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VideoSecu PC Laptop Mac Computor to TV Presentation Converter, VGA to Video VGA2TV 1L7
List Price: $130.00

Our Price: $30.00

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Product Description

Convert your VGA signal to be viewed on any TV, projector, or any other viewing device that uses standard TV connectors with this simple external device. Converts a VGA signal into an S-Video or RCA signal -use your TV as a PC monitor, Great for presentations, web-browsing, PC online games, pictures, and movies. How does this converter work? Connecting this conversion box to your video configuration takes only a couple minutes. Using the included VGA cable, connect the box's VGA input to your computer's VGA port. Using the included S-Video cable or the included RCA video cable (composite video), connect the box to your TV, projector, or other viewing device. This PC to TV converter also features a VGA output port that allows for VGA Loop-Through. This essentially means that you can simultaneously view video on a VGA monitor while viewing the video on your TV, projector, etc. The system requires: NTSC or PAL support with composite video or S-video input, RGB video or SCART input connector, No driver or operating system requirements; compatible with Windows and Mac computers. The package includes: PC TV Converter, RCA video cable, USB Power Adapter Cable and VGA cable.

  • Use TV as computor monitor to view presentations, games, pictures and movies or browse the Web; Connects a VGA port to TV-ideal for computers without a TV-out connector; Enables notebook computer users to easily connect and use a large-format monitor
  • Adjust and set preferences with onscreen display and front-mount control panel; Compact, portable size and USB power requires no external supply or adapter, use almost anywhere; Simple and quick to install; Windows and Mac compatible
  • Video standards: NTSC/NTSC-EIAJ/PAL/PAL-M/PAL-N/SECAM (via RGB out); Resolutions supported: 640 x 480 (up to 85 Hz), 800 x 600 (up to 85 Hz) and 1024 x 768 (up to 75 Hz)
  • Input port: DB15 (VGA); Output ports: Composite video (RCA), S-video and HD15 (VGA)
  • Front panel controls: Zoom, Menu and onscreen display directional controls; Image controls: Horizontal and vertical size, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and onscreen display background

Customer Reviews:

  • Worked as expected
    It's a simple way to show videos from my laptop on the TV. Setting the picture settings with the buttons and UI wasn't easy, but it worked out after 20 minutes of setup. So far I've had to re-do the setup twice for reason's unknown, but now it only takes me 3-5 minutes. For how I use this it's OK. ...more info
  • Decent..
    Setup takes a bit of fuss and I still have to turn off the zoom everytime I fire it up. Sometimes I can see a bit of waviness in it. Still, it works....more info
  • Handy device
    Works just fine, but you have to provide your own method of connecting your computer's audio to your TV.
    A headphone jack-to-RCA converter works fine for that purpose.
    Looks like the colors are off just a tiny but, but that might be due to my own TV not matching my computer.
    Pretty good product....more info
  • video TV converter
    VideoSecu PC to TV Presentation Converter ....Power Point worked fine.... the TV display on our 44 inch TV was grainy

    but on the 21 inch TV .... the monitor image was quite ok or most sized type .... audience of 35 in room people farthest away were 20 feet.

    Anthony Mayer...more info
  • Does what it advertises
    It works fine, but hard to read print on screen (subtitles suck), it is a little trick to set up at first, just remember to set resolution on graphics card to 600x400, and hit func+f2 to swap between monitors, after you hook it up. This does not come with a sound output cord but they are well worth the purchase....more info
  • not good, blame pcs
    It got here okay, and it worked, eventually. But this product shouldn't even exist. Pcs should just have video out, via an adapter, like macs. You'd think it was a surprising idea that someone wants to hook a computer to a tv. It's ridiculous.

    Why mention "laptop Mac?" You can plug any mac I've ever seen, even the old ones I have, right into a tv with the little adapter, without this silly box, and it works much better. But Netflix uses this crummy MS Silverlight video player, won't work on my macs, so I needed this, apparently, to watch streaming video that looks like a slideshow. It's like I'm watching La Jette.

    It's a sad state when legal content aps are a lot more trouble and worse quality than pirated stuff and freeware. Somebody is TRYING to make this difficult.

    My picture didn't clear up until, somehow, I thought to plug it in a mouse port with a usb adapter, instead of a regular usb port. It's weird I even tried it--but until I did, no picture. If my story helps just one person, it's worth it. It still doesn't fit--I have to hunt the top and side tabs blindly. Can't reduce it to fit the screen. The little bit I can adjust it, so I can at least see the "Start" button on my desktop, disappears again at every click, and it's back to reduce it again.

    It works, but no, not well. Not well at all. The controls don't do much, some don't seem to do anything, and the little they do, they forget again. I won't buy another Microsoft related product or ap. I won't be buying their shoddy xbox with its red ring of death for Netflix streaming. I'm not a computer geek and I don't find all this runaround entertaining. I just like things to work. Not looking for a high-maintenance life-partner robot.

    I was using my Windows pc for a doorstop. I guess this is pretty good video quality, for a doorstop....more info
  • Does what it is supposed to
    This does exactly what I want it to, which is take the VGA signal and convert it to svhs/composite and send it through the rest of the house from my MythTv DVR. Quality is what I expected....more info
  • Works great for unibody macs...
    This works very well as a solution for getting svhs / composite video out of a macbook pro unibody. If you have any problems make sure you check the dip switches. ...more info
  • Good one
    This item helped me in connecting my lpatop with only VGA card to my TV. I normally use this to watch movie and i dont see any color related issues. Only problem that faced was during the initial set up. Had to try all the Graphics property combination to make it work. Need to do some adjustments with the buttons provided.
    On the price part i think it is expensive. The cables provided are very short....more info
  • Great value!
    This PC/Laptop to TV video converter is a great value. We bought this to enhance our Netflix instant viewing experience (also highly recommended) by watching these movies on our TV instead of on the tiny screen of our laptop. Our laptop has a VGA output (15 pin "trapezoid" shaped plug) and our TV only has a composite video (yellow) input. (FYI: This device also outputs S-video and another VGA signal.) If your laptop has a headphone output, you can buy a headphone-to-audio (red-white) converter from Radioshack for about $8.

    For the first time, it took about 45 minutes from the time I opened the box until we could watch movies on the TV. Here are a few things you need to know to get the picture just right (note this is on a Windows-based laptop):
    -Make sure you know how to turn on the VGA output on your computer (usually you just right click on the desktop and look for "Graphics options" or something like that and output to your notebook and the monitor or TV in this case)
    -Hook it all up (it's powered through the USB plug)
    -As other reviewers have noted make sure you push both white switches down (if you have an American TV)
    -You will probably need to reduce the screen resolution (right click the desktop, click Properties, Settings tab, adjust the slide bar)
    -Play with zoom, up, down, v-size and h-size on the converter to get the picture where you want it.
    -There are lots of other options on the menu, but I haven't noticed much of a difference when I use them, so I just leave them alone.

    Now I can set the whole thing up in less than 5 minutes.

    -Great price for the value you get.
    -Good picture (my TV's older, so this may not be true on a newer set)

    -Can't save the settings (I have to nudge the picture into place each time I set it up)
    -Instruction manual isn't that helpful; it doesn't explain the menu at all

    Not perfect, but it's an inexpensive and effective way to watch movies on TV instead of your laptop!...more info
  • Not what I wanted but not bad
    I was looking to view still pictures from my computer on a tv and this thing was a compleat failure. The pic was not clear enough to see the detail I needed. however, I then tried it for watching movies off of Netflix and the quality was acceptable, not perfict but not bad. It does take some fiddling with the buttons, but you can get a watchable picture.I did get some loss of picture quality on my monitor....more info
  • A good product that is easy to use
    This product does everything it claims at a small price. I am using my non digital/non HDTV television as a monitor in just a few minutes. Unless mentioned otherwise all cables are included with converter unit.

    First, plug the USB connection into the PC for power to the unit. Then, plug the VGA cable into the PC. Lastly, plug either the standard video or S-video cable into an input on the television. I opted for the S-video (purchased separately). I have also tried the standard video cable that comes with the unit. For me there was virtually no difference in quality. I am using a Sony 27" television. If I had it do over again, I would probably not get the S-video cable. However, if you need a cable longer than a couple of feet, you will most likely end up getting another cable, as one supplied isn't very long.

    You will also need sound if you plan to watch videos or movies. Please note this device does not come with any cabling or adapters for audio. To accomplish this I use a MP3 stereo adapter (I use a 6 foot cable, I bought it at Fred Meyer for about $3.50, I am sure you can get one on amazon for less than a dollar). This is basically a cable with a standard size headphone jack on one end (to plug into the pc headphone jack) and standard red and white RCA audio plugs on the other (for plugging into your tv or stereo). I plug my audio into my stereo for movie purposes.

    Other than what I mentioned so far, you may have to adjust a couple of the buttons on the converter unit. Basically, these are for centering your picture. I put about 30 seconds worth of time into this procedure the very first time I used the device, and that is all that it required.

    I have shown this device to a few friends, and all plan to get one. As a side note, I have mostly used my setup to watch online movies and tv episodes through hulu or through tv network websites. I hope this helps....more info
  • Good Product
    For the money, this is a good product. It seems cheaply made, but works well enough. It met my expectations and requirements. My advise would be to unplug when not in use, otherwise it send the TV a red tinted picture. In my case I had to turn the display resolution down on my computer. I would purchase this product again if I had to.
    ...more info
  • Love this
    I love this converter, it allows you to view video from your laptop and put it on your TV. With this converter you really don't need cable. In my opinions this is the future of TV, just find it on the web and boom its on your TV. I don't know how I lived without this technical marvel....more info
  • Fun lil guy!
    I recently decided to give the cable co's the boot and watch all of my programs online. And to make life easier, I needed to be able to watch my 'puter thru my TV (non LCD/HD...but only like 5 yrs old). And since VGA was not an option on my TV, I needed a solution.


    This lil guy does it! Only took a minute to set up, and a lot of times it makes a better pic than the monitor! Only thing that keeps it from a 5 star is that I have to redo the settings (v-size/h-size/brightness...), but that takes all of about 5 seconds. But the benefit is well worth it!...more info
  • Inexpensive. Works as advertised.
    This converter works as advertised. Video quality depends on source. I use the converter with a newer tube TV that has many input types: RCA, S-video, component, composite. The easiest connection for me is RCA. I use the yellow RCA jack supplied with the converter to connect to the TV from the converter and my own RCA red/wht audio cable to connect my laptop headphone jack to the TV. Video such as YouTube has a somewhat washed out effect but is watchable. DVD's played on my laptop provided a surprisingly good quality picture. Since I don't subscribe to cable service, the converter has been used to watch many shows offered over the web from sites such as Hulu, NBC, VEOH etc. As described in earlier reviews, pay attention to the dipswitch settings on the side of the converter. The instructions are not very clear on their use. If at first
    you don't see a watchable picture, play with different combinations of the white switches until the optimum picture is displayed....more info
  • Good value; good video quality; decent features
    I am very pleased with this little device. It's a great product for $30. Worked right out of the box for me with the included power, VGA, and RCA cables. Using a 1024x768 screen resolution on my computer, I streamed a movie to the TV and the picture looked great. It was much clearer than when I would output directly to the TV using another computer I have with a built-in S-video jack that outputs 640x480. Even though a non-digital TV signal really only supports 640x480 I think, the downsizing of the larger image I believe must add more crispness.

    My only complaint is that the screen settings (hsize, vsize, etc) don't seem to save across power off's. So you may need to use the little menus buttons to tweak them a bit each time you use the device if your default picture doesn't come out centered just right, which it doesn't quite for me....more info
  • Waste of time and money
    Ordered this item through an Amazon vendor. Received something that looks like it (no VideoSecu label anywhere) but was in a box labeled "Digital Viddeo Converter System," yes, video was spelled with two d's. I give it an F. Wasted money having it shipped to Hawaii, wasted hours attempting to make it work, there was no manufacturer's information on the box or on the slip of paper that was called a user's "manual" and Windows XP could not locate any software for the device when the "plug and play" function did nothing. All I got was a picture of the upper right hand corner of my desktop on the television. I gave up trying to hook up my netbook to the television and, instead, went to our local Apple dealer and purchased a couple of cords that hooked our MacBook up to the television. It took a little tinkering but had it up and running Hulu and TidalTV within 20 minutes....more info