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Shoot 'Em Up
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Every action movie has a moment so over the top you have to laugh; Shoot 'Em Up consists of nothing but these moments. A carrot-eating, lone wolf kind of guy named Smith (Clive Owen, Children of Men, Inside Man) steps in to protect a pregnant woman from a gunman--and finds himself, with the aid of a lactating prostitute (Monica Belluci, The Matrix Revisited), defending the newborn child from a sleazy contract killer Mr. Hertz (Paul Giamatti, American Splendor, Sideways) and his army of thugs. That's pretty much the plot, but story is beside the point. Writer/director Michael Davis (Monster Man) has a keen sense of what matters in an action movie. The rapid-fire editing is scrupulously coherent; you always grasp what happened in every shoot-out, even if it flagrantly violates the laws of physics or basic plausibility. Explaining how Smith survives a four-story fall--even if that explanation is beyond ridiculous--demonstrates both a sense of wit and a winking respect for the audience's imagination. As a result, Shoot 'Em Up is ten times more entertaining than the likes of Transformers or Rush Hour 3, movies so self-satisfied with special effects or movie stars that they forgot to be fun. (Shoot 'Em Up's only weakness is a sliver of misogyny, the one action movie cliche that it's not clever enough to transcend.) --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • 2nd to Wanted with the shooting...
    I was rather dissapointed with how this movie performed in theatres, but I know it was an excellent action flick.

    It's honestly the perfect action movie to shut the brain off to and enjoy the heck out of and I know my shooting movies!...more info
  • Spend money on this one!
    this one blew me away! aside from Clive being smokin hot, i truly loved this and watch it over and over. it isn't much on the story line. it's short and to the point. you fully understand what's going on throughout the whole film for sure. the action is all shooting and escaping and will truly take your breath away. the sex scene was hilarious. he doesn't want to care...but gets trapped into it every time. look out jason statham you got competition on the hot scale!...more info
  • Shoot um Up
    Great action film, the story line is believable, well acted by Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti, and tons of quotable dialogue....loved it....more info
  • Painfully dumb
    Now, I like a good action film as much as the average male. But I have a rule--if I turn off the DVD before the film ends, the film gets one star. What stopped me here, about 20 minutes into the film, was where this baby was placed on a children's merry-go-round, the baddies begin to plunk away at it, and our hero empties a clip to make the merry-go-round go round and (once more) save the infant from harm. This is the epitome of dumb. Nothing before that sequence was any better. I suppose some people will write this off as my not being able to take a joke. Well, I'm a big Johnny To fan, and his flicks are as wild and crazy as this one. But To doesn't take the cheap way out and wink, wink at the audience. Shoot 'em up is simply stupid in so many ways....more info
  • Get a handle and a twelve pack
    Got to get drunk to find this film fun, plain and simple. Do that and its hilarious; don't and its bullox....more info
  • Does What It Says on the Label
    If you're a romantic of Hong Kong action films, Guy Ritchie knock offs, Sin City and mindless mayhem, or just a video game junkie - then Shoot 'Em Up might just be for you. Gratuitous violence and lots of bullets - this is shot by Crouching Tiger alumni Peter Pau - and dourly acted by the capable Clive Owen. The other reason to watch this modern film noir cum comic movie is Italian Goddess Monica Bellucci, who amazingly, plays a hooker with a heart of gold - yet again! (the third movie I've seen of her in this role). Clive Owen doesn't have a real sense of humour though - he often reminds me of Timothy Dalton doing James Bond: serious and all business, without a hint of irony - a bloke's bloke. That kind of works in his favour for this shooting spree, but don't expect much by way of characterisation, this is just bang bang bang. ...more info
  • A pleasant surprise . . . for an excessively violent movie
    This movie was an enjoyable ride that didn't take itself at all
    seriously, which probably makes it better than many an action movie out
    there, where realism is suddenly interrupted by some unbelievable act
    of derring-do. Riddled with guns, violence and profanity, this flick
    pulls no punches and keeps the pedal to the metal. Funny, disturbing,
    graphic, foul-mouthed, sexy and touching and various and simultaneous
    times. Pays homage to John Woo's "Hardboiled" and is laced with
    Tarantino-like humor. The stunts and gunplay are phenomenal. A
    full-throttle adventure obviously designed to be over the top.

    Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti both do a fantastic job. And Monica
    Belluchacabra isn't bad either as a lactating prostitute. I wouldn't
    watch it with the wife, though. Much more of a guy flick....more info
  • This movie is intense, like camping
    I don't know if I could even write a full review of how much I enjoy this movie. It is a parody of all other senseless action movies before it, while at the same time making one that is the best of the genre. The actors are good, the action scenes are jaw droppingly great, the one liners are hilarious, Paul Giamati is a great villain, Clive Owen is awesome (as always), and the title describes what you will get with the movie. The movie is about 1/4 talking and 3/4 action, just how an action movie should be. My only complaint is the length. It is less than 90 minutes. But aside from that, the carrot deaths, the shoot out in the sky, the shoot out in the gun factory, the shoot out in the hotel room, and a whole lot of other cool scenes. Get this movie because it is AWESOME! ...more info
  • I think this movie used up all the bullets.
    Clive Owen plays the cliched nameless man who can kill a dozen men just by waving a gun vaguely in their direction (while bullets slide off him - save the mandatory upper-arm-flesh-wound). He has bad one-liners, an unusual habit, he's super-smart and underneath it all he's a big softy.

    Monica Bellucci doesn't seem to put much effort in. I think this role was a mistake for her as the hooker isn't likable and doesn't have any depth.
    Paul Giamatti's bad guy would be better if he dropped the inconsistent bad-guy accent.

    But the action is good and frequent, a couple of nearly original twists in the story and some of the jokes really are quite funny. The movie is only 78 minutes (without end credits) but feels longer.
    A couple of things in the movie are very disturbing, NOTHING makes sense if you stop to think about it... but the movie is what it is meant to be.

    I saw this on DVD but had no interest in watching the extra features....more info
  • Just a good fun time!!!!!!
    If your looking for a cheesy good time, then look no further then SHOOT 'EM UP. Just balls to the wall action and hillarious scenarios that seem to impossible. Don't watch if you want a plot and a good story cause you wont find that here, just sit back and enjoy some smart mindless action....more info
  • Do not check your Personal Body Armor at the door!
    If you dig mindless, nonstop action, shot with style and cleverness, Shoot Em Up! is the movie for you.
    It's over the top, totally unbelievable, physically impossible, but absolutely brilliant all at the same time.

    Clive Owen eats a lot of carrots and values his privacy. There are many things that he absolutely hates, and he comes into contact with most of these things when he unwillingly gets involved in a plot to kill a very pregnant young woman. Suddenly faced with a nanny job, he shoots his way out of the frying pan and into the fire, each scenario more jaw-dropping-ly impossible than the last. Paul Giamatti plays an unlikely criminal mastermind and Monica Bellucci is under-utilized in but she sizzles as the proverbial professional girl with a heart of gold. Things get political, and hopelessly complicated, and of course there's lots and lots (and lots) of shooting, during any (and I do mean ANY) situation. Four Stars!

    Buy Shoot Em Up for $0.49 on!
    Next mindless action/horror movie reviews: Deathproof and Planet Terror...more info
  • Exciting, Sexy, and Sensitive
    I think it was totally satisfactory. Great plot, characters, and theme... I love how handy he is... especially with his carrots!...more info
  • My new favorite movie
    Wow, I thought this looked good after the previews, but I bought it and have already watched it several times. While sometimes unbelievable action, Clive Owen looks great doing it. Not tons of dialouge but what there is, is witty and appropriate. Great sex scene. Hope you enjoy....more info
  • 7.1 Channels of Pure Adrenaline
    If you love action films and have a 7.1 channel sound system, order NOW! The first time I watched this disc, I was as giddy as a child on Christmas morning. Awesome sound track. Very well engineered.

    While I liked Clive Owen as the hero, I especially liked Paul Giamatti's counterpoint portrayal as the villain that gave Clive the perfect enemy to battle. I'm not a video game player, but this movie was just plain fun. Clive does the impossible, and why not? It's a fantasy. Enjoy it....more info
  • Shoot 'Em Up
    I am a huge fan of all things Clive Owen and this film did not disappoint. Yes it is,(of course) action packed and heart-pounding. However, it surprised me with its wittiness and fun. Paul Giamatti was great and Monica Bellucii made me a fan.
    If you enjoy any of the above, you NEED to see this film. :) ymm ...more info
    While Shoot 'Em Up is not a perfect film, it is one of the best shooting fests I've watched in a while. The action is great and the bullets keep flying throughout the film.
    WHAT IT'S ABOUT: When a man known only as Smith kills a man trying to kill a pregnant woman. Smith gets caught up in a deadly political game when the baby is born and with the help of a prostitute must figure out why an assassin is after the baby and them. From there the bullets start flying, the body count grows, and political cover-ups are uncovered.
    MUSIC: Has a great selection of rock songs that play, and the rest of the music is good.
    ACTION: Lots of shooting even in the most awkward of times (Huh, I didn't know you could shoot and f*** at the same time), killing people with carrots (Whoever knew they could be a deadly weapon?), high-speed chases, and even some shooting fests in the air after jumping off a plane. This film has got just about every over-the-top moment of action imaginable.
    ENTERTAINMENT: This film does not let the adrenaline die, keeps the shooting going, keeps the blood spraying, and still manages to be an adults-only film. Keep the kids away, this film clearly shows that it is not for kids mostly over the scenes of sexuality.
    OVERALL: If you like action flicks this is a definite buy, I did find certain scenes to be a little too over-the-top and the story could have been better. But it is a must-have for anyone craving a good action film.
    THE GOOD: Sleek and stylish shooting, blood spray, good music, and decent story.
    THE BAD: Some scenes are a little too much, story could be better....more info
  • Deliciously violent
    I love the over the top violence. Don't take it too seriously or you probably won't like it. Giamatti and Owen make superb opposing actors....more info