Mini Bullet Security Spy Surveillance COLOR CAMERA w/ Sound
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NEW mini security color camera with sound! The coke bottle is shown in the photograph for size comparison. Features: * Automatic exposure control * Automatic Gain Control * Automatic Balance Adjustment * Auto External Frame Synchronization * Auto Aperture Adjustment * Auto Gamma Adjustment * Color Picture- NTSC US output * 510 x 492 resolution * Illumination: <3Lux 1.2 * Lens focus and visual angle: 6.0mm 52 * Automatic Shutter: 1/60 - 1/15,000 second * AC power: 12V

  • Bullet Security Camera w/Weather Proof
  • 30 Feet RCA Cable & AC Power set for connecting receiver to TV or VCR
  • AC 120V to DC 12V 500mA Adapter
  • Mounting Screw