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Wii Net Connect
List Price: $21.99

Our Price: $13.48

You Save: $8.51 (39%)


Product Description

Get the fastest and most secure internet connection available for the Wii with Nyko's Net Connect. The Net Connect allows the Wii to easily connect to any high-speed wired internet connection. The Net Connect is a USB network adaptor that converts one of the Wii's high speed USB ports into a Cat5 internet jack. Simply plug the Wii in to your existing network, no complicated passwords or software installation is necessary. The wired internet connection provides a safe, secure and stable internet connection for use with the Opera browser, Wii Connect 24, online with online enabled titles and other online features of the Wii.

  • Requires no wireless network, security codes or complex setup
  • Connects to your existing Internet connection using a standard Cat5 network cable
  • USB 2.0 connection supports the Wii at full speed, even faster than Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with: Wii Opera Browser, Wii Connect 24, Wii Parade, Online play of your favorite online enabled titles, and other online features of the Wii

Customer Reviews:

  • Surfing The Wii Way?
    With the Nintendo Wii, many gamers have been hooked with trying to get on the net, and do many things whether it is downloading games from Nintendo's Wiiware shop, or chatting with others through the the chatting rooms. Nevertheless, there are those that want a faster way to download and surf the web through the Wii. While Nyko's Wii Net Connect might be a interesting purchase for those who want a faster connection. However, it doesn't work as well as Nintendo's Lan Adapter which you could only get through Nintendo's store website. While it might seem like a good buy at $20, it honestly isn't worth the money, because it loses the connection after a few times. You're either better off with the WI-FI connection through a wireless router, or sticking with the Nintendo LAN adapter.

    Price: C

    Convience: C-

    Overall: C 1/2-...more info
  • Great connection
    This product is great! Doesn't have a slow connection and gets the job done! I highly recommend this product for the price that it is at, most other products of this quality are much more expensive!...more info
  • Brand name does what it claims for less!
    The Nyko Wii Net Connect is alternative to the Wii ethernet connection add-on and does just what the other claims for $15 dollars less. A smoother, more reliable connection than wireless, which is essential if your into playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl over the net, the $21.27 you spend on this product including tax is well worth it....more info
  • wii net connect
    A quick and easy way to connect your Wii to the internet through a cable modem or DSL. This is the connection that goes to your USB connection on the back of your Wii and changes it to a ethernet type plug (the one that looks like a large phone plug ) so you can plug it into a modem to access the internet. I have cable internet and plugged the ethernet cable directly into the back of my cable modem and this connection into my Wii. You will have to go into your Wii menu to settings,internet connections,cable type connection and make sure all cables are connected and then select detect internet settings or detecting internet connection, and you should be online....more info
  • did not work
    Connected at first, then Wii wouldn't it see and could not trouble shoot, had to replace it with a different product which worked fine...more info
    This adaptor is much better than the wireless USB one. I would never buy a wireless one again!!!...more info
  • No Trouble, Good Results
    The device hooks up to your Wii's USB port and connects you to a landline ethernet port. No trouble at all. And I think its cheaper than the competitors :)...more info
  • A Lemon
    I bought this adapter because I don't have a wireless connection. I was attracted to the low price, but I guess the old adage, "You get what you pay for," just proved itself once again. To make a long story short, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth trying to get the Wii online (a process that involved crawling around in the dust, searching for long-lost cords, and something called a "subnet mask"), the Nyko adapter just did NOT work. I kept getting the same error message. After going through loops to figure out what might have gone wrong via various troubleshooting guides on the internet, the answer I kept coming to was that you gotta buy the official product if you want it to work. In other words, you get what you pay for. Be careful with this piece of junk....more info
  • Get Connected!
    Nyko's Net Connect takes the Wii gaming console from a standard game system, to a multimedia network, all with the plug of a cable.

    This product is insanely simple to use. Total time from in the package, to up and running, is about three minutes. Net Connect requires an existing internet connection, which supports an Ethernet connection. Simply plug your Ethernet cable from your router or modem, into the Net Connect adapter. Then plug the USB end of the Net Connect box directly into your Wii. And guess what? .. you're up and running!

    It's really that simple.

    Once connected, this product allows you had access to Nintendo's Wii Ware store, where you can update your hardware, purchase and download Wii games, classic NES games, Wii Channels, and play games against Wii users all over the world! You can even surf the internet with use of a full web browswer that displays on your TV!

    This alternative is less confusing, cheaper, and more secure than wireless routers and tons of connections. It's a plug and play, and provided to you at a great price. Do yourself a favor and purchase this item. It will make your Wii system 100% more useful, and countless amounts more fun.

    ...more info
  • Worked Flawlessly First Time
    I got this for my Wii since it was cheaper than setting up a wireless network, and cheaper than the USB Wii Dongle (which costs about as much as a Wireless Router),

    I plugged this into the back of my Wii, plugged in an ethernet cable hooked up to my wired router and 2 minutes later I was downloading updates for my Wii.

    I have not had any issues with this product, but one thing that might be of concern is that the cat5 ethrnet cable doesn't "lock" into place. It fits snugly, but a tug on the cable can remove it from the adapter. This might be considered a safety feature, since if your foot accidentally snags on your cable it will pull the cable out instead of pulling your Wii off your entertainment stand.

    ...more info
  • Excellent product for what it is...
    I just got this product at my local Play 'n' Trade and mine packaging came in a tube like structure. It was easy to remove unlike some that are surrounded in that near-indestructible plastic.

    Now onto the product itself, the image provided here is true and is in good quality...only you barely notice this blue LED that some people have mentioned. It's to the right of the Ethernet jack on the device but the light itself, when it's on, isn't that bright. So it didn't distract me very much as it was hidden from my view.

    I brought this because I thought it would be a good idea to have my Wii on a wired connection. Just like another reviewer, my Wireless router is pretty close to my Wii. I know from experience that wired connections are always faster than wireless connections...but I don't really seem to notice much more on speed.

    First I should mention that it can't be my router. I have a Linksys Wireless-G with Speedbooster. Had it for 3 years strong with no problems. My whole house is easily zoned with my secure connection. I have all ethernet ports free on the back and only my laptop is using the router for internet.

    When I had everything hooked, I restarted the Wii just to be sure it will recognize. It did so I decided to try a speed test with it and so I went on YouTube and let it load a video with it. It honestly seemed to have loaded at about the same time as with my wireless signal. I've tried this with several other videos and even went on and off between Wired and Wireless connections.

    My next test was to try out the Nintendo Channel. Now, I mainly got this because I hated seeing videos not buffer all the way. It would halt the video to continue loading (minor thing with me) so I assumed that this would take care of it but it still shown up on some videos.

    Now I must be fair to say that all internet connections done on the Wii will not be as fast as a desktop or Laptop can quickly load up. The specs on the Wii and its internal RAM and processor are all factors that determines how fast something will load. Plus, it can very well be the servers that the Wii is trying to connect to. I would highly imagine that the Nintendo Channel is flooded with many people looking at videos every minute.

    So in closing, I do say that this is a really good solution for those that don't have wireless signals or have problems with their router otherwise. Everything I said was based on MY experience with this. I am NOT saying this product was terrible. All i'm stating is that I didn't see a BIG change in speed.

    I do recommend this product's just not for me =/...more info
  • Wii Net Connect
    The Wii Net Connect works just a good as it was discribed. Hooked it up to the back of the Wii, then hooked the ethernet cable in the back, and turned on the WiiConnect24. It's that easy. Great product!!...more info
  • Does what it's supposed to
    My Wii had problems connecting to the wireless where I live, so I needed a cable connection. This device does the trick....more info
  • Must Have
    Only paid $4.99 with free shipping(black friday sale@amazon),Now I can play Mario Kart online Globally,,,,,Easy setup(Took 5 mins for firmware update)..and I got do Download few free Wii Channels..Must have for Wii Owners...more info
  • Simple and easy to use
    The Wii Net Connect is great. Just insert it into one of the 2 USB ports on the Wii and connect an Ethernet cable to the other end and plug that into your router. Setup was fast and easy. I haven't experienced any problems with it. This is a much better solution for getting the Wii online than the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector, which always has connection problems. I highly recommend this product! (Make sure you have a wired router and an Ethernet cable.)...more info
  • Wii Net Hardwire Interface
    This unit works exactly as described - I was able to sync immediately once plugged into my switch. Be aware it'll use one of your USb connections from the Wii, and the usb cable is a bit short......more info
  • aight...
    works pretty good and everything... but theres only one annoying thing about it, as this blue light that flashes every 3 or 4 minutes at night it is pretty annoying. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    Not much to say here - it just works. As others have said you just need to plug it in, configure it in the appropriate menu on your Wii and you're good to go....more info
  • Wii Net Connect
    This item worked great and was a lot less costly than other places I looked at on the internet. Will probably buy another one for my friend....more info
  • Works as advertised, plug and play at it's best.
    So obviously the wired Net Connect network adapter is much better then going wireless since you'll always get constant connection.

    It works!
    VERY easy to set up and install.

    None...more info
  • Great Buy
    I bought this because i do not have wireless internet and it works great. YOu litterally plug it in and your go to go. Great product from Nyco whitch (in my oppinion) is the best 3rd party maker of video game accesories....more info
  • A+
    All you have to do is hook it up and go. It works great for the WiiConnect no problems and no lag. Highly Recommend!...more info