Hunter 44860 7 Day Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat
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Product Description

Includes Energy Star™ 7 Day Programmable Thermostat - 44860

  • Energy Star
  • Temporary, vacation, and home today overrides
  • Keyboard lock
  • Energy monitor
  • Battery powered or hardwired

Customer Reviews:

  • Intuitive to Use, Good Features
    This thermostat was easy to install. I found the instructions to be clear and helpful. I just hooked it up using the wiring diagram and was ready to go.

    It's also extremely intuitive to use:
    Want to change the temperature? Touch the temperature on the screen.
    Want to change the fan settings? Touch the fan symbol on the screen.
    Want to change the date? You guessed it: Touch the date and time.

    It offers Energy Star default settings so you don't even have to figure out what the most energy-efficient settings are. You just select the "Energy Star" icon, hit "OK" and go.

    I really like the intermittent fan settings: If you A/C or heater doesn't turn on for an hour, you can have the fan turn on for fifteen minutes to circulate the air and keep air temperatures even throughout the house.

    It has "vacation hold" (manually override the temperature with a lower-energy temperature for a set number of days) and "temporary hold" (manually override the temperature until reaching a set time) settings that I find really useful....more info
    Should be zero stars. If this product was free, I would not use it. Hunter should be ashamed to let this product get to market. We had to call their sassy customer service line three times, each time getting a different response to our problem. The bottom line on this product is you can not program your winter temperature to be the same as your summer temperature. For example, if in the winter, at night you want your home temperature to be 68, you can not set your summer temperature to be 68. For some reason there must be a 3-6 degree difference. It is confusing, but save yourself the trouble and do not buy any Hunter thermostats....more info
  • Won't remember it's programmed for a heat pump
    I bought two of these over a year ago. Its been a disaster. I exchanged both units three times (for a grand total of six new thermostats) and all do the same thing eventually:

    I have an electric heat pump. I set its programming for an electric heat pump (under Menu->System). Everything's will go well for awhile, but then it will MAGICALLY RESET ITSELF TO "CONVENTIONAL GAS&OIL". The result is it runs the emergency heating coils all the time, which increases my electric bill from $100 to $200 or more. The only way I know is if my bill is sky high, or as I've learned, to check it every so often.

    I've changed the batteries, checked the wiring at the device and the furnace, read the nearly worthless manual cover-to-cover, and called tech support. No help anywhere. I paid $90 each for these at Lowes and now I'm out $180 for the thermostats and around $300 in additional heating bills.

    If anybody has any clue to why they do this I'd be thrilled to hear it. Otherwise AVOID THESE THINGS LIKE THE PLAGUE....more info
  • piece of junk
    i bought this model because it looks cool, but omg this thermostat is a piece of junk. i have a simple conventional 4 wire system which seemed pretty straight forward to hook up. the w1 terminal on the right side was a bit confusing since everything else is on the left, but in my case, did not even work. finally after reading all these reviews i tried moving the w1 wire to "o" as someone suggested and holly crap the heat finally came on. the o terminal is supposed to only be used for heat pump systems to reverse the cooling system power or something like that. well i thought this did the trick so i began some more thorough testing to make sure both heat and ac work. the interface is so poorly designed but after reading the manually a few times you begin to figure it out. unfortunately the heat would not automatically switch on even though the thermostat said it was on. and when in auto mode the heat symbol would display, but the screen was still blue. one of the main reasons i chose this model was to have the screen show red for heat. very flaky indeed. should not be this difficult. i exchanged it for a honeywell 5-2 day programmable which i couldn't be more pleased with. very straight forward wiring: R, Y, W, G just like my old school honeywell had before. i plugged it up and the heat kicked on with no problems. much easier to program too. i would strongly advise anyone to NOT buy this model. hope my review can save someone else the headache....more info
  • Expensive headache
    This is my first review, not because I'm new to the Amazon shopping experience, but because this product is so horrible that after a week of cursing I decided to get the word out about such a horrible product.

    First, like everyone else mentions, the setup is fairly straight forward if you poke around the menu yourself for about 10 minutes. IF you are held at gun point and forced to buy this product, do yourself a favor, go ahead and ask permission from your captor(s) to burn the instruction manual. Its useless.

    Second, like everyone else also mentions, the "other" setting are extremely vague in their descriptions in both the manual and menu settings. And I BELIEVE (not sure, because I don't even know what they do) that they are vital to getting your unit properly set up.

    Even after reading about this in the other reviews I pressed forward with purchasing the unit because I thought somehow I was special and that would understand it. I was dead wrong.

    If you're like me and was thrilled by the large touch screen lcd, you're in luck! You'll be using said touch screen for at least 10 minutes a day, trying to figure out why your house is really cold, and it's displaying 70 deg on the readout.
    On a positive note, your s/o, children will get a kick out of seeing you cursing and pecking at the colorful display.

    ...more info
  • Features I needed at the best price I found
    I needed three programmable thermostats that could automatically switch from heating to cooling in order to make a zone heating system in our house. This Hunter thermostat was the best I found. It was only a little more expensive than comparable touch screen thermostats I found in local stores, and none of those had automatic switchover.
    My only complaint: the instructions were vague about setting heating and cooling points. They covered heating and they covered cooling, but the interaction was... well, vague. At first I couldn't simulate the switchover because I didn't understand it, but reading between the lines did the trick.
    My favorite feature is the ability to use external 24 VAC for power with the batteries only used if the external power fails. Cool! I had 24 VAC from the zone system, so I am in heaven.
    ...more info
  • works great and easy read display setup!
    I bought two of these and found it very easy to program. I sat in my favorite chair and programed each them then snapped easily in place!...more info
  • Easy Install - Flaky performance
    We have two furnaces and I replaced both old thermostats with Hunter 44860's due to the fact I could not see the settings on the old thermostat very well and the Hunters had really big displays. Installation was very straightforward, and went smoothly. Since this was in the summer, the AC worked as expected, but when winter came, one of the furnaces (the older one) kept acting up, while the other worked fine. The exhaust blower would turn on, then turn off, then the blower would turn on. Sometimes the blower would come on, but never heat. It was strange. We had two different companies out and both blamed the thermostat. I thought that the first tech (that my wife called) was just blaming the thermostat without cause, as he did not explain his reasons on the invoice, so I called in a second company that I trusted. Both techs reacted immediately to the Hunter brand - apparently it has a reputation in the industry for being flaky, but carefully examined the furnace. I was home for the second second tech who walked me through everything just to be sure I understood why he was inclined to blame the thermostat. Once he removed the thermostat from the picture, the furnace behaved fine.

    Everyone recommended Honeywell, which I have used in the past and never had a problem with one and will likely return to it. I just wish they had larger displays. I did apologize to my wife, who had, in fact, called a tech that knew what he was doing.

    Summarily, if your experience matches the one furnace, you will be happy, if it matches the other, you will not....more info