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ViewSonic VX2240w 22-inch Digital/Analog Widescreen LCD Monitor
List Price: $451.13

Our Price: $214.73

You Save: $236.40 (52%)


Product Description

ViewSonic's 22" VX2240w widescreen LCD delivers unparalleled performance with ultra-fast video response as fast as 2ms, 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typ) and Super-HD 1680X1050 resolution. Games, HD movies, videos and graphic-intensive applications have never looked better on your desktop. This Vista premium certified widescreen display enhances productivity by allowing you to view two documents side-by-side or to work in two applications without toggling. Connect your game console, DVD player and other components through the digital (DVI-D) AND analog inputs. The Kensington security port provides theft deterrence and the OSD and power lock prevent unauthorized changes to your optimal screen settings.

  • Device Type - LCD
  • Dimensions - 20.1" x 17.0" x 8.8"
  • Weight - 11.0 lbs
  • - Optimum Resolution: 1680x1050
  • - Brightness: 300 cd/m2 (typ)

Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible for Photography or Graphic Art
    This is a horrible monitor for Photography or Graphic Art. It can not be calibrated!!! I contacted View Sonic when I realized that the calibration wouldn't "hold" (it kept resetting itself each time I turned the monitor off). The tech at View Sonic didn't know what it meant to calibrate a monitor. She couldn't find it anywhere on her computer's "help" menu for helping customers.

    Any monitor company that doesn't train their employees to help customers with monitor calibration doesn't know anything about graphic art or photography.

    Do not buy a monitor from View Sonic if you're going to be using it for color accurate purposes.

    LaCie monitors give you the ability to calibrate all four corners and the center of the screen independently! View Sonic doesn't even know what it means to calibrate....more info
  • Niiice Monitor for me and maybe you
    I purchased this monitor in Jan 08 for much more than the going price. I have a basic 2003 computer and needed to purchase a graphics card to see 1680 x 1050. I use analog since my computer doesn't support digital. Works very well for me. I don't have any specific demands other than basic internet surfing. I had a View Sonic CRT that lasted for years trouble free. I don't have any issues about color rendition; all looks good. ...more info
  • Viewsonic VX2240w 22" Review
    Good product, but unless you are using it for spreadsheets,games,etc., you don't need it! A regular size 19" is all you really want for E-mail, most websites, etc.
    also---the recommended aspect ratio is bogus. 1440x900 is a much more pleasing aspect with regard to size, usability, and a non-stretch perspective. It also helps to increase the size of the icons and fonts in your display settings....more info
  • VX2240 a mixed bag
    I've had the monitor for over a month and it's definitely a mixed bag. I have a dual G4 Mac running 10.4.11. The color is very good but you need to play with the custom settings, all the presets are way too bright. Even in the custom settings you need to turn all the colors way down. Text does not render well and I can't seem to make that any better. Video looks great using all the players I tried.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely Terrible Service!!!!!!! Products cannot last longer than one year!
    Just got the ViewSonic monitor for 1 year, and it breaks!!! I called ViewSonic's customer service and tried to reason with them, absolutely terrible customer service! The representatives were very rude, they even hang out on me. Apparently, hanging out on customers is the best way to avoid any "problems" for the customer repensitives. I have such a bad experiences with ViewSonic, I will never purchase any products from them ever again! I think everyone deserves to know about what the company's services are like before their purchase.

    Please be aware when you buy any of ViewSonic's products!

  • Decent color and grayscale presence
    This monitor is primary in my digital darkroom and supplements a 19" ViewSonic. The monitor is callibrated with EyeOne Display Two. The calibration process challenges the blue spectrum of the monitor, but with patience the results are pleasing in editing both color and black & white photographs. The colors appear realistic without oversaturation after calibration, however, it is a process that takes me an hour. This monitor has a positive price to performance ratio. ...more info
  • Great Widescreen Monitor
    Very happy 'for the money' the quality is great
    Was shipped on time in perfect condition
    ...more info
  • It's OK
    It does the job but given that this unit is a little pricier, and with slightly better specs than some of the other 22" models I was expecting a little brighter and sharper display than I got. I bought this to replace the second Samsung that I had fail within a year of purchase, so I would say avoid Samsung, but I think if you want really good image quality your are going to need to spend a little more money and get a better unit....more info
  • satisfied
    I bought this monitor to replace a 17" Dell CRT. I absolutely love all the real estate! I use this monitor mainly for everyday web browsing, Word documents, and gaming. The colors are bright, icons are crisp, and the response time is great. I have had no dead pixels, and I have owned this LCD for approximately a year.

    This monitor does have backlight bleed at the top and bottom that is noticeable when the display is showing dark images. I don't really mind it, and was aware of it before buying. Also I've noticed photos look muddy in shadows. I have tried the Windows image viewer and Photoshop with the same result. The same photos viewed on a laptop look much better. This might be corrected by calibrating, but I haven't been able to easily.

    Overall I am very satisfied with this monitor. I might, however, spring for a slightly more expensive model when replacing in the future....more info
  • Beautiful monitor.
    The monitor setup was straightforward-one note though, I was replacing an old 19" ViewSonic so I was already familiar with their menu system. No stuck pixels, I don't notice any light or dark bands.

    Colors are good, text is crisp and clear. Resolution is excellent, it's going to be fun trying to fill up all the extra real estate, there's room for all but my biggest spreadsheets.

    On games: the big screen and high resolution and fast response time has left my kids envious, and the neighbor kids, and most anyone else who's seen it....more info
  • Love Viewsonic Monitors
    Just got my new 22" monitor today. Upgraded from a 17" that I bought in Spring of 2003. So far so good. Love the extra screen space....more info
  • Great monitor
    I do a lot of work with pictures and graphics, so I wasn't sure I wanted to change my CRT monitor to an LCD monitor. This was a great move. Pictures are sharp and color rendition is very good. This monitor really exceeded my expectations. I just plugged it in and Vista did the rest....more info
  • VX2240 is great!
    The image quality and price are great! No noticeable difference between this LCD and my Samsung 226BW that went out after nine months. The Viewsonic was delivered quickly and in excellent condition. The monitor was connected and working within minutes of opening the box....more info
  • Great monitor
    I have been a fan of Viewsonic products for many years. They have always been the clearest and most detailed monitors, far surpassing any other manufacturer, especially with their graphics series. They are exceptional in performance and versatility. My only complaint was that my last CRT monitor lost it's black tone after only three years of use, so I was concerned about the latest product line. I have a Viewsonic VX2035WM at my office and was very impressed with it so I opted for the larger VX2240W at home. So far it is exceptional in every way and easily compares very much to the graphic series but is superior to the value series.
    I did not notice any real difference between using the digital or analog outputs but I decided to go digital. I do not think the adjustability is a problem at all since the tilt is slightly down which prevents external glare. The only issue I have is the mail-in rebate and wish it would have been an online credit instead.
    If this monitor gives me the years of service I previously enjoyed with their other monitors, I will be very happy. You will too....more info
  • Wonderful!
    Wow!! What a treat having the ViewSonic VX2240w 22' LCD Monitor. Was a fantastic price, easy hookup, and not a single problem. I just love Viewsonic! I upgraded from my 19" Viewsonic LCD monitor, which was 2 yrs. old and totally troublefree, to this 22" to enhance my gameplaying. Just fantastic. I also recently bought my wife a ViewSonic 22" TV monitor, which we just love. You can't beat ViewSonic's price, features, dependability, and ease of use and installation. Sure, if you want to spend $600 or more for the very best brand that it is out there you might get a little better performance, but believe me, I researched alot of different manufacturers before I made this VX2240w purchase, and I couldn't find anything better that fit my needs, esp. price!! I play World of Warcraft, and it has taken on a whole new dimension with this monitor. Can't go wrong with this monitor....more info
  • ViewSonic 22 inch LCD monitor
    I absolutely love this monitor. It has replaced my previous 22' ViewSonic that performed flawlessly for 10 years or more.To my pleasant surprise this model allows me to work without covering the window behind me to prevent glare on the screen. Now there is no glare which is important since I work many hours each day producing detailed digital paintings and graphics. And whereas my earlier model cost $1000,this superior one cost me $232.00 including shipping.Equally important, this, lightweight model allowed me to easily reconfigure my wiring and desk space whereas the bulk of the first model would have made it a difficult chore...more info