immediately off. It is going right back, and I will not get another one of this brand/model....more info