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La Crosse Technology WS-9121U-IT-CBP Wireless Thermometer/Clock with Remote Outdoor Temperature Sensor
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Product Description

Monitor the temperature from a distance of up to 330 feet with the wireless temperature station and remote sensor. Battery-powered, the station reports indoor and outdoor temperatures and records the high and low for both. Up to 4 sensors can be used with one station. Includes one remote sensor and 1 CR 2032 battery. Base station requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

  • Digital indoor/outdoor thermometer with wireless remote sensor and clock
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit, time in 12- and 24-hour modes
  • Records high and low temperatures; displays outside temperature down to -39.8 F
  • Wireless transmission range up to 330 feet with 16-second updates
  • Receiver measures 4.66 by 2.29 by .69 inches; sensor measures 3.5 by 1.5 by .53 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • My husband loved this
    I purchased this thermometer for husband's birthday and he loves it. And enjoy's waking up in the morning telling me the temperature before we have our coffee together....more info
  • Temperature is OK - Clock has a flaw
    If you are in the military or work with agencies or companies who use 24-hour time, you may not want this clock / thermometer. It will display 24-hour time -BUT it forces you to use a celsius temperature measurement with 24-hour timekeeping. Other than that, it's a nice package for the price....more info
  • Doesn't Seem to Last
    I purchased this unit about 3 months ago. It was terrific. My wife and I enjoyed checking the outside temp to see whether we should wear a sweater/jacket, etc. when we went out. The numerals are just big enough to be seen from 10 feet away, and the unit is small enough to be unobtrusive on the kitchen counter. We loved it, until...
    The outside temp stopped displaying a few days ago. It is dead as a doornail.
    We will buy another indoor/outdoor wireless unit, but not from La Crosse. ...more info
  • Not weather proof enough
    Worked great for a month and a half, and then some rain splattered on the outdoor sensor, which was under an overhang but not completely sealed off from the elements (which would interfere with the readings, wouldn't it?). Long story short, the outdoor sensor didn't survive; a new battery couldn't revive it. I understand you may not want the sensor out in the rain, but it DOES need to be outside, and, gee, there IS water outside. Sigh....more info
  • Time and temperature, indoors and outside
    Do you remember those old mercury-filled indoor/outdoor thermometers that we used to squint at, wondering if the temperature was really correct? Do you remember how the outdoor sensor used to get broken after a few years, usually by a window being lowered too hard on its sensor wire?

    That's not a problem with this La Crosse Technology WS-9121U-IT-CBP Wireless Thermometer, a great little unit that displays the time, along with indoor and outdoor temperature, in either F or C. It's LCD digital display is clear and easy to read, and is split into three sections, showing the time, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature. The outdoor temperature display is updated about every 16 seconds via a 915 MHz wireless signal, eliminating the need for wires.

    The base unit, or receiver, measures 4.66" high, 2.29" wide and 0.69" deep, and has the option of being mounted in its flat base (see the photos) or wall mounted... and they even include the screws and wall anchors. Setup of the receiver is simple, and takes just a couple of minutes once the AAA batteries (not included) are installed in the base unit.

    The smaller outdoor sensor (Model TX27U-IT) is a simple rectangular transmitter, measuring 3.5 x 1.5 x 0.53 inches, and it has a small LCD to allow for viewing temperatures while outdoors. It also has a flat base that can be mounted outdoors in a variety of ways, or with the screws and wall anchors. And the sensor does come with a CR2032 battery, which they say will last about a year. The directions say that this can be placed outdoors up to 330 feet away. I tested it at about 250 feet away, and it works just fine.

    During the setup I found one strange quirk: if you set the time to 24-hour mode, the temperature indictor switches to C, and in 12-hour mode, it automatically goes to F. I personally didn't find this to be a show-stopper, just a mild curiosity. Did a quick accuracy check to see how much difference there was between the base unit and the outdoor sensor, and after awhile gave up, as they seemed to be at most 0.6 F apart, which is better than I expected. There's a MIN/MAX button on the indoor receiver unit so that you can see the readings for both indoors and outdoors.


    - It's very accurate.
    - Just set it up and forget it - it works.
    - Excellent instruction book, in English Spanish & French.


    - It can't predict the weather.

    Did you want to monitor the temperature in other areas, such as a baby's room, a greenhouse and your back yard, but all at once? This particular La Crosse Technology Wireless Thermometer already comes with a single TX27U-IT 915 MHz sensor, as previously noted, and will accept a total of three 915 MHz sensors - two in addition to the original. This can be a problem if you're not sure what your looking for, as there are dual-channel transmitters that will not work with this unit -- RTFM!

    There are a couple available here that will work with the WS-9121U-IT-CBP receiver. The La Crosse Technology TX27U-IT 915 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor with LCD is the identical unit to the one that comes with this wireless thermometer. The simpler La Crosse Technology TX37U-IT 915 Mhz Wireless Temperature Sensor has no LCD display, but is weather resistant, and excellent for use in outdoor areas where exposure to the elements might be something to consider. The point is that if you want to monitor the temperature in up to three remote areas plus where the base unit sits, you just need to pick the right sensor/transmitter.

    Must admit that it was the quality that I had found in the excellent La Crosse Technology BC-900 AlphaPower Battery Charger that heavily influenced my purchase of this product over others on the market, and it has easily lived up to my expectations.

    Had tested a few of these wireless thermometers and temperature stations from various manufacturers, and found some to be complete crap. One of the good ones was the La Crosse Technology WS-9013U-CBP Wireless Temperature Station, which offers the date on the LCD panel and its time is updated by radio signal. On the downside its outdoor wireless (433.92MHz) temperature sensor has a maximum range of "up to 80 feet." And be aware that transmission through walls and/or heavy foliage reduces the range on all of these.

    If you're looking for a reliable indoor/outdoor thermometer without getting into a full professional weather station, the La Crosse Technology WS-9121U-IT-CBP wireless thermometer is very hard to beat. ...more info
  • Wireless Thermometer
    Item received quickly after order, well packaged and works very well. Being able to see the current temperature as well as the temperature ranges very helpful....more info